Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Super Cute

 Went for a gathering at a dessert place. Bear Necessity at MYR14 + 10% service charge (MYR15.40 nett) and one salted egg yolk macaron at MYR10+ (MYR11 nett).

My share of the macaron.

The menu says this is "Oolong infused chocolate mousse, passion fruit ganache, chocolate marzipan sponge, biscuit base". The passion fruit lifted the taste to another level - very nice! We did not order any drinks and were given plain drinking water foc.

I think this is Strawberry shortcake.



Entrance. This place is located on the 1st floor. You can either use the elevator or staircase.

The menu. Please click on it for a larger view. We may be back to try the other cute desserts. They are full of natural flavours but as they are desserts, they are a bit too sweet for me so best to share with friends.

Tiny Temptress is located in Sri Petaling and there is another outlet in Bangsar.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Similar Eatery

So we went to another eatery that serves steamed rice when when we found this one to be closed. I remember reading a post on "Eat What Eat Where"'s blog about this eatery called "Kukus Stim Habis" that is located in TTDI which is nearby Damansara Utama so we went there.

Set Alakazan with sambal Tebaboh - MYR15.90 nett which is steamed nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk) with one deep fried chicken leg. They use basmati rice and because the rice is steamed, the rice is not lumped together but can be eaten grain by grain if you wish to. The texture is firm and bouncy, great for people who loves QQ rice but for me who has weak teeth, I find the texture to be too firm for my poor teeth. The rice here is no where as fluffy as those that I have eaten at Swad Restaurant but very nice for those who love to eat QQ bouncy rice.

When I read ewew's post, I wanted to try the sambal mambang but when I was at this eatery I was in a hurry so I did not order the sambal mambang so I will need to eat here again to try it.

Set Madu Tiga - MYR15.90 nett - steamed rice with 3 types of side dishes - chicken curry, beef rendang and mutton curry. Great value for money!

Nasi Kerabu Tulen with Gulai Kawah Daging and solok lada - MYR18.90 nett.

Ewew mentioned that for sets, drinks are included but I guess in my hurry I forgot to ask about this and none of the staff said anything so we ordered a cup of hot ginger tea at MYR3.20 nett and a glass of cold nescafe coffee at MYR4.20 nett. It could be that the sets no longer include drinks or the staff is just ignorant. Another thing to mention is that the staff did not even know how to put together the set madu tiga - they did not know which side dishes to include and we saw them discussing amongst themselves when putting together the order and it took a while for that order to be served.

Total Bill came up to MYR58.10 nett.

The counter with the menu boards behind.

External View.

Steamed rice with side dishes.

Steamed rice sets.

Sandwiches are available too.

Monday, November 28, 2016

No Lejen

After reading PH's post about the delicious coconut shake and deep fried fish, I quickly made my way to the "Nasi Kukus Lejen @ Damansara Utama" eatery last Saturday only to see a notice on their closed shutters.

Closed for 3 days from 26 to 28 nov 2016 so no hope of eating this during the weekend. So what did we do? We went to another eatery serving almost similar food. Can you guess where we went next?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bento Four

Bento 1

Bento 2

Bento 3

Bento 4

Each bento box costs about MYR20 inclusive of drinks. Which bento would you prefer? 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Marginal Pass

I ordered char kway teow and selected a mix of yellow noodle and kway teow (flat rice noodle) at On On Bak Kut Teh Coffee Shop, Bukit Jalil (MYR6 nett). Taste more on the sweet side.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Runners Cafe

I noticed this new cafe around Bukit Jalil. Their tagline is "we run, we eat". They serve healthy food for runners and is a place where runners can have meetups.

The above banner: lunch and dinner promotion - good deal for people working nearby. Since this is for October 2016, I wonder is there a similar promotion for November and December 2016.

The cafe is located on the first floor so patrons need to walk up a flight of steps to get there.

The address: 21 Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14, Bukit Jalil. I have yet to try the food there because the lunch and dinner time is too late for me as I eat brunch around 10 am and dinner around 4 pm but runners may try out this cafe.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Swee Hing Beef Noodle

Finally, an affordable bowl of delicious beef noodle (MYR8 nett) near my place. This is bought from a stall in Swee Hing coffee shop, Sri Petaling.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ten Years

Nasi Kunyit Jumbo - MYR25.85 nett (MYR22.17 with 10% service charge and 6% GST) - very flavourful and tasty.

Please click on the menu for a larger image. The price listed seems to be out-dated.

Char Kway Teow - MYR15.30 nett (MYR13.11++). Taste authentic but is a bit too salty for me.

Price listed seems out-dated too. 

Assam Laksa - MYR14.85 nett (MYR12.74++). This bowl of assam laksa passed the taste test.

A cup of hot Cham (coffee mixed with tea) - MYR5.38 nett (MYR4.62++).

A small glass of Ice Kacang (Red bean shaved ice) - MYR8.68 nett (MYR7.45++). Taste of coconut milk and very light taste of rose syrup, not too sweet so I like it.

A small glass of cendol - MYR7.59 nett (MYR6.51++). I prefer the Ice Kacang above to this cendol because the Ice Kacang tastes better. 

This Ten Years eatery gathers many local dishes from popular hawker stalls under one roof.

Ten Years Eatery at Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara. There is another outlet at Sri Petaling which we have yet to visit.

The price is of course more expensive that what you pay at hawker stalls.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wedding Lunch

Recently I went for a wedding lunch and here are some of the food served. I did not get the photos of all the food. The above is the first dish served.

Steamed Patin Fish. The fish was served this way with the flesh removed and put beside the fish. Can you spot the fish meat besides the bone?

I only ate this little bit of the fish.

Very tasty fried rice but as usual, people are almost full when the fried rice was served. The soy sauce prawns with shells have been reassigned to a smaller plate. The other dish is fish maw, abalone mushrooms and broccoli.

I like the last course best - desserts! Crispy pancakes with lotus fillings and glutinous rice flour shaped like pears with lotus fillings too.

Sweet soup dessert made with Chinese Almonds (Apricot Seeds) boiled with apples.

This is the full list of dishes served.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tenderly Thick

Small steamed fish head with ginger - MYR28 nett

Just look at the thick tender white meat

Stir fry sweet potatoes leaves with garlic - MYR10 nett

Old cucumber soup - MYR9 nett

Total bill is MYR48.30 inclusive of a plate of plain rice at MYR1.30 nett. A simple meal for two at Wang Wang Nine Nine eatery.