Saturday, January 8, 2022

Jin Xuan Dim Sum Delivery

On Saturday 8.jan.22, we supplied lunch and dinner to the elderlies as on every Saturday.

8.24 am - he ordered dim sum for his breakfast and kept half a char siew Bao, one siew Mai and one scallop prawn dumpling for me. I find this dim sum to be of a better quality than those I bought from other eateries.

7.44 am - he is using grab wallet now to collect grab points.

4 items for MYR 32.62 so on average it is about MYR 8.15 for an item.

Ordered food from ICC Pudu Food Court for the whole day and breakfast the next day. Total price inclusive of delivery is MYR 95.90 nett.

For the elderlies' lunch and tea:
1. Petai ckt
2. Penang prawn Mee
3. Two nian gao

For the Elderlies dinner, we ordered food delivery from New Lucky Coffee Shop direct to them: salted fish steamed pork, old cucumber soup with two portions of rice. As this order didn't meet the minimum requirement of MYR 30, the feastkv promo code couldn't be used to get MYR 8 off this transaction. Yet to get feedback about this dinner from the elderlies.


  1. Good to find place serve nice dim sum. Hope the elderlies enjoyed their food.

    1. Ya, this is a popular chain of dim sum. They say ok ok only.

  2. Jin Xuan is my usual dim sum place too!

    ICC has a lot of good food.

    1. Ya they are quite a popular chain. Definitely true that ICC has more good food than other coffee shops.