Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ori Udon

Ori Udon is a new Udon eatery in the Gardens Mall. It says "Fresh Handmade Udon" on its menu. To me, the udon is a bit on the soft side. I prefer it to be a little bit more chewy. Will come here to eat again if I want to eat something light in soup.

Two sets of udon:
Set 2 (MYR12.90) : Kitsune or Wakame Udon  (7.90) + Karaage (5)  + Green Tea (1.5)
Set 6 (MYR13.90): Chicken Char Siew Udon  (9.90) + Mini Salad (4) + Green Tea (1.5)
By adding up the ala carte prices, this means that by ordering from the set menu, we get the cup of Green Tea free of charge. The set that saves the most is Set 8 (please refer to the menu below).

Chicken Char Siew Udon close up. Ala carte price is MYR9.90. Very clear soup.

Karaage (deep fried chicken)  close up. Ala carte price is MYR5.0 - Just this once I ate a whole piece of deep fried chicken with skin and all because I couldn't see where the skin ends and where the meat starts so I ended up consuming the whole thing. Fortunately it was very very crispy and only a small piece. My spouse ate the rest but removed a whole piece of fried skin and did not eat it.

Kitsune or Wakame Udon. Ala carte price is MYR7.90 - as can be seen above, they provide a lot of vegetables but only one piece of fried bean curd sheet with some seaweeds (I think).

Ala carte price list for desserts and drinks 

The price of extra toppings 

 Ala carte price list

 Set menu price list

Open layout

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Hello Kitty

The previous batch of Hello Kitty Eco Bags is sold out and now there is a new batch. Are these bags nicer than the previous designs?

Ice Cream Kitty

Apple Kitty

Monday, April 28, 2014

nana's green tea

I noticed this new eatery located in the Lower Ground Floor Walkway between Midvalley Megamall and The Gardens Mall called "nana's green tea".

Flower bouquets for the opening

The food display looks tempting

Especially these parfaits

I want to try the warabimochi (the light brown cubes - left) as I like the warabimochi I ate in Kyoto.

The Takeaway Menu - many choices

But in the end due to a lack of time, I just bought a takeaway green tea ice-cream (MYR6.80 nett). Very strong green tea taste which I like. My spouse also likes it because it has no milky and no creamy taste and also it has no fishy seaweed taste which some green tea ice creams have. We will definitely visit this place to eat the Matcha Anmitsu dessert.

They also offer a set lunch for MYR18.80++

More set lunch items

Do you like to eat green tea food items?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

SSTwo Mall

Ever since I heard that there is a mall in SS2, PJ at the end of 2010, I have wanted to visit it but never found the right time to do so. Yesterday, I was in SS2 waiting for a friend to finish work so I needed a place to hang out and thought of SSTwo Mall so off I went.

I was there with another friend from 12 noon to 4 pm (4 hours) and parking costs MYR3.30 (MYR1.10 for the first two hours and MYR1.10 for the next subsequent hour or part of). I quite like the layout of the mall as it has a semi-open concept. We walked around looking for food and only found a few eateries and restaurants:

OldTown White Coffee
The Red Olive
Al-Amin Xin Jiang Muslim Restaurant
Chicken Hot Pot
Hometown Hainan Coffee
J-Tean Kitchen
Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant

We found Belanga in the directory listing but when we walked to the location, we found that the eatery is no longer operating and is in the midst of removing their setup. Even Full House, a popular eatery frequent by mostly young people had moved away from this mall. 

In the end, we settled for OldTown White Coffee. We sat there for quite a long time so we ordered a set meal from the special lunch menu (11am to 3pm) and then later we ordered another set meal from the special tea menu (3pm to 6pm).

Nan Yang Coffee (O) with ice and prawn mee from the "My Lunch" set menu (11am to 3pm) - MYR10.90

White coffee (hot) from the "My Tea" set menu (3pm to 6pm) - MYR3.90 - this price includes the small packet of rice (nasi lemak) below.

Simple prepacked Nasi lemak

So quiet.

Total Bill came up to MYR16.30 inclusive of 10% service charge but no gov. tax. Since there are not many shops here, I don't think I will visit this mall again for the next few years unless things improve.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Love it or hate it

The bowl of seafood noodles I ordered has a whole bunch of cilantro / coriander / chinese parsley in it as can be seen in the photo below. Fortunately I like its taste but I know of some people who absolutely cannot stand the taste of cilantro. What about you?

Fresh cilantro leaves in the bowl

Mix the cilantro into the seafood noodle soup and consume all of them

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fast Food

There was a day I just ate fast food for both lunch and dinner after not eating fast food for a long time. Burger King was having this "get one free Chick 'N Crisp when you purchase a medium drink" promotion so I bought two drinks at MYR3.75 nett each and got two chicken burgers.

