Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Tale of Two Food Courts

I think Penang has way more food courts than KL. Near where I was staying in Penang, there are two Food Courts just next to each other (you only need 2 minutes to walk from one food court to the other food court) and one night. we ate dinner at both of them.

Assam Laksa - MYR3.50 nett.

Fried Tilapia Fish Fillet (3 slices only) with tom yum mee hoon  - MYR6 nett.

6 pieces of Sweet Apom for MYR3 nett.

Char Kway Teow - I am not sure how much because I did not pay for this.

Food Court One is Pisa Corner Cafe

Char Kway Teow with duck egg - MYR5.50 nett - taste nicer than the previous CKT.

Food Court Two - You Yuan Fen Food Court with big ceiling fan.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wong Chau Jun Restaurant

Located on the same road (Jalan Rangoon) is this eatery that serves a dish that I could not find in KL so even though we were quite full from the previous meal, we just had to drop in here to eat...

... steamed grouper fish slices with Hor Fun. The above portion is for 1 pax - MYR12. They serve other fish noodle dishes too. I love to eat this dish. There are many blogs singing praises of this dish so I won't repeat what they have said but just say that this dish is still as tasty as ever.

Any place in KL serving this?

Opens from 8am to 2.30pm

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hot Bowl White Curry Mee

Walking through the wet market in Pulau Tikus makes us hungry again so we went to Jalan Rangoon, Penang to eat White Curry Mee.

The broth of the curry mee is white in colour as above. The sambal (a mixture of chili and shrimp paste) is provided in containers on the tables so you can take as much sambal as you like to turn the white broth into a red chili broth. You can choose to omit any of the items that you don't want such as blood cockles, duck blood, squid, beancurd puff (tofu pok) and etc.

The price for a regular bowl including 6% GST is MYR4.77 nett and for a big bowl = MYR5.83 nett.

The chicken meat and skin is very smooth and juicy. It is drizzled with soy sauce and sesame oil. This deboned chicken portion for two pax costs MYR12.72 nett. A glass of plain water with ice cubes costs MYR0.53 nett.

Storefront - their tagline is "The test is in the taste". If you are early, you can park your car directly in front of the eatery.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Pulau Tikus

The next morning, we went to Pulau Tikus market at 7 am to buy some vegetables and we ate breakfast at a coffee shop nearby.

Hokkien Mee = Penang Prawn Mee - the portion is small so just nice for me. Taste good. The default noodle is a mix of yellow mee and mee hoon. The price is just MYR3.50 nett for one bowl.

Clay pot Apom Manis (sweet crepe) - RM0.80 for one piece. Soft and fluffy in the center and crispy at the sides.

The Apom Manis is made in Claypots. The cook must have hands of steel because he uses his bare hands to remove the apom from the hot claypots and fold them.

The name of the coffee shop is Swee Kong, located at Moulmein Close Road, Pulau Tikus.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Soft and tasty

After eating duck kway chap at Lebuh Kimberley, we walked to Lebuh Cintra to buy food from the stall below:

What is this stall selling?

Bak Tong Gou (cantonese) - literal translation - White Sugar Cake. This is a traditional steamed rice cake - soft and best eaten warm to enjoy the rich fragrance of rice - delicious!

Only RM0.80 per piece. 

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Duck Kway Chap

I was in Penang a few days ago with my family so the next 6 posts will be about the food I ate in Penang.

Duck kway chap - small portion - MYR7.50 nett. The noodle sheets are thick and soft with a nice rice fragrant so it is tasty but I find that the soup/broth does not have enough herbal/spice taste - taste quite diluted. I was told the broth was thicker the previous week, not so diluted in taste so I guess the quality is inconsistent depending on your luck.

A large bowl of duck kway chap with pork skin in it - MYR10 with added duck stomach (ngap kan) MYR2  so it is MYR12 nett in total.

Iced desserts - MYR2.80 nett per bowl - ginkgo; red bean with longan; and Barley beancurd sheet.

