Friday, May 31, 2019

WG Watermelon Cake

The famous watermelon cake that I have wanted to try for almost 2 years at MYR 17.50++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 20.30 nett). My friend and I shared this cake. Very tasty because it is not very sweet with a layer of firm and juicy watermelon. The cake also has a light fragrance of rose and lychee pieces in the light and fluffy cream and topped with sweet grapes and sourish strawberries to give it contrast.

Update: My friend read this post and reminded me that I have eaten watermelon cake before in Roots Dessert Cafe in Penang back in 2017. To think that I have clean forgotten about it.

Iced Coffee (MYR 15.08 nett) and Hot Tea (Chamomile and Rose tea) at MYR 13.92 nett to go with the cake.

I could not make up my mind on what to eat and so just selected the salmon main dish. Pan fried crispy skin salmon with clam tomato stew with one potato croquette at MYR 45++ (MYR 52.20 nett). Tasty dish, flavourful and without MSG (because I did not get thirsty after eating this dish). Kept half of it as usual.

Total price for 2 pax is MYR 101.50 nett. I did not take photo of the menu and found this blog with photos of the menu for reference.

Naj & Belle, PAM building, Bangsar.

My friend did not order any main dish because she ate her lunch at The Good Co. that has moved to APW, Bangsar which we found out in mid-April 2019.

It occupies the top space.

Do you dare to walk up this cantilever concrete staircase? I stuck to the side of the wall as much as I could.

It has a small air-conditioned dining area so we chose to sit outside which has two tables.

We sat at the table with this concrete bench.

This is the other external table which customers have to sit cross legged on cushions on a wooden platform. When we were there, we saw two delivery staff collecting the food to be sent to customers so I guess we won't be dining in again but will order online to be delivered to us instead next time as the dining area does not seem to be conducive after the move unlike before when they were at the BON Estates building opposite Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

WG Ko Hyang Mango Snow Ice

It is Gun Man Du (dumplings) at MYR 10.90+ (6% SST = MYR 11.55 nett) at Ko Hyang, Gardens Mall for me again. This time I tried their Mango Snow Ice too at MYR 7.90+ (MYR 8.37 nett) so my lunch costs a total of MYR 19.90 nett.

Not a big bowl. Taste ok, not too sweet and is refreshing. The red beans are not necessary but did not clash with the mango ice.

I think this dessert menu is new, perhaps it is introduced this year.

Total price for 2 pax is MYR 39.55 nett. An average of about MYR 19.77 per pax.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

WG Green Tea Soba

I have been having soba in hot broth many times in Sushi Zanmai so this time, I went for the cold green tea soba tempura at MYR 11.13+ (6% SST = MYR 11.80 nett). The green tea taste is strong and nice. The way to eat this is to mix the spring onions, daikon, seaweed into the cup of mirin soy sauce and then dip the cold soba into the sauce before eating it.

I was very hungry so before my soba was served, I grabbed 2 pink plates of california maki at MYR 9.06+ (MYR 9.60 nett) for both so each pink plate costs MYR 4.80 nett.

Total bill for 4 pax is MYR 78.80 nett. An average of MYR 19.70 per pax.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Gajah Mada

We were walking around in MyTown Mall, Cheras when we saw this offer - buy 1 free 1 - so we decide to have a light meal to take advantage of this promotion which I believe ends on 4 June 2019 (Tue).

They have a unique ordering system where we have to go to a self-service counter to use the electronic tablet located there to key in our order ourselves and the dishes will be served to our table. During peak hours, would this work as there are limited self service counters (I can only spot 2)?

We ordered two dishes - a grilled tilapia fish at MYR 28.50++ (5% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 31.63 nett)

and a mini flying fish at MYR 27.50++ (MYR 30.53 nett) which is very crispy.

Crunchy bones.

There is a special menu for this promotion.

Oh, the Beef Rendang dish does not have a star next to it.

I may order the green curry and tom yam soup next time.

If customers require more sauce and chilli paste than what was provided, they could always order more from this "side orders" section of the menu. The price ranges from MYR 2++ (MYR 2.22 nett) to MYR 2.9++ (MYR 3.22 nett) per portion.

Due to the promotion, the mini flying fish is foc.

Gajah Mada restaurant at MyTown Mall, Cheras. We will be back.

