Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Home Taste Lunch

Instead of dinner, for this week I ordered lunch for 1 pax from Hometaste.my for 5 days at MYR 14.20 nett per day inclusive of delivery fees. For Monday 26 Oct 2020 d223, lunch was marmite chicken, curry vege, stirfry bok choy with rice shared by 2 pax.

From the last 5 dinners by hometaste.my, I have now 21 containers which I will reuse to store non edibles because these containers are not meant to be reused to store food directly after the initial use.

Shared breakfast of pork Yee Mee MYR 7 nett bought from Swee Heng on Saturday, 2 days ago, kept in the fridge since.

Not my dinner of zhar yuk muk Yee rice bought from Lucky Alley on Saturday with added bok choy.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Sour Cream Butter Cake

10 x 10 inches Sour Cream Butter Cake bought from a home baker on insta.

Ate a small corner to test the taste. Good, taste very genuine butter.

Light, moist, a bit sticky, crumbly texture with creamy buttery not too sweet taste. Delicate and delicious!

Cut out a slab to give my friend because good cakes must be shared.

Put that slab of cake into a glass container to give my friend. She likes it too!

 *** Sunday 25 October 2020 d222 ***

Went to Taman Desa to takeaway our favourite Nasi Lemak. Chose the exact ingredients like our previous purchase: 
Long beans, egg, potatoes curry, tiny prawns and chicken slices and the standard peanuts and anchovies. Bought two packs for MYR 18 nett.

Lunch: two of us shared this chicken rice and add gizzards and livers. Bought from a shop near to Sepetang coffee shop in Taman Desa at MYR 8.50 nett. Dinner is wanton noodles (dry) at MYR 6.50 nett.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekend Takeaways

After staying at home for 5 days, it felt kind of weird when going out on Saturday 24 October 2020 d221 to buy takeaways. Went to Sweet Heng and Lucky Alley.

Fish head Mee Hoon in a no milk soup MYR 13 nett from Swee Heng for breakfast.

My portion of fish head meehoon and a packet of cucumber, beansprouts, beancurd, vege fritters, coconut fritters, one hard boiled egg in peanut gravy from Swee Heng at MYR 7 nett.

Not my lunch of charsiew and siew yoke rice at MYR 7 nett bought from Sweet Heng. I was still very full from breakfast so I didn't eat this rice at all.

Also bought hakka zhar yuk rice and salted steamed chicken rice from Lucky Alley at a total of MYR 17 nett for Monday. 

Final dinner set (5 of 5) for 1 pax from home taste.my because I didn't renew the order due to I prefer eating dishes like these for lunch than dinner. Steamed herbal chicken drumstick, one ytf tofu and stirfry spinach with brown rice. Two pax shared this dinner.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Haru Cafe


Lunch on Friday 23 Oct 2020 d220 - grab delivery Nasi Lemak special where we selected fried chicken and fried nam Yee pork belly as the two protein at MYR 21.90 from Haru Cafe. I also bought stir fry indomie mee with fried egg, luncheon meat and 2 sausages at MYR 10.90 which was a bit too salty for me but I finished eating it at dinner time.

Tea time -  ate the one and only remaining kuih - rose sago kuih. Look at how compact this kuih is until the texture is firm. So kuih is cleared in 3 days.

Dinner set for 1 pax from hometaste.my contains deep fried fish slices; cauliflower and carrot stirfry; and 2 rolls of napa cabbages with meat fillings. The brown rice is not in the photo.  We also finished up the potatoes in tomato gravy; and omelette from the previous day's set dinner. I like that the dishes are not salty.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Hometaste 5 days


Since we are staying at home for weekdays, I bought a 5 days dinner set package for 1 pax for about MYR 109 after a discount of MYR 4 with free delivery. I chose the 5 days to be from Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday is a rest day for this food service.

