Saturday, December 31, 2022

Bombe Alaska

On Saturday 31.dec.22, he walked to nearby shops to buy roast chicken, prawn Mee and braised mix items for the Elderlies and himself.

*** Inside Scoop ***

This year I finally bought myself one ice cream cake.

Bombe Alaska ice cream cake MYR 99 nett.

Underneath the whipped cream is durian ice cream and chocolate ice cream.

A ball of chocolate ice cream on top of durian ice cream.

In the middle of the durian ice cream is also chocolate ice cream.

*** Lunch ***

10.46 am - he cooked mushrooms turmeric garlic stirfry after he got home with the braised eggs, braised intestines, braised jutaopei aka head skin, braised tofu MYR 13 and roast chicken MYR 18 from Chi Kong coffee shop.

He also bought prawn mee MYR 9 for the elderly.

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Michelle Young Bakery

On Friday 30.dec.2022, went to meet up with a friend. We meet up once a year.

12.06 noon - we agreed to meet at this pretty cafe - IL Marone by Michelle Young near Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

Bright and cheery cafe. My friend was waiting for me at the back section of this cafe.

This is the back section. Cosy and warm.

12.20 noon - my friend ordered:
A slice of cotton berry cake MYR 17
House-made french toast MYR 22
Earl grey scone with chocolate melt MYR 9
G-Tox juice MYR 14

I ordered:
Matcha strawberry milk MYR 15
A slice of pistachio raspberry cake MYR 20 which I ate half and took half home.

12.21 noon - her scone which she took home because she is full after eating her slice of cake.

12.24 noon - her french toast that I ate one slice. She also took the remaining slices home.

1.45 noon - my view. We spent about two hours catching up with each other. Thanks my friend for the treat. See you next year! 😊

A gift from her.

Bitter chocolates! She knows me so well. 

11.22 am - He ordered these two items for lunch and I helped him finished them before meeting up with my friend.

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Overnight Subway

On Thursday 29.dec.2022, went to Golden Chopsticks to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies.

12.39 noon - his lunch from Golden Chopstick coffee shop.

6.47 pm - my omad beef steak cheese subway sandwich from the previous day.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Truffle Potato Sticks

On Wednesday 28.dec.2022, went to Giant supermarket to buy Anchor salted butter blocks that are on promotion and bought some snacks.

11.22 am - my friend recommended this Meadows brand Truffle Potato crisps to me so I bought them to try. Definitely for those customers who like the taste of truffle flavour. The potato sticks are made from potatoes turned into powder I believe and then shaped into potato sticks. 

11.33 am - the potato sticks that felt powdery in the mouth.

Crisps vs chips.  The smaller piece is chip and it seems to be slices of whole real potatoes. The bigger piece has texture like Pringles potato chips which is not slices cut from whole potatoes.

11.26 am - he stir fried one small cabbage with tumeric powder and mustard seeds for lunch.

11.26 am - roast chicken thigh, char siew and siewyuk for one pax with no rice MYR 12 from Desa Petaling coffee shop for his lunch.

Since there is a subway eatery near Giant Supermarket at Salak Park, I bought two items from there for my meal for two days. Convenient for me to just pick up the food.

12.48 - two food items from Subway at Spark.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Raja Satay 1900

On Tuesday 27.dec.2022, went to 126 Kopitiam to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies but the chapfan stall inside the coffee shop is having a rest day so bought the chapfan from Golden Chopstick coffee shop instead.

*** Medan Selera Sri Permaisuri ***

2.04 pm - the compacted rice is cooked in a plastic tube so for this small combo set of satay, they give half a tube of compacted rice aka nasi himpit.

Yesterday on the way back from midvalley mall, he suddenly decided to stop by this food court to buy satay for dinner as he has searched for a satay eatery that is nearby and is open for lunch a few days ago.

1.29 pm - not sold by individual skewers but in combo sets.

1.27 pm - bought the smallest combo set MYR 19 nett and select the set with 3 beef and 7 chicken because I am only eating 1 stick of beef and he prefers chicken. A pack of iced teh-o is included in this combo set.

1.26 pm - I think people generally prefers to eat satay for dinner so there is no customer eating here at this stall. All of them are at the famous and popular sup meletup stall at the far end.

1.28 pm - Raja Satay 1900 stall at Medan Selera Sri Permaisuri.

*** Tue 27.dec.2022 ***

11.40 am - his chapfan lunch no rice from Golden Chopstick coffee shop.

I bought a pack of dry beef mix with no soup and no noodles MYR 13 from the beef noodles stall in 126 Kopitiam Sri Petaling for my omad.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Early Ice

On Monday 26.dec.22, reached midvalley mall at 10.30 am but most of the eateries are full so quickly find a not so full eatery for brunch before buying CNY goods.

10.34 am - they didn't have beef rendang previously. Now they do so we ordered it but the beef is too tough for my weak teeth. 

Junior assam laksa set has abc so it is perfect for me. I requested for mihun instead of Lai fun at Ah Cheng Laksa.

10.43 am - hot cham no sugar. Very nice. 

11.02 am - had to wait for 30 mins for this ABC.

11.24 am - Corns, peanuts, red beans, cincau = yummy! 😋

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Nga Choy Tastes Good

On Sunday 25.dec.2022, went to Taman Desa  and Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling to buy lunch and dinner for the Elderlies and ourselves.

His breakfast.

Chapfan lunch MYR 10 no rice:
1. Beansprouts
2. Stirfry eggs
3. 2 braised eggs
4. Okra
5. Napa cabbage
6. Broccoli cauliflower 

Heat up the knuckle meat from Friday.

His chapfan no rice from Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling. He felt satiated from the knuckle meat from lunch so bought sour mustard for dinner.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Yu Pin King pineapple rolls

On Saturday 24.dec.2022, duty day for lunch and dinner for the Elderlies.

*** Fri 23.dec.2022 ***

I bought this tub of pineapple rolls from Giant supermarket for about MYR 13 or more but less than MYR 19.

Taste ok.

*** Sat 24.dec.2022 ***

He bought lunch for himself and the Elderlies from a chapfan stall under a shed about opposite Lucky Alley coffee shop. I bought ABC soup MYR 10, 4 sets of brinjal and bitter gourd ytf MYR 16 and wanton noodles soup MYR 8.5 for the elderly's lunch from lucky Alley coffee shop.

3 packs of dinner chapfan for the elderlies and himself from 126 mixed rice Sri Petaling.

Knuckle meat from Friday to eat for lunch and dinner on this day.

Friday, December 23, 2022

Two Knuckles

On Friday 23.dec.22, sent a smoked pork knuckle to my friend that we ordered together from The Butcher's Table eatery in SS2, PJ.

11.41 am - a huge very crispy knuckle from the Butcher's Table eatery SS2, PJ.

View from top. The skin is extremely crispy and tasty. 😋😋😋

Smoked knuckle.

Both knuckles are placed in aluminum containers. There are two brown sauce and one chili sauce similar to the chili sauce usually given by chicken rice stores.

My friend sent me these two photos. This is the smoked knuckle.

Smoky meat. Tasty gooey thick skins.

Reasonable price.

We used the bones to boil soup with napa cabbage and bamboo shoots.

Butcher's Table meating your expectations.