Monday, December 31, 2018


Last day of 2018! Is it just another day to you? or  is it a special day? Let us wrap up the year with a nice lunch.

Black Angus Strip Steak 250g Medium Well at MYR 84.50++ (10% service charge 6% SST = MYR 98.02 nett) with Champ BBQ Sauce served separately. I shared this steak with my friend. The beef was tender and tasty. I think the price is quite ok, not too expensive since the steak meets our expectation of what a good steak should taste like.

We also ordered a plate of deep fried mozarella cheese at MYR 16.90++ (MYR 19.604 nett) and Fisherman platter (deep fried white fish, calamari and prawns) at MYR 37.90++ (MYR 43.964 nett) for sharing. I did not quite like the fried fish because it tastes a bit like dory although it is white fish. The prawns are delicious though. We took the balance home for dinner as we could not finish all the food.

I had my favourite drink - strawberry shake at MYR 11.90++ (MYR 13.804 nett).

Total lunch bill for 2 pax is MYR 175.40 nett. Average costs per pax is MYR 87.70 nett.

Interior - TGIF at One Utama.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Oriental Palace Seafood

3 Crabs steamed with Eggs at MYR 39+ (6% SST = MYR 41.34 nett). They are fresh and tasty!

The promotion. The price is so value for money.

Crab with wings.

We also ordered  5 other dishes including a "Dragon Tiger Grouper" fish on promotion at MYR 68+ (MYR 72.08 nett).

There is another type of fish on promotion too at MYR88+ (MYR 93.28 nett).

Total Lunch Bill for 4 pax is MYR 225.55 nett inclusive of 6% SST. Average costs per pax is MYR 56.3875 nett.

Oriental Palace Seafood Restaurant is located at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Prancing Reindeers

Christmas 2018 is over but the decorations have not been removed yet. One World Hotel, PJ has silver reindeers.

Front View.

Friday, December 28, 2018

WG Jelly Ai Yu

One of our friend was back at work and wanted to eat lunch at Taipei Taipei at 3 Damansara Shopping Mall since we went without her the previous time. So we revisited it and I would need to think hard again of what to eat since I don't want to eat rice and noodles. 

This friend ordered Soy Stewed Pork with Rice at MYR 16.9+ (6% SST = MYR 17.91 nett) despite me pointing it out to her that this is pork belly since I know that she does not eat the fatty parts. She said it is ok she would just remove those parts which she did painstakingly. She removed the skins and all the fatty layers leaving only very little lean meat but she was satisfied with her choice. There is a piece of dried pork skin (like those served with chee cheong fun) in her bowl which she gave to me.

The two friends who shared a main meal previously now ordered one main dish each. Dried Braised Pork Noodle with Pork Chop at MYR16.90+ (MYR 17.91 nett). She gave us each a small piece of pork chop as she could not finish eating such a big piece by herself. This time none of them top up to turn their main dish into sets. For certain ala carte main dishes, they include a small bowl of napa cabbage, half a braised egg and a small piece of braised tofu.

Mama Fu Spicy Hsinchu Fried Rice Noodle at MYR16.90+ (MYR 17.91 nett). It was very spicy according to my friend and she told me that I would like the texture because it was soft but I did not try any since it was spicy. My friend struggled to finish it since it was a big portion and in the end she gave up and left some behind.

Since I was at a loss on what to order, I just ordered  from the snack section - Braised Egg+Braised Tofu at MYR 5+ (MYR 5.30 nett) and was disappointed that I was just given one small piece of braised tofu. Fortunately my friend gave me her small piece of tofu since she does not like to eat tofu.

I also ordered a glass of Jelly Ai Yu Aloe Lemon at MYR 12.90+ (MYR 13.67) making the total price for my lunch: MYR 18.97 nett. I like the soft Jelly Ai Yu which is not sweet. The aloe vera cubes are sweet though but the lemon drink is sourish so this drink is very refreshing. There is still one more friend in our lunch group who has not been to this eatery yet so for the next time I have decided to order a bacon and cheese egg roll.

There are 5 types of Jelly Ai Yu drink.

F14 wasn't such a good choice since the tofu is not a full piece as shown in the photo above.

