Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WT Cafe Eleven

Auckland posts: The only work day lunch in a nice cafe http://www.cafeeleven.co.nz/. This was what I ordered. I think this is Beef Stroganoff served with pasta from their daily special menu.

My colleagues ordered the following two dishes: Oatmeal Pancakes with grilled bacon, cinnamon, maple syrup and banana - NZD12.50 (about MYR34.15 now). A sweet and savoury dish. They served the banana with its skin intact and I believe some people eat the banana skins/peels too and according to a google search, banana peels/skins can be eaten.

The Grill - local pork sausages, crispy bacon, home made hash, whole baked Portobello Mushroom, grilled tomato and eggs any style (the style chosen here: poached eggs) with Sourdough bread - NZD 18.50 (about MYR50.50 now).

Monday, May 30, 2016

WT Not Tasty

Auckland posts: For one lunch, my local colleagues decided to go to an international food court. I did not know what to order and then decided I better eat some vegetables so I ordered stir fry mix vegetable with tofu from a Thai stall with plain rice and this was served. Not what I expected. Too much black sauce and the vegetables are under cooked, too hard for my teeth. I forced myself to finish the food because vegetables are good for me.

Delicious Link International Food Court

Interior - what a traditional look

Sunday, May 29, 2016

WT Roast Duck

Auckland posts: Someone was so happy to see roast duck chinese style that it is a must order! NZD10 (about MYR27.30 now). Hhhmmm, tasty!

This is the stall called Fu-u Roast & BBQ (富瑶烧腊 Fù yáo shāo là) that sells all sorts of meat roasted in Chinese style at the Northcote Food Court, Auckland.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

WT locals

Auckland posts: Northcote Community

Chinese shops

Large sidewalk

Friday, May 27, 2016

WT Noodle Canteen

Auckland posts: Chinese food again from another eatery named Noodle Canteen. Stirfried seafood with plain white rice.

A pot of Chinese tea.

Noodle Canteen - acceptable Chinese food, not our first choice of Chinese eateries here.

Wanton Noodle Soup - NZD11 (about MYR30.25 now). The taste was acceptable enough.

Seafood Fried rice takeaway to eat in the inn where we stayed.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

WT Coffee Club

Auckland posts: We ate dinner at the Coffee Club (a chain cafe) http://www.thecoffeeclub.co.nz/ twice to make use of the promotion where we will get the 2nd main meal foc when we pay the full price for the 1st main meal with two full price beverages. For both visits, I ordered the Beer Battered Fish and Chips that comes with salad and tartare sauce - NZD 19 (about MYR51.85 now).

I ordered this again on our 2nd visit because of all the items on the menu, I like this best.

Earl Grey Tea - NZD4 (about MYR11 now) and a Flat White Coffee (small) - NZD4.10.

Calamari Salad - Panko crumbed calamari dusted with lemon pepper. Served with coleslaw, roasted capsicum, cucumber, crispy shallots and a thai basil dressing. NZD19. Taste like Thai food.

BBQ Pulled Pork Burger - NZD19.50 (about MYR53.25 now). With succulent pork and a honey mustard slaw with chips. Quite delicious.

The Pulled Pork Burger is a new item.

The Coffee Club

Modern looking cafe

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WT Chinese Restaurant

Auckland posts: As it was winter, we wanted to eat piping hot soupy food to keep ourselves warm. The food items below were from two visits to the same place.

Braised Beef Tendon Noodle - NZD11 (about MYR30.25 now)

A closer look. Tasty!

Pickled cabbage with pork casserole (with rice) - NZD12.50 (about MYR34.35 now). A lot of cabbage which was fine with us but the portion of rice was too much.

I think I ordered beef and carrot dumplings - NZD11 (about MYR30.25 now). Just the way I like them with thick doughy skins.

Beef with Vermicelli Casserole - NZD12.50 (about MYR34.35 now). The menu says vermicelli but the noodles are glass noodles so I think some places refer to glass noodles as vermicelli.

Recommended items in the menu written on the blackboard. I noticed that the Malaysia Fried Noodle is listed there with the price NZD13 (about MYR35.75 now). No, we did not order that as we aimed for food in hot soup.

