Sunday, March 31, 2019

Nasi Lemak In a Puff

I was quite hungry when I was passing Old Chang Kee shop in One Utama so I bought 5 curry puffs to get one free when the staff asked me to buy one more curry puff and he would give me another curry puff for free so I did and ended up with 8 curry puffs. One of the curry puffs is the Nasi Lemak Curry Puff - the normal price is MYR 4.10 nett each but since I got 2 curry puffs of a lesser price for free, the average price for one curry puff is only MYR 2.25 nett which is quite a good price.

I could not detect any taste of coconut milk nor pandan. The main taste of the fillings is sambal. There are whole peanuts, pieces of anchovies, a small piece of hard boiled egg and small pieces of proper chicken meat (not reconstituted ones). It is only slightly spicy. Compared to other curry puffs, this nasi lemak curry puff has a lot more ingredients in it. Having tried it, I don't think I will buy it at the normal price though I may buy it if there is a discount because it tastes fine for a curry puff.

To recap with two photos from my previous post in October 2018. I did not take notice whether this sign is still there on the counter.

This time I did not buy the Curry Chicken & Egg Puff nor the Mushroom Chicken Puff at MYR 3.10 nett each. Apart from 1 Nasi Lemak Chicken & Egg Puff (MYR 4.10 nett), I bought 1 Rendang Chicken Puff (MYR 3.10 nett) and the rest of the puffs at MYR 2.70 nett each - 2 Sardine Puffs, 1 Chicken Puff, 1 Super Spicy Chicken Puff which was not that spicy and I was given two Sambal & Egg Puffs worth MYR 2.70 nett each for free. I like the Sambal & Egg Puffs because it was filled with potatoes and one small piece of hard boiled egg and the sambal is not too spicy and just slightly sweet.

I must be crazy to buy MYR 18 nett worth of curry puffs when I could buy smaller curry puffs filled with just potatoes at a roadside stall for just MYR 0.50 nett each. So I must make it a point not to walk pass Old Chang Kee when I am hungry.

8 curry puffs in two paper bags.

One curry puff crumbled in the paper bag but it could still be eaten so I ate it and all is well.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Popcorn Loh Mee

Loh Mee for 1 pax at PopCorn Food Court, Midvalley Mall. The broth is light like the Loh Mee served at PuTien and not dark like the Loh Mee served at Paramount Garden coffee shop.

Close up - the noodles are soft enough and the broth is not too sticky. Vinegar is available at the stall for customers to add to the broth as much as they prefer.

Both Loh Mee and Hokkien Mee are priced at MYR 11.90 nett each.

Friday, March 29, 2019

WG Salted Egg Yolk Chicken

My lunch: Salted Egg Yolk Chicken with (Small portion) Rice at MYR 8.50 nett. I kept half for dinner. The deep fried curry leaves enhanced the fragrance of the salted egg yolk. The pieces of chicken are coated with a thin layer of batter and deep fried until very crispy. A very tasty dish which I will definitely order again.

My friend's lunch: Rice wine chicken with rice (MYR 12.40 nett). The wine is very strong. I can smell it from my seat. Smells tasty so I will order this next time.

Please click on the above photo to view a larger image of the menu (page 1). What will you order from it?

Please click on the above photo to view a larger image of the menu (page 2). There are a few types of dessert (tong sui).

Shopfront. Weng Wah eatery at SeaPark, PJ.

Total Bill for 4 pax: MYR 44.70 nett. An average of about MYR 11 per pax.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

WG Kuey Chap Boat Noodle

My friend has not eaten Boat Noodles before so we went there for lunch. All 4 bowls of noodles are my orders of beef rice noodles in various types of broth and sauces at MYR 1.90++ (10% service charge, 6% SST = MYR 2.20 nett) each. The deep fried chicken wings (5 pieces at MYR 10.80 nett) that are very juicy and flavourful are for sharing between the 3 of us.

I found the rice noodles to be flat narrow strips of translucent springy rice noodles similar to very narrow kway teow/hor fun with texture almost like tong hoon (glass noodles). The mini portion means that there are only about 2 tablespoons of noodles in each bowl. A big eater would require at least 10 bowls. This is a place to try out the various types of broth and sauces, not so much for the toppings because there are not much beef in each bowl.

My friends ordered springy noodles that turned out to be almost like instant noodles. As I like instant noodles, I had another bowl of this instant noodles.

In 2015, there were only two types of broth - Ayutthaya (intense flavours with many herbs and spices) and Pathumthani (sourish). In March 2018, they added two types - Prosperity Yums and Dry Noodles. This time, there are 6 types: Ayutthaya, Suki Nam (Sweet and sour taste), Dry Sweet Sauce (I did not order this), Dry Tom Yum (the sauce does not taste like tom yum but is spicy and with strong herb taste), Sweet Kuey Chap (my friend ordered this and there was a small wedge of hard boiled egg as the toppings), Pathumthani (sourish). If you have never eaten at this eatery, I recommend that you order 1 of each type if you go try it out next time.

Side dishes and desserts.

Drinks menu. None of us ordered drinks as the price is quite high.

Boat Noodle at the Gardens Mall. It occupies a corner lot opposite Nyonya Color.

The bill for 3 pax: MYR 46 nett.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

WG BW Bak Kut Teh Noodles House

This Mustard Greens Stew dish (MYR 9.90 nett for a small portion) is known by the name "Suen Lat Choy" (Cantonese for Sour Hot Vege - literal translation) or  Chai Boey (Hokkien for Vege End/Leftovers - literal translation). In this pot, there are chicken feet, kiam chai (pickled mustard greens), gai choy (mustard greens), dried chilies, and slices of dried tamarind (assam). Very appetising so my two friends who shared this dish, ate a full bowl of rice each. I did not taste it because my friend told me that it is spicy.

