Sunday, June 30, 2019


On 5 June 2019 (Wed - HR Day 1), we ate breakfast at O&S Coffee Shop, Paramount Garden, PJ. A bowl of Kway Teow Th'ng at MYR6.5 nett and it tastes just as good as back in 2016.

The drinks cost MYR 4.3 nett for 1 hot cham (coffee mix with tea) and 1 ice cham. Char Kway Teow at MYR 7.50 nett, we prefer to have it with kway teow and yellow noodles.

Pan Mee at MYR 6 nett. My friend likes it.

9 pieces of yong tofu at MYR 1.40 nett each so the total is MYR 12.60 nett. 2 tofu, 3 brinjal, 1 bitter gourd, 1 okra, 1 deep fried bean curd and 1 deep fried sui gao (dumpling).

Close up of the yong tofu. Even though the brinjals are quite oily but I like to eat them. This time, we did not order beef noodle, assam laksa, chee cheong fun, popiah and curry noodle like we used to do. A very decent breakfast so this coffee shop is always filled with people and we often have to wait for seats.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Good Taste no more

As usual, on our way home, we will pass by this Good Taste eatery in Jalil Links which started business at this location on 19 Sept 2014, nearly 5 years ago and still going strong.

A plate of roast duck and roast pork (siu yuk) combo rice at MYR 10.90++ (5% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 12.09 nett).

The roast duck breast meat and roast pork (siu yuk) is decent enough.

A bowl of hot barley with beancurd at MYR 3.80++ (MYR 4.22 nett). My friend complained to me that it tastes like it has condensed milk in it. I tried it and could only detect a slight condensed milk taste but my friend could not stand the taste so I had to finish it.

Dry noodles with char siew (BBQ pork) and wantons (small portion) at MYR 7.50++ (MYR 8.33 nett). My friend complained to me that the BBQ pork seems to have been brushed with a layer of melted butter so I had to eat all the BBQ pork too so I guess we won't be eating here again since so many complaints from my friend.

Total price for 2 pax for lunch is MYR 24.65 nett.

Friday, June 28, 2019

WG House of Pok Jaya One

It has been a while since I ate at House of Pok in Midvalley Mall. My friends wanted to try the outlet nearby at Jaya One so we were there for lunch one day. I ordered Set ST01 (2 dishes from section B) at MYR 10.90+ (5% service charge = MYR 11.45 nett) and selected congee, braised egg and curry potatoes. For lunch sets, a glass of sugar cane or tea (hot or cold) is provided foc.

Both my friends ordered ST03 each at MYR 12.90+ (MYR 13.55 nett) where they get to select one dish from section A and one dish from section B.

On another visit, my friend and I shared a set ST03. The egg dish from section B is mine and my friend ate the other dish from section A which is Thai Chicken Chop that cannot be seen because it is covered by pickled cucumber and carrot slices. They serve quite a big portion of rice so I let my friend have it while I finished the sugar cane drink because I was very thirsty.

From my friend's set: this dish is from section A - Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Chop. I did not taste it but it looks like it has too much gravy.

From my friend's set: this dish is from section B - Minced pork tofu. I did not taste it but it looks like the minced pork has too many tiny pieces of fats.

Does the interior look like a cave?

Popular eatery during lunch time - House of Pok at Jaya One.

There is a public library at Jaya One. Good effort to encourage the public to read more.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Fried Siu Yuk Congee

Win Soon at Kuchai Lama is just opening for the day one early morning so we ended up at Imperial White Coffee, Kuchai Lama. The last time we were there was in March 2018 and June 2018.

A cup of Hot Milk Tea at MYR 4.20+ (10% service charge = MYR 4.62 nett) and Fried Roast Pork (Siu Yuk) Congee at MYR 6.80+ (MYR 7.48 nett). The roast pork has been stir fried with dark soy sauce so the meat is almost dark brown in colour and taste sweetish from the thick dark soy sauce.

We only ordered one cup of hot milk tea so this is the same cup as in photo 1. Steamed Kaya Butter Apollo Bun at MYR 4.80+ (MYR 5.28 nett) which we have ordered before in June 2018.

 A basic breakfast like this for 2 pax with only 1 drink costs MYR 17.40 nett.

