Friday, July 1, 2022

Walk-in Price

On Friday 1.jul.22, went out to pick up a letter so might as well buy food for the day.

*** Kopitiam 95 Desa Petaling ***

12.31 noon - braised pork knuckle rice. We buy this rice frequently using Foodpanda and shopeefood apps and with e-vouchers and free delivery, the price ends up lower than walk-in Price.

This stall does not accept tng payment. The walk-in Price is MYR 14.90 nett.

1.24 pm - my portion of the braised pork knuckle rice. The lean meat is very suitable for my consumption.

5.19 pm - wanted to buy steamed soup for his dinner but the stall is closed for the day. As I was wondering on what to buy as a replacement, an old lady and her son recommended their congee to me so I bought a small portion of fish congee at MYR 8 nett and ate it for my dinner. Taste is quite nice. He tasted a bit of it.

6 pm - I bought this yee Mee soup MYR 8 for his dinner. When he saw it, he asked me is it from a pan Mee stall because he noticed that the ingredients used are ingredients used for pan Mee. He feels that those ingredients are only suitable for pan Mee so I must remember not to buy yee Mee from a pan Mee stall for him. I tasted a bit of this yee Mee, the broth is on the salty side so no next time.

The ingredients are pork balls, cekur Manis leaves, poached egg with very soft yolk.

*** Upper quarter portion of a Duck ***

12.43 noon - bought a quarter duck, breast portion MYR 18, used to be MYR 16 a few months back, from a roadside stall at:

 89, Jalan Hang Tuah 4, Salak South Garden

The name of the stall is Choy Kee Roast Duck. It is available via shopeefood delivery.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Ribeye Steak Sourdough

On Thursday 30.jun.22, he went out alone to buy chapfan from golden chopstick eatery in Sri Petaling for himself and the Elderlies. Ordered two shopeefood deliveries for my meal and his dinner.

*** Simplicity Sandwiches & Coffee Cafe ***

2.16 pm - Chicken and Spinach Quiche from Simplicity Cafe. A Savory pastry, baked egg cream custard with Chicken and Spinach.

Taste like chicken mushroom soup with black pepper. The pastry crust is a little bit on the sweet side. Very easy to eat. 👍

Close up view of the fillings.

Two food items for my meal of the day.

2.17 pm - Ribeye Steak Sourdough from simplicity cafe: Roasted Ribeye Steak, Tomato Slices, Cheddar Cheese, Whole Grain Mustard, Sweet Gherkins.

View of the fillings. Easy to eat too 👍 and can taste the beef aroma.

Top view of the quiche.

11.39 am - delivered in a nice paper bag.

The sourdough sandwich is wrapped in paper.

Simplicity Sandwiches & Coffee Cafe is located at:
D'Alamanda Condominium, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Taman Pudu Ulu, 56100 Cheras
So the delivery fees after delivery discount is still MYR 6 so I used MYR 5.25 shopee coins to lower down the price to MYR 21.75 for these two items.

A good meal for myself. He didn't eat any of my food because he prefers his own food.

*** Golden Chopstick Chap fan ***

10.54 am - his chapfan lunch.

Close up view.

12.36 noon - the elderlies chapfan lunch. He didn't use my stainless steel containers. He prefers the disposal containers because he says they are easier to manage.

The chapfan food he bought for all 3 of them costs MYR 26 nett:
1. 2 normal portion rice
2. 1 bowl of Pork trotter vinegar
3. Yinchoy
4. Oyster mushrooms
5. Strips of gourds
6. brinjal

I didn't eat any of the chapfan. He also bought a loaf of gardenia wholemeal bread at MYR 3.60 from a 7-11 convenience store.

*** Canton Kitchen ***

5.11 pm - his requested dinner of sweet sour fish fillet rice. I bought it from Canton Kitchen instead of Yan Kitchen. There are 7 slices of fish fillet and he asked me to eat two slices of fish fillet and a bit of rice since I am still full from the sandwich and quiche. this is our default sweet and sour fish fillet followed by Yan Kitchen.

Bought just one food item using shopeefood. Used MYR 1 of shopee coins. Price is MYR 13.67 just for this one item which is a reasonable price.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Request Reached

On Wednesday 29.jun.22, he took the Elderlies to the public hospital for their regular doctor visit which has resumed after being postponed due to the pandemic so we didn't go out to buy food. I asked him what he wants to eat and he replied siew yuk rice and sai Yung choy soup so I searched for an eatery with both items and ordered via pandafood from that eatery. I didn't order any food for myself because I need to finished up the remaining fried har Mee from the previous day.

11.14 am - he ate these two food items for both his lunch and dinner. The siew yuk rice has peanuts included in the container. The watercress ribs soup has red dates, watercress and meat in it, a bit more ingredients.

Fatt Kee roast duck and chicken rice shop at Sri Petaling with their own plastic bag with their shop name printed on it.

