Thursday, May 31, 2018

Tokushima Wagyu

This section of the menu piqued my interest. Which method of cooking the beef do you prefer?

It was from this special "Haru no Mikaku" menu. I searched online and found that Haru means spring and Mikaku means "Sense of Taste".

So I ordered these two items: 50g of grilled sirloin beef with tomato in rich miso at MYR 88 nett and a salad roll at MYR 13 nett.

The beef is served rare so I decided to cook it more. I was quite wary of the gas cylinder.

I removed all the slices of tomato and put them on a plate. Then I cooked the slices of beef on both sides slightly and switched off the fire when they are just done. The beef is very tender and delicious! 

I thought the beef was served on a plate shaped like a leaf but after all 3 of us finished eating the beef, only then I realised that the plate is in fact a real dry leaf. I wonder why the dry leaf could withstand the flames .

I ordered this salad roll because I wanted to eat very little rice with vegetables.

There are 3 types of vegetables here - avocado, cucumber and lettuce.

My friend ordered Oyster Nabe set at MYR 42 nett and another friend ordered our favourite Salmon Shioyaki Set (no photos) at MYR 32 nett.

There are two fresh oysters in the ladle. There are a few more oysters in the miso broth.

To our surprise, we were given a MYR 20 nett discount because Kura Restaurant at One World Hotel just reopened a few weeks ago after moving to the ground floor of the hotel from the first floor.

This is how the entrance looks like now compared to before the move.

When one walks from One Utama Shopping Mall to the lobby of One World Hotel on the ground floor, one must walk past Kura Restaurant now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

WG 10 Gram Sri Petaling

My order: Nasi Lemak with Fried Egg at MYR 6.50 nett at a modern cafe. As usual, I kept half for dinner. It was supposed to be a sunny side up egg but I requested for the yolk to be well done. I suspect that they use coconut oil to cook the rice in addition to coconut milk because of the very strong and nice coconut fragrant taste in the rice.

The Order Chit - My order is A10 and they keyed in the remark "egg 2side cook" which means I requested for the yolk to be fully cooked and not runny. I wonder is that a direct translation from Cantonese.

Since this is a new style cafe, they use pretty tea pots sitting on top of the cups to serve the hot tea included in their lunch sets.

My friends ordered pasta and curry noodles. A scoop of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate flavour) and free drinks (Tea or Soft drinks) are included in their lunch sets. MYR 66.55 nett for 5 pax.

Interior - 10 gram cafe with its name "carved" into the wall exposing bare bricks where the alphabets are.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Eat more Vege

 This time I ordered the set lunch at MYR 16.60 nett with a bowl of not sweet red bean dessert soup at MYR 4 nett. I chose the lotus roots with chickpeas and omelette with herb dishes. The stirfry mixed vege and pickled papaya are the two default dishes in this set. My friend gave me her pickled papaya dish too so I had two portions in the photo above. As usual I kept half of the rice and some dishes for dinner but not the red bean soup.

Total Price for 2 pax: MYR 41.15 nett at Green Meadow, PJ so it is MYR 20.60 nett each as we ordered exactly the same dishes.

Monday, May 28, 2018

WG Ko Hyang 1U

I felt like eating fish so I ordered a Saba set at MYR 20.90+ (6% GST = MYR 22.20 nett). Just need to be careful of the bones near the belly area. As usual, kept half for dinner.

My 2 friends shared a KimChi JiGae by adding a bowl of plain rice at MYR 2.10 nett. Total Bill for 3 pax at Ko Hyang, One Utama is MYR 43.90 nett.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Which is Less

I thought chapati is less fattening to eat than Roti Canai so I ordered Chapati (about MYR 2). Is it true? My drink is a glass of  iced barley lime kosong (without any sugar) at about MYR 3 at Macha and Co, One Utama.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Rice is Soft again

I mentioned here that I may not eat this again but on another visit to the same BMS branch at The Starling Mall, the rice is soft again so I guess I will continue to order this dish at MYR 12.90 nett with 5 cubes of pumpkin.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Answer to Quiz

The food item in the previous post is from the Bak Kut Teh claypot in the photo above. The claypot next to it contains pork stomach cooked in pepper soup.

Answer to previous post: It is a small intestine stuffed with many small intestines so from the photo, one can see the many layers. The photo showed a close up view. The actual size is about half the length of your little finger but a little bit fatter.Nowadays many places do not take the extra effort to do this to make it meaty. They serve the small intestine without stuffing it so it does not taste as nice.

