Friday, April 30, 2021

Rum Raisin Blackforest Cake

I have only dined in Munching Mob cafe, Bukit Jalil once. And that was back in July 2017, almost 4 years ago.

After reading NuxV's recent post about Munching Mob's cheesecake with liquor topped with almonds and her description that "It was so good, creamy with slight bitter and sweet, but can't take much coz the liquor taste is strong...", the temptation to eat it is very strong. On wed, 28.apr.21, we were passing that area so we pit stopped there to buy food from the new coffee shop behind friendship cafe and I walked to the Munching Mob cafe.

After I scanned the QR code and checked my temperature outside the entrance, a staff walked out and handed me the menu. I asked her about cheese liquor cake and she went back in to look at the cakes inside the cake counter. Then she told me this cake is not available and asked me to enter the shop to look at the cakes to make my selection.

I don't want to enter the air conditioned cafe so I just say I want a cake with liquor. She named tiramisu and rum raisin black forest cakes and I selected the latter. Good that the staff is willing to fulfill the order without needing me to enter the cafe.

Rum Raisin Blackforest Cake at MYR 16.50 nett. The liquor taste is strong which I like.
I asked him to try some and finished the remaining all by myself. 😋 Yummy! Thanks to NuxV for highlighting their cakes with liquor. Now I can always buy from them because I like to eat cheese cakes and cakes infused with liquor.

They put the cake box with the cake in it in this paper bag.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Figo 5in1 Steamboat Choice

This was a meal I ate a few months ago.

There are 5 types of processed food item in the Figo 5-in-1 steamboat choice frozen bag. I think they are all supposed to be made with fish products. In a way, they are somewhat similar to the food items sold for the Family Mart's Oden but their sizes are smaller. They taste just as good.

Noodles, Enoki mushrooms, vegetables siew bok choy with all the 5 items from the bag. Makes a delicious meal for two pax.

One of them has something like fish or prawns roe in the middle.

Bought in Jaya Grocer from the frozen food section at MYR 10 nett. My friend requested me to buy a bag for her so I bought one bag for ourselves too. Tastes nice noodles too as I didn't use it for steamboat

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Pickup Chai Tow Kway

 On Sat 24.apr.21, I was in a hurry to go to a place. I ordered food from Lucky Alley using food panda app so that I can pick the food up on my way to my destination without spending time to wait for the food to be prepared.

6 pm - We ate this chai tow kway for dinner after adding more vegetables to it and heating it up in a wok.

1.20 pm - our lunch of char kway teow.

Why is the char kway teow MYR 24 ?
After applying the pick up discount, the total is MYR 24.50 nett which is about MYR 12.25 nett per item which is an ok price so I continued to complete the ordering process and paid.

It is only MYR 11 before applying the pick up discount.

The app insists that I select all 4 extras. The "add to cart" button is not activated until I do so. As I am in a hurry I did just that in order to be able to add to cart the char kway teow.

But even after adding up all the price of all 4 extra items and MYR 11, it still is not MYR 24. Since the price I paid is just MYR 24.50 nett for both items, it doesn't matter to me that the original price of one item is MYR 24 so I let it go. What a mystery!

*** Tue 27.apr.21 ***

8.30 am - 2 of us shared this 3jc soup Mee hoon from choy kee. Lunch is dry wanton noodles from a nearby eatery.
6 pm - his dinner of remaining rice from the fridge stir fried with siew yuk bought for MYR 5 and an egg.

6.50 pm - my dinner of instant Quaker Oats with water and almonds. I also ate the dip from Belly and The Chef. The dip wasn't a mint dip as I thought. It is basil pesto sauce and I ate it all with half a slice of wholemeal bread.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Frozen Mixed Seafood

 Breakfast on Mon 26.apr.21 of Mee hoon and frozen mixed seafood.

My portion. Closed up view of the mixed seafood.

8.30 am - Both of us ate this big wok of two bricks of A1 meehoon cooked in the remaining broth of fish noodles we bought on Fri 23.apr.21 with some siew bok choy.

Atlantis IQF Frozen Mixed Seafood has prawns, bay scallops, hotate aka Japanese scallops, mussel and cuttlefish. I didn't encounter any cuttlefish while eating this mee hoon.

We bought the frozen mixed seafood pack from Jaya Grocer physical store at MYR 9.9 nett.
This is the packaging. The seafood taste is retained by their frozen state so we may buy this brand again. Photo copied from online.

11.30 pm - for lunch, we went to Golden Chopsticks coffee shop to buy chap fan to share. Sweet sour meat, bitter gourds chicken, japanese tofu, and yin choy at MYR 10 nett. Customers scoop the dishes themselves and the shop is quite cramped with customers at around 10.30 am so we won't be buying chap fan from them again though the food tastes good. It has been more than one year that we didn't buy anything from this eatery that we used to visit frequently.

*** Win Soon ***
Noodles for Sat and Sun

Sat 24.apr.21 8.14 am - ling yu fish noodles for breakfast. 

Fri 23.apr.21 6.10 pm - my instant noodles with one squid ball and one fish paste from Win Soon noodles.

My portion of king oyster mushrooms cut into cubes.

Fri 23.apr.21 6 pm - dinner of squid balls and fish paste Mee hoon with added vege and added oyster king mushrooms.

3 packs of Mee hoon from win soon cost MYR 52.45 nett in total.

Packaging used.

Brunch 11.30 am on Fri 23.apr.31 - red snapper fish Mee hoon. This fish has a slight mud taste and finer meat than the ling yu but the ling yu meat is smoother and firmer so he prefers the ling yu Mee hoon.

