Thursday, December 31, 2020

DIY Salmon Mushrooms Mustard Vege Rice

He cooked lunch.

12.30 noon - my portion. Salmon, mushrooms, mustard greens, red and yellow baby capsicums, coriander and rice.

12.16 noon - one wok rice for two pax. Very tasty 😋. 

*** Wednesday 30 Dec 2020 d288 ***

11.22 am - ate one piece Kuih lapis prunes. Two pieces remaining.

11.28 am - ate 10 sticks of cheese cookies.

6.16 pm - heated up the petai fried rice from the previous day and added two eggs to it for 2 pax for dinner.

6.23 pm - my portion. A bit spicy.

*** New Laksa Puff from Penang Ban Heang ***

Saw this on fb. What do you all think? Will it be tasty? Interested to try?

Ban Heang from Penang opened a kiosk in front of Dubuyo restaurant in Midvalley Mall in Dec 2020. I wonder when will I go to Midvalley Mall again. When I do, I will go visit this kiosk and maybe buy the laksa Puff to try.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Crispy Chicken Rendang

12.13 noon - ordered Mamalee's nasi lemak again with free delivery. Crispy chicken whole leg with rendang gravy in a plastic bag. MYR 14 nett. Chicken tastes fresh.

The main dish includes a free drink which is Wonda coffee. We didn't know that it includes a free drink because there was no mention in the ordering website and no selection available but for the previous day's order, we received a can of this exact Wonda Zero Max milk coffee.

Fried rice with petai. The rice is a bit spicy. It has two prawns and some fried anchovies. I ate a bit of this fried rice and keep the remaining rice in the fridge for the next day.

*** Food Panda Lunch Box on Wed 23 Dec 2020 d281 ***

Last week on Wed at 2 pm - received this Food Panda Lunch Box which a slip of my finger bought. There is supposed to be 30% off for MYR 35 and above but I didn't reach that amount and was going to select more items when I pressed order so I paid the full price. What a mistake!

Looks good but can taste the frozen chicken taste according to he who ate the chicken. MYR 17.90 nett which is much higher price than Mamalee's nasi lemak which is tastier.

I ordered spicy cauliflower and potato bites for MYR 6.50 nett and received these 5 deep fried snacks. No idea what they are because they certainly don't look like cauliflower.

Cross section. The fillings taste like curried dhall. Quite tasty.

Must read properly before pressing any button because there is no pop up box for reconfirmation of order. So paid full price because didn't order up to MYR 35 to get 30% off. Free delivery though.

*** Tuesday 29 Dec 2020 d287 ***

11.06 am - 4 pieces of Kuih lapis remaining in the fridge since 1 Nov 2020 (Sunday). Aim to eat all of them before 2021 is here.

11.07 am - I ate the final piece of Kuih lapis spekoek. Very buttery. After eating it, I could still taste and smell the butter around my mouth.

6 pm - not my dinner of wantonmi char siew wanton from Sepetang coffee shop at MYR 6.50 nett bought on Sunday 27 Dec 2020.

6.10 pm - bought a pack of two chocolate muffins from RT pastry on Friday 25 Dec 2020 but didn't take note of the price.

Quite tall from the side view.

Top view. Choc chips and walnuts. Tasty.

6.30 pm - ice cream pac wo/man strikes and gobbles up all the strawberry nestle ice cream. Will finish all the chocolate nestle ice cream the next day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Mamalee foc Delivery


11 am - Lunch from Mamalee via AirAsia Food website with free delivery up to 20 km when you enter the FREED code:

Right: salted egg fried sotong with the salted egg gravy in a plastic bag at MYR 12 nett. 

Left: nasi lemak ayam berempah at MYR 13 nett. Taste good. The salted egg yolk gravy is creamy and on the sweet side. The chicken is the whole leg with thigh and drumstick so it is a good price.

My place is 19 km away so is outside the delivery area of both Food panda and grab food for Mamalee. Good that airasia food covers up to 20 km for free with a promo code. It took 21 minutes on motorcycle from food pickup to food delivered.

Mamalee sticker on the box. I put the sambal into a container to give my friend as we don't eat sambal. I did write no sambal in the order but they still put the tiny bag of sambal into the box. Since the food is tasty with free delivery, we will continue to order from them.

*** Monday 28 Dec 2020 d286 ***

10.18 am - my portion of pork mihun MYR 7 nett bought from Sepetang coffee shop on Sunday 27 Dec 2029.

10.30 am pulut panggang bought on Sunday from the stall outside Sepetang coffee shop. MYR 1 nett each. I bought two.

Lots of a bit spicy coconut shreds fillings in it.

10.40 am - egg tart MYR 1.8 nett bought on Friday, 3 days ago.

Side view. The pastry skin has a sweet floral taste which he doesn't like.

12.30 noon - my portion of Mamalee's food.

