Tuesday, May 31, 2022

5 Compartments Bento Box

On Tuesday 31.may.22, went out to buy food for the Elderlies and ourselves.

11.10 am - received the two bento boxes bought on shopee so took them out for a spin. Bought chap fan from two different coffee shops.

*** Golden Chopstick Sri Petaling ***

MYR 17 nett :
1. Pumpkin
2. Yin choy
3. Sardine
4. Choy Tam
5. Nam Yee Chicken
6. Stir Fry Gourd Mellon Strips
7. Broccoli + Capsicum

*** 126 Kopitiam Sri Petaling ***

MYR 17 nett:
1. Potatoes
2. Cloud ear fungus pork strips
3. A small portion of rice
4. Braised egg
5. Egg tofu
6. Deep fried pork strips coated with sweet sour sauce
7. Zhar Choy preserved vege

*** Summary ***

He ate his portion and the above portion is for my lunch. I kept some remaining chicken, pork and zhar choy for another day because it is too much food for me.

The bento box is quite big: 23 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm inclusive of handle and cover is the measurements for one box so one box can fit two pax portions of chap fan. The stainless steel tray can be removed from the bottom plastic container so they are easy to wash. Inclusive of delivery fees, the price is about MYR 47 for two bento boxes on shopee.  Will use one box for the Elderlies soon.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mustard Mayo Prawns

On Saturday 28.may.22, went out to buy dry pork trotter wanton noodles from BC&S coffee shop.

*** Canton Kitchen ***

5.20 pm - ordered these two appetising dishes from Canton Kitchen via Foodpanda because need to make one more order for this month to fulfill 10 orders to get 600 points which can be converted to MYR 6 minimum.

Dish 1 on top: 6 pieces of deep fried minced meat ball rolls with salted egg yolk inside them. Taste like siew yuk.

Dish 2 at the bottom: the name of this dish is salted egg yolk prawns but we couldn't taste the salted egg yolk in the gravy. The gravy is very flavourful and has mustard taste with mayo. There are 10 deshelled prawns with the shells on the tails intact. I like this dish.

After all discounts, each dish on average costs about MYR 17.95 inclusive of delivery. He says these two dishes seem to be those combination mini dishes served at the beginning of wedding banquets.

*** BC&S coffee shop ***

1. 2 packs of dry pork trotters wanton noodles at MYR 8.50 each for the Elderlies' lunch and his lunch. The gravy is a bit spicy and the taste of the star anise and cloves is quite light so it is not overpowering.

2. 3 deep fried sesame balls with lotus fillings and 1 deep fried dark sesame ball with dark sesame fillings at MYR 1.50 each. He prefers the lotus fillings so we won't buy the dark sesame fillings anymore. Gave two sesame balls with lotus fillings to the Elderlies for their teatime.

3. There are some new stalls. One is selling pastry and one is selling economy rice so we bought food from both of them. 2 siew baos and 2 egg tarts for MYR 9.40 in total.

4. From the economy rice stall:
1. Two pax portions of chye choy which is toong hoon, napa cabbages, bean curd sheets, wood cloud fungus in nam yee gravy.
2. 1 pax portion for:
1. Celery
2. Egg tofu
3. Choy poh omelette
4. Dark soy sauce potatoes
Total price is MYR 12 so it means one pax portion of vegetable is MYR 2 I guess.

*** Swee Hing coffee shop ***
1. Dry pork knuckle wanton noodles at MYR 9 for comparison. It has more meat, not spicy at all and the taste of star anise and cloves is strong in the gravy. He ate this Mee for dinner.
2. 1 piece of ccf, 4 brinjals ytf, 2 bitter gourds ytf, 1 piece of bean curd sheet ytf with brown sauce mix curry gravy at MYR 14.4 for the Elderlies' lunch after we have taken 2 brinjals ytf and 1 bitter gourd ytf.
3. One pack of two pieces of bingka ubi MYR 2.30 which I ate all.

*** Dinner ***

The elderlies requested for these two fish rice dishes for their dinner. We ordered it to be sent directly to them at MYR 24.10 inclusive of delivery fees so it is a very good price.

4.48 pm - my dinner of the previous day's hand torn pan Mee from swee hing  I ate them cold without soup direct from the fridge. The soft doughy pan Mee taste like doughy kuih so I like them a lot when cold.

Friday, May 27, 2022

Seller Prefers Flat Container

On Friday 27.may.22, went out to buy dry pork trotter wanton Mee at BC&S coffee shop but it is only sold on Saturday and another undetermined weekday so Saturday will need to go out again to buy it.

