Thursday, March 31, 2016

Park where eat there

At 2 pm on a weekday, we wanted to eat lunch at SS20 Fish Head Noodle but all the parking spaces were fully occupied so we moved on to Fish & Noodle House which was nearby but it was the same scenario there as well so we kept on driving till we reached Mr. Fish eatery with ample parking lots in front of the shop so we parked our car and had lunch there. Lucky are those who live near SS20, Damansara Kim, PJ as there are so many choices for a good bowl of fish fillet noodle in that area namely the 3 fish noodle shops mentioned above.

We ordered two sets of Combo A with different types of fish. Combo A consists of your choice of fish noodle with a drink (barley or lemon grass), a prawn fritter and a mini bowl of fruit rojak (mixed fruit salad).

Combo A with Deep Fried Barramundi (siakap) Fish Fillet noodle without milk - MYR15.50 nett. No fish bones at all in the fillets so one can eat with a peace of mind.

Combo A with Deep Fried Grouper Fish Fillets noodle with milk - MYR19.50 nett. This bowl of noodle is more expensive due to the Grouper Fish Fillets with Grouper's thick chewy skin. I prefer eating fish fillet noodle instead of fish head noodle because I find that there is less meat on the fish head.

Two mini bowls of fruit rojak - one for each combo set. I identified cucumber, jicama, pineapple, ambarella (Spondias dulcis, umbra, buah kedondong) in the bowl mixed with sweet prawn paste sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds. These can be considered the appetizers.

Two prawn fritters - one for each combo set. A savoury snack which was finished by us before we even realised it.

A cup of hot lemon grass drink and a glass of cold lemon grass drink. The cold drink was more refreshing than the hot one.

Total price: MYR35 nett for 3 pax sharing 2 combo sets.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

When words spread

We pass by this old coffee shop that serves tasty char siew (BBQ pork) rice daily but we seldom eat there because there is always a crowd in the eatery even before the foodie reviews started back in 2007. If you are interested to look at tantalising caramelised char siew photos and to get more information about this place you may refer to this review in 2008 as the shop still looks the same.

Last Saturday, at about 2 pm, we were very hungry when we were passing this place so we stopped by for lunch. After a short wait, we were served with two messy plates of meat and rice which we gobbled down hungrily and then continued on our way home with a satisfied tummy.

My plate of char siew rice (small portion) - MYR6 nett.  I am very fearful of those melt-in-your-mouth "half fat half meat" (pun fei sau) pork belly char siew so I always request for lean meat which is nice and firm.

My spouse's plate of poached chicken and lean char siew meat - MYR7.50 nett. Taste as good as before.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Know your fruit

Found this tiny fruit in our bowl of Pan Mee.

Side view on a tablespoon. Any idea what this fruit is? Clue: It is related to an ingredient in a bowl of Pan Mee.

Transverse section of the fruit.

Answer: It is the fruit of this. Did you get it right?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Near is easier

Since the beef noodles at Sri Edaran, Kepong is too far away for us, we settled for Yang Kee beef noodles at OUG which is nearer to our place.

Meal for two

Braised beef with radish noodle MYR9 nett and Sliced beef noodle MYR8 nett. Still as tasty as before.

The noodles with minced pork and choy sum vegetable. The portion is just nice for a small eater.

Total bill - MYR19.20 nett. The cold herbal tea costs MYR2.20 nett. Average price per person is MYR9.60 nett which is reasonable for a decent meal.

Sunday, March 27, 2016


From Pink to Black.

Magnum Black - Espresso. The coating is not that sweet because it is dark chocolate so it has a tinge of bitterness to it which I like.

Espresso swirl in the ice cream giving it a nice coffee taste. Nice to eat during a hot day. MYR4.10 nett from Speedmart 99.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Serving food now?

I notice some tables outside the Just Life Organic Shop at the Gardens Mall. It seems that now they have a dine in area and a counter that serves some healthy dishes and drinks.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pink Magnum

It was in September 2014 that I last ate a Magnum ice cream. Recently I saw a pink version and I couldn't help myself  so I bought one to try.

Pink Pomegranate Magnum. 7-11 sells this at MYR4.80 nett but I got it from Speedmart 99 at MYR4.10 nett. Other convenient stores sell it at MYR4.50 nett.

Luckily the coating is just slightly pink and not glaringly pink like its wrapper. The pink coating tastes like white chocolate and is very, very sweet.

Underneath the pink coating is a chocolate coating. Within the hard coating is the soft ice cream which tastes a bit like yogurt and the pink swirl in the ice cream is supposed to taste like pomegranate but since I don't remember exactly how pomegranate tastes like, all I can say is that the pink swirl has a pleasant strong taste so do try this if you like the smooth slippery feel of Magnum ice cream.

When compared to the very sweet pink coating, the soft ice cream inside is not that sweet although still sweet. Not for those who dislike very sweet food.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nutmeg yes or no?

We ordered the Signature Dish at Sepiring (not shown here) again and a bowl of ABC.

ABC stands for Air Batu Campur which means Mixed Ice. This bowl of ABC - MYR6.90 nett is so colourful with yellow raisins; red bean; yellow, black, red, green jelly; peanuts; attap chee (nipa palm fruit) and even dried candied nutmeg strips. My friend complained that it has too many items in it and does not taste like the ABC that she was used to and she did not like the nutmeg in it at all. Would you prefer to have nutmeg in your bowl of ABC or not? I believe this is Penang style ABC due to the nutmeg in it.

