Saturday, April 30, 2016


This roast duck meat can be considered one of the best in PJ. The meat is tender and the flavour is just right for me.

I don't eat the roasted duck skins. What a waste, say those who love to eat them.

This is the address

Sunrise duck at PJ - shopfront

Friday, April 29, 2016

Too much

Stir fried mee suah - MYR7.50 for a regular portion at Soon Lei. After eating this, I realise that I don't like wok hei (the taste of a hot wok) in my food because this dish is full of wok hei and I prefer it to be lighter in taste.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


We went to eat at House of Fishball again and noticed that they have added rice meals to their menu so we ordered the minced pork patty rice set for MYR8 and our usual pan fried dumplings.

Requested for less milk but I think they heard wrongly and added more milk to the Signature Hainan Tea so it was too milky and I had to help my spouse to drink half of it although usually I don't drink tea or coffee so it will be a long, long time before we will eat here again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Economy blood

What have we here?

Coagulated pork blood cooked with spring onions, red chili and ginger. One of the dishes available at our usual economy mixed rice eatery (chap fan).

Not my plate of economy rice (chap fan) - MYR6

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Garlic Rice

Squid Teppan and Garlic Rice Set - MYR14.80 nett so it is a good price.

There are garlic pieces in the fried rice and on top of it.

Lots of vegetables with the squid - 4 pieces only.

This set is the April's special.
Sushi Zanmai at the Gardens mall

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sharkfin Melon

It has been almost two years since we last ate at Tou Tou Little Kitchen (肥 陶丸粉专卖店), Sri Petaling so when we were around that area, we went there for an early dinner at 5 pm.

Sharkfin melon and pork ribs soup (鱼翅瓜汤) with thin hakka noodle set - MYR13.80+ 6% GST  (MYR14.65 nett). This soup does not contain any sharkfins. The set includes a bowl of sweet red bean soup dessert (not shown in the photos).

As we seldom come across this sharkfin melon soup, we will order this soup in the future too. This melon is called sharkfin melon (Cucurbita ficifolia) because its flesh when boiled in the soup becomes strands of pulps that look almost like sharkfins. Have you eaten this melon?

After looking through the menu, I could not find anything that I like so I randomly select a small bowl of sai dao fish (wolf herring, ikan parang) balls (4 balls) curry mihun and thin hakka noodle - MYR7.50+ (MYR7.95 nett). It was too spicy for me and the noodles were too much but I plodded on until I finished everything except for the curry broth which I did not drink at all. I have to remember not to order this again.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

T2014 Eat before Fly

At TaoYuan airport (Taipei), we bought a set meal from a stall that we have eaten from before in the food court of the department store near our budget inn. You can see the plates having the name of the stall on them in both posts - 小南門.

The set meal consists of a bowl of white bitter gourd soup, a drink, a plate of  water spinach (kangkung) and a plate of rice with minced pork.

A lot of water spinach (kangkung)

The rice is sticky and delicious!

Food counter at the airport

Saturday, April 23, 2016

T2014 Red Bean

Is this upside down?

Guan Pei Redbean Cake - we bought one to share and try. Nice when eaten warm. This is quite similar to the Japanese Dorayaki - red bean fillings sandwiched between two small pancakes, sometimes in the shape of a fish.

There are 7 other types of fillings: cream, yam, chocolate, peanut butter, sesame, cheesy corn and a savoury sweet type which is radish filling. Please refer to and we only tried the red bean type.

關 北 紅豆餅 - website: The cakes are made after you have placed your order so that they are as fresh as can be. The shop is in Taipei.

Friday, April 22, 2016

T2014 8 percent ice

Our friends in Taiwan brought us to this ice cream specialty store called 8% ice which serves gelato, sorbet and soft serve. We ordered three standard sized cups of macha (green tea) gelato, blackcurrant and rose gelato and mango sorbet (I think). Each cup costs TWD100 which is about MYR12. Normally I don't spend so much on ice cream but when one is out travelling, one tends to be less thrifty so expensive ice cream it is.

Don't be frightened by the strong colours because the colours are all natural colours as explained by their "aboutus page": so the taste is really nice, no fake taste at all. They have other interesting choices such as "Brown Sugar with Sea Salt from Miyako Island" and "Matcha Yuzu" which we didn't manage to try because we were too full from eating almost all the time round the clock. This is a must-try for ice cream lovers.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

T2014 Favourite Ice Cream Stick

This is my favourite ice cream 紅豆粉粿 (Hóngdòu fěn guǒ), I think I ate one stick everyday during my trip to Taiwan since there is a 7 11 around every corner where I can buy this.

紅豆is red bean. 粉粿is flour cakes which are chewy (QQ) cubes embedded in the ice cream.  粉粿 is made mainly from tapioca flour. If you search for 紅豆粉粿, you will find many photos of 粉粿.

There are two main brands selling this type of ice cream: 義美 (I Mei)  and 小美 (Xiao Mei). Both are nice but I Mei has more milk in its ice cream so I prefer Xiao Mei because its taste is lighter with less milk which enables me to eat more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

T2014 Sushi Express

When we were in Taipei, we kept coming across a sushi conveyor belt store. It seems that this store has many outlets and offers affordable sushi at one fixed low price of TWD30 per plate. TWD30 is about MYR3.60 so we decided to go for it and went to the Sushi Express (爭鮮迴轉壽司) at Ximending.

According to their website  they have a branch in Singapore too. For about  MYR3.60 a plate, I have to say that the quality is quite nice since we can't expect it to be the best. The key is to select only those sushi that is expensive since all plates cost the same price per plate but we did not do that because we wanted to try as many types as we could. There are a few types that we don't find at all in our local conveyor belt sushi chain stores. What we ate:

1. Fish and Roe Sushi

2. Pickled Fish Sushi

3. Prawns Sushi

4. Steamed okras

5. Smoked Salmon

6. Ikura Gunkan Maki Sushi

7. Mussels

8. Cashew Nuts Inari Sushi

9. Salmon Sashimi

10. Salmon Belly Sushi

11. Top view Salmon Belly Sushi

12. Salmon Sushi

13. Fish roe Sushi

14. Gunkan Maki with Shrimp Roe

15. Tamago

16. Mango Pudding (not nice)

17. Steamed Prawns

18. Steamed Egg

19. Fish Sushi

20. Mentai Squid Sushi

21. Fish Liver

22. Please click on the above menu for a larger image

23. Please click for a bigger image

For the low price, this is a place worth eating at. We wanted to return for more but couldn't find the time to do so as we have too many other eateries to explore.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

T2014 Big Bing

One day when we were walking back to our budget inn, we saw this thick spring onion pancake being sold and since I like to eat doughy food, I bought one to take back to our room to snack on and to share with my friends.

This is called 蔥花千層大餅 (Cōnghuā qiān céng dà bǐng) which literally means Spring Onion Thousand Layers Big Biscuit. It is like a big and thick pancake. I bought just a section and they cut it up into smaller pieces for me. As can be seen from the photos, it has layers and layers of "flour" with spring onions in between the layers. It is doughy but not so oily although you can see the oil in the "bing" layers but because there are so many layers, I don't feel that it is oily when I ate it as there are more layers than the sping onion oil.

This is a common food item in Taiwan and there are many road side stalls selling this bing.

The bag says they make their bing with less oil, less salt, less sugar.
Outer layer crispy and inner layers soft, very tasty!

This is the little shop