Sunday, August 21, 2022

Fruits and Nuts

On Sunday 21.aug.22, went Taman Desa to buy lunch and 126 Mixed Rice to buy dinner for the Elderlies.

*** De Market Supermarket ***

Bought Lohan guava, pineapple, walnut, cashew nut and mini red bean mooncake. I am not going to peel a pineapple so I bought a peeled Rompin pineapple. Both peeled and unpeeled pineapples are sold at the same price of about MYR 10 so I chose the peeled pineapple.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop ***

His chapfan lunch MYR 9.50 of no rice, scrambled eggs, chicken thigh and napa cabbage. The braised egg is for my lunch. He bought two packs of chapfan for the Elderlies lunch.

My lunch of his remaining lunch and the 3 dishes MYR 6 in the round container: okra, egg tofu and soyknots.

*** 126 mixed rice Sri Petaling ***

It occupies two shoplots.

His chapfan dinner of pork livers, cauliflower and sweet peas.

This is the mini mooncake. Tastes ok.

*** Roast pork ***

The Elderlies requested for roast pork so I went to Hong Kong Roast Eatery which is near to 126 mixed rice eatery to buy roast pork. The price for a small portion of roast pork is MYR 18 so I decide to buy using the Foodpanda app self pick-up because I have discount evouchers.

I only placed this Foodpanda order when I am in the eatery and immediately gave them my container to put the siew yuk. After all discounts, the price is MYR 12.10 only.

There are 13 pieces of siew yuk so he gave 8 pieces to the elderlies and ate 4 for his dinner. I ate one piece.


  1. Here, peeled pineapples cost more than unpeeled ones. Not easy to get nice ripe pineapples.

    1. By right peeled pineapples should cost more than unpeeled ones due to the extra labour costs but don't know why they cost the same in this case. If buy unpeeled ones then difficult to get nice ripe ones. Peeled ones should be ripe ones.

  2. With peeled pineapple, you can also see they're not bad or anything inside.

    Smart consumer on that foodpanda hehe. The only thing I hate is when you want to connect and buy things fast, sometimes the line is very slow.

    1. Ya, more convenient to buy peeled pineapple and can see they look ok. You mean your hp data line is very slow?

    2. Well my line is generally especially at my house. Then some of these eateries are located on basement floors where reception is bad.

    3. Those basement eateries, customers can ask them for their wifi cos some eateries will allow customers to use their wifi.