Monday, November 30, 2015


Sometimes we really do not know what to eat for lunch during work week days so we ended up here, a place where I usually try not to eat at, mainly because I can order the food served here at a lower price at other places. So far, I have only been to this outlet twice for work lunch and don't think I will eat here anymore for the reason stated above.

I did not feel like having rice on that day so I ordered a single portion of braised soy sauce chicken (breast meat) without rice for MYR8.90 nett.

On the 2nd visit, I ordered a set value lunch at MYR10 nett which consists of rice, a single portion of chicken (roast chicken breast meat was my choice), soup (with nothing in it), and a glass of soft drink which I gave to my co-worker who drank two glasses of soft drink. The rice portion was too big for me to finish.

This was the single portion of roast chicken meat which came with the value set meal. Quite a lot too.

I am sure all of you are familiar with this eatery - the Chicken Rice Shop - they have outlets everywhere.

This is the chicken rice stall at The Sphere's food court. One can get a plate of chicken rice (with a bit less meat than that provided by TCRS) for around MYR6.80 nett so this is the alternative I mentioned earlier. I ate here a few times too for lunch.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bunn Choon Egg Tart

Charcoal sesame egg tarts - MYR1.90 nett each. Normal egg tarts - MYR1.70 nett each. I can taste the lard in the pastry of both types of egg tart.
Almond tart - MYR2.50 nett each - the fillings taste like butter cake in pastry casing with almond slices toppings - tasty for those who like the taste of butter.
Pineapple Coconut flakes tart - MYR2.50 nett each. There are more coconut than pineapple in the fillings with a strong butter pastry.

There is a hole in the box to prevent water condensation

A stall in Imbi wet market

This is the only time that I went to the wet market in Imbi so we ordered the following food from the hawker stalls there but I did not take any photos of the food because it was crowded and quite dim so I will just list them here for my record:
1. The famous hainan tea (which has coffee in it) - MYR2.20 - very special taste of tea and coffee, unlike other hainan tea I have tasted before. For those who like to drink hainan tea should try this.
2. Kaya and butter bun - MYR2 from the same stall that serves the hainan tea.
3. Mee Sua in Rice wine soup with omelette ginger - MYR8 - a bit salty with lots of omelette and ginger slices. There were bits of egg shells in the omelette.
4. Nasi Lemak (Coconut milk rice) with Curry Pork Skin - MYR5.50 - The curry has a lot of coconut milk so is very creamy.
5. Char Kway Teow - MYR5 - a bit on the sweet side due to the dark soy sauce used.
Anyone ate at this Imbi Wet Market before?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

al fresco

Guess the price of all the above food? Only MYR4! The Teh Tarik (pulled tea) drink is MYR1 and each of the egg prata (roti telur) costs MYR1.50 only. So so affordable.

But you need to sit under the trees by the roadside like in the above photo. Could you eat in comfort?

There are a few stalls serving food in this area, along the walkway of some shops which have not opened in the early morning yet.

On another visit, we ordered a bowl of fish slices with meehoon in clear noodle soup with lots of ginger in the soup for only MYR7 with many slices of fish meat (Sang Yu aka haruan aka snakehead fish - not dory). Delicious! This bowl would be more than MYR10++ elsewhere.

Maggi Mee Goreng (Stir fried instant noodle) - MYR2.50 nett
Guess we could still find affordable food if we are not picky about the ambiance.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Green Curry Restaurant

Pork meat ball meehoon set - MYR8.90 nett with a drink

Green Curry Pork Noodle set - MYR9.50 nett with a drink 

FOC drinks with the set meals - Grass Jelly Ice and Herbal Tea Drink

You can choose to order a la carte - separate prices are given for a set with a drink or ala carte without a drink. The difference comes to MYR0.50 so of course we will order the set that comes with a drink.

The drinks menu - 4 drinks are FOC with the set meal price. For other drinks, you need to top up. Prices are also provided for ala carte drinks if you did not order the set meal.

Air-Cond and Non Air-Cond seating area

Daily Value Set Meals from MYR6.90 nett
Green Curry Restaurant is located in Kuchai Entrepreneur Park (Kuchai Lama), same row as SnowFlake.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kombu aka Konbu

Braised Kombu 昆布 (kelps aka large seaweeds). My mother cooks this kelp frequently and I ate them from young so I am used to eating them and like the taste. My mother also use this large seaweed to boil mung bean/green bean sweet soup (luk tou tong sui - 海带绿豆沙) too which is a very "cooling" dessert. It seems that this seaweed mung bean sweet soup is more commonly found in Hong Kong than here. Anyone likes to drink this seaweed mung bean sweet soup? I like it. I found a recipe here for you to cook it at home.

Hokkaido Kombu

Dried form - need to soak it in water before cooking

Monday, November 23, 2015

Authentic Kampua Noodle?

