Friday, July 31, 2020

Jalapeno Snacks Texas Chicken

Deep fried jalapeno snacks for about MYR 6.50 ish.

Quite small

Cross section. Gooey cheese inside with jalapeno bits. Too hot and spicy for me.

*** Thursday 30 July 2020 d135 ***

 Beef noodle from Din Tai Fung - shared dinner.

 Ten prawn wantons. The soup is packed separately.

 The soup is in paper containers with plastic lids.

 Total price is MYR 53.75 nett.

I put my portion into the fridge to eat later and the soup solidified into jelly so I ate cold  jelly noodle for dinner at 7 pm and finished the remaining prawn wantons. The cold jelly noodle is very refreshing. There were 3 pieces of beef and 2 pieces of tendon.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Microwaved Cup Cheese Cake

Found an online recipe to make cheese cake in a cup using microwave. Looks easy enough. Just mix 4 tablespoonful of cream cheese, 2 tablespoonful of greek yogurt, 2 tablespoonful of sugar and one egg together and microwaved it for 1 min and 3 times 20 secs intervals. All 3 supermarkets in Midvalley / Gardens Mall do not have Philadelphia cream cheese. Instead of greek yogurt, sour cream is used.

Day 1: Made it on Fri 24 Jul, ate it on Sat 25 Jul after it sat in the fridge for one night.

I just used cream cheese without sour cream so it was dense with fine texture. Tastes like sweet cream cheese.

Day 2: The Bega Tatura cream cheese says to consume all within 5 days of opening so I had to make the cheese cake for 5 days in a row at most which I shortened it to 4 times.

Day 2: Made it on Sat 25 Jul, ate it on Sun 26 Jul after it sat in the fridge for one night.

This time I use sour cream so it tastes really nice despite being lumpy because I use the cream cheese cold from the fridge and it did not melt fully during the mixing.

Day 3: Made it on Sun 26 Jul, ate it on Mon 27 Jul after it sat in the fridge for one night.

This time I made sure that all the cream cheese melted but I did not mix the egg well enough so the egg white can be seen to be separated. Taste a bit bitter which I suspect due to using too much sour cream, more than 2 tablespoons.

Day 4: Use another type of sugar just to see if I can taste the sugar when the cake is done.

Day 4: Made it on Mon 27 Jul, ate it on Tue 28 Jul after it sat in the fridge for one night.

Mixed well this time but the sugar is not sweet at all. So in 4 days I consumed 250 g of cream cheese and about 110 g of sour cream which I think is not a healthy thing to do so no more making any cheese cake using microwave anymore. Nothing is wasted. All ended up in my tummy.

*** Wednesday 29 July 2020 d134 ***

9.17 am - my breakfast of 3jc soup version MYR 6.50 nett takeaway from Choy Kei coffee shop. I requested for mee hoon mixed with hor fun with no minced meat and for the soup to be put together with the noodles. The seller was incredulous and almost refused to do it until I convinced him that it is ok, I will eat it immediately when I get home. True enough, once I reached home, the noodles have soaked up all the soup and are so soft and yummy, just the way I like them.

I also bought our favourite seafood mee hoon mixed with hor fun MYR 8 nett from the same shop for his breakfast. Lunch is chye kuih and sweet kuih from the same shop too. Dinner is frozen sui gao in the remaining seafood mee hoon soup.

12.37 noon - Lunch: These chye kuih are being sold as crystal dumplings at MYR 1 nett each so bought 10 with 1 foc. I also bought one red angku with mung bean fillings and one green white kuih talam to try from the same stall.

The red angku tastes ok, with soft not too oily thick skin and not too sweet mung bean fillings so I will buy it again. The green white kuih talam is a total no. The texture of the green part is too firm and elastic with an out-of-place taste which I cannot put my finger on.

The fillings for the crystal dumplings are:
1. jicama with spring onion and dried shrimps
2. jicama with mushrooms
3. jicama with lots of choy poh
4. jicama with pieces of prawns
5. tom yum jicama
6. jicama with seaweeds
7. chives
8. yam
9. red carrots with belacan - the fillings are on the sweet side although it has belacan.

Tore them into halves to show the fillings. I will buy 10 again to get one free but won't be able to eat all 11 at one go even though it is on a 2 person sharing basis.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Tong Garden and Fuyun Chestnuts

That day I peeled roast chestnuts for one hour and I am not doing that again so I bought these peeled chestnuts. The  Fuyun Gourmet Roasted Peeled Chestnut. 128 g costs MYR 4.70 nett from Aeon Supermarket and one big pack of Tong Garden chestnuts (300g) contains 5 packets of 60g chestnuts in it and the usual price is MYR 11.41 nett but the promo price is MYR 9.99 nett so I bought two big packs. The chestnuts are soft and sweet so they are good enough.

There are 5 packets of 60g peeled chestnuts in the big packet. 60g is about 11 peeled chestnuts.

The Fuyun Gourmet Roasted Peeled Chestnut - 128 g that costs MYR 4.70 nett from Aeon Supermarket has about 28 chestnuts in it. Compared to Tong Garden chestnuts, these chestnuts are drier and the texture is on the powdery side.