I thought I did not take any photos of the eatery so here are two photos from zo ma to to remind me of how the shop looks like. The name used to be 八福餐廳 (Bā fú cāntīng), Auckland. The interior was like the above when we were there but the exterior was a bit different as per photo below which I found later in my stash of photos. The chinese food here tastes authentic to me.

New name: 赖客小吃 (Lài kè xiǎo chī) with a generic English name - Chinese Restaurant and Takeaway. I found this photo later.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WT Cafe Melba

Auckland posts: During the weekend, we ate brunch at a cafe. Food looks and tastes much, much better than here. Price was much higher too but since we were in another country, we just gave ourselves a treat but still we kept the cost of each meal for a person to be less than NZD25.

I ordered from the "Get Fit Fast" section in the menu: Selva’s Salmon – smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, spinach and kumara (sweet potato) - NZD20 (about MYR 55.50). I gave the bacon to my brunch partner.

Melba Grill: bacon, bratwurst sausages, hashbrown, mushrooms, vine tomato and eggs any style on organic grain toast. Sunny side up eggs were selected. See how thick the butter is. I think the tomatoes were missing but we didn't notice it at that time. NZD20 too. Which meal would you prefer?

Flat White (small cup) - NZD4 (about MYR11)

External view of the cafe. Website: http://www.cafemelba.co.nz/

Monday, May 23, 2016

WT Snacks and Breakfast

Auckland posts: We chose not to have breakfasts at the small inn as breakfasts are not included in the room rates so we bought these snacks from the local supermarket for us to line our stomachs when we get hungry in our rooms. Cereal bars to keep hunger at bay. The inn charges NZD16 (about MYR44.30 now) per head for a breakfast of coffee, bread and cereal, no warm cook-to-order meals at all so no big breakfast.

Not-so-healthy Cup a Soup: Tomato, Chicken Noodle and Spring Vegetable. Just mix the powder with hot water. Taste so-so but anything hot and savoury is good in winter.

Bread and Peanut Butter, Fruits: Golden Kiwi Fruits and Oranges.

Vogel's Original Mixed Grain bread. This loaf of bread is heavy and it turned bad (moldy) after a few days which shows that no preservatives are used. This brand has many types of bread as shown by this web page: http://www.vogels.co.nz/our-range/bread/

Most days I would start the day with a cup of hot cadbury chocolate drink to keep me warm.

Sometimes a drink is not enough so I will eat a cereal bar.

On days that I prefer to have a savoury hot drink, I would mix a pack of the soup powder with hot water to get a cup of  spring vegetable soup for breakfast.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

WT Plane Eats

Auckland posts: In-flight meals - cold cuts - beef slices with beans salad. The beef slices smell awful but taste ok and I am fine after eating them.

I don't remember what meat this is that is served with noodles.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

WT Half eaten

Auckland posts: We were told that the fish and chips from this Fish Shop is very tasty but there are many choices of fish available and we do not know which to choose. In the end we selected cod fish although we noticed other customers buying other types of fish.

I forgot to take a photo of the fish and chips before we tucked in. I still feel that the fish and chips I ate in UK is more delicious.

Friday, May 20, 2016

WT other lunches

Auckland posts: Other than Pita Pit, our other lunches are these: Takeaways from McD. I ordered a McWrap with an add-on apple pie about NZD10 (about MYR27.30 now). The single McWrap costs NZD8.90 and the add-on apple pie costs an extra NZD 1 making it NZD9.90.

Chicken & Spicy Mayo Wrap. It is not spicy at all. Does it look better than the ones here?

The packaging

Top up NZD1 (about MYR 2.75 now) to get an apple pie which I did. The apples came from their local orchards.

On other days, lunch was from Subway though I prefer the pita wrap from Pita Pit.

I think this is a chicken subway sandwich.

I requested for all vegetables to be included in my subway sandwich.

On certain days, lunch would be sushi! One pack is about NZD10 (about MYR27.30 now). I just love to eat these salmon and avocado rolls.

I prefer the two previous packs to this pack with an assortment of rolls - lettuce and avocado rolls and I think there are two pieces with unagi in them.

Once we went to a nearby small Japanese eatery called Sushi Factory and I ordered Prawn Tempura Udon - NZD10.90 (about MYR29.75 now) because I wanted to eat some piping hot soupy food due to the fact that it was winter and I was cold most of the time despite wearing inner thermal wear and outer winter jacket.