The Burger King chicken burger tastes like KFC colonel burger and is a bit bigger than colonel burger but smaller than KFC fish fillet burger. As I don't drink soft drinks, I have given them away.

Then I bought one KFC fish fillet burger ala carte at MYR6.95 (MYR7.35 after gov. tax) and got another one free. The KFC fish fillet burger is bigger than Mcd fish fillet burger and tastes about the same. I guess the fast food chains are trying to out do each other now.

The four burgers.

The KFC fish fillet is bigger compared to Mcd fish fillet. There is even a slice of cheese.

The white flaky fish meat - tasty.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Deep Fried Nian Gao

"Nian Gao" - 年糕 (chinese new year sticky cake) is made from glutinous rice flour and brown sugar. It is usually eaten during chinese new year but deep fried nian gao can be found sold in hawker stalls all year round.

I bought a piece of deep fried nian gao (MYR1) from a hawker stall that I frequent once a month. The hardened nian gao is cut into slices and one slice is sandwiched between a slice of sweet potato and a slice of taro before being dipped into batter and deep fried.

The size of the deep fried nian gao compared to a teaspoon.

I expect to see the nian gao between a slice of sweet potatoes and a slice of taro but instead I think both slices are cassava (ubi kayu). I must remember to find out why it has changed when I visit the stall again next month.
I managed to find a photo of the previous month - as can be seen, the two slices are different - the top slice is taro and the other one sweet potato.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yum Cha at Ying Ker Lou

The last time we ate at Ying Ker Lou, we noticed this "Yum Cha & High Tea Dim Sum" special menu at Ying Ker Lou, The Curve (available from 10 am to 12 noon & 3 pm to 6 pm) and said to ourselves that we would come again to try it and we did. The price of each food item is from MYR3 to MYR6. This deal is not available at Ying Ker Lou at The Gardens mall now though it used to be available previously.

On the menu, it says the portion has been adjusted to suit one person (meaning the portion during this time period is less). We expected this of course since the price is cheaper too. And  it states on the special menu - strictly no takeaways. For the two of us, we ordered 7 items during the 10 am to 12 noon session.

Steamed Siew Mai - MYR6

Hakka Yellow Wine Xiao Long Bao - MYR6 - we still prefer Din Tai Fung's Xiao Long Bao.

Steamed Prawn Dumplings - MYR6 - prawns inside the dumplings are crunchy

Ho Po Vegetable Dumplings - MYR4

Steamed Fish Balls - MYR3

Pork Congee with salted egg & Century Egg - MYR5

Sweet potatoes ginger dessert - MYR4 - the ginger is very strong, my friend was sweating after drinking this. We did not order the braised peanuts but did not reject it when it was served so it was charged to us at MYR3.

The full spread - Total Bill came up to MYR42.90 after 10% service charge and 6% gov. tax

The complete special menu. Please click on it to see the items.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S. Wine

Today I accompanied my friends to the Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri at Jalan Sri Hartamas 1 to renew their passports. We reached there at 10 am and by 12 noon, the process was completed and they have collected their new passports - it was quick - just 2 hours! Then we headed to Publika, Solaris Dutamas across the road for lunch.

We walked right to the end of Ben's Independent Grocer supermarket and ate lunch at S. Wine, a place that serves mainly pork dishes. This place is owned by the same group that owns Plan B.

The English Fry Up - MYR39 - big breakfast with 2 fried eggs, butter, toasts, applewood smoked pork bacon, grilled roma tomatoes, arugula pork sausage, sauteed button mushrooms, house-made baked beans served with coffee or tea and fresh orange juice. Decided to share this as the portion is big. Normally non-pork places use beef bacon so that is why we chose this dish because of the pork bacon.

The fresh orange juice and coffee included in the big breakfast meal. There is a slice of biscotti provided with the coffee.

Sloppy Piggy Burger with Mexicana Pulled Pork - MYR28 - pork burger slopped with Mexicana pulled pork on a brioche burger bun, served with coleslaw and fries with a capers, onion condiment which I like as it is very appetising.

The Mexicana pulled pork unveiled on top of the thick pork patty.

Cross section of the pork patty

Close up - juicy

5 Spiced Roast Pork Belly - MYR22 - chinese style crispy pork belly served with Japanese cucumber and Pineapple Chili sauce.

Close up of the layered pork belly - Juicy! 

Side Entrance

Main Entrance


Name sign - like Broadway lights 

Total Bill came up to MYR103.25 inclusive of 6% gov. tax and 10% service charge.