*** Tueday 28 July 2020 d133 *** 

 12.12 noon - not my lunch of curry cintan instant noodles with egg, vege and all the remaining siew yuk from 21 July 2020 d126 so it took us about one week to finish 670 g of the 1 kg siew yuk as we gave 330 g away. For this day, I ate nestum choc cereal, one mug cheese cake, cashew nuts, chestnuts, 2 texas chicken honey biscuits and drank some unsweetened soy packet drink throughout the whole day. He ate bread, peanut butter for breakfast, marigold peach jelly and cereal with unsweetened soy packet drink for dinner. I would say this day is a snack this and that day with no proper main meals.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Oyster King at Gardens Mall

 After reading STP's article about  or chian or oyster omelette, I was lamenting the difficulty of locating oyster omelette in KL when my husband reminded me that I can always buy it from Oyster King eateries which are located in some shopping malls. I have seen the chain of Oyster King eateries but I have never eaten anything from there, no idea why. So when I have a chance, I went to Oyster King at the Gardens Mall which is located on the lowerground floor next to Ko Hyang.

I intended to buy just this Superior Fried Oyster at MYR 14.50 nett

Other dishes

Which wings flavour would you choose?

I ended up buying Combo 1 which is that signature oyster dish plus one other dish of my choice at MYR 22 nett.

Takeaway - packed in paper boxes which is a good thing.

I chose lala fried mee hoon as the other dish and ate it the next day. I did not expect the oyster omelette to be spicy. It was on the oily side too. I did not count the number of oysters but I think there were about 6 oysters. The eggs covered the gooey stuffs which were quite firm so it did not feel gooey. Quite acceptable except that it was a bit too spicy for me so I don't think I will order this again.

*** Monday 27 July 2020 d132 ***

8.08 am - not my breakfast of the previous day 3jc mee hoon hor fun with added vege and siew yuk.

12.47 noon - he could not finish his breakfast so left these for my lunch.

1.08 pm - not my lunch - ingredients from the home cooked soup with home cooked mee hoon.

4.57 pm - one slice of 7 sprouted grain rainbow bread with mash potatoes from Texas Chicken bought on Friday. As with all cold mash potatoes from the fridge, it was very salty.

6.55 pm - both of us finished up the soup with all the ingredient inside - dried oysters, cashew nuts, green marrow gourd and ginger.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Nestum Brown Rice Instant Cereal

The usual price for one big pack is MYR 11.70 nett but on that day, Aeon Big is selling each big pack for MYR 8.90 nett so I bought two big packs of different types. These drinks are handy when one is very hungry and wants to have a quick drink to stop the hunger. Nestum is a multi-grain drink that has wheat, corn, and rice and I have been eating it from young.

Brown rice drinks with 26% less sugar.

Brown rice version - does not look any different.

Just mix with hot water and eat.

The chocolate version.

Mix with hot water and eat - so easy. The chocolate version is much sweeter than the brown rice version so I prefer the brown rice version. Next time I will mix this chocolate version with plain instant oats to lessen the sweetness and to bulk up the volume.

*** Sunday 26 July 2020 d131 *** 

 7.55 am - not my breakfast of vit's air dried thick noodles in the previous day pork Yee Mee remaining broth with added vege, ham and egg.

 9.37 am - I had to eat this portion of noodles because he cooked 3 bricks of noodles when he saw how small a brick is without realizing that it was a compressed brick and that one brick of noodles is enough for a meal so should have just cooked one for breakfast and not 3.

2.30 pm - late lunch of chicken rice MYR 5.50 nett and very very salty and oily ckt with Mee MYR 6.50 nett from friendship cafe. Bought 3jc too at MYR 7 nett for breakfast the next day.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Gardenia Banana Walnut Muffin

That day it was Mighty White Banana Walnut Muffin priced at MYR 1.60 nett 70 g each. Today it is Gardenia Muffin Supreme Banana Walnut priced at MYR 1.50 nett 68 g each.

Top view - it is stored within a transparent plastic casing.

Side View.

Cross Section.

Close up - the banana taste is stronger than Mighty White Banana Walnut Muffin but less walnut pieces can be seen. As there is a difference of 10 cents between them, it is up to one's preference to decide which one to buy to be kept as always ready-to-be-eat snacks.

A recap of Mighty White Banana Walnut Muffin below:

MYR 1.60 nett at 70 g each.

Top view

Side view with pieces of Walnut embedded in the muffin.

Cross section.

*** Saturday 25 July 2020 d130 ***

 This time I controlled myself and didn't buy too much food. Pork Yee Mee and a cup of hot cham at MYR 6.50 nett and MYR 2.70 nett.
 2 pm - shared this reheated Mee Hoon from the previous day for lunch.

3 pm - hk ccf prawns at MYR 6.50 nett for a regular portion. Add MYR 1 nett for egg. I asked for no sauce and I put some HP sauce to test eating with this ccf. Quite nice.