Sunday, January 30, 2022

Snack for CNY

On Sunday 30.jan.22, we went to Taman Desa to get food for everyone including the Elderlies. Bought one large ice coffee and milk tea from the coffee van at a total of MYR 8.8 nett only which I consider to be a good price.

Bought these 5 packs of snacks from Mix convenient store using tng easi app because there are vouchers and Cashback. Each pack costs MYR 4 since total price paid is MYR 20 inclusive of delivery fees. The two kams are foc from Mix.

Bought this meal because of the extraong promo code.

Beef curry rice from Dim Sum house. I like the beef curry because it is creamy and not spicy. The portion is for a small eater.

MYR 14.76 nett only after using the extraong promo.

Economy rice from Tuck Tuck Tei. The dishes I chose are:
1. Steamed chicken thigh
2. Egg tofu
3. Long bean
4. Yin choy
5. Bitter gourd
6. Hard boiled egg braised
7. Rice

The above dishes and rice costs MYR 12 nett.
After selecting the above dishes, I saw pumpkin and so I bought pumpkin and brinjals. Price is MYR 4 only for two dishes.

One elderlies' lunch.

Bought 2 packs of ccf set from a stall in Tuck Tuck Tei eatery. One elderlies just love to eat ccf.
Pick up order from Good Taste Taman Desa. Used the tapauextra promo code.

The Elderlies' dinner. Sent direct to them. Surprisingly at nearly 5 pm, the extraong promo code has not been fully redeemed for the day and I could still use it. Have yet to get feedback from the Elderlies about the meat in the bkt. 

Are you ready for CNY? Here's wishing everyone a happy holiday and for those having reunion dinner, a very happy reunion dinner! Stay safe!


  1. I also ordered dimsum frm DimSum House yesterday. I had fried carrot cake, prawn mai & teochew mai. Quite good price after deduct with voucher.

    1. I find food from dim sum house is tasty 😋! The extraong promo code is very worth it.

  2. I don't feel any CNY mood at all. It makes me sound so grouchy LOL! I like the chap fan dishes you selected, quite a variety.I also like to eat CCF.

    1. U want to go find your brother in kt? If u go back, I am sure u may be able to find your cny mood. Hahahaha, my once a week chap fan so have to load up with variety. I like to eat ccf too.

  3. I like the economy rice dishes you choose.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family!!

    1. I chose as many dishes as I could. Happy cny to you and your family too!

  4. I have to quickly switch into CNY mood. I have to stock up my fridge because my sons are back home for the celebration and holidays. Full swing cooking 2 meals a day.

    1. Enjoy your bonding time with your sons and husband! Happy cny! Happy cooking!

  5. Happy CNY! Belated as I'm now only surfing the net.

    Your place has a lot of good food.

    1. Thank you. Happy cny to you and your family too! Enjoy!