The above dinner is half eaten: brown rice, minced pork patty with corn, potato in tomato gravy, sweet potatoes leaves stirfry. Both of us shared this dinner. The unopened box is omelette which we kept for the next day. The website to place the order is hometaste.my

Once a week, they will provide free soup. Wednesday free soup is black bean soup.

This is Wednesday dinner which we kept in the fridge to be eaten for lunch on Thursday. My portion: brown rice, mushroom chicken, omelette, stirfry beancurd sheets with Napa cabbage and the black bean soup.

These are all the dishes with rice on a plate with the mushroom chicken in a bowl. Both of us shared this portion for lunch the next day which is Thursday 22 October 2020 d219.

For Tuesday dinner, the dishes are taucu pork belly, stirfry napa cabbage with garlic and 3 deep fried suigao. My brown rice was left out so they replace it with another dish the next day.

Breakfast: soup and pork meat from Super Ramen leftovers. Added one egg, noodles, napa cabbage and baby tomatoes.

My portion of breakfast.

This is the noodle we put in the leftover ramen soup. Price around MYR 9+ a pack with 5 bricks of noodles in it.

Made in Taiwan.

Red bean mochi - eaten direct from the fridge. Taste nice because I like red bean fillings. Today the household ate 1 corn kuih, 1 bingka ubi, 1 ubi lapis, 1 rose sago, 1 yellow angku, 2 red bean mochi. So one remaining kuih is rose sago for the next day.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Beef Radish Stew

Tasty beef radish stew noodle. Shared lunch of beef radish stew from Yang Kee bought on Sunday. Added noodles and bok choy.

My breakfast of kuih. Corn kuih on the right is soft and bingka ubi on the left is firm. I like both.

Sago rose kuih with a bit salty shredded coconut flakes.

My portion. Flavourful radish with tender beef.

Ate a corn kuih and a tri-coloured tapioca kuih for tea.

Ordered delivery for dinner from Super Ramen which we have been to before. The bag has a seal tape on it.

Packed separately.

Half an onsen egg.

Bought a vacuum packed pork chop for next week food.

Bill is MYR 66.26 nett inclusive of delivery. These are the meals for 2 pax on Wednesday 21 Oct 2020 d218.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Nyonya Lab

My online friend since 2009 ordered these 30 pieces of kuihs in a special tiffin from Nyonyalab as a gift to me because she knows I like to eat kuihs 😋😋😋. Thank you so much Jennifer.

The kuihs are tasty with strong coconut taste and milk for bingka ubi and corn kuih; authentic red bean and glutinous dark rice in red bean kuih; authentic mung bean fillings in yellow angku and green pandan angku and genuine cassava/ubi kayu taste in tricolour sago ubi. The mochi has red bean fillings and the mochi skin is very QQ and translucent. I love to eat rose sago and this rose sago has a firmer texture than what I am used to eating and it is packed with sago. 8 types of kuih in total.

So for today, we have eaten 15 pieces and the remaining 15 pieces will be eaten over the next few days.

Useful and pretty tiffin. I will think of you, Jennifer when I use this tiffin carrier to buy food.

Lunch shared by two pax of beef balls noodles from Yang Kee, OUG at MYR 9 nett bought on Sunday.

Red bean kuih - not that sweet with nice red bean and coconut taste so is delicious!

This kuih is ubi kayu kuih with a bit of sago so I can taste the cassava aka tapioca aka ubi kayu in it.


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Peach Jelly

Lovely top view.

Side view. I like to eat Libby's can peaches so I chose peach Jelly. Refreshing and nice but a bit on the sweet side and didn't give the satisfying feel of eating nian gao so I don't think I will buy this jelly again.

Expired in Aug so have to finish eating it.

*** Monday 19 Oct 2020 d216 ***

My portion of 3 jc meehoon with one added egg for lunch.

Lunch - shared 3jc Mee Hoon soup.

Finished all 5 berangan bananas between the two of us as breakfast.

Finished up nian gao during teatime.

Not my dinner of all remaining lotus root soup and half rice.