Wednesday, August 31, 2022


On Wednesday 31.aug.22, he ordered food from Wai Kei eatery on old Klang road and we went to collect the food. Then stopped by Taman Desa to buy some things.

*** Wai Kei eatery ***

Sent a wataps message to order takeaway food and then went there to collect the food ourselves.

1.20 pm - he ate some of the kampung chicken wine dish which he reheated in a pot.

1.19 pm - a tofu dish and a fish paste aka Yu wat bittergourd salty vege broth dish. Total price of 3 dishes and 1 portion of rice is MYR 102 nett. I didn't ask for a price breakdown so I estimate the chicken wine dish to be about MYR 60 to 70 and the two dishes to be about MYR 15 to 20 each. 

The chicken wine dish portion is huge. It is packaged in a big 23.5 cm diameter container.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop ***

1.40 pm - my chapfan lunch MYR 7 of:
1. A small portion of rice
2. A braised egg
3. Long bean
4. Soyknots
5. Napa cabbage
6. Lettuce 

Also bought two types of tong sui aka sweet soup dessert from a stall opposite the chapfan stall:
1. Barli pumpkin MYR 4
2. Red beans and assorted beans MYR 4
The size of the container: 12 cm diameter and 7 cm height.

*** AA Pharmacy ***

Bought these 3 items for his overnight rolled oats meals. He told me that MCT aka Medium Chain Triglyceride oil has many benefits and this extra virgin coconut oil is a MCT oil.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

One Prawn MYR 2

On Tuesday 30.aug.22, went to Hiong Mei eatery and Choy Kei eatery to buy food.

*** Choy Kei eatery ***

11.50 am - seafood mihun MYR 9.50 with 3 prawns. I requested to add prawns so the seller by default added 2 prawns to make it 5 prawns and charged a total of MYR 13.50 nett so it means one prawn costs MYR 2 nett. The portion of meehoon has been reduced by a bit so it is no longer too much meehoon for 2 pax.

*** Hiong Mei chapfan eatery ***

6.14 pm - he brought 3 packs of chapfan lunch for himself and the Elderlies. His chapfan: a small portion of rice, spinach, pumpkin and deep fried pork belly.

Monday, August 29, 2022

One Delivery Each

On Monday 29.aug.2022, we stayed home and ordered two food deliveries.

*** 27 July 2022 Biscuits ***

Bought these biscuits, cookies and buns via pandamart a while ago and gave some of them to my friend. Once in a while, I will buy a batch of biscuits to replenish stock.

Discount of MYR 9.98 for all 10 items.

*** Chok Kar Chong eatery ***

3.02 pm - his grabfood Delivery order of pork trotter, pepper stomach soup and rice. He blanched some lettuce for both of us to share.

MYR 11.50 off by using grabfood subscription.

*** Ginza Sushi Sri Petaling ***

3.30 pm - my shopeefood delivery order of salmon Shioyaki and  a set tamago unagi sushi to share by both of us.

After all discounts and shopee coins redemption, the total price is about MYR 17 which is a good price.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Salted Vege Duck Soup

On Sunday 28.aug.22, went to Taman Desa as usual to buy food for the whole day.

*** Sing Kee Kitchen coffee shop ***

12 noon - salted vege duck soup MYR 7.30 nett. There are many peppercorns in this soup. He drank this soup for lunch and dinner.

He chose soup number 5. Do you often boil these types of soup at home?

*** Tuck Tuck Tei chapfan ***

His chapfan lunch MYR 11 which he kept a small portion for me:
1. Small portion of rice
2. Egg bitter gourd
3. Chicken thigh
4. Egg tofu
5. Soyknots
6. My braised egg 

Yin choy aka amaranth greens, french beans and okra MYR 6 for the both of us.

*** Sepetang coffee shop ***
Dry chicken curry broad wanton noodles MYR 7 for his dinner.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Chia Seeds

On Saturday 27.aug.2022, went out twice to buy food for the Elderlies and ourselves.

*** Dinner ***

6.41 pm - he added mamee instant noodles and lettuce to the remaining bkt from the previous day for his dinner. I ate some instant noodles from his dinner, so tasty because I like to eat instant noodles.

He bought two packs of chapfan dinner MYR 15.20 for the Elderlies from 126 mixed rice eatery in Sri Petaling.

*** Lunch ***

11.51 am - his chapfan lunch from Hiong Mei. Total 3 packs: MYR 22 nett.

My lunch from Hiong Mei MYR 6.50 for two vegetables dishes: sweet potatoes leaves and napa cabbages nam yee.

*** Spicy Shack ***

3.09 pm - bought abc shaved ice dessert MYR 5 and cendul shaved ice dessert MYR 5 from Spicy Shack eatery at Jalan Perisa, Taman Bukit Indah. Both shaved ice are tasty. The abc dessert has syrup rose, attap Chee, peanuts, corns, red beans in it.

