Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Karts Wholemeal Pau

On Tuesday 25.jan.22, we went out to buy lunch and bread for the Elderlies.

Kart's frozen whole meal pau with the yam paste fillings. Only slightly sweet so the pau is very tasty. From the same series, I also bought frozen pau with red bean fillings and coconut shreds fillings. I like the yam paste fillings the best, followed by red bean paste fillings because the red bean paste fillings has whole pieces of red beans in the red bean paste so it gives a contrasting texture, followed by coconut shreds fillings. The yam paste fillings pack is priced at about MYR 9.20 whereas the red bean and coconut shreds pack is priced at about MYR 7.20 which is a bit lower.

Side view.

I break one pau into two halves before microwaving it. Before microwaved, the yam paste is solid.
After microwaved, the yam paste fillings are softer.

Food for Tuesday
From lucky alley coffee shop
1. 2 packs of lotus roots peanut soup without rice at MYR 18 nett so it is MYR 9 each. One pack of soup is for the Elderlies lunch.
2. 10 pieces of ytf at MYR 1.8 each.

From choy Kee coffee shop
1. Hainan zhar MYR 3
2. Seafood mihun MYR 9
3. 3jc bihun soup MYR 7
4. Two egg tarts at about MYR 2.30 each

From golden chopstick coffee shop
1. 4 packs of dishes from the economy rice spread at a total of MYR 14 for mapo tofu, sweet potatoes leaves, bitter gourd and brinjal for the elderlies lunch.
2. One roasted whole chicken leg deboned at MYR 10 for the elderlies lunch.

From ho family kitchen eatery
1. 2 siew Bao at MYR 2.10 each for the elderlies tea time.
2. One kaya margerine puff at MYR 2.30 for my dessert.

From kkmart
1. Gardenia bread MYR 3.6


  1. Wow.. seems like a detailed report on wht items u have bought with the pricing. Good, now i can gauge the price by comparing the same item from diff shops.

    1. Good to hear that you can make use of the info. 👍🙂

  2. Looks like an expenses report for yourself!

    So far I don't like Karts brand much. The roti isn't as good as Kawan. The charsiew pao isn't as good as Hilltown.

    1. You are right! It is for my own record too. I buy these series of wholemeal frozen pau because of the whole meal and less sweet. Don't think you will like these wholemeal pau because they are not those soft and fluffy types.

  3. I have seen this type of frozen paus and I wondered if they are good. Maybe I can buy a packet to try.

    1. Only if u want to eat wholemeal pau because they are not soft and fluffy due to being wholemeal but they are not sweet.