Monday, November 30, 2020

Burger Mozzarella King XL Beef

5.30 pm - bought burgers via Foodpanda because there is a discount which is not available by grab. The mozzarella King XL Beef burger is bigger than the tender grill chicken thigh burger.
I was tempted by this Mozzarella King advert.

I bought ala carte because I didn't want any drinks. The discount is MYR 10.58 Nett which is quite significant.

The paper bag is sealed by a sticker.

Tender grill chicken thigh burger. Smokey taste which I like.

Mozzarella Beef XL. I ate half and kept half in the fridge for the next day. The cheese taste is not overpowering so it is tasty and satisfying. I may buy this burger again.

Both of us shared the pineapple pie which is sweet and tangy - refreshingly tasty.

*** Sunday 29 Nov 2020 d257 ***

10.16 am. Breakfast of fish fillet Mee Hoon bought from Swee Heng for MYR 13 Nett. Our regular fish fillet Mee hoon. 

10.48 am. My portion.

4.11 pm - not my dinner of roast duck rice. I just ate one piece of duck meat with a bit of rice.

5.08 pm - ate all remaining 3 of 8 rice cheese sticks bought from Uzu Chicken on Friday direct from the fridge. They were hard but softened after being chewed into tiny pieces in the mouth.

Bought this kaya puff from swee Heng MYR 1.70 nett so I ate it all at 6.51 pm to wrap up the day on a sweet note.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Butter Cakes Combo

Bought Sour Cream Butter Cake Combo with cakes made from 6 types of different butter. Received the cakes on Tuesday 24 Nov 2020.

Different heights and slightly different texture.

The different butters written on the paper dolly.

Ate a bit of each before I kept all of them in the fridge.

The cake seller aka baker is so kind to give all the customers this container of homemade popia nestum as a free gift.

The pretty box of cakes and the container of free gift.

*** Saturday 28 Nov 2020 d256 ***

Not my breakfast - tendon pork balls, cuttlefish pork balls and bursting pork balls in soup bought from Porkki Porkki restaurant on Thursday 26 Nov 2020, 2 days ago. Self added Mee Hoon and a poached egg with runny yolk.

My breakfast - one tendon pork ball, one cuttlefish pork ball, kimchi pajeon from Thursday 26 Nov 2020. Left two pieces of kimchi pajeon for the next days.

Ate two rice cheese sticks direct from the fridge, bought from Uzu chicken on Friday 27 Nov 2020. 3 rice cheese sticks remaining.

Not my lunch eaten midway - roast chicken drumstick and siew yuk rice MYR 8 Nett bought from friendship cafe.

I didn't buy my weekly dai gou mien to eat because I have too much food in the fridge that I need to eat.

My lunch - I ate all the remaining chives pajeon and chives kimchi. The chives kimchi may be red but it is only a bit spicy. 

I still have radish kimchi and two containers of napa cabbage kimchi in the fridge. I think I need a week to eat them all.

Frozen cendol from the freezer. Tastes good, yummy!

Both if us shared this zhar yuk muk Yee rice from Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 (4 days ago) with added bok choy as dinner. I then ate one mung bean pastry and ate all the marble cake and states butter cake cos I need to end my meals with desserts.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Uzu Chicken


Read about Uzu chicken in Lina's post:

Foodpanda doesn't deliver to my area although it is only 8.2. Km away from Uzu chicken at The Sphere, Bangsar so I ordered from Uzu Chicken at Leisure Mall Cheras and use grab express to collect my food. Need to let the rider know to collect the food from OISO korean restaurant. I wonder what is the relationship between Uzu Chicken and Oiso.

I bought chicken soy garlic dip, rice cheese sticks and kimchi dumplings sets and were given a small container of kimchi foc which tastes very good, sourish and a bit spicy. Total price after 20% discount is MYR 47.75 Nett.

I ate all the salad. Two are with yuzu dressings and one is with light sesame dressings. The salad is very refreshing.

Rice cheese sticks. I don't think they need to give packs of chili sauce for these rice cheese sticks.

The packaging.

Kimchi dumpling. Need to eat together with the kimchi that is foc because without the additional kimchi, the dumplings taste like eating chye kuihs because the fillings taste like peppery daikon.

Rice cheese stick. It is a bit sweet. I think this is toppoki filled with a bit of cheese that is not cheesy. There are 8 sticks. I ate two for lunch and one for dinner and kept 5 in the fridge. I would eat this as a dessert since it is a bit sweet so I don't need the chilli sauce.

*** Special McD ice cream cone in SG ***

Coffee and milk tea means it is cham?

*** Friday 27 November 2020 d255 ***

Lunch - yellow noodles and hor fun from the previous day's Porkki Porkki restaurant, kimchi pork bone stew from the previous day's Go Heung with added napa cabbage and white soft tofu. Taste like Ma Por Tofu. So yummy and flavourful. Both of us shared this meal.

Breakfast - Yee Mee pork soup from the previous day's Porkki Porkki restaurant.