We ordered the iced desserts from the list shown here. And the above sign warned us not to consume any drinks not bought here.

If you closely at the sign, it says MYR7.50 for a small bowl, MYR8 for a medium bowl, MYR10 for a big bowl.

"Restoran Kimberly" is the name of the eatery and it is located in Lebuh Kimberly, Penang. Business starts in the evening only.

Interior of the eatery. Full house with people standing waiting  for seats.

The stall/kiosk where they cooked and prepared the duck kway chap is outside the eatery like shown above.

Another view of the stall outside the eatery. The iced desserts are from another eatery opposite this eatery.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Night before...

Christmas at Straits Quay

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Local Pastries

Salted egg pastry MYR3.80 nett and kaya puff MYR2.20 nett bought from Esquire Kitchen.

Salted egg yolk wrapped with meat floss wrapped with lotus paste in a crispy pastry = tasty!

Kaya puff - crispy layered pastry with sweet kaya (coconut milk cooked with egg yolks and sugar) fillings.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

No meat

I can't afford to eat at vegetarian specialty eateries so what I do is just select vegetable dishes from the chap fan (mixed rice) stall. The above are my favourite vegetable dishes: stir fry yin choy (amaranth greens); cai (vegetarian) dish - beancurd puffs (tofu pok) stir fried with tong hoon, chinese cabbage, black fungus; stir fry chinese mustard greens (Kai Choy in Cantonese) with carrots and cauliflower. Very tasty and best of all, the price is MYR4.70 nett only. What are your favourite vegetable dishes?

Monday, December 21, 2015

Please queue

The roast trio - chicken, bbq pork and roast pork

MYR10 nett for the above. Taste good.

Everyone needs to queue here to place, wait and pay for their order to carry their own plates to the their tables - self-service. They only have one roast chicken at one time so you can't choose the parts because they will wait until the whole roast chicken parts are sold before going to the kitchen behind to take out another roast chicken. This famous stall is located ...

... in Hong Seng Coffee shop in Section 17, PJ

Friday, December 18, 2015

Yi Mu Cao

The above dish - Chicken cooked with Yi Mu Cao (益母草 aka Chinese Motherwort) is available at The Zun Express, MidValley Mall/Gardens Mall and we love to eat it. 益母草 literally means grass that is beneficial to mothers. Later I found out that this Yi Mu Cao is known as Kacangma and Kacangma Chicken is a famous dish in Sarawak.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Green Curry Again

We ate lunch again at Green Curry Restaurant and ordered two set meals, this time both are rice dishes compared to noodle dishes the previous time we were there. Both meals taste good.

Nasi Lemak (Coconut milk rice) with green curry pork set - MYR9.90 nett.

Curry minced pork scrambled egg rice set - MYR6.90 nett - I find this set good value for money.

Drinks that came foc with the set meals - herbal tea and barley drink - both hot drinks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tang Pin Kitchen

Mee Pok - MYR7 + 6% GST with no service charge = MYR7.42

Hainan Tea - MYR3.80+ = MYR4.03 - something like cham (tea mixed with coffee) but cham has more coffee than tea unlike Hainan Tea which has more tea than coffee in the mix.


The food it serves is similar to House of Fishball but the mee pok here tastes better.

Located at No 24, Jln SS2 2/24, 47300 PJ, Selangor

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Teo Chew Porridge

1pax portion eaten by 2 - total MYR7 nett - good price.

Salted Vegetable - Not that salty but I detect the taste of big intestine (pork) which they also sell here in a separate pot so I guess maybe this salted vegetable is cooked with the water or oil used to cook the intestine. 

Pork skin with Pineapple - very appetising.

Braised hard boiled egg with lean pork meat. Sizable portion for 1pax.

There are many other dishes which I did not pick.

Fish dish but I am too lazy to eat fish off its bones so I did not select this.

This is the stall...

...located inside Sun Fatt Kee coffee shop in Seapark, PJ.