Sunday, January 31, 2021

Lucky Alley

 After staying at home fully for 5 days since Monday, on Saturday 30.1.21, we went out once to takeaway food for the whole day and to see how the world out there is like.

Lucky Alley coffee shop is now occupying two shop units. The alley must be lucky indeed that their business prospers. I buy pork trotter vinegar rice from the left shop and duck rice which opens very early at 8 am from the right shop (green signboard).

This time I buy from the left shop only. Salted steamed chicken whole leg with rice, deep fried pork belly with wood ear fungus rice and lotus root peanut soup for a total of MYR 26 Nett.

9 am - at lucky alley (left shop), one customer is wearing the mask under his nose and the old man seller is not wearing his mask because he is having his breakfast while servicing his makeshift stall. If anyone of them is asymptomatic, then the other one would be infected when they talk to each other vigorously. Seeing this, it is no surprise that the cases are still going up.

CNY snacks at Swee Heng coffee shop. I was very tempted to buy some snacks especially the ngaku aka arrowhead chips which is selling for MYR 15 per container but I stopped myself because I have many things to eat at home which I need to clear.

9.20 am at Swee Heng coffee shop, looking out. I like that there is no dining in allowed because it makes it easier to practise physical distancing. I have not been here since 10 Jan 2021 which is 20 days ago.

Swee Heng coffee shop, looking in. Very easy for physical distancing when waiting for the food to be packed.

8.58 am - noticed that this Bacon and Balls shop is having delivery too.

Maybe I will check out their menu to see whether or not, there is any food on it that I want to eat.

9.47 am - when we got home, he ate his favourite fish (Ling Yu) head Mee hoon without milk bought from Swee Heng coffee shop at MYR 13 Nett. We also bought char kway teow big portion with duck egg, MYR 9 nett, hot hainan char drink, MYR 2.7 Nett, one egg tart, MYR 2 and pork Yee Mee, MYR 7 Nett from the same coffee shop.

The seller included a claw and a piece of dried squid aka tiew pin in cantonese in the lotus root peanut pork soup.

Can you spot that piece of dried squid?

12 noon - before going out at 8.30 am, I ate 2 slices of sprouted grain rainbow bread so I was very hungry at noon. Ate my portion of fish head meehoon on the left and a remaining piece of chicken breast meat with a piece of banana crisp on the right from Thursday meal directly from the fridge.

12.30 noon - I then had a small bowl of the lotus root soup and a few mouthfuls of char kway teow which was quite salty and spicy because I forgot to request for a non spicy version.

I noticed this info on the paper used to wrap the ckt. Before this, I didn't know that this stall is called Ah Ben char kway teow. After this, I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day because I was too full after eating these 4 items.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Charcoal Stove Hokkien Mee

4.36 pm 27.1.21 wed - not my lunch of wat tan ying Yong at MYR 10.80 Nett. Contrary to the belief that food such as wat tan ying Yong won't taste good when takeaway, this one tastes great!

4 pm 27.1.21 wed, both of us shared these salt pepper deep fried squid at MYR 25 Nett. Very flavourful. 

7.33 am 28.1.21 Thu - both of us shared this hokkien Mee at MYR 12.20 Nett for breakfast.

Packaging - All 3 types of food were poured onto a big plastic sheet for each individually. They then tied the four corners of the plastic sheet together like the above photo.

3.50 pm 27.1.21 Wed - received the food from food panda rider.

Delivery fees is MYR 4.23 from the charcoal Stove Hokkien Mee stall at Jalan lazat to my place which is reasonable.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Charlie Sarawak Laksa

6.25 pm - not my dinner. Sarawak Laksa before the soup was poured into the container.

On 23.1.21 sat, we just stay home so we ordered delivery from Charlie's Cafe. We read about how they give back to the community here:

The owners are from East Malaysia so they have Sarawak Laksa on their menu.

Sarawak Laksa - after pouring in the soup.

2.13 pm - not my lunch of Nasi Lemak ayam berempah from Charlie's Cafe.

Good that they use a cardboard box as the container.

Includes a small container of curry gravy. Peanuts, anchovies and crackers aka keropok are packed into separate plastic bags.

2 pm - delivery received in a paper bag which is securely tied with a cable tie.

Total price is MYR 27.20 Nett with foc delivery.

London bridge is falling down. My tenant got a surprise.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

CNY Red Bundle

Online shopping for CNY is ongoing. Received the cny red bundle on Wed 27.1.21 when it was bought online on Monday 25.1.21 which was very quick.

