Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tradisi Kopitiam Delivery

Today is Wednesday 30.jun.21 Day 2 of PPN phase 1. Yesterday we stayed home and ordered food delivery to eat with the remaining roast pork from Monday.

I launched the food panda app and it showed me a list of eateries in the panda box that will give more discounts the higher the amount ordered. I chose this eatery named Tradisi Kopitiam without knowing much about it and selected two dishes.

Later I googled and found out that this eatery is located on the same row of shops as Ming Yang coffee shop and Traditional Recipe Restaurant in Kuchai Lama. It is nearby so I received the food in no time at all.

11.42 am - we ordered this nasi lemak kosong aka dish 1 to eat with the remaining roast pork. Even for kosong, it has sambal, half a hard boiled egg, jiu hu char aka stir fried jicama, peanuts, cucumber and some deep fried strips of dough that could be mistaken for deep fried anchovies. They even gave a bag of curry gravy with 3 tofu puffs in it.

11.44 am - the remaining roast pork of 12 pieces are seared on the pan to heat them up to be eaten together with the Nasi Lemak kosong.

Still too much meat for lunch so kept some roast pork for dinner.

12 noon - mee jawa which is dish 2.

12.04 noon - both of us shared this Mee jawa but still there was a lot of noodles. Next time I will try ordering Mee jawa without the Mee.

5.30 pm - I ordered an add-on portion of coconut milk rice only at MYR 2 nett so both of us ate that rice with the bag of curry gravy with its tofu puffs and the siew yuk kept for dinner. Can u spot the siew yuk? So all siew yuk from Monday are cleared on Tuesday.

All the food delivered from Tradisi Kopitiam.

Total bill is MYR 27.40 nett after getting MYR 10 nett off for orders more than MYR 30 nett.

Food and drink packaging.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

The Barn Delivery

Today is Tuesday 29.jun.21 Day 1 of PPN or NRP phase 1. Yesterday, Monday 28.jun.21 we stayed home and ordered food delivery from two eateries via food panda and grab food.

For Monday's lunch, he ordered 3 main dishes from an eatery he saw on fb called Pork Fat Rules via grab food. Their insta says that they are a food delivery service that started operating in mid Dec 2020 and they serve the food from the Barn Wine Bar or The BAR°N restaurant in 5 malls: Midvalley Mall, Pavilion, Citta Mall, 1Mont Kiara Mall and the Waterfront at Desa Park City:

12.17 noon - top: ginger stir fry pork with rice; right: siew yuk aka roast pork; left: 6 skewers of pork satay in cardboard boxes. Satay peanut sauce and sambal are provided in plastic containers.

The food tastes decent, just what we expected them to be. A large portion of siew yuk is kept for the next day as there is just too much meat.

Paper bag delivered all the way from Pavilion Mall.

Pork Fat Rules - Total bill is MYR 58.40 nett after deducting MYR 12.50 nett for using Hotdeals promo code on the grabfood app.

Their logo is spot on, don't you agree?

Monday, June 28, 2021

Seaweed and Wasabi

 Today is Monday 28.jun.21 Day 14 of 14 (2) but there is no end in sight. Yesterday is our weekly grocery day where we buy and deliver groceries to both elderlies' door steps, didn't enter the houses.

One of the elderly requested for this Cashew nuts and macadamias snack in seaweed and Wasabi taste. This pack of 35 g costs MYR 4.30 nett from Giant supermarket and MYR 4.20 nett from Panda Mart.

Manufactured in Thailand.

11.50 am - we shared this brunch of economy rice aka chap fan MYR 7.50 nett from Tuck Tuck Tei, Taman Desa with Hainan char MYR 2.7 nett but round down to MYR 10 nett. Chap fan with less rice, soyknots, egg tofu, napa cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and curry potatoes chicken.

11.51 am - char siew rice from Sing Kee coffee shop. Costs about MYR 7 nett I think. I also bought 2 egg tarts and 2 siew Bao at MYR 2 nett each.

