Friday, September 30, 2022

Pulled Beef Brisket Burger

On Friday 30.sep.2022, went to Desa Petaling coffee shop to buy lunch because dropping off some food to my friend.

*** Myburgerlab ***

1.39 pm - the chuck Norris burger from myburgerlab set - top view.

Side view. I do not want any sauces so I paid extra for the sauces to be provided separately in small tubs. I have stated before that I don't want the small tubs of sauces even though I paid extra for them to be put separately but they still gave me the sauces. I guess I need to walk in to buy takeaway from them if I don't want any sauces. In this sense, McD burgers are on my preferred list cos they have a selection for no sauces at all via every online delivery platform.

I believe the two tubs of sauces are:
1. Honey mustard sauce
2. X+ sauce

Remove the top burger bun to show the pulled beef brisket seasoned with bbq sauce.

Below the pulled beef brisket are strips of deep fried battered onions.

The beef patty is beneath the strips of deep fried battered onions. A very meaty burger too.

Shopeefood delivery. Redeem shopee coins to cover the delivery fees so the burger set costs around MYR 28 only.

I will continue to order shopeefood delivery for myburgerlab everytime I have collected about MYR 8 worth of shopeecoins because I like their fries too.

Can buy via this platform also.

Ala Carte burger with price from their official website.

*** Salad Atelier ***

Self selection salad: I selected kale vege, beetroot, pumpkin, mixed capsicum, cherry tomatoes, smoke duck with no dressings. I like the self selection salad because I do not want any dressings. Used PestaPanda promocode to get MYR 13.48 off.

7 slices of smoked duck breast meat. I ate one slice and kept 6 slices for the next day. Taste good. The pumpkin is mixed with a sweetish butter.
*** Desa Petaling coffee shop ***

11.07 am - duck breast meat and siew yuk rice from LongFongRoastKing stall in Desa Petaling coffee shop MYR 12 and a quarter duck, top portion MYR 24 to get the duck breast meat.

As before, whenever we are at this coffee shop, will buy the pork mihun soup at MYR 8 for his dinner.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

4 Tastes

On Thursday 29.sep.2022, went to Golden Chopsticks coffee shop to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies.

12.04 pm - 3 chapfan lunch MYR 20 from Golden Chopstick coffee shop.

6 pm - Teriyaki Saba Poke brown rice from Chatto Sri Petaling. This meal has 4 main tastes:
1. One own selection of sauce. I chose yuzu sesame sauce.
2. Teriyaki taste on the Saba
3. Kimchi taste from the kimchi
4. Granola sweet taste

A very good price after using ordernow promo code in Foodpanda. MYR 14 only.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Hericium Erinaceus

On Wednesday 28.sep.2022, stayed home and ordered 1 shopeefood delivery and 2 Foodpanda deliveries.

*** Premium Vegetarian Nasi Lemak ***

2.32 pm - BMS Organics Sri Petaling Premium Nasi Lemak with no meat at all, just one hard boiled egg.

The 3 sauces are vegetarian sauces:
1. Vegetarian sambal
2. Vegetarian rendang
3. Vegetarian satay peanut sauce

I don't need the above 3 sauces because the nasi lemak itself with all the ingredients are very flavourful, enough taste to be eaten without the 3 sauces.

The two chewable BMS Organics TRI Algae tablets are dark green in colour and quite bitter according to him who ate them. The instructions say to eat the two Tri algae tablets before meal and so I asked him to eat them.

There are two pieces of crackers packed in a separate small plastic bag.

A big thank you to NuxV and Stacy who alerted me to this Ordernow promo code in the Foodpanda app which gives a max of MYR 12 off for a min purchase of MYR 20 so this meal inclusive of delivery fees only costs MYR 13.20 nett.

This promocode has a daily limit and is only applicable from:
- 10 am to 11 am
- 2 pm to 5 pm

This vegetarian nasi lemak has:
1. Brown rice stir fried in coconut oil
2. Two skewers of 3 chunks of lion mane mushrooms aka Hericium Erinaceus. These mushrooms have a firm texture and are seasoned lightly so they can replace meat.
3. Two blanched okras
4. 3 pieces of tempeh
5. Acar
6. Raw salad of strips of cucumber, carrots and purple cabbage.
7. One hard boiled egg
8. Stir fry king trumpet mushrooms aka Pleurotus eryngii mushrooms 

*** Ginza Sushi ***

With PestaPanda promocode, I bought this very good value for money salmon teriyaki Don from Ginza Sushi which I have bought previously a few times such as on Tuesday 19.jul.2022 with a photo that is exactly the same so no photo this time.

*** Roast Meat Chi Kong coffee shop ***

12.10 noon - his lunch of siew yuk, char siew and chicken liver with oil rice. The shopeefood app gives a selection of lean meat or fatty meat and I chose lean meat. I like having this choice of specifying lean meat or fatty meat.

Total price is MYR 13.30 after shopeefood discounts for food and delivery fees have been applied.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Oolong Tea IC Mooncake

On Tuesday 27.sep.2022, went Hiong Mei chapfan eatery to buy lunch for the Elderlies.

*** Inside Scoop ice cream ***

Top view of the pretty flower Oolong Tea ice cream mooncake.