Friday, November 27, 2020

1Day 3Food Deliveries


Delivery 1: Grab doesn't deliver food from this GoHeung restaurant to my area so I arranged for Grab Express to collect the food and deliver to my place. Read about this kimchi pork bone stew on PH's article:

And was salivating at the delicious Kimchi and true enough, the Kimchi napa cabbage wrapping the pork bone is simply delicious, melts in the mouth. I order both kimchi pork bone stew and pork bone stew for MYR 26 each. Ate one pork bone and kept the remaining two in the fridge.

These 4 assorted kimchi accompanied the main dishes: Napa cabbage kimchi, Radish kimchi, Hairy gourd kimchi and Chives Kimchi. I ate all the hairy gourd kimchi and kept the 3 in the fridge after eating a bit of each. The napa cabbage kimchi is crunchy so it is freshly made, not fermented long enough to be sour but is also tasty.

Kimchi pancake and chives pancake. MYR 25 each. I didn't order the seafood pancake which is priced at MYR 30. I find that the taste of the chives pancake eaten together with the napa cabbage kimchi is better than the the kimchi pancake. The pancake is soft and a bit gooey so I like eating them.

Delivery 2 from Teoh Chew Chendol Penang at Sunway Velocity. Fruit Rojak. Their packaging is very securely tied using cable ties. Read Libby's post and it got me thinking of Chendol so I bought it too.

Nasi Lemak with chicken rendang for 2 pax dinner. The chicken rendang is inside the cover which is also a container.

Ice shavings are provided separately from the toppings and syrups.

This container has the toppings and syrup for ABC. The rose syrup tastes like sarsi. We shared this ABC between us and ate it all.

Ate this portion of Chendol.

Kept this portion of Chendol with ice in the freezer for the next day.

Top view of Nasi Lemak with chicken rendang.

Delivery 3: two sets of soupy noodles from Porkki Porkki restaurant for breakfast on Friday and Saturday. I like how tidy they pack the soup and noodles into separate containers. No spillage at all.

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Gulab Jamoon

 Gulab means Rose in Hindi and Jamoon means berry according to this recipe for it:

Gulab Jamoon is a dessert of deep fried balls made from milk solids and flour soaked in rose syrup. It is very sweet so I just ate one on the day I bought it (Thursday 12 Nov 2020).

There are two balls soaking in rose syrup still in my fridge. Maybe will eat them on Christmas day but hopefully before then. I don't think they will go bad since they are preserved in the syrup in the cold fridge.

*** Wednesday 25 Nov 2020 d253 ***

Not my breakfast of pork stomach soup bought from Lucky Alley on Tuesday with diy added lettuce and Mee Hoon. A hearty soupy meal to warm the tummy on a cold raining morning. My breakfast is bread with a brinjal ytf bought on Tuesday from Lucky Alley too.

Not my lunch of a brinjal ytf and a bittergourd ytf with char siew rice from Tuesday with diy added lettuce. My lunch is butter sour cream cake.

Not my dinner of beef rendang from Upeh bought on Sunday with lettuce and instant noodles. My dinner is orange and mung bean pastries.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


When I was in Midvalley Mall on Sunday 22 Nov 2020, I saw this Biryani plus Pizza meal.

Rice baked in a Calzone style pizza. Seems interesting so I ordered one Salmon Tandoori Birizza as takeaway to give to my friend.

Initially the staff told me that they don't have a container that big to put in the Birizza so they can't do Takeaways so I suggest to them to wrap it with aluminum foil which they did as shown in the above photo.

There are 4 accompanying condiments.

This is the large Calzone style pizza filled with salmon, hard boiled eggs and biriyani rice.

Cross section - can see one of the 2 hard-boiled eggs inside the Calzone.

Open up one side of the Calzone - there are 4 pieces of Salmon, one whole hard boiled egg, and biriyani rice inside it.

Total is MYR 65.70 Nett.

Colourful paper bag to carry the food.

Pop Pizza restaurant in Midvalley Mall. 

 *** Tuesday 24 Nov 2020 d252 ***

Went out to buy takeaway food. Pan Mee at MYR 6.50 Nett from Lucky Alley coffee shop shared by 2 pax. I kept most of the hand torn noodle sheets in the fridge for another meal because I also bought ckt as breakfast.

Ckt MYR 7 nett from the corner shop next to lucky alley coffee shop. Kway teow mix with yellow noodles. From this shop, I also bought a pack of roast duck rice and a pack of char siew, siew yuk rice at a total of MYR 14.50 nett. The siew yuk can be seen inside this ckt container because we moved it there.

After removing the siew yuk and cucumber into our tummy, we kept the char siew and rice in the fridge for another day.

I ate the ckt with all the remaining mutton curry so mutton curry is finally cleared after 12 days in the fridge.

The roast duck rice for not-my lunch.

Cooked a small lettuce using the pan Mee soup from morning.

I ate the hand torn pan Mee directly from the fridge at around 6 pm. I like the doughy texture and taste. Yums!