Kampua Noodle (Regular) - MYR6.80 nett
The noodle is firm but not springy and is thicker than the thin wanton noodle. According to this review, the kampua taste is authentic.

Bien Nuik - sold out but is this the same as Pian Sip?

Sarawak Gui Chap (Kway Chap - Regular Portion) - MYR7.50 nett

Tau Suan (Mung Bean Sweet Soup with Chinese Crullers aka yau char kwai) - MYR2.50 nett

Click on the above for a larger image if you are interested to read the founder history.
The founder is from Sarawak and has opened 4 branches of SRK Noodle House to share the food of Sarawak with people in the Klang valley. I will be back to try the Sarawak Laksa and Bian Bian Hu (Ding Bian Hu).

Please click on the above to read the words.

No GST and No Service Charges

SRK Noodle House (Sri Petaling branch)

Opened a few months ago at the shoplot which used to be Janbo Restaurant a few years ago.

Friday, November 20, 2015

13A pieces?

Noticed this stand so went closer to scrutinise it. The food looks delicious but there is a puzzling number stated as below.

Bavarian Meatballs - 7 pieces of meatballs for MYR15, 13A pieces for MYR21.50 and I know 13A in Hexadecimal is 314 in decimal so could we claim 314 pieces of meatball from them for the stated price? That would be a steal! :D

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hailam Revisit

Last year we ate at Hailam Kopitiam, Jalil Link in August and I notice then that their prices were low for a modern styled kopitiam. Now we are back because I have forgotten how their mee siam tastes like and found that they have wised up and revised their prices to be at the market rate which is a reasonable move on their part.

Mee Siam - MYR10.90++ add 10% service charge and 6% GST = MYR12.70 nett. The mee hoon is soft and although this is a savoury dish, overall the mee hoon is on the sweet side so I have to remember this point.

Nasi Lemak Ayam Rendang (Coconut milk rice with rendang spiced chicken) - MYR11.90++ = MYR13.90 nett. The rendang is creamy from the coconut milk.

Coffee with ice - MYR4.50++ = MYR5.25 nett. I seldom drink hot coffee but I do drink cold coffee once in a while. Total cost: MYR31.85 for two pax.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Absolutely hot

This Thai restaurant can be found in almost all major shopping malls in the Klang Valley but I have never eaten there due to its price as I can find authentic and more affordable Thai food in Kuchai Lama. On this day, I was with 3 friends and so went along with their suggestion to eat here.

Glass Noodle Salad with Seafood - MYR17.90++ - add 6% GST and 10% service charge = MYR20.85 nett. Very, very spicy if you happen to bite on the bird's eye chillies. I made sure that there were no chillies in the portion I moved to my individual plate.

Stir-fried Hong Kong Kai Lan with Salted Fish - MYR13.50++ = MYR15.75 nett - I believe this is not quite a Thai dish as we can find it in most Chinese restaurants (my spouse just told me that we have to specially request for salted fish in Chinese restaurants as the default is to stir fry them with garlic only).

Steamed Siakap (Barramundi aka Asian Seabass) with chillies, garlic and lime sauce - MYR49.90++ = MYR58.20 nett. The fish is fresh and I like the tangy taste of the lime sauce.

A small portion of green curry chicken - MYR17.90++ = MYR20.85 nett. Very creamy, good to go with lots of rice. I did not order rice so I just ate a bit of this green curry.

Instead of ordering drinks, I got myself this bowl of pricey red ruby - MYR8.50++ = MYR9.90 nett. To be fair, it has many red rubies in it.

The place is nicely decorated but I find the place a bit dim although it has many different types of lights shining on the diners.

3-D photo frames of a famous drink's merchandise adorn a wall. I wonder why feature this particular brand?

This place should be quite familiar to many. This particular branch is located at Ikano.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bacon & Balls

It seems that new eateries are coming up in Jalan Lazat, Happy Garden (Taman Gembira) or some may say it is located in Taman Bukit Indah or refer to the nearby Sri Petaling. Here is the location on G map.

Effort has been made to decorate the eatery with white picket fences and metal planter window still box for plants in pots.

The tagline "Premium Cuts for Quality Meat" for those who love their bacon and pork ribs.

Opening Hours: 9am to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm. They are closed on Mondays. Hopefully someone will write a full review on this place soon. I won't be going because I don't fancy pork that much. From the few reviews I have read so far, the porky food is delicious.

The owner of Bacon & Balls operates "Cappuccino Garden" that serves local and western meals, cakes and coffee one shoplot away from his new venture for many years now. I have eaten here 3 or 4 times I think in 2013 but when I am in this area, I tend to eat at local cofffee shops with my budget of MYR6 and for this price, I am not sure whether or not I can even get a cup of coffee at this eatery (not that I drink coffee).