Used allday promo code to get MYR 7 off. I have used up all 12 free delivery so this time the delivery fee is about MYR 4.50 so the MYR 7 off covered the delivery fee.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Jazz Cereal Prawns Rice

On Tuesday 28.jun.22, went out to buy Ipoh chicken hor fun for the Elderlies but their favourite stall in Thong Kee is closed and the affiliated stall in Sunny Food Republic Coffee shop is closed too as the whole Sunny Food Republic Coffee shop is closed so have to quickly think of other food to buy for their lunch.

*** Jazz Cafe ***

Bought 3 food items from Jazz Cafe and let the Elderlies choose any item and they chose wat tan hor ying yong so we ate the remaining two rice meals for our lunch and dinner.

11.36 am - cereal Prawns with rice from Jazz Cafe Sri Petaling. There are 4 very flavourful crispy and crunchy prawns with heads and shells intact. I ate one prawn with all the shells and he ate 3. The crunchy garlic, curry leaves and cereal bits are very flavourful too - sweet, salty and only a tiny bit spicy.

11.30 am - eggy tofu with tiny prawns rice. There is a lot of gravy for this rice set.

Use a e-voucher converted from Foodpanda points to get MYR 15 off so it is only MYR 19 nett for 3 meals. Pickup order.

*** Thong Kee Sri Petaling ***

11.30 am - fried har Mee. He ate a bit of this noodle. I kept the remaining noodles in the fridge for the next day as I was full from the two rice meals.

The green coffee tastes of coconut. Only cash is accepted at the thong Kee Sri Petaling drinks counter.

Also bought:
1. Pork mihun soup MYR 8 for his next day's breakfast 
2. Fish paste mihun soup MYR 8 and the Elderlies chose this mihun soup as their lunch.
3. 6 eggs tarts from TK bakery at MYR 2.60 nett and gave 3 egg tarts to the Elderlies.
4. Gardenia wholemeal bread MYR 3.60 bought from 7-11
5. A pink scoop MYR 2.7 from mrdiy

Monday, June 27, 2022

Mr Wu Happy Garden

On Monday 27.jun.22, ordered one grabfood delivery. Mr. Wu eatery has moved from Sri Petaling to Happy Garden so grabfood delivery collected the food from Mr Wu Happy Garden.

1.40 pm - Cereal Salted Egg Chicken Rice set which includes a green tea drink.

2 pm - my portion. I just ate a very small portion because I need to finish all the remaining noodles from the previous day.

6.40 pm - Braised minced pork rice. They now use this two layers container.

The top layer contains braised minced pork, tofu and sweet pickled cabbage. The bottom layer contains rice, sausage and half a braised egg. I prefer that they put everything together in one container like how they pack it previously.

Total price is MYR 25.30 nett after deducting the grabfood app offers vouchers.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Fish Paste Wanton Skin

On Sunday 26.jun.22, went to Taman Desa to buy food and pick up a Foodpanda order. Ordered Foodpanda delivery from Canton Kitchen for the Elderlies' dinner to be delivered directly to them.

*** Breakfast ***

8.36 am - shared breakfast of fish paste wanton skins mihun soup MYR 8 bought from Mountain Hill eatery on the previous day. There are 5 wantons that have wanton skins made from fish paste and a few slices of fish cake. The broth is very umami, a bit on the salty side for me but I think the elderlies may like it so will buy for them to try.

*** Pork Croquettes ***

12.51 noon - picked up this pork Croquettes noodles from Classic Taiwan Braised Pork Rice eatery in Taman Desa because need one more pickup order to get 240 Foodpanda points.

I like that they include a piece of braised tofu and one whole braised egg with the pork Croquettes noodles. This dish is very flavourful so I ate the tofu and some noodles. The egg, half pork Croquettes and remaining noodles are kept in the fridge for the next day.

According to this link:

"If you're really into technical terminology, the difference is that croquettes typically use breadcrumbs and patties typically use flour. A croquette mixture is flakier and lighter than a patty mixture."

Cross section of the pork Croquettes. I like the taste because it is similar to the pork patties my mother used to make for us to eat when we were young. It has a nice onion taste.

I only need to pay MYR 5.18 nett after deducting the pickup discount and using a MYR 6 discount voucher that was given automatically when Foodpanda took a very long time, like about an hour to deliver the cakes from YuBake on Tuesday.

*** Tuck Tuck Tei ***

12.44 noon - the above cost MYR 17.50 nett:

- One portion siew yuk MYR 10
- Chap fan: MYR 7.50
1. A small portion of rice
2. Okra
3. Scrambled egg Tomato
4. Soyknots
5. Egg tofu
6. Mixed vegetables curry

Also bought:
1. 2 packs of 3jc mihun soup, 1 pack is for the Elderlies, MYR 7.50 per pack
2. 2 packs of curry chicken wanton Mee dry, 1 pack is for the Elderlies, MYR 7 per pack from Sepetang coffee shop.