Wall's Lipton Crush is one of the ice cream in the bundle. 1.24 pm - ate one to try as I have never eaten it before. Ice lemon tea in ice form. Sweet. I checked online for the price and found that it costs MYR 2.70 Nett for one stick. During promotion, the price can go down to MYR 2.39 Nett.

This is the CNY Red Bundle. 6x6 types of ice cream sticks for MYR 76.80 with free delivery and a free hello kitty cooler bag.

1.14 pm - so happy to receive the red bundle with another cooler bag containing the 36 sticks of ice cream.

All 36 sticks of ice cream strewn inside the green cooler bag.

Foc 5 pretty hello kitty Angpow packets.

4.09 pm wed 27.1.21, ate the remaining beef Noodles soup from the previous day with instant noodles and two types of kimchi. This combination is delicious because the sourness and spiciness of the kimchi cuts through the mundane strong beef taste of the concentrated beef broth.

One of the two kimchi is Bibigo kimchi - with a strong fermented wine taste and is sweeter than the Jongga kimchi below. Photo copied from online.

The 2nd kimchi is Jongga kimchi above. It is saltier and taste like newly made kimchi with less fermentation. Both types taste good.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

All About Dat Moo

 Saw eatdrinkkl's piece about this beef noodle so placed an order on Sunday for delivery on Tue 26.1.21 for lunch.

Everything in at MYR 22 Nett with wheat buckwheat noodles MYR 3 Nett. There are a lot of ingredients in this beef Noodles so this price is a very good price.

My order. Total price including delivery is MYR 84 nett.  I received a MYR 5 rebate on the delivery method that I have chosen because there is a MYR 5 rebate on delivery fees for orders of MYR 60 and above.

The paper bag holds two containers of beef Noodles.

The three containers of beef soup.

8 beef balls in beef broth at MYR 20 Nett with no noodles.

The hor fun beef everything in noodle at MYR 18 Nett. Very flavourful beefy soup. The brisket is tender and tasty. Vinegar chili dip is provided as well.

The above two items with description are the items I bought.

I couldn't tell the difference between lung and tongue but they have very strong beef taste.  The beef meatballs taste very good, like good quality beef patty. Price is good so it is a must try for beef Noodles lovers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

In the Mood for CNY

18 days to go before CNY and I am feeling CNY in the air. Quite excited about it. I don't visit friends during CNY so this year will be the same for me. 

Every chinese new year, we give my elderly inlaws a rest from cooking. For this year, we decided to buy frozen food to heat up for them during all 15 days of cny (I mean throughout the span of the 15 days, not 15 frozen dishes). We considered 3 eateries only amongst the many eateries providing cny frozen ready to eat meals.

The food provided by easy dot delicacies look very good but the portion is way too much for 3 pax so they were not chosen.

Next is Gao Ren Guan restaurant with their many types of frozen ready to eat meal. The portion is right for us but as we are not going to Jaya Grocer where these frozen meals are sold, we don't know where to reliably get them so no go here. Please click on the picture above to get a larger image to read the prices and dishes.

Gao Ren Guan restaurant provides takeaways for special CNY dishes too but the portion is way too much for 3 pax.

I am happy to say that we have ticked this item off our CNY preparation checklist as we bought the ready to eat frozen food from Eu Yan Sang because we know the taste of the food cooked by Zun express which is Eu Yan Sang's kitchen section. I bought them using eu yan sang hp app and got MYR 10 off.

Bought 4 types of frozen dishes on Saturday and they were delivered on Monday 25.1.21 which is very efficient.

2 packs of braised pork knuckle with black bean vinegar at MYR 25.20 Nett each.

One pack lotus leaf rice with waxed meat at MYR 43.20 Nett.

One pack Braised pork belly with herbs at MYR 38.70 Nett.

This is the pack of frozen pork belly.

2 packs braised pork knuckle with superior sauce at MYR 43.20 Nett each.

This is the frozen pack of braised pork knuckle.

Total price is MYR 208 after deducting MYR 10 e-voucher promo. Free delivery for purchase above MYR 200 Nett. 

Now that the frozen food box is ticked, next is to buy CNY goodies for them. I have fun every year hunting for suitable cny goodies for my in-laws. This year I will be hunting online instead of going to the mall. So fun, right? Are you ready for CNY?