Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 The weather now is so hot that I wish to eat the above green tea ice and ice cream almost everyday! This green tea ice is not sweet at all, perfect for me. Matcha Shiratama Slushy from Nana Green Tea (around MYR 14 to MYR 16).

Monday, June 29, 2015


I suggested to my 3 friends to go to SS2 to eat durians at the SS2 durian stall only to be told that they were moved to another place - Jalan Harapan, Section 19. We found the new place quickly because it is quite near to the previous location - about 3 minutes drive away.

The durian stalls were relocated to a proper building

Found it - SS2 Durian

4 of us ate 3 durians (all small ones) - Musang King 1.2kg @ MYR30/kg, Red Prawn (HongHar) 1kg @ MYR16/kg and a durian with pale thick flesh and very small seeds (I did not catch its name) 1.3kg @ MYR20/kg and my friend gave us all a treat - MYR78 in total.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Nutella Bao

Interesting "Today's Special" so my friend ordered it - MYR19 nett

Affogato - Coconut Ice Cream + Espresso Shots in a porcelain bowl. Strong espresso. Supposed to be eaten together with the Baos.

Two Baos

Not any usual Bao but Nutella Bao - I did not eat these but I hear it tastes good with the affogato. Just put some coconut ice cream and pour some espresso shots onto the bao and eat.

Not my Cappucino - MYR12 nett

Total Bill: MYR31 inclusive of 6% GST with no service charge

WaterFront, Desa Park City

The cafe's name is "Three Little Birds Coffee"

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Size

The closest price is by contact.ewew followed by RealGunners. That plate of Sang Har Mee costs us eighty nine ringgit. I know some of you have fainted. I must say I am not surprised by the price because the prawns are really huge.

Just look at the plate of fish cakes. The size of the plates of the fish cakes and the Sang Har Mee is the same and everyone knows the size of the usual orange sauce saucer so you know how large the metal plate is. The prawns take up almost the full length of the metal plate so you can tell that they are very large. Lesson learned - asked for the price before placing the order.

By the size of the orange saucer, you can tell the size of this metal plate

The metal plate here is the same size as in the top photo.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sang Har Mee

When we walked into the Low Mee coffee shop in Batang Kali, we asked them to recommend some dishes to us and Sang Har Mee (Fresh water prawns noodles) was in the list. We did not ask for the price but straight away order a portion for 1 person so imagine our surprise when the dish arrived looking like this.

The Prawns were huge! There were 4 halves in the plate above making it 2 huge prawns so it is definitely not a portion for 1 person in our books so we were guessing among the 3 of us, how much this dish will cost - we would have to pay the price for not asking for the price before ordering.

Can see the creamy golden roe in the prawns which tastes like sea urchin roe. The flesh is thick and firm. The yee mee was hidden underneath the prawns. Delicious dish! So what do you think was the price?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Low Mee

Loh Mee but spelled as Low Mee by this shop - MYR6 nett. Sourish due to the vinegar in the gooey broth and the noodle is soft so I quite like it.

Pork belly mee hoon (1pax) MYR14 nett - I think that the pork belly has been marinated in some cooking wine as I could taste the alcohol.

Fish Cakes - MYR9 nett - soft

Deep fried bean curd with fish paste - MYR9 nett - very crispy and not oily

3 of us ordered almost all the specialties of this shop

This place is at Bandar Utama Batang Kali. We were in that area for an errand so we stopped by for lunch.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Not a Ball

I like to walk into bakeries just to window shop. Then I read about these Soft Raisin Balls at "Eat what, Eat where" but I have never seen them when I window shopped at Lavender Bakery so the next time I went there I opened my eyes and looked and saw them so I bought a ready-packed bag of 5 for MYR5 nett. Very easy to eat, light butter taste and milky, lightly sweet, not that fluffy mainly because they have cooled down so they were a bit dense. Good to eat with bitter coffee. Not big so you may think MYR1 each is a bit on the expensive side.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Take a guess

This is my one of my favourite food. Though the photo is not that pretty but can you guess what they are. They can be eaten immediately in their above form.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Once a week

I ate this plate of char kway teow some time ago so I have forgotten how much it costs. I tend to eat a plate of char kway teow once a week because I like to eat the kway teow, prawns and eggs but not the lard and not the slices of chinese sausage so I will request for them to be omitted if I know the stall/eatery includes them in the ckt dish.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Coconut Lempeng

We went to Teh Tarik Place at the Curve again for breakfast. This time I noticed two new items on their breakfast menu - coconut lempeng and banana lempeng so I ordered the former.

Coconut Lempeng served with sambal - MYR4.35 after 5% service charge and 6% GST. It tastes familiar to me - the crispy outer layer and the soft slightly chewy inside. I find it very tasty, slightly savoury and slightly sweet but I could not detect any coconut taste. It definitely does not need the sambal at all.

