Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Too cooling?

Homecooked with love by my mother - Barli, Mung Bean, Ginkgo Sweet Soup that is not sweet at all because she did not put any sugar in it. I love to drink this but some people can't take this because it is too "cooling". After drinking this, they will go to the washroom many times in a day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Some of you have read this post that I wrote on my other blog nearly two years ago. I thought I will just repost it here to see what all of you think about this.

A spare and a carer

In the 60s, a young woman got married and soon after that, she was happy to learn that she was expecting a child for she would be looked down upon if she was barren. After 9 months, she was disappointed when she gave birth to a baby girl for as a Chinese, she was expected to bear a son to carry on the family's name. Never mind, she told herself, I will have another child and she did, the very next year.

She was fortunate that her next child was a son, the much needed child. With her main responsibility fulfilled, she concentrated fully on her job as a clerk, letting her mother-in-law take care of both her children. She was satisfied with her life.

After 6 years, her mother-in-law took her aside and told her sternly to have another child. One boy was not enough. There must be a spare. And being the dutiful daughter-in-law that she was, she conceived again and was lucky to give birth to a baby boy. Now my family is complete, she thought and she turned her attention back to her job, now as the chief clerk in the same company that she has worked for since she left school.

Another 9 years went by and this time it was her own mother who asked her to have another child. It had to be a girl, to take care of her during her old age for daughters take better care of mothers than sons, she was told. Being an obedient daughter, she conceived again and her prayers were answered, a baby girl was born and she resumed working, still as a chief clerk.

The day finally came when she retired as chief clerk after working in the same company for 35 years. For a few years after that she enjoyed herself by travelling around the world a bit.

Then her body failed her and she took to her bed. Her first child has her own family and children so she was too busy to take care of her. Her second child gave her two grandsons to carry on the family name but only visits once a year.

Lucky for her that she listened to her elders because although her two younger children were married but they chose to remain child free so the youngest daughter cooked for her and visited her as much as she could and her younger "spare" son moved back to live with her to look after her full time.

Now who would have thought that having a spare and a designated-to-be-her-old-age-carer baby girl would work out so well. Neither did she. She just had them to keep the two old ladies from pestering her. But in the end, it really did work out well. She was really pleased.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wah Cheong

Pork meatballs noodle (dry) - MYR5.50 - the price is very much cheaper than the famous stall in Imbi but the taste is just as good so will eat here instead  of there.

The stalls inside the coffee shop

Char Kway Teow - MYR5.5 - very tasty too.

Robert's Penang CKT

Coffee shop in PJ

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Open at 0800

3 in a serving - I have forgotten the price

Flaky layered crust with smooth egg custard = tasty!
Smart of them to open early now

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


When we were at the Bentong market, my friend bought some pastries from a stall outside the market. She read from some blogs that the pastries can't be found any where else and are quite special. I do not know how much she paid for her two bags of kaya pastry and pineapple pastry but she let me tried one of each.

Mokie Home Baked Pastry

The size is about 4 cm x 7 cm x 2.5 cm so it is quite big. The crust is quite soft. This one has kaya fillings.

Thick home-made kaya fillings, not very sweet so is very tasty if you like to eat home made kaya with its strong egg and coconut milk taste 

Same size but with a red dot to mark it as having pineapple fillings inside. The crust is soft too.

The fillings are not as thick as the kaya ones but taste very nice because its pineapple fillings are sweet and sour like plum sauce. I think I can detect preserved plum taste in the fillings. Very special indeed both of them.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gui Ling Gao

Herbal Jelly (big) MYR12

We choose Cold version

All the herbs used are listed on this board

All their outlets look the same

Koong Woh Tong at Jaya mall (PJ)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Yik Kee

On the way back to KL, we dropped by Yik Kee restaurant on the main street of Karak to buy the famous durian puffs.
Clean street

I read that they sell dim sum too

Here are the pastries

I spotted swissrolls on the top shelf

A durian puff - MYR2.20 each - quite small, about 2 cm in diameter

If you like to eat durian and deep fried sweet pastry, you will like to eat this durian puff.

No, there is no passion fruit jelly in the box

Swissroll - MYR11 for one roll - a bit dense but still soft and nice to eat. Not those super fluffy and light types.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kow Po

A must try ice cream in Bentong I read so we went there.

Ordered 4 glasses of ice cream and ice - MYR4.50 - we got peanut ice cream, coconut ice cream, corn ice cream and banana ice cream.

Have to look at the meenu on the wall

Ice cream in containers

Plenty of seats because many prefer to sit outside

Everyone surrounds the ice cream container to choose their ice cream


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

No seats!

After Seremban Main Market, we now move on to Bentong Market in this post.

Betong's Main Market. We did not walk into the market but walked past it.

We were looking for the famous wanton noodle coffee shop with no signboard. Full house - no place to sit so we waited.

When we saw this sign, we knew that we were at the correct place to eat wanton mee.

The busy stall

4 of us ordered small portion (MYR4) of wanton mee - dry version 

There are 3 minced meat wantons in the bowl of soup. The wanton noodles are not those thin HK style noodles. Here they are thick with dark sauce that tastes a tiny bit bitter. The BBQ pork/char siew are thin slices of lean meat. Only if you have time to wait, then go for this.

2 of us ordered hot coffee - MYR1.50 each and I forgot to say less sweet so the coffee were thick, rich (kau kau) and sweet.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What I bought

I bought MYR22 worth of pastries from Siew Pow Asia bakery. Breakdown as shown in the photos below. Too many choices so I just chose randomly.

Nice box to put the siew pows in

I bought 7 siew pows at MYR1.60 each. Two have been removed from the box above. This siew pow has a traditional taste so no butter taste at all and no artificial enhanced flavoring, just plain old siew pow. I did not eat it on the same day so no photos of a cross section.

A pack of mini tao sar pneah (mung beans pastry) for MYR5 - they are not like those from Penang as in they are slightly salty with a fried shallots taste.

One Chan Pao at MYR2 - I did not see how it looks inside. The seller said the fillings are exactly the same as the fillings in siew pow.

2 tao sar  pneah (mung beans pastry) at MYR0.90 each. The fillings are slightly salty and have fried shallot taste too.

The mung bean fillings are the coarse type.

I bought this two "biscuits" to try, the top one costs MYR0.90 and I don't know its name. The bottom one costs MYR1.10 and is called lor poh pneah - literally translated into wife's biscuit.

The top one has texture like a soft cookie but not as sweet. The fillings are dark, sticky and sweet.

I broke it into many pieces so that 5 of us can have a taste of it. The comments I get is that the dark sticky sweet fillings taste like the sticky fillings of mixed nuts mooncake with a hint of orange peel taste.

Wife's biscuit - Lor Poh Pneah with white sesame on top.

It has layers of flaky crust and so is very crispy with a translucent sweet and sticky filling. 5 of us shared this as well. I am not familiar with how a HK Lor Poh Pneah tastes like so I can't comment on this based on that.