Monday, January 30, 2017

Heng! Ong! Huat!

Angpow packets from Aeon Big. 5 in a pack with different colours and words. I don't know what Heng means and which dialect it is supposed to be in.

From Aeon.

from Quill City Mall

Same design when the cover is lifted up.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Reunion Dinner

There is a tall tower of red lanterns in front of Suria KLCC but it is not as tall as the Christmas tree at the same spot a month ago.

I wonder does this structure have any deeper meaning to it apart from being a decoration for CNY.

A traditional looking buiding with red lanterns hanging on cherry blossom trees on two sides.

Top View. The white huge pillar behind the decors is not a pillar. It is white wrappings covering two elevators that are being renovated at the moment. For CNY, the management should at least put red wrappings on top of the white wrappings because the huge white pillar does not suit the festive mood.

what can you see inside the house?

A round table with food on it but with no people.

The theme of the decoration is Homecoming Reunion. Tomorrow is the eve of CNY so the CNY reunion dinner will be held tomorrow. Here's wishing everyone here in advance Happy Chinese New Year if you are celebrating this festival and Happy Holidays if you are not!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jan Feb Specials

The Special Sweets for Jan and Feb 2017 are: Chocolate Banana Parfait, Chocolate Banana Hotcakes, Azuki Cafe Mocha (hot or cold). I am sure many of you would agree that chocolate and bananas tastes good together but what about the combination of Azuki (Red bean) and Mocha (Chocolate Coffee Milk)?

The Special Food for Jan and Feb 2017 is: Tofu Soboro Ankake Don - Broccoli, Shrimp, Minced Chicken rice. I don't think I will be ordering this as any food with chicken in it is my last resort.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Centre Court

The CNY decor at Centre Court, Midvalley Mall was not ready when I was last here so I waited in anticipation to see how it would look like. As with North Court and South Court, huge colourful lanterns dominate the scene.

There is a small stage area at one side. In the photo above, two pair of lions are waiting to start dancing on the poles which are set up in front of the small stage. Can you see the lions or rather their heads?

Friday, January 20, 2017

SuperThai revisit

We are back at SuperThai after eating here in October last year, nearly 3 months ago.

Deep fried seabass in sweet and sour sauce - MYR45 nett. Tasty and fresh fish but we prefer the sauce to be served separately because we find the sauce to be too flavourful. We like to eat the huge amount of deep fried Thai basil leaves on top of the fish.

Tempura Kang Kong (water spinach/water convovulus) - MYR13 nett. Too oily but a bit better when eaten with the peanut dip below.

This peanut dip is for the tempura kang kong.

We ordered the grilled pork neck again at MYR28 nett but this time there was too much thick black soy sauce.

Pork soup for 1 pax at MYR8 nett and rice is charged at MYR3 nett per pax.

Salt Pepper Squid - MYR20 nett. Very delicious because it was not salty but very fragrant but the portion is so much lesser than the grilled squid we ordered previously.

Total price is MYR132 nett for 4 pax which I find quite reasonable due to the amount of food that we had. Since we are all small eaters, we could not finish the food and had to take them home in the containers that we brought from home. We knew we would not be able to finish the food.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Press Room Bistro

Since we were at the Pavilion mall to enjoy their CNY decorations, we had lunch there too. We wanted to eat braised beef cheek but a short while after placing our order for it at 12 noon which is the time the lunch menu takes effect, we were told that they do not have beef cheek for that day so we ordered tenderloin steak.

Tenderloin steak 200g at MYR90+ (10% service charge) making it MYR99 nett. I chose spinach and pine nuts as the side dish but did not like it because the spinach was stir fried with lots of "wok hei". For the gravy, I chose pine nut gravy but it tasted quite similar to brown sauce except that it has pine nuts in the sauce. The steak was very tasty so we did not need the gravy at all.

Medium rare so it was very tender and juicy with a red juice oozing out when the steak is cut. I read online that the red juice is a mixture of water and a protein called myoglobin.

Lamb shank - MYR48+ (MYR52.80 nett). I like this dish better than the tenderloin because the meat is very fall-off-the-bone tender and the meat has this delicious lamb taste which we like.

Coq Au Vin is a french dish of chicken braised with wine and mushrom - MYR40+ (MYR44 nett). It is served with a slice of sourdough toast. We like this dish the least because it seems a bit oily to us.

A cup of cappuccino - MYR14+ (MYR15.40 nett) - very rich taste. A cup of macchiato which is an espresso with a little bit of milk - MYR12+ (MYR13.20 nett) - like an espresso it is concentrated so it is bitter. Warm plain drinking water is available foc.

Total bill is MYR224.40 nett for 4 pax. We enjoyed the lamb shank and tenderloin so we will be back to try the braised beef cheeks.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Pavilion CNY decor

Golden bird

I think it is a phoenix

Is a phoenix a hen or a rooster?

View of its back

This is a golden hen with chicks circling around it. They set it up in such a way that the chicks revolve around the hen.

You can take photos with this majestic golden rooster.

There are many more golden hens and roosters turning round and round on their stands as part of the CNY decoration.

A golden pavilion

There are golden lantern posts standing all around with peony flowers around them. Pavilion always put in a lot of effort for their CNY decor.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bird Tracks

Oh, gotta follow the birds.

To the Starling Mall.

No CNY decor yet. I just see birds.

Many birds in the sky. Many shops and eateries have opened for business now at the Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown. The parking rates are the same for weekdays and weekends with the first hour free of charged and MYR1 each for the 2nd and 3rd hour. MYR2 per hour for the 4th hour and above without a max charge.

There are many branches in the mall with birds perching on them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

McD Red Bean Pie

The last time I ate a McD pie was 6 months ago so when I saw that they are having red bean pies now  I bought one to try.

Pie with red bean paste fillings inside at MYR2.95 nett.

There are a lot of red beans in the fillings which is not very sweet so the fillings are quite tasty but I find the pie crust is quite dry, maybe it is because I ate it when it was no longer hot. Can see the red bean one by one in the fillings.

I also bought McFlurry Red Bean at MYR4.95 nett which tastes very much like the McD sundae which is lower in price so I think it is better to buy the Red Bean Sundae than this.

Top View.

Total price is MYR7.90 nett.

Monday, January 9, 2017

One Utama CNY decor

I was there very early. The roller shutters securing the decor area were just being rolled up.

Many red, red lanterns hanging from many arch frames with a flowery (sakura flowers?) walkway in the middle leading up to a stage. Can't go wrong with red and gold colour for the decorations. Everyone at the mall is in the CNY festive mood now.
There were many red lanterns hanging above other walkways in the mall as well.

Many people were taking photos of the CNY decor.

At the old wing of One Utama Mall, there are many arches with red lanterns hanging from the arches.

These red lanterns have flowers on them.