Monday, February 28, 2022

Frozen Peeled Prawns

On Monday 28.feb.22, he cooked frozen tiger prawns, wa wa vege, tong hoon and coriander for lunch.

10.21 am - he cooked this prawn tong hoon dish with cooking wine and ginger. Very tasty! Wa wa vege is baby napa cabbages that I bought using Pandamart.

There are 12 frozen Peeled tiger prawns in the Atlantis IQF Prawn Meat Tiger selling at MYR 15.99 nett after members discount. List price is MYR 18.90 nett. The prawns are very tasty with a firm texture. I like it so will definitely buy it again if there is a discount.

On Sunday 27.feb.22, I popped into DeMarket supermarket very quickly in the morning and bought some items especially green tea. Saw these frozen products at a discount for members so quickly download and install the hp app and register to join as member to get the discounts. Free membership.

Please click on the above receipt to view a larger image.

The names of the frozen seafood.

The bag of smallest prawns costs MYR 8.99 nett after discount from MYR 12.50 nett.
The bag of larger white prawns costs MYR 17.90 nett with no discounts and is known as vannamei prawns aka Whiteleg shrimp. He will be cooking this prawn next week so that we can compare the taste with the tiger prawns.

Today is the last day to use the hotdeals promo code in grabfood so ordered this nasi lemak and fried squid from nasi lemak bamboo to get MYR 12.50 off. He ate it for dinner but couldn't finish the squid and whole chicken leg because I didn't eat it at all since I am still full from lunch. I hope grab would continuously have this hotdeals promo for selected eateries since we don't want to go out so will order delivery frequently.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Hooked Cooked Tumiies

On Sunday 27.feb.22, we went to Taman Desa as usual and bought food from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop and coffee from Pak Kopi food truck.

*** Friday 25.feb.22 ***

To complete a challenge, I have to buy food from a pandavip eatery. So I bought a set of quarter meal from Kenny Roasters using Foodpanda and pandavip promo code but it didn't show that the challenge is activated. So I bought fish and chips from Hooked and Cooked Tumiies and the challenge is activated. 

That was how I ended up with a lot of food for myself on Friday because he prefers to eat soup and rice rather than food with butter taste. I ate these two sets of food for 3 days from Friday to Sunday. The french fries are still in my fridge to be eaten on Tuesday.

1.08 pm - Kenny Roasters quarter meal with a piece of chicken breast, muffin and the 3 side dishes I chose are potatoes, macaroni cheese and corns carrots which I like. I also bought a piece of fried chicken to reach the minimum amount required to use the pandavip promo code.

He ate the fried chicken thigh to help me and he said it is slightly spicy with paprika taste. So it is acceptable.

The fish and chips taste ok but the batter is not crispy anymore which is to be expected. I also bought a fish wrap to reach the minimum amount required. The chips have a bit of cheese Taste as if cheese powder has been sprinkled on the chips. The tartar sauce has tiny bits of gherkin in it so it is sourish and appetising.

The packaging.

2.12 pm - this coleslaw is acceptable but the mayo is kind of gooey so it is not as crunchy. I think there is only carrot and cabbage in this Coleslaw.

2.49 pm - Sat 26.feb.22 - I ate this whole big fish wrap and was very full after that. It has many pieces of deep fried fish in it with the gooey coleslaw. No green vegetables at all. Too much for me, such a big wrap.

Two times discount because of the pandapro membership.

Another two times discount due to pandapro membership.

*** Sunday 27.feb.22 ***

12 noon - food from Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop. Siew yuk at MYR 10 and economy rice at MYR 9 for a small portion of rice, long bean, one braised hard boiled egg, soyknot, egg tofu, brinjal, and cauliflower broccoli. I also bought a pack of 3jc soup mihun at MYR 7.50 nett for Monday's breakfast.

11.41 am - kuih ketayap at MYR 1 nett per roll and a bag of ondeh ondeh at MYR 2.50 for a bag of 6 ondeh ondeh. Also bought nasi lemak chicken masak merah at MYR 6 nett from this road side stall.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Beef Hor Fun Dim Sum House

On Saturday 26.feb.22, we provided breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Elderlies.

