Monday, October 31, 2016

So Little

We were famished on our way home so we stopped by Good Taste in Jalil Link to have our early dinner at 4.30 pm.  I ordered  a small portion of lean char siew (BBQ pork) at MYR7.50 nett. I like to eat this char siew because it is very lean and tender. It is not those melt-in-the-mouth-caramelized-char-siew.

We shared this plate of roast duck rice and request for duck breast meat (MYR9.50 nett). We were quite shocked at the small portion of duck meat provided.

I also ordered a large bowl of wanton (dumplings) in soup. The large portion contains 15 wanton dumplings for MYR6.50 nett (43 cents each). The smaller portion contains 8 wanton dumplings for MYR4.50 nett (56 cents each). This meal is good enough to fill us up and be on our way home.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


The deep fried bean curd sheets in the bowl of mee suah are so crispy - MYR5.50 nett - that it is a pity to see some of them soaked in the broth.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Home cooked meal by my mother - a glass of barley drink and brown rice with steamed chicken wings, pickled purple cabbage, bittergourd, pumpkin, beansprots and some pickled vege. Healthy? with chicken wings?

Friday, October 28, 2016

Nian Gao

"Nian Gao" - 年糕 (chinese new year sticky cake) is made from glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. It is usually eaten during chinese new year but deep fried nian gao can be found sold in hawker stalls all year round. The "I love you" kiosk in the Midvalley mall sells deep fried nian gao now so we bought one to try at MYR2.40 nett.

Cross section. Thin slices of nian gao, yam and sweet potatoes so I prefer the thick SS2 deep fried nian gao at only MYR2.20 nett.

MYR2.40 nett for such a thin piece of deep fried nian gao so it is not worth it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vegetarian Set Meal

This eatery is smart to know that there are many vegetarians and so they now have a Vegetarian Set Meal menu which is only MYR18.90 nett for a set meal as compared to MYR22.90 nett for a non-vegetarian set meal.

 Set O - Sweet and Sour Tofu with rice and miso soup. Set P - Tofu Hamburg with rice and miso soup.

Set Q - Ankake (Thick sauce) Vegetable Udon. Set R - Kitsune Udon. Set S - Ankake (Thick sauce) vegetable Don (rice). Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. In Japanese mythology aburaage is the favorite food of Kitsune so the udon with aburaage is called Kitsune Udon. Aburaage is deep fried tofu.

For vegetarians, I wonder which set would they prefer.

Please click on the above to get a larger image to view the drinks.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oct Special Sweets

Nana's Green Tea's Special Sweets for October 2016 which is based on pumpkins.

Pumpkin Parfait - MYR23.90 nett - Pumpkin Pudding at the bottom, soft served ice cream and corn flakes next, then a scoop of vanilla ice cream, red bean paste and pumpkin cake.
Pumpkin Hot Cake - MYR19.60 nett - Pancake made with pumpkin in the batter served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a scoop of blended pumpkin white bean paste and whipped cream.

Pumpkin Kuromitsu Latte (hot) - MYR16.90 nett - Milk, pumpkin puree and white bean paste topped with whipped cream and brown sugar syrup. Kuromitsu literally means black honey and is a Japanese syrup.
Pumpkin Latte with Soft cream (cold) - MYR16.90 nett - similar to the above except that it is topped with soft serve ice cream instead of whipped cream and is served cold.

The above items sound like heaven for people with a very sweet tooth. I have a sweet tooth too but not as sweet so I don't think I will be trying any of the above items. It would be interesting to see whether the Oct special sweets menu for Oct next year will have the same items or not.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Special October Food

For the month of September 2016, Nana's special food is Keema Curry Udon at MYR23.90 nett. For this month, it is Soboro Ankake Omelette Rice at the same price as last month's food. Soboro means minced chicken meat. Ankake seems to mean sauce thickened with starch or a dish prepared with a starch-based sauce.

