Sunday, February 28, 2021

Cornetto Love Series

Is this a flower?

Placed this order on Wednesday 24.2.21 morning and received the ice cream on Friday 26.2.21 morning at around 10.40 am. Very fast service.

Side view. Yummy!

Pink cone.

Made in Thailand.

Two bags of ice cream. Total 16 plus 18 so there are 34 in total. Gave almost half to my friend.

So happy to get two foc cooler bags.

Copied from online. Love series to celebrate Valentine's day I think.

I like the taste of Raspberry.

No insects this time to get the red colour.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

BK Salmon Mentaiko Burger

 Saw the advert for burger king salmon Mentaiko Burger so decided to buy it to try.

11.39 am - Double salmon patty set is MYR 19.80 and single salmon patty set is MYR 15.50, just a difference of MYR 4.30 so I decided to buy double patty because I like to eat salmon. Top up MYR 1.50 for a large set for takeaway.

Bought a tendergrill chicken burger ala carte at MYR 10 nett and onion rings large for MYR 5.90 nett. Bought a set of long chicken burger and cheesy fries for MYR 11.50 nett by using a coupon on a separate bill because I was told to use the coupon, it has to be on a separate bill.

This is the coupon offer. Save MYR 4.95 nett.

2.24 pm - ate the cheesy fries and onion rings, kept the fries for the next day. I like the onion rings - thick and fat. The cheesy fries are nice too.

5.37 pm - early dinner. DM is written on the wrapper so it means this burger is a double Mentaiko (double salmon patty) burger. The burger is just the normal standard size burger, not the premium size burger which is bigger.

Side view - why only one patty? Guess they left out one patty. Didn't contact them to lodge a complaint because one patty is not worth the time.

Can't see the Mentaiko (cod roe). Cut out a small section of the salmon patty and put it on its side to show the texture of the patty.

A close up look at the texture of the patty. It is reconstituted salmon meat and is pinkish in colour. The texture is softer than the texture of chicken patties. I can't detect any salmon taste. I prefer fish patties with flaky fish meat so I don't think I will buy this salmon burger again.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Teo Chew Lao Er

Friday 26.2.21 CNY Day 15. Happy Chap Goh Mei! We ordered a big meal one day earlier to complete the 15 days of CNY celebration.

Half a braised duck at MYR 35+ 6%

Yam paste dessert with dates and ginkgos with a thin outer layer of pumpkin. Medium portion at MYR 22+ 6% and is very tasty when compared to other yam paste dessert because of the genuine yam taste and the orange peel taste. There are those who wouldn't like the orange peel taste. Sometimes orange peel is cooked with red bean tong sui because there are people who feels that the orange peel taste lifts the original taste of the food.

Kueh Chap before adding in the broth. MYR 11+6%. The kueh chap is quite springy.

Added in the broth. There are some braised pork belly, duck meat, half a braised hard boiled egg and tofu included with the flat sheets of noodle.

Dinner - shared this mackerel mihun at MYR 11+6%.

Kueh Platter at MYR 39.9+ 6% with 17 pieces of 5 different types of kueh and angku with 6 different fillings.

Please click on the above menu for a larger image to read the description of the kueh.

Chwee kueh at MYR 3+ 6%

Tofu with raw onions at MYR 15+6% for this large portion.

Salted egg yolk seaweed roll -medium portion at MYR 13+6%. We have eaten two segments by the time this photo was captured so the total segments for a medium portion is 10.

Otak otak at MYR 13+6% for a medium portion of 10 slices.

The warm food was delivered in this red bag.

The kueh platter couldn't fit into the red bag.

This is photo that the seller sent me via WhatsApp showing the Two Chew Lao Er shopfront.
I buy above MYR 200 to get free delivery and also to taste more food. There are some items that directly went into the fridge to be eaten on another day.

Cross section of a jicama kueh with thin skin and jicama, carrots and shitake mushrooms fillings. One of the good ones.

Cross section of a chives kueh with chives and dry shrimps fillings. This is tasty too.

They provided just too many packets of sauce and dips.

8.49 am - for breakfast today (Friday), he cooked instant noodles and poured the whole portion of duck ginger dish from Two Chew Lao Er bought yesterday on top of the noodles for two to share.
I ate my portion at 10.17 am. Tasty!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

KitKat Gold Ice Cream

 Thursday 25.2.21 CNY Day 14. One more day to Chap Goh Mei so anyone is planning to lou sang one final time this year on Chap Goh Mei?