*** Golden Chopstick Sri Petaling ***

10.20 am - bought a new 304 stainless steel container 2800 ml so trying it out by buying economy rice with it:
1. Soy sauce potatoes slices
2. Mustard Green
3. Pumpkin
4. Okra
5. Broccoli+yellow capsicum
6. Nam Yue meat slices
7. 1 sardine fish
8. Curry potatoes + 1 piece of pork skin
9. Small portion of rice
The seller doesn't know how to calculate the price because this stall is self service so simply say MYR 20 and then regret it so I say charge more then but was asked to bring flat container next time for seller to see the dishes taken. There is no issue with Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop because the staff scoop the dishes for customers, not self service so the staff knows what is in the container.

After hearing the seller said a flat container is preferred, bought another bento box stainless steel container with 5 compartments so can take 5 dishes but my friend says is small and suggests tiffin carrier which I have but I don't like it with containers being stacked up since I prefer to hold just one container to buy chap fan and not multi tiers containers.

Another view.

This container is deep since its capacity is 2800 ml.

Bought from shopee. After all discounts, the price is about MYR 22 each inclusive of delivery fees.

*** BC&S coffee shop ***
1. Dry char siew wanton Mee MYR 7.50

*** Frozen food grocery shop ***
1. 4 sweet red bean bak Chang MYR 3 each

*** Swee Hing coffee shop ***
1. Cold cham drink MYR 3.20
2. Siew Bao MYR 2.30
3. Egg tart MYR 2.30
4. Kaya puff MYR 2
5. Pan mi hand torn soup MYR 8
6. Pork yimi soup MYR 8

Thursday, May 26, 2022

No More

On Thursday 26.may.22, ordered lunch for the Elderlies and ourselves using Foodpanda.

12.09 noon - mcd burgers from McD Sri Petaling. Ordered using Foodpanda. bought shogun and samurai burgers but they are not available so McD just automatically replaced the burgers with customised burgers.

Double shogun chicken burger is replaced by double McChicken burger with a fried egg. Beef samurai burger is replaced by spicy double beef with cheese burger.

On average, one item is about MYR 17.41 inclusive of delivery. Feeling a bit pinched since the food was replaced.

Lunch for the Elderlies and him. 3 packs of prawn Mee soup from happy prawn Mee at an average of MYR 11.63 each inclusive of delivery. Tasty but one elderly says too spicy although didn't put any chili belacan sambal paste into it so will buy another type of noodles for this elderly next time.

Pandamart delivery for gardenia wholemeal bread for the Elderlies.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


On Wednesday 25.may.22, ordered food from Lan Jie eatery for ourselves for the whole day because there is one remaining free delivery from Foodpanda for this month so used it for a further away eatery.

12.19 noon - ordered 4 dishes from Lan Je aka Lan Jie aka Lan Chey eatery in Taman Tan Yew Lai using Foodpanda. These four dishes are for both our lunch and dinner.

12.20 noon - 6 big deep fried prawns with shells and heads intact. The prawns are coated with salted egg yolk so they are very flavourful with crispy shells and with prawns roes in their heads.

3 prawns each.

After I ate all the shells and heads.

This small prawns tofu dish has really tiny prawns.

Only one big portion of rice for his lunch and dinner. I didn't eat any rice. Took me a few hours to eat all the fish meat cleanly off the bones so I don't think I will order fish on bones and prawns with shells intact ever again for myself no matter how delicious these two dishes are. I will just eat fish fillets and deshelled prawns.

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

LFC Sambal Sotong

On Tuesday 24.may.22, bought two shopeefood deliveries for the Elderlies' lunch and our meals for the whole day.

11.34 am - bought these two set rice from LFC and put in a few pieces of Sotong and a bit of sambal into the box with the fried chicken rice for the Elderlies' lunch. Just gave them the fried drumstick and rice. They like the drumstick with juicy meat and crispy skin.

Shopeefood delivery - LFC two rice set at MYR 25.30 nett inclusive of delivery fees.

Also bought the knuckle rice for the Elderlies. They like the thick pork skin on the knuckle but didn't eat all the meat so the remaining meat was discarded. Not going to buy this knuckle rice for them again. No point wasting food.

Previously the knuckle rice was placed in a plastic container. Now it is placed in a cardboard container which is more environmental friendly.

2.24 pm - couldn't eat all the sambal sotong because the portion is big with lots of gravy so put the remaining on top of a slice of bread to store in the fridge for another day.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Kon Jin Har Lok

On Monday 23.may.22, went to collect some sg and pg food gift from my friend at about 3 pm. Stopped by Kopitiam 95 Desa Petaling to buy dinner. Only a few stalls are still open.

*** Friday 20.may.22 ***

12.30 noon - He mentioned wanting to eat Kon Jin Har Lok aka pan fried prawns a while back so when I saw that Yan Kitchen was having PestaPanda promo and it has a similar dish, I placed an order for lunch. Also bought nam Yue chicken and one portion of rice.