Bak Kut Teh set lunch (MYR 14.90 nett) which includes a bowl of rice, a bowl of "yau char kwai /cakoi / youtiao" (crullers) and a glass of Lo Hon Gor (Siraitia grosvenorii) drink. This lunch set is good value for money. Two of my friends shared this set lunch by ordering another bowl of rice from the ala carte menu (RM 1 nett).

Since I wanted a small portion of food, I ordered the chicken curry noodles (MYR 8.50 nett) from the ala carte menu and requested for the Hakka noodles to be changed to mee hoon. The mee hoon is very soft so I like the texture when it is thoroughly mixed with the curry gravy which is not spicy at all, just very creamy (coconut milk). The mee hoon will also turn softer when it has soaked up all the curry gravy - so tasty! There are 3 pieces of chicken thigh meat on the bones. I much prefer boneless chicken breast meat but I will settle for chicken thigh meat since those were the parts served.

Dry curry chicken noodles is my backup dish. I will order this dish if I feel that the price is reasonable and there are no other dishes that I feel like eating from the menu.

Total price is MYR 44.20 nett. Another friend ordered the Hakka Fried Meat (Zhar Yuk) with Hakka Noodle Set which includes a glass of Lo Hon Gor drink at MYR 9.90 nett. The noodle portion is quite big.

BW Bak Kut Teh Noodles House at Paramount Garden, PJ. This shop used to be Wai Noodles House that I visited back in August 2017. Wai Noodles House has now moved to Seapark, PJ. Please visit their FB for their location.

Lunch set menu. Needs to compare the price with the ala carte menu to see if the lunch set is worth it or not. For example:
1. ala carte curry chicken noodle is MYR 8.50 nett and
the curry chicken noodle set with an additional drink is MYR 9.90 nett which means the drink costs MYR 1.40 nett.
2. whereas Claypot Bak Kut Teh ala carte without rice is MYR 13.90 nett and after adding a bowl of rice at MYR 1 nett, the total price is MYR 14.90 nett (same price as the lunch set)
so it means that the drink and bowl of youtiao of the bak kut teh set is free so this bak kut teh lunch set is of better value.

I am interested in the vinegar marinated pork leg to be shared with my friends.

Will try the wine kampung chicken mee hoon next time.

If my friends are willing to share the claypot homemade wine kampung chicken with me, I will order it next time. Let us see when I will visit this eatery again.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WG Sake Broth Noodle

Sake broth with thin noodle and pork schnitzel at MYR 18.90 nett. The thin noodle is similar to non-salty mee suah. There are 3 pieces of pork schnitzel - schnitzel means a deep fried thin piece of meat coated in breadcrumbs. It is similar to tonkatsu. I like the sake broth - it is light but tastes like it has a lot of cooking wine in it, so very fragrant.

Cross section of the pork schnitzel. The pork is tender and flavourful. The other two pieces of pork are rather sinewy.

Total bill for 5 pax is MYR 92.50 nett. We did not order any drinks as plain drinking water are provided foc.

The Ding's eatery at The Hub, SS2 which is a new mix commercial development.

I have all the pages of their menu here for my own reference. Page 1 of the menu.

My friends said that the hand-made pork balls are very flavourful. She prefers them to pork schnitzel which she feels is not flavouful enough but I feel that the pork schnitzel tastes fine.

The description of each dish.

I did not order the dry noodle because I don't think I will like the black sauce.

Rice menu. I may try the buttered rice with mushrooms next time.

I may try the fries with cheese dish.

Beer goes well with crispy fish skin?

They even sell sweet corn.

The drinks menu . What will you eat as the main meal?

Monday, March 25, 2019

Fish Katsu Curry Rice

Fish Katsu Curry Rice ala carte (MYR 16.80 nett) at Yoshinoya, Midvalley Mall. I bought it to try after reading that it is NuxV's favourite dish at Yoshinoya but after looking at her bowl, it has some flakes in it. Is it because she ordered the set version that there are additional toppings on it?

I like the curry because it is not sweet and has lots of potatoes and carrots in it. The fish is passable with some translucent flesh around the edges. I am satiated after eating half of the portion because I am a small eater. Luckily my friend is with me to eat the other half.

Two of us just ordered 1 dish because we are going to eat dessert after this meal.

Please click on the above menu for a larger image. I would order the rice with just curry alone, only if the price is below MYR 10.

They are introducing 4 new items that are displayed on the "Jyu Promotion" stand-up banner. I think these are for big eaters because it looks like there is a lot of rice in the box.

From Yoshinoya, we just walked over to Snowflake which is located on the same floor. I have every intention of eating Uji'Ryo Supreme (MYR 19.80 nett) but then I am still very full from the fish katsu curry rice so I ordered one Hot Bestseller (MYR 12 nett) for my friend and just add one scoop of Matcha Sorbet (MYR 4.55 nett) for myself.

The grass jelly is still in liquid form when it is hot and will turn gelatinous when it cools down. The Yam and Sweet Potatoes Taro Balls, Peanuts and Tapioca Pearls in it are tasty!

Now that it is cool, the texture is like jelly.

My single scoop of Matcha Sorbet (MYR 4.55 nett).

It is not creamy because it is sorbet and not ice cream. The green tea taste is there and it is not that sweet though I would prefer the sweetness level to be lower. I think it tastes better with ice shavings than on its own like this. Next week, I will make sure I have enough stomach space for a bowl of matcha ice shaving.

Dessert for 2 pax: MYR 16.55 nett. Total spent for lunch and dessert (2 pax): MYR 33.35 nett.