Monday, August 31, 2020

Colours of the Flag

Saw this colourful kuih having all the colours of the flag. Very pretty but I didn't buy them.

*** Sunday 30 Aug 2020 d166 ***

7.55 am - 3jc Mee Hoon from the previous day from Choy Kee at MYR 6.50 nett with added siew yuk.

9.41 am - my portion of the 3jc Mee Hoon.

9.53 am - ate the one remaining cheese tart from 11 days ago so all cleared now. 

The pastry is moist after so many days of being in the fridge, no longer crunchy of course but still milky tasty. I was full after eating half but continued to finish it because I don't want to keep it in the fridge any further.

2.07 pm - nasi lemak chicken curry bought from Sea park desserts at OUG for MYR 8 nett shared by 2 pax.

2.43 pm - my portion with lo Mai fan and yam cake which were also bought from the same shop at MYR 2.50 nett each.

3.21 pm - finished the bubur Cha Cha and barley ginkgo tong sui at MYR 2.50 nett each. The tong sui are not that sweet so this is a plus point and it felt watery. I didn't eat anything after this for this day.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Too Lemony

I did not managed to buy these two types - Peanut and Lemon - when I bought the 3 types of Tiramisu, Chocolate, and Cheese. This week, I bought them at a lower price of MYR 4.30 for a big pack of 10 individually packed biscuits of 2 sets each from Aeon Big Supermarket for all 5 types including Tiramisu. Last week, I bought them at MYR 5.09 nett for Cheese and Chocolate biscuits and MYR 5.20 nett for Tiramisu biscuits from Aeon Supermarket.

For both types of Peanut and Lemon, the crackers are stuck firmly together by the thick fillings so when I pulled the cracker broke as can be seen in the photo above. It could be because I put them in the fridge so the fillings turned stiff and held the crackers tighter together.

Nux V described the Lemon sandwich biscuits as taste similar to Hacks lemon sweet and my friend says that it tastes like Lemon dish washing liquid. After I have eaten it, I feel that the Lemon taste is just too strong and overpowering so it was not as nice as eating Le-Mond Lemon biscuits as the Le-Mond Lemon biscuits has just a subtle zesty lemon taste.

As for the peanut sandwich biscuits, my friend says that it tastes like raw peanuts. To me, it tastes acceptable but the vegetable crackers are very oily. I was trying to pull the crackers apart and the biscuit broke and my hands were very oily from holding on to the biscuits.

Packaging with bright colours. It is individually packed - 10 to a pack. Each pack has two sets of sandwich biscuits. 

*** Saturday 29 Aug 2020 d165 ***

9.39 am - 3jc Mee Hoon hor fun bought from Choy Kee at MYR 6.50 nett shared by 2 pax.

From the same coffee shop, I bought MYR 10 nett worth of siew yuk aka roast pork from the wanton noodles stall. He just ate the small piece at the side. Kept the two big pieces for another day.

 10.41 am - my share of 3jc with brinjal and bittergourd ytf. I used two slices of bread to soak up the flavourful oil from the brinjal ytf and ate them. Ytf is bought from Lucky Alley coffee shop at MYR 1.60 nett per piece.

 4.45 pm - ate this cheese tart from my fridge bought on Wed 19 Aug 2020 d155 which is 10 days ago. I still have one more cheese tart in the fridge. Still tasty, very milky.

6.19 pm - 2 pax shared this dinner of pork belly wood fungus rice with added bok choy. The pork rice was bought from Lucky Alley coffee shop at MYR 7 nett.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

MW Buns

Re: Buns Buffet, I thought it would be fun to do a similar thing with Mighty White Buns. The above are 4 types of Mighty White Buns which I tore into two halves for each bun and stuffed all 8 halves into a bowl. Not a pretty sight. The kaya bun and coconut bun looks similar. The chocolate bun is brown in colour and the corn custard bun has too little fillings for the fillings to be seen.

Coconut and Kaya Buns taste good. The Chocolate Bun tastes better than the gardenia version according to my spouse when both are fine for me. The Corn Custard Bun has fillings that taste like the original Nestum cereal. I guess it is because Nestum cereal is mainly made out of corn.

4 types of Mighty While Buns. Missing is the pack of Red Bean Buns which I have written about it here. Each pack costs MYR 3.40 nett. It will take me more than ten days to finish these many packs of buns.

*** Friday 28 Aug 2020 d164 ***

1.30 pm - my portion of nasi lemak ayam berempah bought in the morning from this Nasi Lemak Pandan Kukus Ayam Berempah stall in Happy Garden. It costs MYR 8 nett and I bought 2 packs to give one pack to my friend. I just love to eat the potatoes in the potatoes curry which has cardamoms and ginger in the curry.

4.57 pm - our shared dinner of reheated stir fry beef slices wat tan hor fun (ngao hor) - MYR 12 nett bought in the morning from San Kee coffee shop in Happy Garden. This coffee shop is also referred to by the name Sang Kee Beef Noodles at Jalan Riang 11. This beef wat tan hor is good enough to fulfill cravings for beef noodles in this cooking style with egg gravy, ginger and spring onions. The stall owner says his stall is usually operational from 7.30 am onwards so it seems that the stall was not opened when I was there at 9 am on Thursday 20 Aug 2020 d156 when the coffee shop was opened.

Friday, August 28, 2020

McD NL Rendang Cendol ic

 Yesterday morning, I received a request to buy McDelivery Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang so the request was fulfilled. The "Made for you" sticker was on the left box because I asked for no sambal for the chicken rendang. For the GCB cutlet nasi lemak, I requested for light sambal.