5 pm - my dinner. Clear the remaining pecan pie from Wednesday 23 December 2020. Pecans are still crunchy, the caramel is sweet and sticky. Tasty but I don't quite like the caramel sticking to my teeth.

6.48 pm - ate three fifth of RT kaya layered cake. Sweet, soft and tasty. Bought on Friday 25 Dec 2020 so it has been more than 3 days so better to eat it all which I did.

It says must consume within 3 days. That is why I ate 3 fifth portions of the cake to clear it.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Yam Coconut Kuih

10 am - I went to buy duck breast meat at Jalan Hang Tuah 4 roadside stall and saw a new makeshift stall in between the duck stall and the nian gao stall selling Kuih. As before, I couldn't resist buying the Kuih to try. There are 4 types so I buy one each at MYR 1.70 each but the sellers ask me to buy 6 at MYR 10 nett so I say ok and added one white and one dark green made from ramie leaves.

This is the chu yap Kuih with the skin made from ramie leaves and it has choy poh fillings. Savoury sweet taste. For the past two purchases of chu yap Kuih from different shops, the sellers told me the Kuih has fillings but both times, there were no fillings at all. It is either the sellers didn't know or they intentionally misinformed me. This time, this seller told the truth and there is choy poh fillings. Tasty Kuih.

White Kuih. I bought two of them.

Crunchy jicama and dried har mi fillings. Can taste strong pepper in the fillings. He likes the strong pepper taste.

Mung beans fillings. Almost similar to angku but with thicker skin and has strong shallot oil taste in the mung bean fillings. He says this mung bean Kuih is considered a savoury Kuih.

I like this purple Kuih the best because the skin tastes of yam and there are lots of coconut shreds (ye zhar) in it. I thought the coconut shreds would be brown after frying the coconut shreds in brown sugar but it was not and I think it tastes good without the brown sugar. 

Unfortunately as coconut shreds or any food with santan turn bad very quickly in our hot weather, when I ate this at 11.14 am, I could detect that it has turned bad slightly but only very very slightly so I ate the whole Kuih and I am ok.

11.48 am - as this is a Sunday 27 Dec 2020 d285, we went to Taman Desa De Market supermarket to buy groceries and also our Sunday nasi Lemak with small portion of rice, one pack each at a total of MYR 14 nett.

12.24 noon - used up the remaining mien si (taochu paste) pork ribs bought from Lucky Alley on the previous Sunday 20 Dec 2020 to stir fry instant noodles with added choy sum, coriander and a small red capsicum. I ate a tiny bit only just to taste it as I am very full from eating the Kuih and Nasi Lemak.

7 pm - dinner was shared rice with sour spicy mustard greens with added duck meat and duck gizzard.

One portion of rice divided for two pax.

8.22 pm - my portion. I wanted to clear this sour spicy mustard greens dish bought on Friday so I had to eat it this late. Ate slowly and completed the task at about 9.30 pm. 

Updated on Monday at 1pm - yesterday at 12.30 midnight, I find it difficult to breathe because I believe my dinner was too big a portion compared to my usual dinner at 5 pm and I ate too late from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. No next time.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Cheddar Cheese Stix

 Ordered two side dishes without any pizzas from Domino's via Food Panda on Thursday 24 Dec 2020. I was surprised to see that Domino's delivery sent the food since I bought it using food panda app.

Cross section of a Domino's Cheddar Cheese Stix with the cheese fillings inside the bread stick. I find it very tasty because I like to eat doughy bread and cheese.

I wonder what is the total price for these two side dishes if I order them directly from domino's delivery.

6 chicken drummers. Still 2 remaining in the fridge at this time of writing.

4 cheddar cheese stix.

The 6 chicken drummets are delivered in an envelope with the inside lined by aluminum foil. I believe the drummets are cooked (baked or reheated) inside this envelope.

*** Saturday 26 Dec 2020 d284 ***

11.30 am - first food of the day - dai gao mien. Resumed eating once a week Saturday dai gao mien, MYR 1.50 nett, from the food truck near friendship cafe. Very satisfying eat.

11.54 am - not my lunch of roast chicken rice with extra siew yuk, MYR 8 nett from friendship cafe. I ate one piece of chicken, one piece of siew yuk, with mustard greens from the remaining sour spicy mustard dish from the day before.

12.10 noon - my target is to clear these food from the fridge. 3 pieces of turkey meat, bread, radish cake, and olive oil with slices of garlic from the prawn dish the day before.

Ate the turkey meat with the brown sauce.

The brown sauce has solidified after being placed in the fridge.

7.07 pm - not my dinner of wanton noodles, char siew and Wantons MYR 7 nett from seng Kee coffee shop, taman desa bought on the previous day. I ate one cs, one wanton and one swirl of noodles. Nothing else after that. I think the olive oil from lunch made me feel full. Another day completed.