Then my spouse ate a piece and told me that it tastes like toasted crumpets with melted butter on top. We used to eat crumpets for breakfast when we were living in UK. Just buy them from Tesco and toast them for breakfast before spreading butter on them while they are still hot so that the butter will melt. This is how the English crumpet looks like.

Then I told my sister about lempeng and she stared at me and said why pay so much to eat pancakes when I can make them for you. Oops! I did not know that lempeng is pancake so I guess I won't be eating lempeng at Teh Tarik Place anymore since I can get homecooked ones.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Light Cakes

RT Pastry is the go to place for light and affordable cakes. A 300g sesame sponge cake costs only MYR40.25 (nett). 4 of us bought 2 slices to try - Sesame Charcoal Sponge Slice for MYR6.68 and Sesame Sponge Hazelnut Cream slice for MYR6.15 and we find that the latter is sweeter than the former but both are light and easy to eat.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Red or Purple?

The red dragon fruit is one of my favourite fruit. It is the fruit of some cactus species. I eat it by removing its skin like in the above photo and just bite into its red purplish flesh. After eating this fruit, don't be alarmed if one notices the red colour when visiting the washroom the next day.

It has many seeds. If you do not like to eat salad with raw vegetable due to the raw vegetable taste, you may not like to eat this fruit because there is a very slight raw taste to it despite being mildly sweet.

There are dragon fruits with white flesh.

I bought 3 for MYR10.47 so it is MYR3.49 each.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

New eateries

 Back in November 2014, I wrote about Tai Lei Loi Kei Macau at the Gardens Mall and just last week I noticed that the eatery has been replaced by Kim Lian Kee, an eatery that is famous for its dark Hokkien Mee with its main outlet in Petaling Street, KL. Will go try it soon.

Also back in November 2014, I wrote about eating at Edo Ramen at Midvalley Mall. Just last week I noticed that it has been replaced by BBQ Town Buffet.

Thai BBQ and Japanese Shabu Shabu. Lunch Buffet around MYR30ish and Dinner Buffet around MYR40ish. Does not serve pork and no alcohol. Good for those big eaters I would say. Don't think I will be eating there because I am a small eater.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We were too full to eat the burrito so we took it home.

The Burrito Base has rice, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, Pico de Gallo (a salad made from raw tomato, onion, cilantro/coriander, lime juice) and we chose slow cooked beef as the meat filling. It was thick and fat, all wrapped up in a piece of aluminium foil so it was easy to take home. MYR16.90+ (MYR17.91)

The soft tortilla has turned a bit soggy when we arrived home so it is best to eat it on the spot.

As it is so thick, we could not eat it by holding it upright like a banana so we cut it into half and eat it with a spoon. I prefer the burrito to be thinner so that I can hold it upright to eat it.

There is a lot of beef in it as can be seen from the photo. Since we ate it with a spoon, it was like eating a normal rice meal with beef.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


3 hard tacos - MYR19.90 + 6% GST = MYR21.09 - crispy corn tortillas (thin flatbread) with Pico de Gallo (also known as Salsa Fresca - a salad made from raw tomato, onion, cilantro/coriander, lime juice), sour cream, lettuce fillings and we chose pan fried fish as the protein fillings. We also ordered a side of Guacamole (avocado dip) MYR3.50 (MYR3.71) to go with this. Instead of 3, one can buy 2 tacos for MYR14.50 (MYR15.37). Very crispy but the fish filling is too salty for us.

The above 3 tacos on a tray with a Pina Colada (cocktail made of rum, pineapple juice and cream of coconut - is cream of coconut = coconut milk?). All 4 of us shared this drink which costs MYR7.50+ (MYR7.95). I can only taste the pineapple juice and not the other two ingredients. 

A slow cooked beef burrito - MYR16.90+ (MYR17.91) - we took this home to eat as we were too full from eating the rest of the food. Nachos (crispy corn chips) with spicy chicken - MYR18.90+ (MYR20.60).

Quesidillas  - a grilled corn tortilla filled with cheese, Pico de Gallo and a choice of meat - we chose chipotle (smoked dried jalapeƱo) beef - MYR14.90+ (MYR15.79). The additional guacamole in a paper cup in the photo above is the side ordered with the 3 tacos.

Instructions for ordering - 1. select a base - burritos, burrito bowls, soft tacos, hard tacos, nachos or quesadillas.

2. Select a protein - chicken, beef or fish. We found the chicken and fish to be too salty for our liking so we will stick to the beef next time.

You like your sauce? There are medium, hot, extra hot sauces for your taking. There are also pickled jalapeno and chopped cilantro/coriander for you to add to your food.

The condiment and sauce self service counter

Total bill: MYR81.60 for 4 of us - no service charge

Exterior - Panchos - Midvalley top floor

Visit their website for more details

Place and pay for your order and wait to collect it

Colourful Interior