Sunday, May 31, 2020

Jian Dui

 It is Saturday again! Time to replenish the bread in two households. Since I went to the local shops to buy bread, I dropped by Lai Lai Desserts shop again to buy my regular kap Chung and red bean Peng. This time I also bought 3 deep fried sesame coated balls made from glutinous rice flour with fillings in them and red bean tong sui. Kap Chung is the fried dough in the above photo with white glutinous rice in the middle of it. Please note that the bread that I am replenishing are gardenia and Massimo loaf bread, not these deep-fried dough pastries. 😂

The one with red dot contains lotus paste. Dark dot contains smashed peanuts and no dot contains red bean paste which I like best. Snacks at 3.30 pm on Saturday 30 May 2020 d74.

 Do you like to eat these Jian Dui? 

Since I am at 711 to buy bread, I must buy other necessities such as ice cream sticks.  Chose this sweet potato ice cream. I must eat it again because of its nice glutinous rice aroma. MYR 2.30 at 1.30 pm.

Used about MYR 25.60 nett in total on bread.

Bought a bottle of rice cooking wine at about MYR 19.

Eggs and rice as well.

Just boiled the daikon and they are ready to be eaten without any seasonings. I ate them all at 7.30 pm.

Rice in old cucumber ribs soup for not my dinner at 5 pm.

Breakfast at 10.30 am of 3 ytf - okra, brinjal and bittergourd with one slice of liver and pork stomach from pork pepper soup mihun. Two halves of a pork ball from frozen premium sausage set.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Akame Fish

We have eaten this exact dish at Win Soon, Kuchai Lama on 25 August 2019 Sunday. This time we order takeaway this Fresh Prawn and Red Snapper Fish Head Mee Hoon at MYR 27.50+ (6% SST = MYR 29.15 nett) to eat at home.

Also bought a big portion of deep fried Akame Fish at MYR 23.50+ (6% SST = MYR 24.91 nett). The spring onions, chilli, red onions, gingers garnishing gave the fish the taste of our favourite deep fried salt and chilli pepper squid. Akame Fish is also known as Japanese Barramundi or Lates japonicus or Japanese Lates. Tasty!

Total bill is MYR 54.05 nett on 24 May 2020 Sunday d68.

I was the only customer ordering takeaway but it still took quite some time before my order is ready.

There is only one couple dining in while I was there.

Choy Sum from the vegetables delivery on Saturday 23 May 2020 d67.

My portion. I like to eat vegetables blanched like this without any seasonings and without any oil.

*** Friday 29 May 2020 d73 ***

11.46 am - Shared lunch of mung bean vermicelli (Su Hun) with duck gizzard in old cucumber ribs soup. I ate breakfast of kaya and massimo full wheat bread at 9.50 am.

My portion with one whole duck gizzard.

Different view of the duck gizzard.

Top view.

2.17 pm - shared to finish the one remaining 4 of 4 coconut jelly from the fridge received on Saturday 23 May 2020 d67. Should have eaten it earlier because it is starting to taste fermented with alcohol taste like tapai.

4.28 pm - 250 g of mutton curry cooked with one ripe tomato and lettuce with wheat flour noodles on top. Mutton curry was received on Tuesday 26 May 2020 d70 and wheat flour noodles bought on  Friday 1 May 2020 d45. The mutton taste is strong which one of us nearly cannot stand it while I like the strong taste.

This is my share and I ate the curry with bread and wipe the pan clean with bread. After that I feel my stomach burning from the heat of the curry so no more buying curry anymore because there are still two tubs of 250 g each of curry in the freezer.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Jelly Coconut Delivery

Saw this Funlink Food fb post about Coconut Jelly at MYR 8.50 nett each. Buy 4 to get a free Coconut so I bought 8 coconut jelly to get 2 foc coconuts at MYR 68 nett with free delivery. The Coconut Jelly with vacuum packed as above.

After removing the packaging.

Sweet cooling coconut jelly with white coconut meat still intact within the coconut shell so after eating all the jelly with the white coconut meat, one would be very full.

10 coconuts inside my fridge. I gave 4 coconut jellies and 2 coconut (drinks) away with 4 coconut jelly remaining for the two of us.

Contactless Delivery on Saturday 23 May 2020 d67.

*** Thursday 28 May 2020 d72 ***

10.02 am - my breakfast of raw red, yellow, green bell peppers with slices of Massimo full wheat bread. I did not finish all the bell peppers because they will be stirfried with garlic and ham for lunch because only one of us can stand the taste of raw bell peppers and that person is me so the remaining bell peppers need to be stir-fried.