I guess many who commented do not eat this food item. To me, when it is cleaned properly and stuffed with many layers and cooked in Bak Kut Teh broth, it is very tasty, just like eating the stomach in Bak Kut Teh broth.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Quiz time

Please take a guess what this is. 
A favourite food of some people.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

After a Long Time

It has been a very long time, more than 10 years since the last time I ate at Fish & Co, One Utama but after reading PH's post about its tasty fish and chips, I was tempted to visit there again. Left: Artic (Pollock) F&C at MYR 22.95+ (MYR 25.25 nett) Right: The Best F&C at MYR 21.95+ (MYR 24.15 nett).

Top is Artic (Pollock) Fish - the colour is not as white as the Best F&C at the bottom. The batter for both is very crispy.

They served us the Fish and Chips very quickly in about 9 mins so I guess they did not have time to let the excess oil drip away resulting in a very oily serving pan.

Total price for 2 pax: MYR 49.40 nett.

Store front at One Utama.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

GS So Sayang

A plate of California maki at MYR 4.80 nett and 2 glass of refillable hot green tea at MYR 1.20 nett.

2 chawanmushi at MYR 5.80 nett each. This is a must-order item for my friend and I.

5 slices of Toro Salmon Sashmi (Salmon Belly) at MYR 18.80 nett and a small bowl of beef soba at  MYR 16.80 nett.

Just look at what I did - a no-no for many people. I put the premium raw salmon belly slices into the soup of the soba noodle which is piping hot so that the raw salmon slices are cooked. I do eat raw salmon slices but just for that day I decided to eat them just slightly cooked and I have to say that they taste great - very tender and full of salmon taste due to the salmon belly being more fatty. What a waste some people would say - so sayang!

Total bill for 2 pax at MYR 54.40 nett at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens which is our default sushi place because the quality and price is acceptable.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Nishiki Sri Petaling

After reading NuxV's post about a new Japanese eatery in the neighbourhood, I dropped by for lunch one weekend so there was no set lunch available as set lunch is only served on weekdays. I ordered the deep fried salmon omelette curry rice at MYR 17.60+ (MYR 18.65 nett) from the ala carte food menu.

As usual I kept half for dinner. The taste is quite acceptable. The piece of deep fried salmon is just a thin piece so I wonder whether there is any eatery where I could get a thicker piece of salmon for this price.

Smoked Duck Soba at MYR 14.60+ (MYR 15.50 nett). Also acceptable although my friend said the duck texture is very smooth, unlike those local roasted duck meat but when I ate the pieces of duck, I did not pay much attention to its texture as I was enjoying the nice smoked flavour so I could not remember its texture.

Store front

Total Price for 2 pax: MYR 37.95 nett.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Thoughts count

My friend went to Vietnam for her vacation and bought this pop-up card for me. Front.

Back. Do you keep cards that friends gave you forever or do you throw them away after a certain period?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Worth it or Not

After eating so many times at Go Noodle branches in a few malls, I have decided that the only item I am going to order there from now onwards is the fish grouper slices meehoon clear soup which costs MYR 18.80+ (10% service charge so it is MYR 20.70 nett). There are 5 slices of fish slices in 1 serving.

The others that I have eaten before such as La La (clam) mee hoon clear soup for MYR 14.20 nett and Prawns mee hoon clear soup with 3 prawns for MYR 18 nett could be eaten elsewhere at a better price. Their bursting balls though are still a favourite for pork meatballs lovers but since I am impartial to pork, I will only order it if my dining companions want to share the meatballs.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Cool Baum Matcha

This photo is not very clear because I have to quickly take a photo with the cake still inside its packaging so that I could eat the ice cream and cake as fast as I could before the ice cream melts. 

This is a slice of Baumkuchen (Tree Ring Cake) with green tea matcha ice cream in the middle of the cake at MYR 5.80 nett. The cake is slightly sweet with a taste of honey which goes well with the slightly bitter matcha ice cream in the middle. There are two other flavours - original and chocolate which I may try next time.

I ate it immediately after I bought it because it needs to be stored in the freezer (below 10 degree C) if not eaten.

Cool Baum Matcha at MYR 5.80 nett.

Another photo to show the size of this Baum as compared to my hand.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

WG Pulled burger set

A rather large plate of salad that is included in my lunch set. It has Romaine lettuce and tomatoes only. The set also includes a small glass of chilled lemonade which is quite sweet, made from fresh lemons.

My pulled pork burger with coleslaw and fries.

The pulled pork with onions is on the sweet side. I kept half the portion for dinner.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen at Aman Suria.

I find it weird that the receipt did not state the names of the food items we ordered but the prices listed are correct and that is the important part so we did not make a fuss but paid up.