Side view.

The shell is white chocolate. After eating the thin purple spray layer, can see the white chocolate shell as shown in the photo above.

It has a almond praline feuilletine base which is crunchy.

From wiki:
"Feuilletine, or pailleté feuilletine, is a crispy confection made from thin, sweetened crêpes. The crêpe batter is baked for a few minutes, and the crêpes are allowed to cool; as they cool, they become crisp."

This photo shows that the white chocolate shell is quite thick in some parts, especially the top part.

The oolong tea ice cream is made from purple cane's Wu Long Wang tea so it has a fragrant oolong tea taste and is only slightly sweet so I like this ice cream a lot. In the middle of this mooncake is a red bean paste ball which is a bit sweeter than the mooncake.

*** Hiong Mei chapfan eatery ***
His chapfan lunch MYR 9, the soup is foc. He also bought two packs of chapfan for the Elderlies' lunch.

I walked to the nearby Choy Kei coffee shop and bought:
1. Seafood mihun with just enough soup to soak the mihun MYR 9.50 for my OMAD 
2. 3jc mihun soup MYR 8 for his dinner.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Beef Brisket Burger

On Monday 26.sep.2022, went to Swee Hing coffee shop and Mun Kee Food Court to buy his lunch and dinner.

*** Woodfire Aurora Place Bukit Jalil ***

4.03 pm - a very meaty beef brisket burger with caramelized onions and smoked bbq sauce:
1. Chunky slabs of beef brisket which is tender and juicy. I like them a lot.
2. Beef patty which is on the salty side.
3. Thick beef bacon which is meaty.

Side view.

The burger fits snugly in this 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm box.

The description on Foodpanda.

I noticed the price for this burger on another food platform is lower but they didn't mention beef patty in the description so maybe they lower the price by not including a beef patty. Suitable for people who likes very meaty burgers.

*** Lunch and Dinner ***

12.14 noon - his lunch of pieces of small ma Yao chai fish with mihun in soup without milk MYR 15 from swee hing coffee shop.

His dinner MYR 14 bought from the braised meat stall in Mun Kee Food Court:
1. Braised duck thigh small portion of rice MYR 9
2. A small portion of salty sour mustard leaves dish MYR 4
3. A piece of braised 1x2x3 inch tofu as the photo below:

A piece of braised tofu for me. I wanted to buy braised eggs but they don't have it on this day. Previously I bought braised eggs from this stall so it is just for this one day that they didn't have braised eggs.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Organic Jumbo Raisinss

On Sunday 25.sep.2022, went to Taman Desa to buy food.

*** AA Pharmacy ***

200 grams of Country Farm Organic Jumbo Raisins MYR 7.20 per pack and Aiken Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash MYR 10.90 per tube.

*** KFC Taman Danau Desa ***

5 pieces of original taste KFC chicken - 4 piece x MYR 5.5 and 1 piece FOC shopeefarm so the average price per piece is MYR 4.40 nett. He prefers chicken Ribs and thighs. I prefer chicken keel and drumsticks. What about you?

*** Tuck Tuck Tei coffee shop ***

12.24 pm - Tuck Tuck Tei chapfan lunch MYR 10 of:
1. A small portion of rice
2. Sweet Potatoes leaves
3. Okra
4. One braised egg
5. Kailan
6. Bittergourd eggs
7. Beancurd sticks

The chicken meat is from the KFC chicken order.

One portion of siew yuk MYR 10 to be eaten over two days.

*** Clear Food ***

3.14 pm - cold big Mac 😋

3.31 pm - chicken drumstick 

3.45 pm - my share of chapfan lunch without rice.

3.59 pm - Eat cold Sei Dai Tin Wong to clear it. I didn't eat the salty belacan gravy. The egg is the same egg. I just transferred the egg from the chapfan to this dish.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Organic Rolled Oats

On Saturday 24.sep.2022, went to Golden Chopsticks to buy lunch and 126 mixed rice eatery to buy dinner for the Elderlies. Also ordered 3 Foodpanda deliveries above MYR 28 to complete tasks.

CED organic rolled oats 500g MYR 6.90 bought from Speedmart to try as overnight oats. Taste fine.

11.45 am - he bought 3 packs of chapfan lunch for himself and the Elderlies from golden Chopsticks coffee shop in Sri Petaling.

5.39 pm - he bought 3 packs of chapfan dinner for himself and the Elderlies from 126 mixed rice eatery in Sri Petaling.

12.12 noon - I wanted to drink McD iced latte so bought the above items to be over MYR 28 to complete the Foodpanda tasks.

12.17 noon - saw this Woodfire at pavilion Bukit Jalil having a beef brisket burger so am very curious to find out how it tastes like so bought one to try. Details will be in another post.

12.19 noon - Bought the same two items that I bought previously because they suit our preference of sauces put separately. This time they did the Summer Avo Salad according to the description on their website by providing spicy salsa which is spicy and the flavours too strong for this salad so I prefer that they don't give me the spicy salsa like the 3 times I ordered previously.

6.10 pm - my portion of the vegan fruit vege salad. This time they replaced the sweet potato with potatoes and kiwi with pomegranates. Taste just as nice as previously. 👍