Minced Chicken sauteed with Shimeiji mushrooms and carrot with thick sauce with a special fried rice topped with an omelette. I won't be ordering this dish because I don't like thick sauce and the omelette in the photo above looks too runny for me.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart

Bought just one to share with my friend who bakes.

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart - Straight out of the oven.

Side view.

We ate it when it was still hot. The pastry crust tastes like butter cookies and is thicker, sweeter and coarser than Uncle Tetsu cheese tart and Tokyo Secret cheese tart. The fillings taste very milky and flow out like liquid as soon as we cut the tart into half. I could only taste the cheese at the top layer. Suitable for those who don't like strong cheese and prefer strong milky taste instead.

One for MYR5.80 nett. For those who buy 5 tarts (MYR29), 1 tart would be given free. There was a customer who bought 18 cheese tarts (MYR87 nett) to take to Johor but I won't be returning for more because I need to save up to eat the Tokyo Secret cheese tart again.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

So creamy

I like to eat avocados plain as they are. The above small avocado costs me about MYR3 and I like its very slight "sulphur" taste.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Very soon

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart is at Midvalley Mall now so I can try it soon.

I think it is part of Secret Recipe.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Only Vegetable

This plate of very little rice with vegetable -  lady fingers, gourd slices, tomatoes, brinjal curry, cabbage - only costs me MYR3 nett. Taste good and the portion is small enough for me.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lekor Set

Keropok Lekor (Deep fried fish paste mixed with sago flour) with a drink of your choice at MYR5.90 nett. The keropok lekor tastes of fish and is chewy so it makes a good snack. This set is only available during morning before noon and during tea time.

We bought this meal from this Ah Cheng Laksa kiosk at Ampang Point.

We also ordered a small bowl of Assam Laksa for MYR4.90 nett.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Korean BBQ Buffet

A group of my co-workers gave the whole department a lunch treat.

The above is only part of the raw marinated meat spread. There are thick pork belly cuts, short beef ribs, thinly sliced beef and pork belly, chicken meat and sausages. There is also lots of raw meat that are not marinated so that you can dip the meat after it has been cooked into the sauces or dips that you prefer.

Our table of 4 petite ladies cooked the above meat and couldn't finish them. We had to pass the cooked meat to another table of gentlemen.

Other than the raw meat, there are plenty of dishes (cooked food) for us to take as much as we like if we can finish them. No wastage of food, please. The above dishes are stirfried kimchi noodle, topokki, curry potatoes, fried rice, kimchi fried rice. There are so many more dishes until I gave up trying to take photos of them.

My food (round 1) - yinchoy (amaranth greens), kimchi, pickled cucumber, and chives pancake.

My food (round 2) - kimchi pancake, egg, deep fried squid, brinjal, sweet potato, seaweed roll, potatoes, kimchi, cucumber, a piece of topokki, and a few slices of beef bulgogi and I was full.

My co-worker's food - some rice, potatoes salad, seaweed soup, beansprout, mung bean noodle. 

Even though I was full, I still had space for a vanilla cone which we had to serve ourselves from the soft serve ice cream machine.

At MYR39++ per person, I would say that this Korean BBQ Buffet is value for money for big eaters because there is so much variety of food here but you need to eat fast because you are limited to 2 hours only. Sadly it is wasted on me because I ate so little. This restaurant is located at Nexus, Bangsar South.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rich Desserts

We ordered the two desserts recommended by PH. Molten Lava Cake with a scoop of ice cream - MYR18.50+ 10% service charge (MYR20.35 nett).

Top view. PH is right when she says that the chocolate lava is not sweet because it truly is not sweet at all. It is very rich in chocolate taste. The ice cream on the other hand is sweet.

We also ordered the Churros Set - MYR25.50+ (MYR28.05 nett). The white dip in the small glass is cream cheese dip I believe but I couldn't detect any cheese taste. The taste is just very creamy. We did not count how many sticks of churro there were. We selected the dark chocolate dip but it was sweet and not as rich as the chocolate lava. How nice it would be if the dark chocolate dip tastes like the chocolate lava but it does not. The churros were not oily at all but they were sweet due to being coated by sugar. I think it would be better if they were just coated with cinnamon powder. Despite the dark chocolate dip being sweet, I drank all the leftover chocolate dip because I don't want to waste it.

