Monday, October 25, 2021

Wat Tan Ying Yong

Monday 25.oct.21 is clear food day for us. We stay at home the whole day and ordered two food deliveries. Kid 1 and fav kid take care of the elderlies and provide pampers training. Cannot let go everything because will leak which happened during training 1. Have to let go just enough until don't feel the urge. Training for the occasion when go visit doctors and not enough time to reach a wash room.

12.21 noon - both of us clear the half steamed chicken bought on Friday by cooking it with goji berries and eating them with vit instant noodles. I must remember not to buy more than 1 pax meat per day because half a chicken took us 3 days to finish. Too slow because we don't eat much meat per day.

12.26 noon - I ate my only one remaining pizza from Friday.

12.37 noon - I microwaved the remaining long beans bought on Sun 10.oct.21, 15 days ago to clear it and ate them with my portion of instant noodles and chicken breast meat.

5.32 pm - both of us shared this wat tan ying yong bought from Tastylicious Dim Sum which don't serve pork. Wat means silky smooth. Tan means egg. Ying yong means Mandarin duck which means well matched. In this case is mix kway teow and Mee hoon which is a good combination because they taste good together so call them ying yong. Wat tan ying yong is in Cantonese which means kway teow and Mee hoon stir fried in silky smooth egg drops gravy.

5.40 pm - the previous two times I didn't get to eat this lo Mai Kai from Tastylicious Dim Sum eatery so this time I buy it again to taste it. I prefer it to be less salty. I ate half and kept half in the fridge for another day.

5.53 pm - bought some ytf - vegetables stuffed with fish paste from Fatty Mok eatery.

Tue 26.oct.21 6.26 am - the meat balls Mee hoon soup bought in the evening from fatty mok eatery is for his breakfast the next morning because he likes to eat hot soupy food early in the morning.

4.54 pm - used up the final 12 of 12 pandapro free delivery for this month subscription and used the refund voucher for delivering different bread to buy food as dinner from Tastylicious Dim Sum eatery.

5.10 pm - bought this Mee hoon for his breakfast the next day so might as well buy a few fish paste stuffed vegetables. Eatery is within walking distance so the delivery fees is a little only. 

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Dangerous Buffer

 On Sunday 24.oct.21, we went to buy bread and fruits and drop them off at the gate of my friend's place at about 10 am then it was stay home the rest of the day. The elderlies are enjoying the company of fav kid and kid 1 on this day so it is a day off for kid 3.

This is how to administer the self testing. Please don't eat, drink or brush teeth 30 minutes before the test.

More info from this url:

Warning: The buffer solution is very dangerous. Please be extra careful with it.

I found this info at:

"The provided Buffer Bottle contains <0.1% sodium azide as a preservative which may be toxic if ingested. If you get buffer solution into your eyes".

Wonder if the Beright buffer contains the same ingredient. Whatever it is, please be extra careful when handling the buffer solution.

The items in the test kit box.

12.10 noon - my portion of pumpkin congee from Joo Hing coffee shop to eat with the remaining chicken from Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice stall.

6.13 pm - our shared dinner of meat Mee hoon from Joo Hing coffee shop. It is not the type he likes as this Mee hoon has a very strong deep fried garlic bits and garlic oil taste so not going to order it again.

11.06 am - ordered this one item for pick up and the pick up price is much lower than the usual price.

Arranged Lalamove to pick up both items from different stalls in Joo Hing coffee shop in OUG as the stalls are setup separately in Foodpanda so Foodpanda deliveries would mean two Foodpanda riders which imho is a waste of resources so I prefer to order pickup and get Lalamove to pick the orders up for me by one rider. Save on the resources.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Crispy yet Fluffy

On Saturday 23.oct.21, we pre ordered pumpkin porridge lunch delivery for the trio the day before and then at nearly 4 pm, he went over to cook and drink ABC ribs soup and have a mini family gathering after his self administered saliva test is -ve. Did the test because we received a sms message saying the following which we agree with it:

"Sayangi keluarga. Ambil ujian kendiri sebelum berangkat menziarahi keluarga. Jangan bawa jangkitan kepada insan yang tersayang."

As for me, I am still not taking off the double masks outside my house and car due to being super cautious so no dining out with anyone. The elderlies are so very euphoric with fav kid living with them now that I dread to think of how they would feel when it is time for fav kid to fly off. The feeling of void would be deeper and darker than all abysses that ever exist.

*** Friday 22.oct.21 ***

On Friday 22.oct.21 12.26 noon, I bought this regular pizza hut new hand crafted crust light and airy hawaiian supreme because I like to eat pineapple though chicken meat is my backup meat type and can only managed to eat one slice.

On Saturday 23.oct.21 around 4 pm, I ate another 4 slices direct from the fridge and they were so tasty that eating them was so satisfying. Kept one slice for the next day. I could eat pizza everyday. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€

Pizza always have this default discount amount. I wonder why.

I ordered this pizza because I am curious about the new hand crafted crust which is said to be light and airy.

Crisps outside and airy soft inside - this is the description that tempted me to try it.

*** Saturday 23.oct.21 ***

3.20 pm - He did this saliva test before going over to cook and drink soup with the elderlies and fav kid. This saliva test kit costs MYR 13.80 nett.