Total price for 4 pax is MYR 72.70 nett, Average cost per pax is MYR 18.17 nett.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

WG Ice and Egg

Continuing from yesterday's lunch story, I ordered the signature ice dessert at MYR 13+ (6% SST = MYR 13.78 nett). You can see the default 5 toppings in the photo above, clockwise from the top: grass jelly, jelly ai yu, tapioca pearls, taro and sweet potatoes balls.

I like all the toppings including the tapioca pearls because they are soft, just like jelly unlike other places that serve tapioca pearls that can be hard to chew because they are too springy. Ai yu jelly is made from seeds of the fruit of the creeping fig plant (Ficus pumila var. awkeotsang). You can read how Ai yu Jelly is made from this wiki article.

I did not expect the portion to be this huge so I had to request my friends to help me finish it.

I scooped half the ice into another bowl for my friends. My friends found this ice dessert to be very sweet when compared to their milk tea but I don't feel so as I did not drink their milk tea so I cannot detect the contrasting degree of sweetness.

I like the taste of brown sugar in this ice dessert. Since I can't be just eating a cold dessert for lunch, I also ordered a ham and cheese egg roll at MYR 9.90+ (MYR 10.49 nett) so the total lunch price for me is MYR 24.27 nett.

A better view of the ham and egg roll. I ate 3 pieces and gave 1 each to my two friends. I believe those who cook meals at home can easily make this savoury pancake roll. Since I don't cook, I have to order them in eateries. They taste fine so I may have them again.

There are 3 different types of ice dessert in the menu and I chose Q01.

These 6 items are listed in the "Must Eat of Taiwan" section of the menu. I have eaten all 6 items in Taiwan before. This time, I ordered G04 because I did not want to eat rice nor noodles and I like to eat savoury egg pancake rolls.

The receipt still uses the name "Tropicana City Mall" instead of "3 Damansara Shopping Mall". The total price for 3 pax is MYR 46.45 making it an average of MYR 15.48 per pax mainly because my two friends shared one main dish so the price is not as much as when each person ordered 1 main dish each.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

WG 3 Damansara Shopping Mall

One day, after our week day group had lunch in Tropicana City Mall, PJ which is now renamed to "3 Damansara Shopping Mall", they saw this "Taipei Taipei" restaurant which was not there before and they made a note to go and try the food there in the future. I have only been to the branch at Cheras Leisure Mall back in 2017 after reading Submerryn and PH posts.

That day in the future arrived and only 3 of us went there as the rest were having off days to clear their annual leaves. Two of my friends ordered this Braised Pork Rice at MYR15.90+ (6% SST = MYR16.85 nett) to share. They like it.

Item A04 from the menu is what they ordered. I did not want to eat rice nor noodles so I was scratching my head, thinking of what to order that I would not be able to find easily elsewhere, a dish with a small portion which I can finish on my own. Something unique to this eatery.

My friends added MYR5+ (MYR 5.30 nett) to turn their dish into Set B. The usual add-on price (Set B) is MYR8+ (MYR 8.50 nett) as can be seen in the photo below but they are having a promotion so the price is reduced to MYR5+ to get 3 side dishes and any drinks from the milk tea section. My friend prefers the tapioca pearls in her drink to be harder but I like the texture because I like soft food. The milk tea is not that sweet so they like it too.

Top up for 3 different types of set.

My friends selected N02 Brown Sugar Tapioca Milk Tea as their drink. So what did I order after mulling over the menu? Will be revealed tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas 2018

 Have a blessed Christmas everyone!

Please click on this photo for a larger image. The circus is in town at Midvalley Mall. Can you spot the bear waiting for the show to start?

Toy Tin Soldiers (nutcracker suite) standing all around.

Giant Tin Toy Soldiers at Sunway Resort and Spa Hotel near Sunway Pyramid Mall.

A white christmas at The Starling Mall.

Jolly Rainbow at Sunway Pyramid Mall.

Rainbow Love at Sunway Pyramid Mall.

Beautiful flowers with fairies at the Gardens Mall. I did not take photos of the Christmas Tree.

Monday, December 24, 2018

2018 Pavilion Xmas Decor

Please click on the photos below to view a larger version.

Side view

A santa train ride for children.

Front View - Flying golden gifts

The small "white" christmas tree next to the big TV screen is made up of mickey mouse!

Mickey mouse Christmas Tree

Is this a golden plane?

Steps leading to the Christmas decor area are lined with magical trees. Can you spot the white reindeers?

Many people enjoying the festive mood.

There are many Mickey Mouse of various sizes all around.