Wednesday, October 31, 2018

One Third Promo

For every 3rd Wed of the Month, llao llao is giving 33% discount for selected products from 1 to 7 pm. Unfortunately I seldom get near a llao llao kiosk on Wednesday so I have never made use of this promotion until recently when I happened to be in the mall on one such day. 

As not to waste this chance encounter, I bought the item with the lowest price (MYR 10.65 nett) that is eligible for this offer which is the medium yogurt with 3 toppings. I wanted the petite tub (like my previous order in 2016) but was told that it was not eligible for this deal so I had to go for the medium tub. I chose strawberry, red dragon fruit and kiwi as the toppings and it was nice to eat as the yogurt is sourishly sweet and the fruits refreshingly juicy.

Wednesday 33% off promotion.

On other Wednesdays there are 11% or 22% off but I prefer to wait and buy only when there is a 33% off.

Please click on the above photo for a larger image.

The usual price for the medium tub with 3 toppings is MYR 15.

I wonder should I try this one if I happen to be near this stall on the 3rd Wed of future months. I think not as I do not like crunch and sauce.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Popular Stall

There is always a long queue at the mixed rice stall at Popcorn Food Hall, Midvalley during lunch time.

 I guess for a stall in a shopping mall, these prices are to be expected but these prices are not considered very expensive as there are more expensive mixed rice stalls in other food courts in this mall. I think 2 veg dishes with rice at MYR 7.50 nett is less worth it than 2 meat dishes and 1 veg dish with rice at MYR 10.50 nett unless one is going for a vegetarian meal.

My friend felt like eating fish so she took just one small piece of Soong Fish (松鱼) from this stall as shown in the photo above. The price of ala carte Fish/Seafood is between MYR 4.80 to MYR 8. We were expecting a worst case of being charged the max price of MYR 8 nett. Luckily they did not go that far and only charged MYR 5.80 nett. I guess if we want to save on eating fish, we would have to cook fish dishes ourselves at home.

Monday, October 29, 2018

WG Popcorn again

Lunch at Popcorn Food Hall, Midvalley again. Vinegar Pork Trotter with rice at MYR 15.50 nett which I kept half for dinner. There is not much meat but lots of gooey tendon and pork skin but there is one hard boiled egg which makes up for the lack of meat.

From Stall 05 Kim Zen. The price is inclusive of 6%  SST.

Kim Zen Stall

Top view - I saw someone eating this delicious looking cendol so I bought one to try at MYR 4.50 nett.
It sure looks pretty but somehow it did not quite taste like those cendol that I like to eat so I won't be buying it again. I guess it is because the red kidney beans are quite hard and the "gula melaka" and coconut milk is not as fragrant as I expected them to be.

From Stall 24 Fruit Junction

Fruit Junction stall - sells fruits, drinks, cendol and ABC.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Waroeng Long Q

I was in Nu Sentral KL during lunch time on a weekday when I saw this long queue. Contrary to what I thought, Waroeng Penyet seems to be quite popular here. Perhaps I will try it one day at this branch.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

WG Roast Duck Mee

A duck meal at the Food Republic Food Court, One Utama at MYR 12.20 nett. I kept half of the duck meat and most of the noodles for dinner and finished eating the braised hard boiled egg, wanton dumplings and beansprout so this is a satisfying well balanced meal for me. Most people would order the duck meat with dry wanton noodles but I prefer to have the noodles served in soup.

I added one braised egg and beansprouts (MYR 2+ 6% SST = MYR 2.12 nett) to the roast duck and noodle set.

Friday, October 26, 2018

WG Nippori Empire Damansara

Salmon Shioyaki Set at MYR 38++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 44.08 nett).

My friend ordered the salmon teriyaki set and gave me her serving of watermelon. As usual I kept one piece of salmon and almost all the rice for lunch the next day and finished the rest of the food items.

Total costs for 2 pax: MYR 88.16 nett.

Nippori at Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, PJ.

It is located next to Haraju Cube. Both of them have the same owner. It may not be apparent from the photos but they are located on Floor 1 of the Empire Damansara building.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Kurma Fresh Milk

After reading STP post about the delicious yogurt and fresh milk, I went and bought a bottle each to try.

I like that the fresh milk with dates (kurma) has zero added sugar and that I feel like I am eating cendol dessert when I drank it due to its taste which STP described in his post as similar to gula apong ice cream. I would not like a cendol dessert if it does not have this "gula apong ice cream" taste.

The yogurt has a sourish taste which I also like but the mixed berries flavour reminded me of cough syrup due to what  I suspect to be the cherry flavour. I guess strawberry yogurt would taste better.