My friend says no more fried siu yuk congee next time so what are the other choices that you would prefer?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Yins Sourdough Uptown

I noticed this Yin's Sourdough Bakery and Cafe in Damansara Uptown. I have been to this cafe in Penang so I am glad to see them in the Klang Valley now.

They open very early at 7.30 am because they serve breakfast in their cafe. We bought 4 items as takeaways and my friend loves their Three Seeds Wholemeal Loaf at MYR 10 nett. Maybe one day if we are there early in the morning, we will dine in for breakfast.

This is half of the pair of cinnamon roll at MYR 5.20 nett per pair. It has a lot of raisins and walnuts in it so it is tasty but I could not taste the cinnamon.

This is half a slice of the banana cake at MYR 6 nett a slice. Almost as expensive as a slice of banana cake from Delectable by Su at MYR 7 nett a slice. The taste is authentic without any artificial banana essence.

This is the cross section of a loaf of Rye Sourdough at MYR 12.60 nett a loaf. It is soft and quite dense with a sourish taste.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Salted Egg Century Egg Cheese Cake

In May this year, my KL friend told me about this century egg cheese cake that is sold in Penang as she knew that I like to eat cheese cake and I also like to eat century eggs and then my Penang friend said that this cake has been launched in March 2016 and due to the good response from customers, in March 2018, a new creation - century egg cheese cake with salted egg yolk toppings is launched as mentioned here. She says she would bring me to the shop when I drop by Penang.

So I was in Penang last weekend and my Penang friend brought me to this Moody Cow Cafe.

Ah, so many types of cheese cakes.

More cheese cakes. The one with only one slice left must be a clear favourite.

Zoom in on the Century Egg Cheese Cake - the Black Moon. I tried to walk away when I saw the price at MYR 38 nett per slice but my Penang friend has already placed the order for one slice of cheese cake to take away.

She bought this - Mystery Moon - just one slice at MYR 42 nett and I paid for it. Gulps!

The Mystery Moon - Century Eggs embedded into a cheese cake with lots of salted egg yolk toppings and deep fried caramelised anchovies toppings.

Back at her house, we took the slice of cake out of its box and decided we can only taste one tiny slice before keeping the rest in the fridge for another day because it just look too much for us to eat all of it at one go.

Side view.

I cut a thin slice off the big slice and ended up with crumbled cheese cake parts. So I put a bit of everything - century egg, salted egg yolk, cheese cake, creamy cheese cake, the bottom chocolate cake layer, and anchovies onto a spoon and put it into my mouth and nearly died from the very strong egg taste combined with the deep fried anchovies taste in the sweet creamy cheese cake. My brain told me that I felt like gagging but my mouth and throat did not listen to it. Instead I chewed and swallowed the whole spoonful.

Three other friends tried a bit of the cheese cake and only one agreed to help me finish it. The other two friends refused to eat more so the next day, I had to finish the cheese cake by eating them part by part separately:

1. cheese cake - ok only cheese cake but very sweet.
2. creamy cheese cake - not sure whether there is a layer of this officially or is it part of the cheese cake which melted perhaps - ok only, runny and very sweet.
3. deep fried caramelised anchovies - my friend finished them as she is ok with them as I had to eat the other parts.
4. bottom layer of the cake which is brown in colour - I had a difficult time eating this chocolate cake layer as I kept tasting the deep fried anchovies oil in the chocolate cake. Later I was able to isolate the chocolate cake taste from the anchovies taste and so was able to finish eating this layer.
5. century egg - The only part that I was ok with because it tastes exactly like those century eggs that I like to eat except that it is a bit hard. I suspect it turned hard from being baked in the cheese cake.
6. salted egg yolk toppings - I could not eat this part on their own because the portion is big so I use it like a jam and spread them in between two slices of whole meal bread and ate them. This diy salted egg yolk sandwich tastes like lao sar bao so it was ok except that it was very rich and my whole mouth has a waxy after taste in it.

So in summary, I will stick to my favourite cheese cake here and not try another cheese cake from this overly creative cafe but many returning customers vouch for their cempedak cheese cake and other cheese cakes which is the reason why they have been around for quite a number of years now.