Monday, May 27, 2019

WG Mama Lee

My friend suggested this place in Damansara Uptown for our lunch (same row with Village Park). Need to walk up a flight of steps.

Oh, no oink oink served here. What does the pink paper say? Seems important to stick it there.

Ah, no straws - a good effort to save the world from plastics.

We were handed the menu which is only one piece of cardboard printed front and back and told that for main dishes, the price includes a drink which we can select from 8 choices. Who would want to eat lobster nasi lemak priced at MYR 79 nett?

No free drinks for these items.

The free drinks can be chosen from item DR01 to DR08, hot or cold.

They offer buffet catering, delivery of lunch and dinner boxes too with a minimum amount.

I selected the MYR 10 nett nasi lemak chicken rendang with a glass of cold cham (coffee mix with tea) which is too much for me since there are two pieces of chicken (a drumstick and a thigh) so I kept half for my friend. Tastes good though the rice may not be coconut milky enough for those who look for very strong coconut milk fragrance for the rice. It is truly good value for money for this set.

Total price for 4 pax is MYR 35.50 nett as two friends share one main meal by ordering an extra serving of rice at MYR 2.50 nett.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

WG Snacking Lunch

We had lunch here in March 2018 where I ate Bubur Cha Cha and Bak Chang. This time I ordered deep fried wantons (a plate of 6 pieces for MYR 6.90 nett) and Sweet Potatoes Tong Sui at MYR 4.90 nett but the latter was not available so I changed it to Red Bean Tong Sui at the same price so my lunch costs MYR 11.80 nett in total. The skin of the wantons is too thin so although it is very crispy, it is too oily but the filling is tasty with a cube of crunchy jicama or water chestnut in each wanton. I won't order it again because of its oiliness. I just realise that this combination of food is similar to my lunch at Weng Wah.

My friends ordered a bowl of ABC soup at MYR 9.90 nett and a set of ginger chicken dish with rice at MYR 11.90 nett.

Close up of the ginger chicken dish which looks similar to ginger duck dish.

Total price is MYR 88.90 nett for 6 pax - an average of about MYR 14.82 per pax. This Ah Ma Kitchen eatery is one of the more popular eateries in Jaya One, PJ. It has recently expanded its dining area to accommodate more tables as it is usually full house during lunch time.

Do you like their ceiling decor? So far, the palm leaf hand fans have been fastened securely to the ceiling so none fell on us while we were having our lunch.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Watanhor cravings

Wat Tan Hor (滑蛋河) in Cantonese means Wat = Smooth, Tan = Egg, Hor = Hor Fun (broad rice noodles) refers to stir fried broad rice noodles in smooth egg gravy. We prefer a mix of mee hoon and hor fun so it is called ying yong. This dish costs MYR 9.90+ (6% SST = MYR 10.50 nett) for 1 pax.

Hokkien Mee for 1 pax at MYR 9.90+ (MYR 10.50 nett) at Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee branch at Kuchai Lama. This is how it looks in 2015 and they also have a stall at the Popcorn, Midvalley.

Total bill is MYR 23.75 nett inclusive of 6% SST. The branch at Kuchai Lama is only open in the evening from 5 pm to 2.30 am.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Fish Dumplings

Assorted Fish items in broth at MYR 16.04++ (MYR 18.60 nett after 10% service charge and 6% SST). We also ordered a glass of flowering tea at MYR 6.13++ (MYR 7.11 nett) to share.

Prawns Wanton Noodle (Soup) at MYR 15.09++ (MYR 17.50 nett). Thin and springy noodles in flavourful soup. Looking back at the price of Sheng Kee prawns wanton noodle (soup) back in 2017, I am surprised to find that it is almost the same which means this price is not high after all.

Prawn Wantons vs Fish Dumpling. I suspect the skin wrap of the fish dumpling is made of fish meat because it is very chewy and the fillings taste of cuttlefish.

Firm and juicy prawns in the wantons.

Prawn and Chicken Congee at MYR 16.98++ (MYR 19.70 nett). Eating this is a treat because it is very smooth and thick.

We chose to pay for the wet towels at MYR 2.18 nett each instead of handing them over to the cashier to take them off the bill.

Canton-i at the Midvalley/Gardens Mall, one of the popular restaurants in this mall that has been around for a very long time.