12.24 noon - I ate the remaining chap fan with the only one remaining broasted chicken drumstick from Wednesday sugar bun order and basmathi Brown Rice from Tuesday. Finally I cleared all the food that needed to be cleared.

Sunday, June 27, 2021


Today is Sunday 27.jun.21 Day 13 of 14 (2). Yesterday we went out for our weekly Saturday errand and bought food from friendship cafe and good taste eatery.

Sideview. I bought two LoMaiKai aka glutinous rice with chicken at MYR 4 nett each from Friendship cafe and hot hainan char at MYR 3 Nett. LoMaiKai is one of my favourite food but I don't have a specific favourite LoMaiKai, most LoMaiKai is acceptable to me.

4.40 pm - Top view. I removed the LoMaiKai from its aluminium foil container and placed it in a bowl on top of a slice of bread to prevent the sticky rice from touching the bowl.

There are only two pieces of chicken in the glutinous rice and no other ingredients. One piece of chicken breast meat and one wingette.

According to this url:

"...there are three parts to the wing. There is the wing tip (also called the flapper), the middle part is the wingette (also called the flap) and then the meatiest part is called the drumette."

Sat 26.jun.21 9.46 am - he ate the remaining portion of braised pork and egg bought on Thursday with instant noodles as breakfast. He also added vegetables to it. He kept some for me which I ate at 10.40 am.

3 pm - ordered food from Good Taste eatery to pickup. Total bill is MYR 30.95 nett. He ate the wanton noodles with fatty siew yuk.

6.30 pm - he ate this duck leg Mee hoon soup as dinner. I just ate the herbal pieces because I am still full from eating the LoMaiKai but I don't want the herbal pieces to be thrown away.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Four Salted Egg Yolks

Today is Saturday 26.jun.21 Day 12 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and eat the food we have in our fridge for the whole day.

I just want to make a note here about the 4 salted egg yolks moon cake that I bought in Aug last year for the moon cake festival in 2020. I finally ate it all in May this year. I must remember to buy only two this year and eat them on the moon cake festival day itself.

My favourite 4 salted egg yolks mooncake from Oversea restaurant.

I break apart the mooncake using my hands to check that the salted egg yolks are indeed whole egg yolks and that there are 4 of them inside one moon cake.

Sat 29.may.21 6.40 pm - I ate these two remaining pieces after dinner because they have been in my fridge for far too long and I must clear them. Can't put it off anymore. Taste the same as on the day that they were bought.

*** Food on Friday 25.jun.21 ***

7.48 am - his breakfast of 3jc Mee hoon in soup bought on Thursday from Lucky Alley, costs MYR 7 nett. He kept some Mee hoon for me which I ate at 1.30 pm. The Mee hoon is very soft which I like.

12.42 noon - his lunch of lucky alley's braised pork, braised egg rice MYR 11 nett because I added another braised egg. He added the siew bok choy vege to the rice. There is still half a portion of this braised pork in the fridge.

2.48 pm - I cleared the shabu shabu beef slices with brown basmathi rice and kimchi. 

6.30 pm - his dinner of rice with kimchi and he pan fried a piece of frozen salmon to go with the rice.

7 pm - he kept half the salmon for me so I ate it with 3 slices of rainbow sprouted bread. Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, June 25, 2021

Three days to go

Today is Friday 25.jun.21 Day 11 of 14 (2). Yesterday we went out in the morning to buy takeaway food for two days, Thursday and Friday.

10.30 am - shared brunch of seafood Mee hoon from choy kee coffee shop at MYR 8.50 nett. Didn't see any other customers there when I was there. Everyone was just sitting around waiting for customers to place order. Hopefully lunch time will be better.

In Choy Kee, each stall has displayed a lab report dated around 14.may.21 showing that they have been swabbed and given the clearance. Good to see they have been tested.

