Monday, July 31, 2017

Two Bowls

This time I returned to Paramount Garden Coffee shop, PJ and ordered two bowls of Lor/Loh Mee (around MYR6.50 for a bowl) for lunch.

I kept one bowl and a bit more from my bowl of noodle in my trusted container for my spouse to try in the evening. It still tasted very good when I ate some for dinner that day.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Ziffy at Sunway Nexis

Ziffy Rice Platter Lunch Set (sweet and spicy chicken, egg, pickled vegetables and tortilla chips) at MYR19.80 nett which includes a dessert (panna cotta) and a choice of peach tea, coca-cola or sprite. My friend says it is tasty.

The Panna Cotta dessert that is included in the lunch set. There is a nice mint taste.

Chicky Chop Lunch Set (chicken chop in black pepper sauce, mixed vegetables and polenta) - MYR19.80 nett.

Fish and Chips Lunch Set with Tartar and Pesto Sauce at MYR19.80 nett.

Another fish and chips lunch set. My friend chose to change the potatoes fries to sweet potatoes fries so she had to add MYR5.50 nett to the lunch set price of MYR19.80 nett making her meal MYR25.30 nett.

This is the lunch set menu which is only available on weekdays. None of us are interested in the EMS (Eggs, Mayo and Salsa) Sandwich lunch set. Please click on the above menu to get a larger image to read the description of the dishes.

Salted Egg (on chicken) Burger at MYR22 nett and a glass of Flat White at MYR12.10 nett from the ala carte menu.

Bolognese Pasta at MYR23.10 nett from the ala carte menu. My friend requested for the minced beef to be changed to chicken meat.

My order - I did not want a heavy lunch so I thought eggs on toast (MYR8.80 nett) would be light enough. Then I wanted some vegetables so I upgraded my eggs to an omelette with cheese, mushrooms and green peppers by adding MYR3.30 nett so my lunch costs MYR12.10 nett. Plain drinking water was provided foc.

Ziffy at Sunway Nexis. It is located next to Nam Chau eatery.

Some of us shared a main dish so the total bill is only MYR154 nett for 9 pax.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


I ordered the spicy salmon poke bowl set at MYR18.90++ (10% service charge and 6% GST - MYR22.05 nett). The set includes a drink (cold or hot green tea), a bowl of miso soup and a dessert which turned out to be soy pudding with berry sauce.

Explanation from wiki online: "Poke (Hawaiian for "to section" or "to slice or cut") is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as a main course".

In recent years, some restaurants in USA have started making poke bowls which includes rice or some other healthy options like quinoa or cous cous and the trend has reached here.

In the poke bowl above, there are tiny cubes of raw salmon marinated in a slightly spicy sauce, slices of cucumbers, guacamole, calrose rice, furikake, bits of seaweeds, sesame seeds, ebiko mixed with some sort of vinegar so it is very flavourful with lots of different tastes going on at the same time.

My friend ordered the Oyakodon set at MYR14.90++ (MYR17.40 nett) which includes the same items other than the main dish.

The soy pudding with berry sauce.

3 of us also ordered a raindrop cake to share at MYR10.90++ (MYR12.70 nett). The dark patch on the right of the raindrop cake is not the shadow of the cake but brown sugar syrup. The light brown powder on the left is kinako (sweet toasted soybean flour). Both are for dipping the raindrop cake in. 

Raindrop cake is basically just agar-agar and the texture here is just too firm. I expected it to be more wobbly.

Total Bill is MYR73.45 nett for 3 persons.

Eatomo at Taman Desa

Airy place with opened windows and air conditioning on at the same time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Kyung Joo

Budae Jigae (to share) - MYR55.80+ (10% service charge to be MYR61.40 nett). Budae means Army Unit or Military Unit so this is a Army Stew that has US style processed food such as sausages, spam (luncheon meat), slices of cheese, instant noodles and etc. A very flavourful jigae.

The Banchan (side dishes) are very different from the ones served here except for the kimchi which is a must-have side dish. There are six refillable side dishes - 1. broccoli, cauliflower and carrots 2. kimchi 3. brinjal and chili 4. pumpkin 5. black beans 6. radish cubes. All side dishes are tasty.

We ordered two bibimbap (chicken meat) sets (with a glass of green tea or barley tea) to share. MYR17.80+ (MYR19.60 nett).

After mixing everything up. My friend would prefer it to be more flavourful but the taste is ok for me.

4 Mandu (in Korean, gyoza in Japanese) to share as well. Costs MYR11.80+ (MYR13 nett). The dumplings are plump with lots of fillings.

A pot of hot barley tea at MYR9.80+ (MYR10.80 nett) meant to be shared by 2 pax but there were 5 of us with 2 glasses of hot green tea from the 2 bibimbap sets so the waitress was smart enough to bring us 3 small glasses without us having to ask for it.

It has a double layer of glass with air in between for insulation so that your hand can hold the glass and will not feel the heat from the hot tea.

5 pretty swirl bowls for us since we are sharing all the food. 

MYR124.30 nett for 5 pax so it means that it is MYR24.85 nett per pax. Reasonable price considering how full we were after this meal.

This Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant is located on the highest floor in Midvalley Mall, near the cinemas. It is next to Taiwan Recipe.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wild Honey

When we stepped into Pavilion at 11 am on a Friday, we went directly to El Iberico and was told that the pork ribs will only be served at 12 noon so we went to Wild Honey (an eatery that serves brunch dishes all day) to have a light bite before lunch at noon.