On Friday 22.oct.21 night, we pre ordered this pumpkin porridge to be sent to the elderlies on Saturday 23.oct.21 at 11.45 am. This proves that the scheduling system works in Foodpanda.

1 pm - picked up this for lunch when I went to the pharmacy to buy the saliva test kits.

1 pm - also ordered this yee Mee for sunday's breakfast and the king chou bing that literally means super great ice which tastes like very thick Milo. I couldn't taste the coffee. πŸ˜‚

Sunday 24.oct.21 7.22 am - the yee Mee with belly slices and fish paste aka Yu wat for breakfast shared by two pax. Decent enough with yee Mee that is a very flavourful noodle even on its own.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Bayker Chocolate Cakes

Friday 22.oct.21 is a stay at home day for us with 4 deliveries.

1.44 pm - received these two chocolate cakes.

12.47 noon - bought from Bayker, Sri Petaling because he suddenly sent me this review to read:

So buy for him to eat. Ordering is easy, just follow the steps on their website:

2.01 pm - rich moist chocolate cake made with 3 different types of chocolate, Abinao 85%, Guanaja 70% and Caraibe 66% with no preservative and essence added. The name is Bayker Original at MYR 95 nett.

1.52 pm -  This rich chocolate cake is not that sweet and is made with 2 different types of chocolate, Sao Palme 75% and Felcor 52% with no preservative and essence added. The name is Bayker Classic at MYR 55 nett.

9.17 am - add instant noodles to the remaining bkt from the previous day for breakfast.

9.59 am - my portion of bkt noodles and additional enoki mushrooms. The noodles are mixed with remaining meat liver Mee hoon.
10.47 am - bought bread using Pandamart because the MYR 10 voucher is going to expire soon. They gave gardenia brand and wheatgerm bread to me instead of wholemeal bread so I reported it and received a voucher as compensation.

11.02 am - he requested for steamed chicken so ordered from Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice again. We cannot specify which parts of chicken for the chicken rice so I just order half a chicken so that we get half of all parts.

12.03 noon - I also bought siew yuk and char siew rice with one added braised egg and lots of cucumber. His comments are the siew yuk is cut into too small pieces, the char siew is not the type he likes so I guess not going to order this rice again. I ate 20% and cleared this rice.

12.03 pm - part of the steamed chicken. It is a bit bloody so he poured hot soup over it. The chicken is quite big in size so the meat is a bit matured and a bit tough.

7.45 pm - my dinner of microwaved brinjal and 6 long beans with two slices of bran wheatgerm bread. He ate bread and bakwa for his dinner.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Love Rose Peach Ice Cream

Thursday 21.oct.21 is our stay at home day where we just order food delivery for his dinner and also to be sent directly to the elderlies for lunch.

2.17 pm - what a pretty rose. Tasty too. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹For those who loves the subtle taste of rose and peach. Inside the cone, it is vanilla ice cream with chocolate in the middle.

2.16 pm - walls love Rose Peach flavoured Cornetto ice cream. I bought it via shopee online from the official walls e-store because couldn't find it in 7-11 stores.

Wed 20.oct.21 1.55 pm - received the ice cream in two free cooler bags delivered by the ice cream truck. They will call to ensure the recipients are at home so that the ice cream could be stored immediately in the fridge upon delivery.

Also bought top ten ice cream sticks. They are sold in two flavours - Chocolate or vanilla.

I am not sure he will eat this rose ice cream or not. If not, then they are all for me ! πŸ˜‹

7.08 am - we shared this bowl of beef tendon noodles with added daikon bought the previous day from ICC Pudu for breakfast. Very tasty!
11.51 am - this dry curry wanton noodles is also from ICC Pudu bought the previous day. He ate it for lunch and said it is too spicy for him.

1.14 pm - I finally ate all the remaining pizza  that I bought 3 days ago on Monday. Still very yummy! Ate them cold direct from the fridge.

11 am - ordered a big lunch for the Elderlies and fav kid to give the kid ζ΄—ε‘΅ aka sai can in Cantonese. Literal meaning is wash dust which means give a welcome meal for someone who has travelled from another place. Too much meat so there are remaining duck meat and siew yuk.

4.30 pm - ordered this for his dinner. Have remaining meat, tofu puff and enoki mushrooms for the next day. Only the rice is all eaten.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

EasyEat again

Wednesday 20.oct.21 is a happy day for the elderlies because with the recent update to the quarantine rules, their favourite child can be together with them earlier which is today, Wednesday. Kid 1 sent lunch over to the elderlies so we stay at home all day and it drizzles on and off the whole day.

*** ICC Pudu Food Court ***

12.11 noon - Penang koay teow thng with prawns at MYR 14.90 from Teochew Steamed Hor Fun stall. This photo is before the soup is poured into the container. The prawns are fresh so they are tasty.

1.55 pm - nasi lemak kapitan chicken from Malaysian Signature Food stall at MYR 11. I forgot to specify no Sambal so I had to eat the mild spicy sambal all by myself. The kapitan chicken tastes good.

We ordered more food from ICC Pudu using EasyEat platform again.

4.19 pm - when it has stopped raining, we quickly order bread to be delivered directly to the elderlies with their favourite wasabi snack. Use a MYR 8 voucher that is going to be expired soon for Pandamart so is a good buy. Just after receiving this delivery, it started to drizzle again so it was a good break.