2 pm - my fish burger without mayo from Sugar Bun cold from the fridge. Yummy! I ordered two yesterday.

2.30 pm - His roasted duck breast meat with additional siew yuk at MYR 9.50 nett from Lucky Alley coffee shop.

7 pm - we ate bread, butter, jam and long time in fridge budget banana cake from Mighty White bought on Sunday 30.may.21 which is 26 days ago but it is still good to eat.

I was telling my friend that it seems that we are eating a lot of preservatives in food so will we be naturally mummified when we passed on instead of having to do the following:

"How To Turn Yourself Into A Mummy

In order to begin the self-mummification process, the monks would adopt a diet known as mokujikigyŨ, or “tree-eating.”..."

The above passage is copied from the url below:

10.10 am - while waiting for my takeaway food to be ready, I walked to the vegetarian grocery store to buy some frozen soy products but it was closed on Thursday. Then I saw this menu by Bacon and Balls eatery. Maybe one day I will order some sets to takeaway but I need to go out later at 12 noon since this board says 12 noon to 8 pm. Please click on the above photo to read the name of the dishes.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sugar Bun Delivery

 Today is Thursday 24.jun.21 Day 10 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and ordered Sugar Bun delivery. 

Back in 2016, we visited Sugar Bun at Menara Hapseng for lunch. At that time, they don't have fish burger on their kl menu so I didn't get to try it. Now I see that they have this item so I ordered it for lunch via the smartbite website.

12 noon - I requested for no mayo and no tartar sauce and my request was fulfilled. This is the fish burger without any sauce of any kind.

Cross section of the fish burger - the fish fillet is crispy on the outside with flaky meat on the inside.

Chicken burger ala carte. I requested for no cheese and no sauce of any kind.

Cross section. The texture of the  chicken patty is similar to chicken nuggets.

Broasted chicken set that includes rice, 2 pieces of chicken and pickled cucumber.

3 pieces of broasted chicken at MYR 11.60 only.
Biodegradable bag.

The total bill is MYR 49.10 nett with free delivery for orders MYR 50 and above.

*** Food cleared on Wed 23.jun.21 ***

8 am - his breakfast of Mee hoon in ABC soup.

12 noon - He blanched this plate of siew bok choy for lunch.

1 pm - I ate these 8 whole okras just as they are, without any sauces or dips. I ate them with their tops on.

1.30 pm  - I finished drinking this remaining ABC soup and ate all the ingredients in it. All cleared!

4.30 pm - both of us ate the remaining 10 durian seeds bought on Sunday from the freezer. Taste like durian ice cream. Total seeds are 30 for MYR 55 x 4 so it is about a little above MYR 7 per seed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Mixed Vegetables Curry

Today is Wednesday 23.jun.21 Day 9 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and he cooked mixed vegetables curry.

10.56 am - He used the remaining curry gravy from the Ah Weng Koh Chee Cheong fun bought on Saturday and the sambal from the Ah Weng Koh nasi Lemak to cook this mixed vegetables dish. Just 3 items - brinjals, okras and tomatoes.

11.16 am - I used the microwave to cook this basmathi Brown Rice.

11.23 am - my lunch of mixed vege curry, basmathi Brown Rice, soft tao pok  and 4 slices of shabu shabu beef.

12.30 noon - his lunch of remaining Bak Kut Teh from Sunday and basmathi Brown Rice.

5 pm - I have to clear my remaining Chicago Tangy Coney beef so I ate it with a slice of rainbow sprouted bread. All food from A&W bought on Friday, 4 days ago are cleared now.

6.30 pm - we need to clear the Bak Kut Teh bought from sun Fung Bak Kut Teh eatery on Sunday, 2 days ago so he cooked instant noodles to go with it. Both of us shared this meal for dinner. The Bak Kut Teh broth tastes as if it has balsamic vinegar in it so it is appetising.