1.30 pm - I ate a bit of stir fried radish cake and beef Hor fun. He ate the beef Hor fun for lunch and lor Mai Kai for dinner. The stir fried radish cake is kept for the next day. I mainly ate remaining food from the previous day.

I find the beef Hor fun to be very tasty. Thanks to NuxV for recommending it. The slices of beef are tender and there are slices of onions and green capsicums in this dish. The stir fried radish cake is very flavourful and the cubes of radish cake have less flour and more radish.

8.17 am - we gave 2 siew Mai, 2 teochew Mai, 2 prawn Mai, 2 char siew Bao and 2 egg tarts to the Elderlies for their breakfast.

I didn't check the list before ordering so ended up with two sets of prawn Mai. They are nice to give me a free pastry because I think I bought a lot of items. Both of us shared the sliced pork century egg congee which is tasty and easy for me to eat, just need to swallow with very little chewing required.

Then I buy gardenia wholemeal bread from pandamart for the Elderlies.

This is the Elderlies' favourite prawn noodles so we bought it for their lunch and have it delivered directly to them.

It was raining in the evening. Luckily there was a break and we ordered dinner to be delivered directly to the Elderlies. Hot soup for their dinner on a rainy evening and also the pork knuckles that they approved of. Used hotdeals promo code for MYR 12.50 off the total price.

This is the free gift from Dim Sum House with a nice hand written note.

What a thoughtful gesture. Dim Sum house food is tasty so I will definitely order from them again.

The free gift - one kaya puff.

I find it tasty so will order this kaya puff next time.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Fa Cai Steam Soup Rice

On Friday 25.feb.22, we ordered 3 food deliveries mainly because I want to complete one challenge in Foodpanda.

12.08 noon - his lunch and dinner from Steam Soup and Rice from Fa Cai coffee shop in Sri Petaling.

No promo code is applicable for this order. From the menus that are exactly the same, I believe the food is the same as the steam soup and rice stall in Desa Petaling.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Hire Katsu

On Thursday 24.feb.22, it was drizzling and raining on and off nearly the whole day. When there is a break, we ordered food delivery.

4.43 pm - early dinner of Hire Katsu set from Ma Maison The Sphere. Bought using hotdeals promo code on grabfood. Very tasty since it has been quite a few months since 15.jun.21 where we had a tonkatsu meal. I chose brown rice. I didn't buy extra gravy and sauces.

10.10 am - Lunch for the elderlies. I bought a large portion for both of us to share for lunch. The hor fun with a chicken thigh is the elderlies' favourite hor fun.

The price for the hire Katsu set after all calculations is MYR 27.25 nett.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Plum Sauce Pork Knuckle

On Wednesday 23.feb.22, we ordered food deliveries to make use of e-vouchers and promo codes.

6.06 pm - his dinner of plum sauce pork knuckle with rice. I tried a small piece of meat, very tender and flavourful - just a tinge of spiciness with dried squid umami and a bit of plum sauce sweetness.

We bought this dish for the Elderlies a few weeks ago and they said it is tasty so today we bought it to try for ourselves. True enough, the meat was tender, there are not much fats, just the thick soft skin for collagen goodness.

Thanks to PH who informed me that 50% off hotdeals are available again on grabfood that I get MYR 12.50 off the total amount.

In Foodpanda, there is an e-voucher that is going to reach expiry date so I quickly use it to buy a bag of bakwa from Hock Moon Hiong for him because he has finished eating all those bakwa bought for CNY.

1.06 pm - shared lunch of pork yee Mee from swee Heng bought on Tuesday. Haven't eaten this Mee for more than one month and glad to know that it tastes just as good.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Raw Beetroot

On Tuesday 22.feb.22, we went out to buy lunch for the Elderlies and food for ourselves.