After seeing the advertisement for this kit kat gold at the petrol station but they are out of stock and reading it on STP 25.1.21 post, I finally bought one from Family Mart to try. Not sure how much I paid for it but an online search says that the price is MYR 4.50 Nett.

The golden coating with the embedded wafer and caramel flakes is very crunchy and crispy. More so than the usual kit kat ice cream with chocolate coating. I find the golden coating to be very sweet due to the caramelized sugar which I kept biting into like thin glass pieces. Contrary to STP's post (he didn't eat, his family ate this gold kit kat and said it is salty) that the coating is salty, I find the coating very sweet instead though salt is listed in the ingredients. Maybe it is a matter of QC so there are more salt in STP's kit kat gold.

The ice cream fillings do not taste as sweet as the golden coating. I taste malt though malt is not in the list of ingredients.

This ice cream is made locally in Negeri Sembilan and is 85 ml. The ingredients are vegetable oil (palm, coconut, sunflower), milk solids (cow's milk), sugar and brown sugar, glucose syrup, wafer (wheat flour, palm kernel oil, glucose powder, stabilisers, salt, emulsifier (contain soy lecithin)), caramel flakes (sugar, cocoa butter, rice starch, sodium bicarbonate, flavouring), cocoa butter, maltodextrin, emulsifiers (contain soy lecithin), colouring, stabilisers, flavouring, caramelised sugar. Warning: may contain peanuts, tree nuts and eggs.

As Ice cream is my favourite indulgence, I couldn't resist buying raspberry yogurt cornetto ice creams online. Add on Top Ten ice cream as well for a total of MYR 80.40 Nett. I wonder when I will receive them.

Updated with photo taken from Family Mart on 24.mar.21 on the price is MYR 4.90

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cornetto Cookies Ice Cream

Wednesday 24.2.21 CNY Day 13. Two more days to Chap Goh Mei. Guess there won't be any throwing oranges into the rivers this year.

Yesterday is Oreo Sandwich Ice Cream, today is Cornetto Cookies ice cream. I prefer yesterday's Oreo Sandwich Ice Cream because this Cornetto Cookies ice cream is too sweet for me. The white ice cream is the culprit.

The chocolate disc with embedded chocolate cookie crumbs.

Cream flavoured ice confection with chocolate cookie pieces (6.3%) in a wafer cone, with a compound chocolate disc topped with chocolate cookie crumb (2.4%). Made in Indonesia. MYR 3 Nett I believe. 110ml which is a bit more than the normal vanilla cornetto ice cream.

Initially, I thought the cookies used are Oreo cookies but upon reading all the words on the packaging, there were no mention of Oreo cookies at all.

Just too sweet compared to Vanilla Cornetto and Nestle Oreo Sandwich Ice Cream.

*** Tuesday 23.2.21 ***

Please click to see a larger image. Bought radish sirloin noodles MYR 10.50 and sliced beef, beef ball, tripe noodles MYR 11.50 for a total of MYR 22 Nett.

I wanted to buy just the plain noodles without the minced meat but couldn't find it in the menu.

4.52 pm - my portion of noodles, beef ball, tripe and sliced beef. Very salty due to the minced meat pork gravy.

11 am - my portion of thin pan Mee MYR 7, pasembor with one whole hard-boiled egg MYR 7 with peanut gravy which is very tasty but I was very full after that so I couldn't eat the egg tart. The ingredients for the pasembor: jicama, cucumber, beansprouts, one dough fritter, one coconut fritter, hard-boiled egg, and one beancurd.

Future: 10.39 am Wed 24.2.21 my portion of pork yimi MYR 7 bought from Swee Heng on tue 23.2.21

Future: 11.05 am Wed 24.2.21 radish sirloin beef Noodles shared by two. Very flavourful so it is salty to me but flavourful to many people.

Future: too flavourful so I have to eat my portion with bread. On Tue 23.2.21 night, I ate all the remaining 2 of 2 banana bread of wownana. The wownana box says good for one week in the fridge and it is one day and one week now so better to clear it.

*** over eat early dinner ***
5.51 pm - egg tart from Tues - 1 day old. Chicken curry puff from Ban Heang on Friday so it is 5 days old. There is a sizable whole piece of chicken meat in the curry puff. Taste like it has tuna in the fillings. Didn't check it to confirm.

6.17 pm - sweet chili mayo crispy fish burger. The chili mayo is very spicy. Thought I specify no mayo but it didn't get into the app. Next time then.

6.37 pm - a small portion of mcd nasi lemak. Chose less sambal because the sambal is very, very spicy. Drank one medium plastic cup of iced latte so was totally full to the brim.

Total price is MYR 51.30