Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy Prawn Mee Delivery

On Monday 31.jan.22, he went over to the Elderlies twice to provide them with lunch and dinner.

9.40 am - all 3 of them ate this Penang prawn Mee for lunch. Good value for money because there is a lot of ingredients in it, including lots of Kang kung.

Many eateries are closed due to this day being Chinese new year Eve so found this eatery in Foodpanda. I used OngEats Promo code instead of extraong by mistake so I got MYR 8.85 off instead of MYR 10 off. 

Later I searched online and found out that this eatery is just a stall underneath a shed by the roadside. The address provided online is:

next to 74a, Jalan Rukun 4, Taman Continental, Happy Garden, 58200 Kuala Lumpur

All daily promo codes have been redeemed at 2.40 pm so I use a verysorry voucher to get MYR 6 off when I bought snowflake ice for his tea time. On two occasions when Foodpanda was late in delivering food, they automatically gave a verysorry voucher for MYR 6 off for each time. Took me a while to figure out what the voucher verysorry is for.

6.35 pm - 3 of them ate reunion dinner. He cooked the napa cabbages with one mini scallop and remaining siew yuk from Good Taste eatery. The beef tendon and pork trotters dish is bought from Rue Ee eatery one day ago as on this day, the eatery is only serving food from their cny set menu. As for me, I ate a whole tub of IDC bailey coffee ice cream 473 ml for lunch and dinner to celebrate CNY!

How was your reunion dinner? Happy Chinese new year! 

新年快乐,万事如意, 心想事成,虎年吉祥!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Snack for CNY

On Sunday 30.jan.22, we went to Taman Desa to get food for everyone including the Elderlies. Bought one large ice coffee and milk tea from the coffee van at a total of MYR 8.8 nett only which I consider to be a good price.

Bought these 5 packs of snacks from Mix convenient store using tng easi app because there are vouchers and Cashback. Each pack costs MYR 4 since total price paid is MYR 20 inclusive of delivery fees. The two kams are foc from Mix.

Bought this meal because of the extraong promo code.

Beef curry rice from Dim Sum house. I like the beef curry because it is creamy and not spicy. The portion is for a small eater.

MYR 14.76 nett only after using the extraong promo.

Economy rice from Tuck Tuck Tei. The dishes I chose are:
1. Steamed chicken thigh
2. Egg tofu
3. Long bean
4. Yin choy
5. Bitter gourd
6. Hard boiled egg braised
7. Rice

The above dishes and rice costs MYR 12 nett.
After selecting the above dishes, I saw pumpkin and so I bought pumpkin and brinjals. Price is MYR 4 only for two dishes.

One elderlies' lunch.

Bought 2 packs of ccf set from a stall in Tuck Tuck Tei eatery. One elderlies just love to eat ccf.
Pick up order from Good Taste Taman Desa. Used the tapauextra promo code.

The Elderlies' dinner. Sent direct to them. Surprisingly at nearly 5 pm, the extraong promo code has not been fully redeemed for the day and I could still use it. Have yet to get feedback from the Elderlies about the meat in the bkt. 

Are you ready for CNY? Here's wishing everyone a happy holiday and for those having reunion dinner, a very happy reunion dinner! Stay safe!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

IDC Nian Gao Ice Cream

On Saturday 29.jan.22, we went to deliver a box of Kam to the Elderlies. During the cny period, he will be taking over kid 1 duties so today kid 1 took over his duties as a replacement.

IDC has a CNY set which consists of 3 tubs of ice cream with the following taste:
1. Cherry Brandy
2. Nian Gao
3. Mandarin orange

The nian gao ice cream is officially described as a combination of rice infused coconut milk, chewy mochi bites and Gula Melaka so I wanted to try it so I ordered the CNY set with another 2 tubs to get free delivery. Unfortunately the set has been sold out so I just replaced them with the following 5 tubs of ice cream as shown in the photo above. On average it is about MYR 30 per tub including delivery fees.

I bought these two tubs of Haagen Dazs ice cream via pandamart delivery on 28.dec.2021 so they are still in my freezer. Price is about MYR 30 each with a slight discount.

Choc and choc plus strawberry crunch ice cream. I couldn't taste the strawberry.

At 7.30 am today we ordered mihun soup and by 8 am, he gets to eat mihun soup. Extraong promo code gives 55% off capped at MYR 10 from a minimum MYR 18 spent.

Since there is this extraong promo code, I placed another order for snacks via Food panda and got MYR 10 off.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Luxury bao CNY set

On Friday 28.jan.22 we stayed home and ate food from our fridge.

1.45 pm - I received this lovely luxury bao set from my friend. It is indeed a novelty. The size of the bao is about 7 cm x 5 cm folded. Both of us ate all 8 bao.

More info at:

CNY wishes and description of each bao.

The box arrived in a paper bag.

Sturdy red CNY 2022 box.

Includes a mask, angpows packets and sanitizer.

There are 6 angpow packets with two stickers. Thank you very much my friend for this very nice CNY wishes and surprise.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Farm Best Chicken Chop

On Thursday 27.jan.22, he went over and cooked lunch for the elderlies using the yellow wine chicken broth from Wai Kei eatery and they love it cos the broth is very flavourful.

Lunch for the elderlies. He cooked two deboned chicken thighs in the yellow wine broth and added in wood ear fungus. The chicken thigh meat is smooth and tender so the Elderlies love it. We didn't give them the kampung chicken meat because the meat is firm so they won't like it. The vege is iceberg lettuce he just blanched lightly.

Bought the raw deboned chicken thigh and vege from pandamart for him and also the elderlies gardenia wholemeal bread. MYR 10 off the bill by using an e-voucher.

My savoury jelly from the gravy of the vinegar pork trotter bought from Jazz Cafe a few days ago. Very nice to eat as this jelly is formed due to the natural collagen in the pork trotter skin.