But we ended up ordering the above two dishes and two drinks for two persons.

Wild Mocha Dolce (Espresso, Chocolate, Milk, Royal Honey) - MYR16++ (10% service charge and 6% GST so it is MYR18.65 nett).  The coffee here are by "Common Man Roasters" based in Singapore that also operates a cafe in TTDI, KL.

Mandarin Wilderness (Ice blended raspberry, banana, Mandarin orange with Royal Honey) - MYR20++ (MYR23.30 nett). I did not expect it to be served in such a large portion. I could not taste the slight bitterness in this drink as described by some online blog posts/articles but my friend thought that it has a bit of a cough syrup taste. I expected it to be a very refreshing drink but found that I had the wrong expectation after drinking it.

All the brunch meals here are named after places. I ordered the "Canadian" dish (MYR28++ which is MYR32.65 nett) which has 3 pieces of big and thick buttermilk pancakes, Canadian maple syrup, forest berry sauce and 2 chicken sausages.

I ordered the pancakes because I wanted to compare the taste of these pancakes with the ones served by Munching Mob. The latter has a fragrant taste which is unfamiliar to me. I just want to make sure that the unfamiliar taste is not in these pancakes and it wasn't. The two of us shared one pancake and I kept the other two pieces in my trusted container. The chicken sausages taste like steamed salted chicken breast meat.

Since we would be eating pork ribs later, I decided to eat some salad. When I looked at the online menu, I have decided on the spinach and pan fried goat cheese salad but this item was not listed in the hardcopy menu in the cafe so I opted for the "Roasted cauliflower, pearl Cous Cous, toasted almonds, chick peas, Feta cheese, herbs and zataar" salad. Zataar is the generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herbs for the same price as the pancake meal (MYR28++ which is MYR32.65 nett).

I find that I like the taste of these herbs. The portion is quite large so I kept half in another container and finished the rest.

Another look at the delicious salad. I think I even tasted quinoa in it.

Can you read the words in the photo above? "Life is the flower for which love is the honey."

Wild Honey (since Nov 2016) is located in Pavilion where Spasso Milano (now in MyTown) used to be located.

MYR107.27 nett for two persons. I did not order the more popular dishes because I do not like runny egg yolks and almost all the dishes have poached eggs or sunny side up eggs. I may be back to try some of the other dishes on special occasions.

Monday, July 24, 2017

El Iberico

We took the new MRT Sungai Buloh to Kajang line until the Bukit Bintang station to go to Pavilion. 50% discount is given for all fares for all LRT and MRT and Monorail lines until 31st August this year.

We then ate at El Iberico at Pavilion Elite (the building next to Pavilion). They are having an opening promotion: 50% discount for their signature pork ribs until 4th August 2017.

Complimentary bread with butter and olive oil.

Cold tapas platter at MYR35++ (10% service charge and 6% GST - MYR40.80 nett) - 3 types of pickled olives, ham, tuna, octopus, blue cheese and cheese.

Signature pork ribs. There are 3 choices for the marinate - 1. original, 2. spanish paprika 3. beer/honey mustard. We selected the 3rd option. The pork was tender but the fatty parts kind of put me off. I prefer the roasted potatoes, baby carrots and tomatoes that accompanied the meat.

Price is MYR68++ but with this 50% off promotion, we paid MYR34++ (MYR39.65 nett only) which is a good deal for those who likes to eat pork ribs. We also ordered a hot cup of tea (Earl Grey) at MYR9++ (MYR10.50 nett) with refillable hot water in an attempt to remove the oily feel from our mouths.

El Iberico is located on the 4th floor at Pavilion Elite (the building connected to Pavilion).

Total bill is MYR90.95 nett for 2 pax.

This is the Merdeka MRT station. It is very spacious and for a moment, I thought I was in Taiwan. It is very convenient for me to get to many areas via MRT now.

Friday, July 21, 2017


We have eaten these mini durian tarts before and we like it so we bought them again at MYR7.20 nett a box for 6 mini tarts.

But they were not the same as before. The texture of the fillings used to be like the usual egg tarts - firm yet soft custard but now the fillings are like thick cream paste so we do not like it although we finished eating all these, we won't buy them again.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Munching Mob

Whenever I am in this area (Arked Esplanad Bukit Jalil), I would eat at Friendship Cafe (despite its name, it is just a common coffee shop with a few hawker stalls) or at On On Bak Kut Teh (another common coffee shop nearby). On this day, Friendship Cafe was closed and it was full house at On On Bak Kut Teh so we ended up in a proper cafe.

I ordered the big breakfast at MYR24 nett. I would say that it is good value for scrambled egg, 2 fluffy pancakes, 2 crispy pork belly bacon, lots of mushrooms, a big slice of tomatoes and some greens. The cup of Flat White (coffee) in the photo above belonged to my friend at MYR10 nett.

My friend had the special of the day which is "Ayam Masak Merah" (chicken cooked in red sauce) at MYR17 nett. If you are not a rice person I would recommend going for the western dishes instead of the rice meals because there are better versions of this rice meal elsewhere at a lower price though this is quite a decent dish with two pieces of chicken and coconut milk rice (nasi lemak).

A rather expensive brunch at MYR51 nett for two seeing that our intention was just to order from hawker stalls at a common coffee shop but ended up here. To be fair, the big breakfast is value for money.

Order and Pay at the counter (Cash payment only)

Loud striking decor

Munching Mob has been here for almost 2 years but I have never noticed it until now. Can you spot the On On Bak Kut Teh coffee shop?