Sunday, April 21, 2019

WG Weng Wah

My friends wanted to eat rice wine chicken at Weng Wah again. I intended to eat that too but after thinking about it, I changed my mind because the rice wine chicken portion would be too much for me and I don't think the soup would taste nice when kept till dinner.

So I ordered: 
Deep fried bean curd roll with chicken paste fillings at MYR 4.80 nett. It was quite oily and some parts of the deep fried bean curd roll are not crispy so I won't be having this again. I think it is not very hygienic to serve edible food directly in a woven basket like the above.
Red bean sweet soup with sweet potatoes at MYR 3.60 nett. Sweet potatoes when eaten with congee or with other sweet soup taste very good and this is no exception so I will have this again.

Total bill for 5 pax: MYR 53.10 nett (on average each person spent about MYR 10.62 nett). In my case, it was MYR 8.40 nett.


  1. I love red bean soup, more than the green bean one.

  2. Replies
    1. Cos they are naturally sweet so are very tasty!

  3. True also about the basket. At least line it with some kind of disposable lining.

    1. Yes, most places would line it with paper before putting food in.

  4. I agree on the basket. Usually they will line it with something before serving something in it

  5. I love red wine chicken soup. I like red bean with sweet potatoes sweet drink. I agree with you concerning food served directly on the basket. The server could have forgotten about the paper tissue.