Bought more Chinese cabbages to store for CNY. Used promo code extra35 to get MYR 8 off and due to the delivery being a bit delayed, pandamart automatically gave a verysorry e-voucher worth MYR 6 so it is very nice of them to do so.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wai Kei Food Pickup

On Wednesday 26.jan.22, I ordered the food that he requested for lunch and dinner. It has been more than two years that we last ate a meal at Wai Kei eatery located at:

2, Jln Klang Lama, Taman Hock Ann, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.

*** Food from Wai Kei eatery ***

Half a village chicken in yellow cooking wine at MYR 60 nett.

Fish paste with lettuce soup at MYR 20 nett. There are 12 fish paste shaped into balls in this soup.

Deep fried pork with wood ear fungus at MYR 25 nett. He was very satisfied with his dinner of these 3 dishes. The remaining portion could last us for a few days.

*** Lunch ***

He wanted to eat siew yuk so I ordered the above dishes for his lunch and I ate a bit of the rice. Extraong promo code takes off MYR 10 nett from the total giving MYR 50.19 for 3 meals and one drink inclusive of the delivery fees.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Karts Wholemeal Pau

On Tuesday 25.jan.22, we went out to buy lunch and bread for the Elderlies.

Kart's frozen whole meal pau with the yam paste fillings. Only slightly sweet so the pau is very tasty. From the same series, I also bought frozen pau with red bean fillings and coconut shreds fillings. I like the yam paste fillings the best, followed by red bean paste fillings because the red bean paste fillings has whole pieces of red beans in the red bean paste so it gives a contrasting texture, followed by coconut shreds fillings. The yam paste fillings pack is priced at about MYR 9.20 whereas the red bean and coconut shreds pack is priced at about MYR 7.20 which is a bit lower.

Side view.

I break one pau into two halves before microwaving it. Before microwaved, the yam paste is solid.
After microwaved, the yam paste fillings are softer.

Food for Tuesday
From lucky alley coffee shop
1. 2 packs of lotus roots peanut soup without rice at MYR 18 nett so it is MYR 9 each. One pack of soup is for the Elderlies lunch.
2. 10 pieces of ytf at MYR 1.8 each.

From choy Kee coffee shop
1. Hainan zhar MYR 3
2. Seafood mihun MYR 9
3. 3jc bihun soup MYR 7
4. Two egg tarts at about MYR 2.30 each

From golden chopstick coffee shop
1. 4 packs of dishes from the economy rice spread at a total of MYR 14 for mapo tofu, sweet potatoes leaves, bitter gourd and brinjal for the elderlies lunch.
2. One roasted whole chicken leg deboned at MYR 10 for the elderlies lunch.

From ho family kitchen eatery
1. 2 siew Bao at MYR 2.10 each for the elderlies tea time.
2. One kaya margerine puff at MYR 2.30 for my dessert.

From kkmart
1. Gardenia bread MYR 3.6

Monday, January 24, 2022

Taman Desa Ru Rou Rice

On Monday 24.jan.22, we stayed at home and ordered one food delivery for dinner.

The PandaBox window popped out so I chose an eatery from there which I have not bought from before and placed an order. Pork rice set with an added egg. For the pork, there is a choice of lean meat, normal meat and fatty meat. I selected normal meat without knowing what exactly normal meat is. Turns out that Normal meat means that the meat has a bit of fatty parts. He says that the meat is a bit too hard for the Elderlies so this dish didn't make it into the list. Taste is good though, not strong.


PandaBox offer from this eatery called taman desa signature Taiwan ru rou rice.

I ordered extra egg and extra rice for both sets because I am not sure whether or not the egg and rice is included. The braised whole chicken leg is given in one container whereas another container has rice, vege and the two eggs. Haven't eaten them yet. Stored in the fridge for the next day.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Typical Sunday

On Sunday 23.jan.22, we went to Taman Desa as usual. Our turn to provide bread, lunch and dinner to the Elderlies.

Chee cheong fun with a brinjal ytf, a meatball, a tofu puff and a bean curd roll for MYR 8.70 nett from Tuck Tuck Tei eatery. Good enough but they gave me too much brown sauce so I had to throw most away which is a waste. From another stall, bought ling fish head mihun soup without milk for MYR 12 nett. He couldn't detect any rice wine in the soup.

Economy rice from Tuck Tei eatery at MYR 15 nett for one small portion of rice, soy knot, egg tofu, broccoli, pumpkin, a braised egg, napa cabbages and a piece of pork chop. The lady told me that the pork chop alone costs MYR 4 when I didn't ask her.

Bought two packs of 3jc mihun soup at MYR 7 nett each. One pack is for the Elderlies' lunch and one for his Monday breakfast.

Ordered these two rice sets for the Elderlies' dinner with extraong promo code to get MYR 10 off. Have yet to ask for their feedback.

The Penang jawa Mee hoon and yellow noodles is ok, portion is not too much with one piece of deep fried crispy fritter, a hard boiled egg, some bean curd pieces and some veges.

The curry chicken wanton noodles is for the Elderlies' lunch. Feedback is ok, can order again. Thick wanton soup noodles for our Monday lunch. Also bought a pack of nasi lemak Sepetang with a small portion of rice, no sambal, anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, curry potatoes, curry pork slices at MYR 7 nett for two pax to share.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Two Har Mee

Saturday 22.jan.22 is a day to supply the Elderlies with both lunch and dinner.

5.35 pm - he cooked rice and lettuce and ordered two dishes for the Elderlies so that all 3 of them ate dinner together.

Grab the above items for dinner.

Prawn noodles, one pack for each elderlies' lunch.

11.40 am - we shared this lunch of remaining food from the fridge.