11.44 am - Blanched okras without seasonings placed together with not-my-lunch of stirfry red, yellow, green bell peppers, garlic and ham.

Reheated the soup calrose rice to be eaten with 125 g of wild boar curry for lunch.

12 noon - my share of lunch with 3 okras which I eat whole including the part near the stem. I also ensure that all the remaining curry gravy are eaten from the glass container.

3.14 pm - defrosted the one remaining 6 of 6 slices of cheese yam cake. I am going to miss this cake. So yummy. I ate 5 slices out of the total 6 slices within 6 days so I wonder how much weight did I gain from this cake but no fear, I will always buy cheese cakes to eat because I love to eat cakes.

5.30 pm - I ate 3 mung bean biscuits bought on Friday 1 May 2020 d45 and 1 pack of chocolate chips oats biscuits (3 in 1 pack).

6 pm - we finished off all the soup calrose rice by eating them with old cucumber soup with 2 braised duck gizzards that were bought on Saturday 23 May 2020 d67. Perhaps one day I will show the photo of an uncut duck gizzard which is not pretty but is very delicious to me. 

If you are curious, here is a photo of uncut duck gizzards. Very tasty when braised, do you dare to eat them? Many people love to eat them and this popular shop called Lao Tien Lu in Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan sells duck gizzard ready-to-eat-on-the-go at NTD 40 each which is about MYR 5.81 nett each but the ones I bought cost only MYR 1 nett each and is just as tasty. I know because I always go to Lao Tien Lu to buy one to eat just because I am already in Taipei.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cheese Yam Cake

This time, I bought 3 cakes from CakesbyMia.C on fb. I have bought banana cakes from her previously on Saturday 25 April 2020 d39. This is a non-baked 6 inches cheese yam cake at MYR 98 nett.

It has 3 layers. The top layer is cheese, 2nd layer is yam paste, 3rd layer is cake. It is delicious because even though it is cheese, the taste is light so PH would be able to eat this cake. There are no artificial flavourings used. The yam taste is so authentic.

I cut the cake into 6 slices. Gave 1 slice away and I plan to eat one slice a day for the remaining 5 slices. As I am afraid that the cheese would go bad in the fridge, I store 3 slices into the freezer since I remember PH stores cakes in the freezer to keep them fresh.

This is one slice of the frozen cheese yam cake which is like ice cube. I defrost it for 1 hour in the fridge section and the cheese section turns soft enough, just nice to be eaten. The yam paste has icicles in it so it is like thick ice cream. The cake layer is soft enough and retained its taste so this cake is suitable for freezing.

This is a Honey Cheese Cake - MYR 30 nett.

It is a chiffon cheese cake with a moist honey cheese top layer. I ate 2 third of this cake and gave 1 third away.

Ate this last slice on Tuesday 26 May 2020 d70.

This is a cempedak cake at MYR 35 nett. The cempedak smell is so delicious! For cempedak lovers, this is a must-try as there are cempedak pieces inside the cake.

Size comparison between cempedak cake and honey cheese cake.

Contactless delivery on Saturday 23 May 2020 d67.

*** Wednesday 27 May 2020 d71 ***

8.28 am. Breakfast cooked - omelette turned into scrambled eggs with red, yellow, green capsicums, onions and ham.

I went overboard and bought many baos (1 big bao, 1 vegetable bao, 1 lotus bao, 1 kaya bao, 1 lo mai kai MYR 4.5 nett and 3 siew mai MYR 3 nett = total is MYR 17 nett) on Monday 25 May 2020 d69) so I have to finish these two remaining baos from the fridge at 11.27 am.

Green bao is lotus bao and white bao is kaya bao. Quite ok. I like to eat baos so I can easily finish these two baos on my own.

This is the vegetable bao I ate on Monday with mushrooms and jicama fillings.

One siew mai eaten on Monday too.

This is the barley pumpkin tong sui bought on Sunday 24 May 2020 d68 but eaten on Monday.

12.23 noon - my share of scrambled eggs.

12.26 pm - Not my lunch of rice from the previous day, lettuce and wild boar curry.

250 g of wild boar curry here. The taste is quite gamey which we like. Still have half remaining so into the fridge it went.

16.16 defrost another slice of cheese yam cake to eat so 1 more slice left in the freezer. For dinner, I just ate one piece of duck meat bought on Saturday 23 May 2020 d67 with a bit of instant noodles and lettuce from the shared dinner and then two slices of green rainbow sprouted grain bread.