Look at how the fork and knife stick to the magnetic board even after I overturned the board.

We were the only table occupied. There were no other customers there at around 2 pm. I hope this eatery has enough customers to sustain their business. They opened around May this year.

A piece of happiness written on the wall.


Total bill is MYR48.40 for 4 persons. We did not order any drinks because no drinks were required. We left immediately after eating the desserts so we could drink plain water from our water bottles in our car as we had enough calories from the desserts and do not need more calories from sugary beverages.

Monday, October 17, 2016


After reading PH's many posts about the delicious Pork Knuckle in Sweet and Sour Sauce at SuperThai Restaurant, I went there for lunch yesterday at about 12.15 noon only to be told that it is not available. The waitress was not very fluent in English so communication is a bit difficult. I asked if it is available for dinner and she answered yes because it takes a long time to prepare and cook it. So tough luck, we can't have it for lunch then. Guess next time I will have to call up to make sure that the pork knuckle is available before coming here for lunch. Oh well, since we were already there, we ordered other dishes instead of leaving.

Grilled Pork Neck with the garlic, coriander, lime and etc green dip - MYR28 nett. The dip is sourish and garlicky so I like it. I like the pork neck meat too as it was lean but not dry. The neck meat is marbled intermittently with cartilage, tendon and very little fat so it was chewy but tender. Very nice texture.

Mango Salad - MYR15 nett. I picked out all the red bird's eye chili so it was okay for me. The mango salad was sourish, spicy and crunchy. I also ate all the raw little gem lettuce, long beans and cabbage.

A bowl of Pork Soup - MYR8 nett and a bowl of Tom Yum Soup - MYR8 nett. Both are tasty.

We ordered steamed stuffed squid but was told again that the stuffings were not available so we changed our order to grilled squid. We were surprised to get two huge squids that were chewy yet tender, very delicious! We thought for MYR20 nett, there would be only one squid.

Grilled squid - MYR20 nett - is served with the same green dip as the one for the grilled pork neck. Just look at how small the normal sized fork is when compared to the huge squids.

We ordered 3 plates of rice which was served together in a bowl for us to apportion the rice ourselves among the 4 of us. Each plate of rice costs MYR3 nett.

I like the taste of ice coffee with cardamon in it - MYR5 nett - it tastes like it has fruit syrup in it. The other drink we ordered is lemon grass drink at MYR2 nett.

The place is small and cozy. We were there early so we were the only customers there for a while.

As this restaurant is on the 1st floor, we need to walk up this narrow flight of stairs. I would not have dared to enter this doorway if I did not know beforehand how good the food is.

The entrance to the restaurant. You won't miss it as there are many signs above and around the door.

Please click on the image above and below for a larger image of the menu above and below.

Good news! The set lunch is available on weekends too and they are now open 7 days a week.

Total bill is MYR95 nett. Payment in cash only. Good price for tasty food. I will definitely be back for the pork knuckle. After this scrumptious lunch, we went for dessert at another place recommended by PH. Guess where? :D

Updated later:
On 11 Dec 2016 (Sunday), the 3 of us went to SuperThai again to take away 2 dishes after our meal at Legend 31.

Sweet and Sour Pork knuckle at MYR 55 nett with 2 sauces: the green dip and the sweet and sour saiuce.

This time we managed to get the stuffed squids which were covered with chopped up garlic, red chili, green chili for MYR 28 nett.

Cross sections of the squid.

I don't quite like the fillings because I can feel the pork fatty bits in it so we did not order this again the next time we visit SuperThai.

Mom prepared tempeh, pickled cucumbers, and stirfry cabbage and carrots as the family dinner to go with the food we bought.