 Left: chicken rendang 2 pieces. Right: GCB cutlet with a little sambal. Again, the sambal is too spicy for me. The rendang is not those creamy sweet rendang as it is quite salty. The rendang chicken has very tender meat, as if it has been cooked by pressure cooker. Eaten at 3.47 pm and 6.45 pm.

I like the taste of the GCB cutlet. It tastes like sweet soy chicken. The light sambal was very spicy so if there is a next time, I will ask for no sambal.

 There are 3 new types of nasi lemak in the time limited menu. I ordered two of them but not the spicy chicken mcdeluxe.

 Ordered these two ice cream as well.

 Cendol McFlurry and Sundae Cendol which has melted so I put the latter in the freezer to be eaten on another day. The cendol mcflurry's prominent taste is coconut and it is very sweet, eaten at 2 pm.

 I swapped the soft drink with bottled drinking water.

*** Thursday 27 Aug 2020 d163 ***

 8.11 am - pork Mee Hoon bought on Wednesday from swee Heng with added egg and little gem lettuce.

9.42 am - my portion.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Tiramisu sandwich biscuits

The coffee coloured biscuits in the middle row are the tiramisu biscuits. The biscuits themselves taste of coffee. The coffee coloured cream fillings have alcohol taste. Eaten together, the whole biscuit is only very slightly sweet.

The vegetables crackers are on the savoury side but the chocolate fillings and cheese fillings are on the sweet side. Eaten together, it leans more to the savoury side although one can still taste the sweetness.

It is individually packed - 10 to a pack. Each pack has two sets of sandwich biscuits.

Hwa Tai Luxury series of sandwich biscuits. The ones that got away are the peanut fillings and lemon cream fillings - if I see them on sale next time, I may buy them to try. The tiramisu pack costs MYR 5.50 nett from Aeon Supermarket but when it is on offer, the price can go to as low as MYR 4.49 nett. The cheese and chocolate biscuits cost MYR 5.09 nett for one big pack each with 10 small packs. Since the taste is acceptable, between Julie, Lexus (Munchy), Le-Mond (Julie), the one with the lowest price wins.

*** Wednesday 26 Aug 2020 d162 ***

11.02 am - Win Soon opened a stall selling fish head Mee Hoon in Swee Heng coffee shop so I bought a pack of fish head bee Hoon at MYR 13 nett but made a mistake when I didn't ask to omit the milk from the soup.

As he couldn't eat dairy products, he couldn't use the soup for the Mee Hoon but used the previous day's remaining pork soup for this fish head meehoon. Added little gem lettuce and more rice wine.

11.34 am - my portion of the meehoon. Look at the bones removed from the fish.

11.51 am - I finished up the remaining loh Mee from the previous day, direct from the fridge so the soup tastes a little too salty.

2.19 pm - not my lunch of char siew and siew yuk rice at MYR 7 nett, from swee Heng. I just ate one slice of char siew. Dinner is bread and jam for him.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Blueberry Cheese Tart

These are the 3 types of  Hokkaido cheese tarts that I have not tried so I bought them during this Grab promotion max 12 off to test their taste.

Chocolate Cheese Tart which broke on its own. It costs the same as the original Cheese Tart and I like the taste of the almond bits on top so I think it is worth to buy this tart during promotion.

Blueberry cheese tart. The taste of the blueberry is light and not overpowering so I like this too. It costs MYR 0.81 nett more than the original cheese tart.

This is the Oreo Cheese tart. As I seldom eat Oreo biscuits, I am not sure whether this cheese tart tastes like Oreo biscuits or not. On its own merit, this Oreo cheese tart is as good as an original cheese tart but costs MYR 0.81 nett more.

A box of 6 for MYR 22.61 nett with a voluntary gratuity of MYR 3 nett for the delivery person. MYR 22.61 nett for 6 cheese tarts - on average one cheese tart is about MYR 3.76 so it is a good price.

MYR 4 nett delivery fee

As before, there is a Grab sticker.

The middle tart collapsed on its own in the box.

Side view - the collapse tart looks fine from the side.

I gave 6 and a half cheese tarts away so I have 4 tarts in my fridge now after eating 1 and a half tarts from two boxes of 6 tarts each. After this, I will go and try the mini tarts when there is a promotion next.

*** Tuesday 25 Aug 2020 d161 ***

9.28 am - curry Mee Hoon mix yellow Mee without cockles MYR 7 nett. Bought this curry Mee to compare with the curry Mee we ate last week. All the noodles are bought from Swee Heng.

This curry noodles contain long beans, pork skin, chicken breast meat, tofu puff, and beancurd sheets. The curry broth is way too salty but many people like the curry Mee from this stall. I guess they have a high tolerance for salt.

I felt like eating loh Mee after reading Nancy's post with loh Mee so I bought this bag of loh Mee at MYR 8 nett and asked for the broth to be put together with the noodles. They gave a bag of chili paste.

The loh Mee noodles are soaked in the broth.

11.13 am - Took a bit of loh Mee noodles to eat. Very soft which I like.

11.21 am - let him try this much log Mee with the only prawn.

11.30 am - one roll ccf and one flat sheet of ccf with brown gravy. I also bought 3 ytf -brinjal, okra and bitter gourd from this ccf stall. Total price is MYR 8 nett for 2 ccf and 3 ytf.

11.36 am - ate my portion of curry Mee with the 3 ytf and ccf.

1.14 pm - his lunch of fish balls Mee Hoon with bean sprouts at MYR 7 nett. I just ate a bit of the Mee Hoon and one fish ball.

3.30 pm - ate 3 pieces of aroma Nyonya kuih. I bought 3 packs at MYR 2.20 nett each.

6.30 pm - not my dinner of pork Yee Mee at MYR 6.50 nett with self added vegetables. I just ate two slices of liver, some Yee Mee and vegetables. What a noodle day!