There are 7 prawns with their shells intact. The ginger, shallots, thick soy sauce gravy is very flavourful and a bit spicy so this dish is delicious. The pieces of nam Yue chicken are tasty too with a bit of chicken skin deep fried until chewy chewy QQ. It took us 2 days to finish these two dishes.

MYR 10 off by using PestaPanda e-voucher.

2 pm - He ate 4 prawns and I removed the shells of the remaining 3 prawns before keeping them in the fridge. The next day, I mixed the gravy with Mihun and ate all of them. The gravy is quite spicy in some parts so I got into a coughing fit as the spiciness stung my throat but the dish is tasty.

*** Monday 23.may.22 ***

5.40 pm - we shared this braised pork knuckle rice and watercress ribs soup for dinner. I brought two containers to place the food when I went to buy this pork knuckle rice at MYR 13.90 nett and this watercress ribs soup without rice at MYR 10 nett at about 3 pm. They are from different stalls in Kopitiam 95 Desa Petaling. A good dinner.

1.18 pm - my lunch of my portion of mihun that he kept for me from his 3jc mihun breakfast. I added the remaining celery Cuttlefish with its gravy from Saturday Lan Chey eatery into the 3jc mihun soup and the taste turned into seafood mihun soup. A nice way to clear remaining food that is 2 days old.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream

On Sunday, 22.may.22, went to Taman Desa to buy food for ourselves.

*** Speedmart ***

After I read about this new ice cream by Nescafe, I have been looking for them but they are all sold out, even via their official online store on shopee, they are all sold out so when I went into speedmart to buy bread and saw them, I quickly bought one to try and shared it with him in the car.

10.49 am - Nescafe Cappuccino Ice Cream Stick. I think I bought it for MYR 4.30 from Speedmart but in the official online store in shopee, 12 Sticks, 85ml each costs MYR 54.00 nett. We like the rich coffee taste of this ice cream.

Cross section.

Paper packaging.

Made locally.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei ***

12.02 noon - must buy siew yuk when it is available so this is one portion of siew yuk. Price is MYR 10 nett. The skin is very crispy. We threw away the layers of fat. Next time I will request for lean meat.

A small portion of rice, one braised egg, okra, napa cabbages, long beans, and egg tofu for MYR 7 nett. Both of us shared this chap fan for lunch.

Also bought 2 packs of 3jc mihun soup at MYR 7.50 nett for breakfasts for the following two days and one pack of dry beef mix broad wanton noodles for his dinner at MYR 8.50 nett.

*** More food ***
1. 2 siew Bao and 1 egg tart from Sing Kee Kitchen at MYR 2.20 each 
2. Nasi Lemak with chicken thigh rendang and potatoes curry at MYR 11 from Sepetang coffee shop
3. 6 iced cham from Pakopi drinks truck at MYR 3.90 each for a total of MYR 23.40 nett

I will continue to look for the nescafe Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream sticks and buy a few sticks to store in the freezer at home. Tasty!😋

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Celery Cuttlefish

On Saturday 21.may.22, ordered two shopeefood deliveries for the Elderlies' lunch and dinner.

5.50 pm - our dinner from Lan Chey SteamFish. The two eggs dishes are shared with the Elderlies. He took half of each egg dish for the Elderlies when he went over to their place after his dinner. He requested for the celery Cuttlefish dish which is only available on shopeefood and not Foodpanda delivery and didn't share this cuttlefish dish with the Elderlies. There are many pieces of cuttlefish in the dish so half portion is kept for another day.

Steam Fish for the Elderlies so didn't open this container.

This photo is from Saturday 15.jan.22 for the Elderlies' dinner. The fish should look the same. The Elderlies love to eat this fish so we will buy it from their dinner once a month. We didn't buy this fish for ourselves because we don't want to manage the remaining soy sauce and the fish bones.

MYR 70 for a 4 pax dinner.

For the Elderlies' lunch, ordered the above two types of noodles using shopeefood. The Elderlies say they are ok with these two types of noodles so they went into the approved list.

Buy wholemeal gardenia bread from pandamart.

For offer items, the prices shown here are prices before discount. The offer price is lower.

Friday, May 20, 2022

McD Banana Pie

On Friday 20.may.22, ordered two Foodpanda deliveries.

1 pm - Mcd Ala Carte. GCB for his dinner. The 3 items are for me.

1.06 pm - felt like eating big Mac so bought one. The reason I like the taste of big Mac is due to the gherkins. Very appetising.

1.30 pm - cross section of McD banana pie. The fillings are made of real bananas. Taste almost similar to deep fried bananas.

Bought using Foodpanda delivery.

Ala Carte prices.

Sumo, Samurai, Shogun Burgers. All of them use Teriyaki Sauce. Next week I will buy the Shogun burger.