My friend who does not like the taste of milk, is able to tolerate and drink this Cafe Latte milk due to its strong coffee taste which masked the taste of milk. I like it too due to the bitter coffee taste. Now I can understand why these bottles of fresh milk are so popular.

A 700g bottle of fresh date (kurma) milk costs MYR 7.82 nett whereas a 700g bottle of fresh coffee milk costs MYR 9.83 nett. The small bottle of mixed berries yogurt (200g) costs MYR 2.33 nett at Aeon Supermarket. After trying them, I don't think I will be buying them although I like their tastes as I have not been drinking milk since 10 years ago and I don't think I should start again now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Nasi Lemak Chicken Puff

Saw this poster - Must Try! 2 for MYR 7.60 and 1 for MYR 4.10 - New Curry Puffs that contain Egg, Chicken, Peanuts, Anchovies and Sambal Chili. Will you buy one or two to try?

They are greenish in colour in the new flatter shape. I wonder is the green colour from pandan leaves? I still prefer the previous almost cylindrical shaped curry puffs so I do not buy any nowadays. 

Old Chang Kee at One Utama now has a limited number of seats for dining in compared to previously.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

White and Purple

After reading TM's post about the different colours of bell peppers, I saw them in the supermarket and bought them to try. 

I just cut and eat them raw. The light and dark coloured bell peppers/capsicums do taste a bit different but I like the taste of all the different colours. My friend could not stand the raw taste and said they taste better when stir fried with garlic.

Monday, October 22, 2018

WG T Spicy Noodle House

Mini CharSiew Rice - MYR 6.80 nett. I suspect the mini refers to the tiny cubes of BBQ pork belly instead of the rice bowl because there is a lot of rice. It includes a free drink which my friend says is Jasmine tea and she mentioned that it is very sweet so I did not drink it but left it on the table.

My friend's spicy dry noodles with chicken chop at MYR 15.80 nett. She requested for less spicy but she still felt that it was super spicy. Luckily I did not order this dish.

Mini Potato Donuts are just deep fried sweet potatoes dough balls. Total bill for 3 pax is MYR 31.50 nett. Only for those who likes to eat very spicy noodles at an affordable price.

Prices look good on these two banners.

Just a small eatery at LG, Paradigm Mall, PJ.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Snacks and Rice Puffs

My friend passed me these snacks.

The "Ma Tih Su" is very crispy. It is somewhat like Heong Piah with maltose fillings.

Very thin chocolate biscuits. I think children will like to eat them.

Rice puffs with assorted flavours and coated peanuts.

More rice puffs with assorted flavours and coated peanuts with different flavours. This packet even has anchovies in it.

This is how the packaging looks like for the above nuts.

Almonds, peanuts and rice puffs - great as snacks! They are from the green packet in the photo below.

These two packets of snacks are bought from Daiso. I prefer those with green peas instead of peanuts.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

WG Weekly Vege Meal

MYR 12.74 nett at Medifoods. I have forgotten to ask them to omit the mayo like previously. I like the two pieces of bean curd (tofu) because I think it is made with some other ingredients apart from the usual ingredients to make tofu.

Next time I would like to try the mixed vege curry noodles (MYR 14.62 nett) as my friend says that the curry taste is very nice but I fear that it may be too spicy for me.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Leng Leng

When we are at Jalil Link, we will eat at either Hailam Kopitiam or Good Taste eatery but this Sunday we chose to eat at a new eatery.

I was very hungry at around 3pm so I ordered a portion of dry noodle for myself at MYR 7.50 nett as my early dinner instead of sharing a meal as usual. The noodle in soup costs MYR 7.50 nett too so with a glass of hot tea (MYR 1 nett), this meal for the 2 of us costs a total of MYR 16 nett.

At this price, it was a pleasant surprise for me that this noodle dish is very decent with many thin slices of pork belly, 2 pork meatballs, a few clumps of minced meat, 2 pieces of intestine, and a few leaves of cabbage, not to mention a few cubes of crispy deep fried lard (which I did not eat - what a waste I hear lard lovers say). I also like that the meehoon in my order is soft enough for me to enjoy without hurting my teeth.

Shopfront - Leng Leng at Jalil Link, Bukit Jalil.

Aha, I see Maggie Mee in the noodles selection but I don't think it goes well with this soup.

So what would you like to add to your bowl of noodles?

For the chicken chop rice, which sauce do you think will go well with the chicken chop - black pepper, mushroom, lemon sauce or thai sauce?

If I am not that hungry next time, I will just order mee kosong dry at MYR 2 nett and share the soup with my spouse.

The prices of the coffee and tea look reasonable.

In total, they offer 37 types of drinks. We have now added this eatery to our list of regular eateries in Jalil Link.