*** Tealive ***

6.09 pm - bought a hot rose puer tea without any sugar MYR 7.45 and added chia seeds MYR 1.13 to it. I brought my own tumbler for this drink. Used a shopee MYR 7 voucher and paid MYR 2.10 in cash. The puer tea is strong with a hint of rose fragrance.

Chia seeds soaked in the hot puer tea. Do you like to eat soaked chia seeds that is crunchy yet has a natural jelly coating around it?

Friday, August 26, 2022

Sun Fung BKT Sri Petaling

On Friday 26.aug.22, went to buy Tealive because there is a shopee voucher but couldn't load the app so didn't get to buy but bought bkt, bakwa and fruits from 3 nearby shops.

12.19 noon - Sun Fung BKT. The soup may look dark but the taste is light but flavourful. No tong guai taste.

12.10 noon - packaging.

Walk-in Price for:
1. Bkt with meat, button mushrooms, napa cabbages, stomach and intestines MYR 21
2. Wanted to buy fatty ribs but need to wait 45 mins for them to prepare and cook the fatty ribs so ordered soft ribs instead MYR 16 and there are 7 soft ribs.
Paid by ewallet because they don't accept cards payment.

4 pm - I ate one item each from the bkt.

Guava MYR 10 for 5 sweet guava which is a very good price. The peeled pineapple costs MYR 5.50 so I bought one.

Just Fruits Sri Petaling.

I walked past Hock Moon Hiong so decided to pop in to buy 300 g of minced meat bakwa and 300 g of sliced meat bakwa. Total price is MYR 59.35 nett.

3 pm - ate the cheese burger from A&W bought the previous day. It has a slice of gherkin so it is appetising.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Golden Aroma Tenders

On Thursday 25.aug.22, went to Golden Chopsticks coffee shop to buy lunch for the Elderlies and himself. 

*** A&W ***

6.48 pm - ordered food from A&W to fulfill the challenge of ordering a Foodpanda delivery after 6 pm. There are 6 very flavourful chicken tenders and he has eaten one piece when the photo was taken. I kept the above burger and 5 chicken tenders in the fridge for the next day.

I think maybe shopeefood would have a better discount for A&W.

*** Golden Chopsticks coffee shop ***

12.24 noon - he bought 3 packs of chapfan lunch MYR 20 for the Elderlies and himself.

I bought lo Mai kai MYR 4 for his dinner and a big red bean bao MYR 2.30 for my snack, 2 pieces of papaya MYR 4 and one red bean one single salted egg yolk unbranded mooncake MYR 10 from another stall.

*** Ho Family Kitchen ***

1. 2 egg tarts MYR 2.50 each
2. 1 siew Bao MYR 2.50
3. 1 mini kaya puff MYR 1.50

*** 126 Kopitiam ***

1. 2 braised eggs and yin choy MYR 7 nett from the chapfan stall

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Tuna Omelette Baked Beans

On Wednesday 24.aug.22, stayed at home with one Foodpanda delivery.

12.13 noon - his lunch which he kept a small portion for me.

10.25 am - food for the whole day for 2 pax from Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice eatery via Foodpanda delivery.

PandaBox popped up so I ordered the food using it.

After that I tried keying in the same order without PandaBox and the price is better but I have already placed the order so this is a lesson for next time. Don't buy food for this eatery using PandaBox discount.

2.41 pm - my meal of the portion of his lunch that he kept for me with some noodles from his dinner. I also ate some cold baked beans with tuna omelette from the fridge that he cooked the previous day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Gift to Self

On Tuesday 23.aug.22, went to Fatty Mixed Rice to buy lunch for the Elderlies and ourselves.

He bought 3 packs of chapfan MYR 23.5 for the 3 of them. His chapfan consists of a little rice, peanuts braised pork ribs, bak choy and leeks. My no-rice omad is yinchoy, pumpkin, braised egg and tofu at MYR 5 only.

The 81 years old gift to oneself. Good to appreciate and value oneself.

We helped the elderly to place the online order with free delivery. The MYR 460.50 is deducted from our monthly allowance to the elderly. Nowadays the Elderlies do not need to waste brain power over finances. The 4 kids take care of everything. PTL

Monday, August 22, 2022

Small Yam

On Monday 22.aug.22, went to drop off some things at a friend's place so went to Giant supermarket to buy groceries.

*** Giant supermarket ***

Small yam - I used to eat these small yams during mooncake festival.

I steamed them for too long until they were very soft. They literally melted in my mouth so i find them nice to eat.

Bought two seedless guard.

*** Desa Petaling ***

His lunch and dinner of braised pork knuckle rice.

This price is a bit better than the walk-in price of MYR 14.90 nett.

Also bought Anlene gold via pandamart delivery.