Side view.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


At the end of last year (2015), we noticed that Sea Nian has replaced Yau Hao Fook that used to be our regular eatery in 2014. 

Stirfry Ginger Duck served with rice and choy sum - MYR8 nett

A glass of barley with pumpkin - MYR2 nett. I like this drink because it was only slightly sweet.

Wat Tan Ying Yong (Hor Fun and deep fried Mee Hoon stirfried in slippery smooth egg gravy) - MYR7.50 nett.

Here you can see the hor fun and deep fried mee hoon.

Interior - they reused almost all of the decorations of Yau Hao Fook and only replaced the chairs and tables. The food here is acceptable so we may drop in again when we have no idea where to go for food.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dim Sum Yuen at Sri Petaling

Siew Mai with a prawn on top - MYR4.90+ 6% GST so it is MYR5.19 nett for a serving of 3 in a box. Instead of using bamboo baskets, they use a wooden box and each siew mai (pork meat dumpling) was placed on individually on a small saucer. The siew mai could be considered big here when compared to those dainty delicate ones served in those grand chinese restaurants. Meaty and the taste is fine.

Vegetable dumplings (Por Choy Gao) - MYR4.50+ (MYR4.77 nett) for 3 in 1 serving.

Prawn Dumplings - MYR4.90+ (MYR5.19 nett). I could see prawns inside as the fillings. The prawns were not minced up totally so the fillings were acceptable but the skin was a bit thick so eating this har gao makes it a rather dull experience so I don't think I will order this again.

Salted Egg Yoke Siew Mai - MYR4.50+ (MYR4.77 nett) for 3 in 1 serving. I prefer this to the siew mai topped with a prawn so next time, I will just order this and not the other.

 There was just a layer of salted egg yolk on top of the siew mai as could be seen in the photo above.

Char Siew Bao - MYR4.90+ (MYR5.19 nett) for 3 in 1 box and mini egg tarts - MYR4.50+ (MYR4.77 nett) for 3 in 1 long plate.

There are tiny pieces of char siew (BBQ pork meat) inside the bao as the fillings. I find this acceptable.

Hong Kong Style Cheong Fun with prawns - MYR5.90+ (MYR6.25 nett). The cheong fun is very, very soft and fell apart when we tried to lift it with our chopsticks so we won't be ordering this again. The mini egg tart was about 3 cm in diameter only and the layered flaky pastry was made with lard. I know because I can taste the lard and I prefer it to be made with butter instead.

This was the uninvited guest which we ordered by mistake.  Sweet and a bit spicy so it was very flavourful. Steamed Thai Style Beancurd - MYR4.50+ (MYR4.77 nett).

A pot of tea (small) - MYR4+ (MYR4.24 nett). As I don't drink tea that much, only a tiny sip, we did not request for any free hot water refill.

The bill came up to MYR45.15 nett for 2 pax. This price can be deemed affordable since all the dim sum items although not great are acceptable and they are served in an eatery with air-conditioning.

Dim Sum Yuen at Sri Petaling (located in one of the new buildings behind The Store). Opening Hours from 7.30 am onwards daily. This will be our regular dim sum place when we just want to have a bit of dim sum  in a comfortable environment on a Sunday.

Main Entrance

Interior - bright and new (started business at this premise about a year ago)

Monday, March 21, 2016

2 5 5 2

We were having dim sum when the dish below was brought to our table and we were like, no, no, we did not order this but the waiter took a look at our order chit and said, yes, this item is on your order. We were very surprised so we checked our order chit against the menu and discovered that we have written the number 5 when it should be 2. We filled in the order chit ourselves so the mistake was ours and ours alone.

5 and 2 are often mixed up because we have received letters for house no 2 that the sender erroneously wrote as house no 5 and then we also get letters for house no 5 on street no 5 that the sender mistakenly wrote as street no 2. Have you encountered a mix up of 5 and 2 or 2 and 5 before? They don't even look alike so I wonder why this mix up often happens. It is just between the number 2 and 5 when written in Arabic numbers. The mix up does not happen with other numbers. I am referring to the mix up in written form, not spoken form.

This item was delivered to our table and as far as we were aware, we did not order it.

We wanted to order this Steamed Luffa Siew Mai, item A02

but we wrote A05 on the order chit so this item Steamed Thai Style Beancurd was delivered to our table. Since it was our mistake, we just ate it and as we ordered enough food, we did not place another order for A02 so till next time, A02.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fish and Noodle House

Whenever we are in SS20, Damansara Kim, we would always go for fish fillet noodles at the SS20 Fish Head Noodle Shop despite the area having a few eateries selling almost the same type of noodles. This time, after reading Yee Ling's post about salmon fillet noodles, we ate late lunch at Fish & Noodle House instead.

A glass of very refreshing cold chrysanthemum drink with goji (wolfberries) - MYR3.18 nett.

My bowl of salmon fillets noodles - MYR15.90 nett.. I requested for thin vermicelli and no milk. The salmon fillets are very tasty so I will have this again next time.

A bowl of deep fried fish head noodle - MYR9.54 nett with milk in the broth. This dish is for those who like to chew on the crunchy bits of the deep fried pieces of fish and do not mind having to deal with the fish bones.

A bowl of deep fried fish fillets noodles - MYR11.66 nett, without milk in the broth. For those who do not like bones in their deep fried fish.

Total price came up to MYR40.30 nett for 3 pax.

Shop front