*** Diy Sandwich ***

3.23 pm - want to use up all the siew yuk chili dip but the siew yuk is already very flavourful and doesn't need the chili dip so I made two open faced sandwich. Put some of the flavourful noodles on top of two slices of bread. Add half a braised tofu and pour all the siew yuk chili dip onto the tofu on both slices of bread. Very nice to eat due to the bread helps to tone down the taste of that very flavourful noodles and tofu.

*** Canton Kitchen ***

4.20 pm - Dinner for the Elderlies from Canton Kitchen:
1. Papaya ribs soup MYR 21.25
2. Salted fish pork belly dish MYR 18.70
Total price after all discounts is MYR 32.95 nett. Need to remember to ask the elderlies for their feedback about the salted fish pork belly.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ginger Paste Dip

On Saturday 25.jun.22, went to buy food from Mountain Hill eatery at Taman Serangkai and ordered dinner shopeefood direct delivery for the Elderlies.

11.34 am - Deboned steamed village chicken drumstick rice with ginger paste dip MYR 10 nett.

This time he went to buy the food while I waited in the car because he wanted to see the stalls available at Mountain Hill eatery. He bought 3 packs of steamed village chicken drumstick rice with lots of ginger paste dip poured onto the rice because the Elderlies like the taste of ginger paste dip aka 姜蓉 aka Jiāng róng. The feedback from the elderlies is that the taste of this meal is good. One pack costs MYR 10 so total is MYR 30 because chicken drumsticks cost more than chicken thigh. Do you like ginger paste dip to eat with steamed chicken?

He also bought:
1. Pork mihun soup MYR 8
2. Hor hee fish wanton mihun soup MYR 8
3. Two packs of nyonya kuih as below:

Nyonya kuih from mountain Hill eatery. The kuih stall is located next to the ckt stall.

11.48 am - both of us shared these kuih. Taste good with robust coconut milk aka Santana and pandan taste. The yellow is from corns aka jagung. MYR 5.50 for this box of 5 kuih.

11.48 am - we also shared two red bean kuih. Just a bit sweet so we both like it as we like the taste of red beans. MYR 3.50 for one pack.

6.24 pm - he cooked the romaine lettuce from Pandamart bought on the previous day with remaining pan Mee soup bought on the previous day too. Just cook it a bit so that the leaves still have a bit of crunchiness to them.

5.06 pm - food delivered directly to the Elderlies by shopeefood from Yan's Kitchen Sri Petaling:

Ginger spring onion fish fillet MYR 16.8
Braised Yee Mee MYR 14.8

Voucher MYR 4 off delivery
Voucher MYR 7.5 off food
Shopeecoins used MYR 1.61 
Total MYR 22.49
Tips MYR 2

Friday, June 24, 2022

Sushi Ya Ri Sri Petaling

On Friday 24.jun.22, ate the remaining food from previous day's for breakfast and lunch. Ordered Foodpanda delivery for dinner.

4 pm - both of us shared this food from Sushi Yari Sri Petaling for dinner. Tastes good so will order again except for the fried salmon bits which will go well with congee but is a bit on the oily side from additional oil used to fry them and not their own salmon oil.

MYR 7 off by using Allday promo code.

Ordered pandamart delivery to buy romaine lettuce to cook with the remaining bkt from Wednesday.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Wa Lao Wei Foodie Sri Petaling

On Thursday 23.jun.22, went out to Swee Hing coffee shop to buy pan Mee for the Elderlies for lunch. Then ordered one Foodpanda delivery for his dinner.

*** His dinner ***

6 pm - his dinner of chicken herbal soup and rice from Wa Lao Wei Foodie eatery in Sri Petaling that is located above Jazz Cafe eatery. It is one whole chicken leg in a rich thick herbal soup. The herbal soup tastes similar to the bidor duck Herbal soup.

5.12 pm - also ordered one pair of Yao zhar guai, 1 red bean dessert soup and 1 mung bean dessert soup.

MYR 10 discount from PandaBox.

They even have plastic bags with their name on them.

*** Swee Hing coffee shop ***

9.04 am - couldn't resist nyonya kuih so bought these 4 packs to share with him at MYR 2.50 each. Also bought 1 egg tart at MYR 2.3 and 1 kaya puff at MYR 2.1 for myself.

Left: kuih talam 
Right: seri muka
Which one do you prefer?

Bought the liew aka ingredients only MYR 10 to try as we bought these liew with Mihun for the Elderlies on Tuesday. Suitable for eaters who prefer light broth and soft food.

Also bought:
1. 3 packs of hand torn pan Mee soup with clumps of minced meat at MYR 8 each. 1 pack for us to share and 2 packs for the Elderlies as they have requested for pan mee on Tuesday.
2. Rojak MYR 8
3. 1 piece ccf, 2 brinjals ytf, 1 okra ytf, 1 bitter gourd ytf, 1 bean curd sheet ytf with curry mix brown sauce gravy MYR 12.