Choy Kei coffee shop
1. 2 egg tarts, 1 kaya puff and 1 siew Bao about MYR 9.2

Kk mart
1. Gardenia Wholemeal bread MYR 3.6 for the Elderlies

Swee Heng coffee shop
1. Hainan char drink MYR 3.2
2.  2 x MYR 7.5 pork yee Mee soup
One pack is for the elderlies
3. Ling fish mihun soup MYR 14
4. Chicken feet mushrooms wanton noodles for the Elderlies MYR 7.5
5. Getuk getuk nyonya kuih MYR 2.3

Today I finally ate the 8 of 8 slice of pizza from 8 days ago and we ate all the remaining economy rice dishes from Sunday and remaining rice from Saturday lucky alley. I must buy less food everyday so that I don't need to eat one dish for so many days. 🤣😂

26.dec.21 bought these 4 beetroot for MYR 5 from a roadside vegetable stall.

Peeled them.

Eat one per day.

Just eat it like an apple. Takes a lot of chewing  and the taste is sweet and earthy.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Stay Home

 On Monday 21.feb.22, we stayed at home and just ate the remaining food from the previous days.

1 pm - our shared lunch of rice from Friday and economy rice dishes from Sunday. There is still one bowl of remaining petai minced meat mixed with kung Po chicken cubes in the fridge and one portion of cooked plain rice from Saturday. 

For dinner, I ate 7 of 8 slice of the pizza from Monday, one week ago. He ate one egg tart and one siew Bao from Sunday. So we didn't order any food on this day.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

6 dishes

On Sunday 20.feb.22, we went out to buy bread and lunch for the Elderlies and also food for ourselves.

As we have remaining plain cooked rice from Saturday and Friday, we just buy 6 dishes from the economy rice stall at Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop at MYR 18 nett: egg tofu, soyknot, petai minced meat, kung Po chicken cubes, broccoli and cauliflower vege dish and brinjal.

Summary of all the food we bought:
Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop
1. Economy rice stall 6 dishes MYR 18
2. Beef wanton Mee dry x 2 MYR 17
We gave one pack to the Elderlies for their lunch.
3. 3jc mihun x 2 MYR 15
We gave one pack to the Elderlies for their lunch.

Sing Kee Kitchen coffee shop
1. 2x2 siew baos and 2 egg tarts MYR 13.20 
We gave 2 siew Baos to the Elderlies for their teatime snack

Pak kopi food truck
1. Cham cold drink MYR 3.90
2. 3 layer coffee jelly cold drink MYR 5.90

Price has been lowered from the previous time I took this photo.

The rain just stopped so we bought back kut teh delivery to be sent directly to the Elderlies.

6 pm - we shared this beef wanton noodles for dinner from a stall in Tuck Tuck Tei Tasty so I may buy it again.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Yuan Taste Roast Chicken and Duck

On Saturday 19.feb.22, we went out to buy lunch for the Elderlies and food for the whole day for ourselves.

Lunch for the Elderlies from lucky alley: roast chicken, siew yuk and char siew.

Our lunch from the same stall: roast duck and siew yoke. I also bought one braised egg and one tofu. Total price is MYR 26 nett. This stall in lucky alley coffee shop is called Yuan Taste Roast Chicken and Duck. Of all the 4 types of roast meat from this stall, the duck meat tastes the best.

As usual, whenever we go out to buy food, we will buy a lot of food:

Lucky Alley coffee shop
1. Roast meat rice x 2 with side dishes MYR 26
2. Water cress vege ribs soup with rice x 2 MYR 20, one set is for the Elderlies
3. 5 x 1.8 ytf of 2 brinjals, 2 okras and 1 bitter gourd is MYR 9

Choy Kei coffee shop
1. Hainan Char drink MYR 3
2. 3jc soup mihun, 3jc soup kway teow MYR 14
3. Two ccf 2 brinjal ytf 1 bitter gourd ytf and 1 beancurd sheet for the Elderlies and
Two ccf 1 beancurd sheet, 2 fish balls and 1 meat ball for our lunch. Total price is MYR 19.80 nett.
4. 2 egg tarts x 2 and 1 kaya puff at about MYR 10.50 and we gave two egg tarts to the Elderlies for their tea time snacks.