Monday, June 24, 2019

WG HK Boy Cart SS2 PJ

My friends revisited HK Boy Cart Noodle, SS2, PJ during lunch so I ordered from the same order chit section "Noodle with 2 toppings at MYR 10.90+ (10% service charge = MYR 11.99 nett)" again. So which two toppings? Previously I selected Fried Wanton to find that it has dubious mushy fillings and Lemongrass Pork chop. The latter is a winner so I chose that again and tried an item that I have not eaten before - fried fish fillet (炸鱼柳 - zhá yú liǔ).

But the fried fish fillet turned out to be just deep fried frozen fish cake made from ingredients that are similar to those frozen crab sticks so never again.

Total bill for 3 pax is MYR 42.55 nett and my items cost MYR 14.19 nett as I also took advantage of the lunch main meal promo to get a drink at MYR 2+ (MYR 2.20 nett) when the normal price of the drink is MYR 4.90+ (MYR 5.39 nett) so I get to save MYR 3.19 nett instead of MYR 2.20 nett if I don't order any drinks. 

"Noodle with 2 Toppings" order chit: I selected 1: "Soup Noodle" and "Less Spicy", 2: "Yellow Noodle" which has a strong alkaline (kan sui) taste that borders on being slightly bitter, 3: "Beef Tendon Sauce" because I prefer beef taste than oink oink taste. Not selecting any options that need to add on $.

The toppings: 1. Season Vege, 2. Radish in Broth, 3. Ear Fungi, 4. Noodle Mushroom, 5. Seaweed, 6. Preserved Vege with pork, 7. Fried Bean Curd Skin, 8. Abalone Mushroom, 9. Blood Curd, 10. Curry Tofu Puff, 11. Sweet & Sour Tofu, 12. Braised Chicken Feet, 13. Pork Intestine, 14. Cheese Sausage 15. Curry Pork Skin, 16. Tuna Fish Omelette, 17. Fish Ball, 18. Fuzhou Fish Ball, 19. Pork Ball, 20. Bursting Meat Ball, 21. Curry Fish Ball, 22. Prawn Brewed Soy Sheets, 23. Fried Wanton, 24. Fried Fish Fillet, 25. Japanese Crabstick, 26. Pork Satay Sauce, 27. Luncheon Meat, 28. Lemongrass Pork Chop, 29. Braised Chicken Wing, 30. Ginger Onion Pork Liver, 31. Spicy Pork Slices.

The following selection needs a top up of MYR 3.90+ (MYR 4.29 nett) each: 32. Braised Beef, 33. Braised Beef Tendon, 34. Beef Stomach and 35. any extra toppings.

So which toppings would you choose: 2 or 3 toppings?

The drinks offer from 12 noon to 3 pm at MYR 2+ (MYR 2.20 nett) with any main meals.

I ordered one bottle of iced ying yong (coffee mixed with tea) normally priced at MYR 4.90+ (MYR 5.39 nett) at the promo price of MYR 2.20 nett because we found that iced ying yong tastes better than iced milk tea during our visit to the Pavilion branch back in Feb 2019 but the price was MYR 6.90++ at the Pavilion branch. Need to go to the Pavilion branch again to confirm that the price is higher than the SS2 branch which I suspect to be the case because of its location in the heart of the city and in a swanky mall.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

After 2 years

We have not visited Win Heng Seng, Imbi for a few years now so we went there recently to check it out and all the 3 stalls that we like are still there operated by the same people but the prices have increased slightly or the portion has decreased with the same price like this Pork Meat Balls Noodles (Sam Kan Chong) that is still selling at MYR 8 nett a bowl but with lesser meat balls.

 My favourite Char Kway Teow (large) to be shared with 3 of my friends at MYR 9 nett. It is not salty although I did not make a request this time. After so many years, did the seller still remember my request?

 Pork noodles - MYR 8 nett - with pork intestines, livers, pork meat slices and pork kidney in a sweet porky soup - just as tasty as before.

I also bought some pastries like before. Mini egg tarts at MYR 1 nett each and mini pineapple tarts at MYR 0.80 nett each.

Siew Baos at MYR 1.90 nett each with the usual fillings. The one with sesame toppings seems to have butter in the pastry.

Do Re Mi Kaya Puffs - The big and medium kaya puffs cost MYR 1.80 nett each. The mini kaya puff is MYR 0.80 nett.

I mung bean pastry at MYR 1 nett and one pineapple tart at MYR 1.30 nett.