Friday, December 31, 2021

Seafood noodle Joo Hing

Friday 31.dec.21, we stayed at home the whole day.

8.13 am - seafood hor fun from Joo Hing shared by the two of us for breakfast. The prawns taste fresh. The soup tastes good too so I drank it all.

12.40 noon - nyonya laksa from the previous day bought from LimaPulo eatery. We shared this laksa for lunch.

Good price inclusive of delivery fees. Means MYR 8 nett each.

6.23 pm - his dinner pork Mee hoon from Joo Hing because I am still full. He couldn't finish the meehoon so we kept the remaining meehoon in the fridge.

Happy New Year 2022 to everyone!
May all your wishes be true in 2022!

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Limapulo Taman Shanghai

On Thursday 30.dec.21, the 3 of them went for the elderly eye checkup only to be told that it has been rescheduled to June next year so it is back home then.

*** His meals ***

12.12 noon - his lunch of nasi lemak fried chicken and iced coffee from Limapulo Taman Shanghai bundle set. I just ate a bit. The fried chicken is covered by a special gravy mix that taste like those used in Assam fish, very appetising.

Limapulo eatery serves nyonya cuisine I believe. We kept the nyonya laksa for the next day.

6.19 pm - his dinner of salmon don, our favourite dish from Brew House. I ate a bit.

I couldn't find any vouchers to use so have to pay the full price.

*** Elderlies Lunch ***

Delivered directly to the elderly. Feedback, the rice is too hard. The sweet sour pork is too hard as well. So I guess no more next time for them.

*** My meals ***

1.31 pm - the remaining beef broth in the fridge has solidified into jelly due to the tendons so I just ate it cold as jelly. Very nice.

1.42 pm - I ate all the remaining 4 pieces of beef.

2.47 pm - then I found out that he has kept some mihun chicken rice wine egg for me from his breakfast from the food bought from Good Taste yesterday so I ate that too. Still my favourite.

5.06 pm - there is some sambal remaining from the nasi lemak because he says it is too spicy for him so I ate all the sambal with a slice of bread. When the sambal is eaten with bread rather than rice, I discovered that it wouldn't taste so spicy.

7.16 pm - I waited until this late to eat the salmon, pickled ginger and rice he kept for me because I was very full from my continuous eating since 1.30 pm.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Kuan Soo Beef Noodles

On Wednesday 29.dec.21, we ate the remaining food bought yesterday and bought one food delivery from Good Taste.

12.49 noon - direct from the fridge, the beef broth has solidified to be like jelly and there are lots of leaf celery aka Nan ling celery aka daun sup on top of the kway teow or hor fun. He doesn't like to eat daun sup that much due to the strong taste. He prefers coriander aka cilantro.

1.16 pm - to loosen up the cake of cold kway teow or hor fun, I heat up the beef broth using the microwave and put the noodle cake inside and then pull the cake apart using a fork and a spoon.

1.19 pm - done, the noodles are loose.

1.24 pm - There are 6 pieces of meat tendon, 3 pieces of tendon, 2 pieces of beef balls, 2.5 pieces of radish, 1 piece tripe and 1 piece of an unknown item in the tendon beef noodles. This pack of tendon beef noodles costs MYR 21.90 and another pack of beef balls mihun costs MYR 14.90 nett.

1.28 pm - this is the unknown item. It doesn't look like beef. Do you know what it is?

1.29 pm - The top layer looks like a piece of skin and the texture is a bit hard and springy QQ.

1.29 pm - the texture is quite similar to meat but is much more springy QQ.

1.10 pm - the hardened beef oil, yellow like butter. Lucky for me that they are easy to remove from the broth in their solidified form.

1.04 pm - I bought another pack of noodles which is beef balls meehoon. There are 9 beef balls and one piece of radish. I kept 8 beef balls and half the tendon beef ingredients in the fridge for the next day. Too much for me to eat all in one single day as he doesn't want to eat these beef noodles.

The above two noodles are bought from this uncle kuan or kuan Soo stall in ICC Pudu Food Court.

11.22 am - his lunch of mihun from my beef noodles, Penang prawn Mee broth, pork balls from Good Taste and he added in the lettuce.

