Saturday, October 31, 2015

Free rides for a month

Awan Besar LRT station opened today and there are free rides between this station and Kinrara BK 5 LRT station for a month starting today.

The route

Kinrara BK 5 LRT station is just next to Giant Supermarket.

Lots of free parking at Awan Besar LRT station for one month.

Not allowed.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Ra-men Bankara

Tonkotsu Kakuni Ramen with Ni Tamago - MYR36.15+ 10% service charge = MYR39.75 - we chose this because we wanted to try the kakuni (braised pork) in a pork broth without any special soy sauce in it. The broth is very creamy not due to milk but from many hours of boiling the pork bones. 

There are many other ramen choices so for ramen in superior pork broth lovers, this restaurant is a must-try.

 Gyoza - MYR12.80+ 10% service charge = MYR14.10 for 5 pieces in one serving.

Cabbage and pork fillings

Annin Tofu - MYR7.50+ = MYR8.25 - only if you like the taste of chinese almond (apricot kernels). The hot green tea next to the tofu costs MYR3.50+ = MYR3.85 and is refillable.

Condiments - some sauces, sesame, pickled ginger, raw garlic - a garlic press is provided too.

 10% Service Charge and 6% GST - Total Price - MYR65.95


Located next to New York Pizza. The main branch is at Avenue K

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mikey's New York Pizza..

is now at Midvalley so I ordered takeaway for a slice each of two pizzas to try. They also serve lunch sets consisting of a slice of pizza with fries and drinks but I did not want the fries and drinks so I ordered ala carte.

Two triangle boxes to store a slice of pizza each. The small containers on top contain oregano and chili flakes. Nice box.

Classic New Yoke Pizza - MYR8.88 nett for a slice. Thin crust and the cheese is very nice, it has no strong off putting smell. It is not too salty, the flavour is just right. I have not been to New York so I do not know whether it tastes authentic or not. 

Meatball Pizza - MYR13.88 nett for a slice. Thin crust as usual and tasty too.

No extra charges.

Shop front. The pizza for people who loves thin crust and real flavours. I will be back to try the other flavours per slice twice a month perhaps..

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I eat for you

For lunch, my co workers and I will go around the area to seek out value lunch meals. I saw the above and decided to try it out for my spouse since he likes to eat roast pork. After 6% GST and 4% service charge, the meal came up to MYR15.35 which is still good value since the meal includes soup of the day and a drink. 

Mushroom soup and ice lemon tea without syrup/sugar - part of the value lunch. Taste is acceptable. 

The roast pork portion seems small from this angle.

It looks better from this angle. Roast pork lovers can try this due to the price. Taste ok.

I had to remove all the fatty parts as I don't eat them.

S'Mores at the Sphere

Monday, October 26, 2015

Taste House Kitchen & Bakery

Hand made noodle - we did not ask for its price.

This shop is in Happy Garden, Rukun 2 Road, near the famous roast pork Mooi Mooi coffee shop. We have no idea what it serves and we just wandered in one day looking for dinner at 4.30pm.

Very nice fish paste (yu wat) - can taste the fish meat in it.

Deep fried brinjal and sui kow

Total price including a herbal drink came up to MYR19 nett. I only asked about the price for the above chee cheong fun which is MYR2.20 nett, did not ask about the prices for the other food items. May visit here again just for the fish paste.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

New branches at MidValley

BMS Organics has replaced Bulgogi Brothers. They have many branches around the Klang Valley but I have never set foot in any of them. I guess I am just not loaded enough to eat organic food and also I don't need to eat so well.

This Jipangi stall is finally at this mall. Hahahaha, I asked my mother whether or not she would like to try. She said no so I did not buy any. I don't think I would want to try too.

Sangkaya is also here so I don't have to go to Ampang Point or Sri Petaling to eat this but so far I have not bought any food from here yet.

So which one will stay the longest? Place your bet guess now. :D

Thursday, October 22, 2015

One time only

This cafe is quite popular during breakfast and lunch because they serve both Western and local meals so we went there once for lunch.

I ordered the set Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang meal which includes one drink, soup, rice, chicken and dessert which is just a very small wedge of watermelon - MYR15.90+ 6% GST = MYR16.85 in total. I asked for half a portion of rice and the rice was served like the above (half cut). We could not figure out what the drink was. The taste is weird. I guess it is lots of fresh cucumber juice mixed with a little lemonade soda from bottles. The chicken rendang tastes fine so it was just a typical cafe nasi lemak.

The soup served was this bowl of oily soup with very few pieces of cabbage floating in it. I just ate the cabbage but did not drink the oily soup.


Zest Cafe at The Sphere. I won't be eating here again because I do not fancy eating the Western meals served here and I could get nasi lemak of the same or even better quality for a much better price elsewhere at The Sphere.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Better Lifestyle for you

This is one of the places we go to for lunch during working days as they serve value-for-money set lunch meals.
My set lunch - MYR13.90 nett covers a drink - I chose a barley drink and requested for no sugar, a piece of watermelon, rice, vege-of-the-day which was stirfried brinjal, a piece of omelette and chicken cooked in a mixed of spices (Ayam Kerutuk/Kerutup/Kerutub). ****Update - thanks for pointing out that the above drink is lime juice which I ordered without sugar. I ordered barley on another visit *****

They also serve healthy wraps

BLU cafe at the Sphere, Bangsar South

My set lunch on another working day - also MYR13.90 - fried fish, barley drink without sugar, rice, omelette, watermelon, stirfried vege-of-the-day. Food tastes good but the rice is a much too much for me since I had to finish my drink too so I no longer eat here for lunch.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tips for eating a tall burger

I saw these posters at the KGB burger stand.

A sixties man

This is required  because KGB serves their burgers standing vertical.

Normally when I eat my burger I have not washed my hands so I hold the burger using the wrapper so can't hold it like this.

I must remember to ask for less seasoning and medium well.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Specialty Fries

Back in Jan 2015, I mentioned that I will be back to try KGB's specialty fries and milk shake and now I did.

Specialty Fries (one portion) and KGB burger.

Kimchi Fries Fully Loaded comes with a sunny side up egg so it is a no for me. Will try the Texas Jalapeno Steak and Cheese Fries Beef next time.

The Kimchi Fries (with Bulgogi Beef) - MYR14.90 nett - It used to be MYR13.90 nett back in Jan this year. Looks really messy after I got to the fries below the cheese and  sour cream. There are slices of sweet bulgogi beef  and leaves of sourish spicy kimchi. Some of the kimchi look and taste like sweet mui choy. This was a huge portion so I only ate a quarter of it and shared the rest with my family.

Choose a more affordable simple burger at MYR13.90 nett

When will I ever learn? This medium is too red for me. I have to ask for medium well next time. I ate half of this and gave the other half to my sibling.

The got-to-try milkshake is Nutella S'mores or Salted Caramel Pralines but as I think both will be too sweet for me and because I like strawberry, I ordered Strawberry Season for MYR12 nett.

Very smooth, more like drinking your strawberry sundae through a straw. Where are the fresh strawberries as stated in the menu above? I drank two third of this and gave one third to my sibling so I was very full due to the fat content and did not eat dinner at all because I was still full at night except for one orange even though I ate this meal at 11.15 am.

Total Bill: MYR40.80 for a very fattening and filling lunch (although I did not finish eating all the food)

*** Update: 12 Aug 2018 (Sun) - Price for "The Shack" after about 3 years is now MYR 14.50 nett (increased by MYR 0.6 nett) after GST has been removed. There seems to be beef tendon in the beef patty making it a bit difficult to chew so it is not something easy to eat afterall.