Dinner delivery direct to the Elderlies. No feedback from them about these two rice meals so I guess it is no comment means acceptable.

Friday, February 18, 2022

Pedas Banana Leaf Curry Kitchen

On Friday 18.feb.22, he wanted to eat banana leaf rice and suggested banana bro but I found another eatery on Foodpanda and ordered from that eatery because the delivery fees are lower. Turns out to be very nice.

11.02 am - all the food ordered. Many types of tasty curry gravy and sambal that we didn't eat and just discarded. Oh, I feel so guilty doing so but then we can't eat spicy gravy and spicy sauces.

11.48 am - Banana Leaf Rice with curry mackerel aka tenggiri. Tasty and not too salty but must be careful not to eat those chili padi hidden in the vegetables.

The delivery fee is only about MYR 1 and there are two discounts so the today price is very good at MYR 20.59 only. The nasi lemak basmathi has very fragrant and light rice so we will definitely order it again.

He accidentally ate a chili padi and it was so spicy that he drank cold apple cider to get rid of the burning in his mouth. So our 3 cans of alcoholic drinks bought for CNY have been fully consumed.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

MD2 Pineapple

On Thursday 17.feb.22, we ordered food from ICC Pudu Food Court and he went over  to the Elderlies with their lunch.

*** ICC Pudu Food Court ***

10 am - pork kway teow from ICC Pudu Food Court. He likes the soup a lot and describes it as having a robust taste. The ingredients especially the livers are tender and juicy. The kway teow is soft, smooth and a bit springy. I prefer the previous day's kway teow of the Sabah Pork noodle which has more rice contents and not springy at all.

He prefers this type of pork soup with the fragrance of not-too-strong porky taste with a slight fragrance of soy sauce over pork soup that has a strong taste of garlic oil or tong choy aka preserved vegetables or sesame oil or just plain normal soup. So far only the pork noodles from this ICC Pudu Food Court and the Win Heng Seng coffee shop in Imbi fulfills his requirements.

The pork noodles soup from swee Heng coffee shop, Sri petaling has a strong sesame oil taste whereas the pork noodles soup from Sepetang coffee shop in Taman Desa has  tong choy aka preserved vegetables in it so it has the strong taste of tong choy so they are not his favorites though he often eats them. I hope we can find this type of pork noodle in an eatery nearer to our place.

Food ordered from ICC Pudu Food Court. The petai ckt and one pack of Penang prawn Mee are for the Elderlies' lunch. These two dishes are their favourites. Also gave them two kuih bakul and 2 bulbs of jackfruit to enjoy during their teatime.

6.21 pm - both of us shared this prawn noodles as dinner. The soup is very flavourful but I find it a bit too salty for me.

*** Pandamart ***

12.41 noon - he requested for fresh chempedak but I couldn't find any so I bought jackfruit from pandamart. There are about 8 bulbs in the container above. Sweet and firm.

12.43 noon - bought this peeled MD2 pineapple from pandamart.

According to this article:

"Compared to other pineapple cultivars, MD2 is better in several qualities. Among them are: uniform bright gold colour, sweeter taste, four- times Vitamin C content, lower fiber, lower acidity, thinner skin, smaller fruits at an average of 1.5 kg each, and longer shelf life."

2.32 pm - it is indeed sweet and juicy.

Bought gardenia bread for the elderlies from pandamart so bought fruits as well to reach the minimum spend amount required to use mart30 promo code.

*** Tuna ***

11.12 am - he made this tuna egg sandwich for me to use up all the tuna in the can and the remaining bread so I ate it for lunch. Taste good. I haven't eaten a tuna sandwich for a long long time until now.

*** To Watch or Not To Watch ***

My friend asked me whether I have watched the recommended drama and I said not yet. To convince me that it is worth watching, she sent me the following online review:

After reading the review, I am still thinking 🤔