4.30 pm - ordered his dinner and the next day's breakfast. Nice that can still use the feastkv promo code to get MYR 8 off.

12.07 noon - I had to clear this little remaining bak kut teh portion from the fridge. As the bkt has solidified, I ate it cold. The bkt broth jelly is very tasty 😋

After googling for an answer, I think I know what the unknown item is. Please take a guess.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Steam Fish Slices Hor Fun

On Tuesday 28.dec.21 we ordered food from ICC Pudu Food Court delivery for the Elderlies and ourselves.

11.11 am - steam fish slices hor fun for lunch from ICC Pudu Food Court. Need to pour the broth into this container.

The broth is provided in a bag.

This dish is very appetising because it has two slices of lemon. The hor fun is nice and soft.

11.29 am - crispy popiah. The fillings are not as crispy as he expected them to be but I am ok with this popiah.

4.51 pm - prawn mi hun and yellow Mee for dinner. The broth is tasty and flavourful. The meat and prawns are nice and tender. One of the best prawn Mee that I have eaten.

12 noon - my lunch of my portion of steam fish hor fun, wine chicken mihun from Good Taste and popiah. I was very full after eating all 3 items.

Food for the Elderlies:
1. Penang prawn Mee
2. Petai ckt
They liked both dishes for lunch so these two dishes are in the list.

Monday, December 27, 2021

Same Experience

On Monday 27.dec.21, we stayed at home the whole day.

12.10 noon - his lunch of egg, two meatballs and rice from Good Taste Bukit Jalil, home blanched lettuce and remaining bkt from Friday.

He ordered item M05 from Good taste Bukit Jalil to experience what the elderly had for dinner the previous day. 

5.29 pm - item M05 preserved mustard leaves for dinner with rice. The meat in this dish is tough.

We picked up this order from Sepetang coffee shop on Sunday and kept it for Monday's breakfast.

8.45 am - the wanton noodles with 3 wanton dumplings bought the previous day for breakfast.

12.38 noon - my lunch of food that he kept aside for me. I didn't eat all the remaining bal kut teh because I was full so there is still a portion to be cleared the next day.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Sesame Sunflower Seeds Bread

Sunday 26.dec.21 is his turn to supply both lunch and dinner to the elderlies.

9.09 am - my breakfast of two slices of Gardenia Bonjour Le Classique Sesawhite With Sunflower Seeds and one mini tub of butter. Does the job.

How much butter do you use? I just use the whole mini tub to avoid keeping any remaining butter. This butter is from the hotel tea set which we didn't use.

10.49 am - Sepetang nasi lemak from taman desa with coconut rice, egg, long bean, tiny prawns, pork curry, no sambal, deep fried anchovies, peanuts and curry potatoes for MYR 9.50 nett.

We bought economy rice chap fan for the Elderlies lunch at a total of MYR 15 nett:
Pack 1 - petai minced meat, bitter gourd and egg tofu with rice. This combination got one like from one elderly.
Pack 2 - soy knot, cloud ear fungus zhar yuk, chopped up kai lan with rice. Feedback is the zhar yuk is too tough so no more zhar yuk next time.

Dinner delivered directly to the Elderlies from Good Taste Bukit Jalil by shopeefood. Feedback is that they are afraid to eat the preserved mustard green frequently because they think it will make their legs go weak so both these dishes are off the list. No next time.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Brownie Chips

Saturday 25.dec.21 is his duty day so it is lunch and dinner for the Elderlies.

Received this amazing gift. What a nice surprise.

We just ate one pack of brownie Chips. Very crunchy and tasty with the taste of dark chocolate and nuts.

The design of the packaging and tea towel 100% cotton is by local artist Yi Qing Gan:

You can read the story here:

Lunch for the Elderlies delivered directly to them from Fa Cai coffee shop in Sri Petaling via Foodpanda for a total of MYR 20.29 nett.

His dinner with the Elderlies. Steamed Fish is their favourite dish.

Shopeefood changed their delivery radius from 10 km to 8 km so Lan Je Steam Fish is no longer in the list so he has to use Grabfood to buy dinner for the elderlies.