Menu. Red snapper fish Mee hoon.
Ling yu Mee hoon.

Akame fish which we tried previously.

We bought squid balls and fish paste Mee hoon. 4 seafood Mee hoon meals. Yummy!

Monday, April 26, 2021

Sunday Routine

 Every Sunday we will go to Taman Desa to buy food from Sing Kee coffee shop at around 10.30 am to 11 am so that more dishes are ready for their economy rice aka chap fan stall and Sepetang coffee shop which opens early at 6.30 am. Yesterday Sun 25.4.21, we did exactly just that.

Sing Kee coffee shop - I brought my own big container for the economy rice and selected plain rice, curry chicken with potatoes, yin choy, tofu, minced pork patty and mixed vegetables - 2 meat dishes, 1 tofu, 2 vege dishes and I think the price is MYR 10 nett. Both of us shared this big tub of chap fan for lunch at 11.45 am.

This economy rice stall uses a big sheet of transparent plastic sheet as a hanging curtain to shield the dishes from the customers. The staff will scoop the dishes and the customers just need to point at the dishes.

Siew yuk with plain white rice at MYR 7 nett from the same coffee shop. He ate a few pieces of roast pork with the economy rice for lunch and kept the remaining portion for dinner.

5.49 pm - He stirfried the siew yuk rice with one waxed sausage from about a year ago and some vegetables and left 6 tablespoons of this rice for me which I ate.

6.11 pm - I then ate my small portion of rice with my regular condiments which are curry potatoes, tiny prawns curry, peanuts, anchovies, half an hard boiled egg, long beans, cucumbers from my favourite nasi lemak stall at Sepetang coffee shop at MYR 7 nett. No nasi lemak for him cos he won't be able to eat 3 portions of rice in one day.

Left egg tart is from Sepetang coffee shop and right egg tart is 1 of 3 from Sing Kee coffee shop. Each one costs MYR 2 nett. I also bought 2 pork siew baos at MYR 2 nett from sing kee coffee shop. Total spent on egg tarts and siew baos is MYR 12 nett.

The Sepetang egg tart seller asks me to buy pineapple rolls and so I bought one tub at MYR 17 nett. There are about 26 or 28 pineapple rolls.

The pastry crusts taste a bit salty. The fillings of pineapple jam paste are sourish sweet and he said that the paste covered the slight butter taste so he can eat these pineapple rolls. I find the fillings taste like the dried snacks assam boi, sourish sweet.

*** Cleared Food from Fridge ***

Sunday 25.4.21 morning at 9.30 am, I ate all the remaining risotto from the previous day, sat. The bottom layer of the risotto rice is still soft so I ate the risotto directly from the fridge without heating it up.

Remember this salted egg yolk.croissant bought from Dotty's Pastries at KLCC on sun 18.apr.21? I kept a huge clump of salted egg yolk fillings from it in my fridge to be used as bread spread.

What a huge lump of salted egg yolk fillings from inside the croissant!

On Friday 23.apr.21 at 2.30 pm, I spread half of it on two slices of whole meal bread.

Melt it a bit in the microwave.

Use a 3rd slice of whole meal bread to soak up the melted salted egg yolk fillings and ate all 3 slices of bread. Tastes just like salted egg yolk lava bao aka lau sar bao.

After eating the salted egg yolk fillings with 3 slices of bread, I ate all these raw bitter gourd from my brother's home vegetable garden. They were refreshing and made me hungry very soon after that, way before my early dinner time. So if one doesn't feel like eating, just chew some raw bitter gourd to regain one's appetite.

9.30 am yesterday, sun 25.apr.21, I used all the remaining fillings on a other 3 slices of whole meal bread.

Melt the fillings a bit using microwave.

What a golden bread spread! I can't believe one salted egg yolk croissant takes me 3 days to eat the fillings. Lucky I didn't dine in for it else I would need to consume this huge amount of fillings at one go.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Belly and The Chef

Recently I read about this eatery that just started business early April 2021 in Taman Bukit Indah, OUG called Belly and the Chef. People are queuing up to eat there to take photos of the cafe to show on insta. 

After looking at the interior design of the cafe from the photos in this online review, I decided to take a look at the area as it is just on the route of us going home from our weekly commitment. As I am not dining out, I bought takeaway from this cafe as the food sounds tasty too.

I think I need to highlight that despite many people associating the word belly with pork belly, this eatery is a pork-free eatery. It doesn't serve pork. There is no pork in its menu.

This grilled salmon is fresh with no fishy taste. The mashed potatoes is lightly creamy so I like it a lot. The spinach however is on the salty side and could be less salty. Best thing is that the portion is just small enough for me to eat in one sitting after giving half the salmon to my spouse.

The 3 scallops are juicy and plump with salty taste. The pumpkins and arugula make a good accompaniment. I had to keep some of the al dente round creamy cheesy risotto rice for another day as it is very rich.

The mint dip for the salmon which is not required by me. The cheese crisps are very tasty and crunchy.

Updated on Wed 28.apr.21:
It is not mint dip. It is basil pesto dip. After I ate it on Tue 27.apr.21, I realised that it is not mint dip.

Box is sealed with a sticker with their logo on it.

Just two boxes and two plastic tubs.

Packed in a plastic bag. I didn't need to enter the cafe to collect my order as the staff handed the bag to me which I waited outside.

This cafe is in this white end lot building. This stretch of unassuming looking buildings houses a few other insta worthy cafes such as Tanuki by Crustz and The Sherry.

Entrance is on the side. I overheard that for those without reservations, the wait for a seat is 3 hours.

The bill. Total MYR 82.70 nett inclusive of 6% service charge.