Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Organic Durian Choux Puffs

 I saw this advert on instagram about durian choux puffs and durian cheese cakes made with organic Durian from Eco Valley Organic Durian Farm and decided to buy some to try via their online website:

A box contains 2 mini cheesecakes and 2 choux puffs - MYR 39.80 nett.

One mini cheesecake - cross section. Very rich cream cheese with durian on top of a Marie biscuit base. It is so rich, I could only eat one a day. Luckily it is quite small, about 4 cm diameter.

The top part is made of 70% Organic D24 durian and 30% cream cheese.

Cross section of a choux puff. The filling consists of 80% Organic D24 durian and 20% fresh cream. The very fragrant durian aroma covered the taste of the fresh cream so he is ok to eat it.

Nicely packed.

Bought 3 boxes because there is a promotion in March giving free delivery when 3 boxes are purchased. I use the website to compute the delivery fees to my place. It is MYR 18 so I took advantage of the free delivery promotion and gave half to my friend.

Best stored chilled.

The promotion advert on insta for March 2021.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


I bought one set of espressolab - one box costs MYR 25, one set of 4 boxes costs MYR 75 inclusive of delivery fees - after reading the appeal by the co-founder published on his FB on 24.feb.21 which other online sources wrote about it too. 

One example is:

One box has 10 individual packets.

I hope they manage to sell 10,000 boxes as per target.

The instructions on the packet. The coffee has a nice aroma, not bitter and we drink it without milk and without sugar.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Hill Street Tai Hwa

 I asked my friend who is working in SG to try a very famous Bak Chor Mee there so 3 of them went yesterday Sun 28.mar.2021 and sent me the photos. I will put them here so that if I ever go SG again, I will refer here to see what I must eat.

Bak Chor Mee (Mee pok) with lots of ingredients. I think this is a dry version.

They queued for 40 minutes.

This is the stall.

A bowl of deep fried sole fish.

Food for all 3 of them.

*** Recommended food in SG ***

Big prawn noodle.

From this Whitley Rd Big Prawn noodle stall.

Dry prawns Mee pok from another stall. I need to get the stall name from them and update it here.

Updated on 30.mar.21: The eatery is Don Don Prawn noodles.

Beach Road Prawn Mee, SG on Sat 3.apr.21 but prefer Don Don Prawn noodles style.


Zhi Yuan Coffee Shop, SG.

Add more prawns to the prawns Mee. Ok ok only, whatever that means.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

BMS Organics Bento

Yesterday, Sat 27.mar.21, we received the vegetarian bento we ordered for lunch.

Mixed vegetables - Pumpkin, napa cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, corns, carrots stirfried in sesame oil with handmade noodles which were kept for another meal.

Multi grain brown rice with rendang mushrooms - Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Onions, Okra. MYR 9.9+ 6% SST.

The two Bento.

Promotion at MYR 8.8+6% sst for pre ordering between 10 pm to 10 am but we didn't make use of this promo because we pre ordered at 8 pm.

Only 3 meals available for this promotion.

I also selected this item and paid an extra MYR 8.8+ to support this move.

The 10 bentos available.

The rendang mushrooms cost MYR 9.9+ but it is listed in this bill as MYR 18.70 because of the giveaway bento that I bought.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Ah Muk Noodle

Yesterday morning Fri 26.mar.21 at 10 am, we were around an area that we seldom visit so we searched online for food to eat and found this eatery serving FuZhou dishes from Sitiawan, Perak.

Ah Muk Noodle shop front.

Nice exposed brick wall with their signature meals.

They opened for business at 9 am. 10 am is still  early so we were the only customers so we dined in. This is my dine-in-2021 #1.

Promotion for sets.

The order chit.

Total price is MYR 32 for 4 items.

Long Yan noodle at MYR 10 nett. The Noodles are slippery, translucent and very springy until I just resort to swallowing them without them being chewed into tiny bits.

We are lucky to be here on a Friday because this Red Wine Mee Suah at MYR 13 nett is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I like this dish - not very salty, light alcohol taste, and nice ginger taste with lots of julienned ginger.

Wanton in clear soup at MYR 6 nett and tong sui of the day which is a thick mung bean sweet soup at MYR 3 Nett only. I like the Wantons for their many folds of skins.

*** The Menu ***

Next time we will order the wanton in dark soup.

I will order this red wine chicken with rice next time though I prefer noodles  but that hard boiled egg is calling me. 😋

We didn't try the garlic vinegar this time.

Will try Loh Lak next time, a mixture of Loh Mee broth and Laksa broth.

Their Kampua noodles are mixed in dark gravy only.

Well designed menu cover.

*** The Reason ***

We were in that area to collect our purchase.

Just one went in and picked up the goods.

*** McD Improved Nasi Lemak ***

Saw this on insta.

McD delivery for our shared dinner.

No sambal for us, special request. We can taste the aromatic pandan fragrance in the soft rice. Tasty! 😋