Saturday, October 31, 2020

Friday Fabulous Food


This is the 5 of 5 daily lunch for 1 pax at MYR 14.20 nett inclusive of delivery fees for 5 days from home and true enough, the food taste homely, just like what one would cook at home. We kept this box for dinner as we bought other food for lunch. 

One braised egg, iceberg lettuce, spring onion with ginger stirfry pork slices and rice.

Dinner at 6.30 pm. Just heat up the contents of the lunch box in a wok because we put the box in the fridge after receiving it. Shared by 2 pax though it is meant for 1 pax.

Breakfast grab from Yi Poh on the previous day. Pork stomach (about 10 pieces) with Mee hoon. The pork stomach has been cooked in pepper but the soup is not pepper soup. For those who loves pepper soup would have to add their own pepper just like he did. Can see the pepper bottle at the top right corner and he must have white pepper cos dark pepper have a different taste which I won't know cos I don't like pepper though I will eat it. The pork stomach is very thick and meaty.

We grab this for lunch from AMAH. The bag contains chicken rendang because we didn't want sambal so we bought rendang for the gravy but there is a piece of chicken too.

Add in the rendang to the Nasi Lemak before eating it.

Kuih talam - 3 pieces but 1 piece has been eaten. I can't tell what the top part is made of - sweet potatoes or pumpkins maybe but I couldn't identify the taste. It is just lemak (coconut milk rich) and sweet.

They put bunga telang blue in the middle of the glutinous rice. The glutinous rice is very lemak too. Very tasty kuih.

Ondeh ondeh with bursting centers filled with gula melaka.

I like the packaging. Clean and tidy.

Kuih is MYR 5 each per pack, Nasi Lemak chicken MYR 14.42+, rendang chicken MYR 9.22+, delivery fees MYR 5.50 nett and MYR 2 nett off from redeeming points.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Grab Yi Poh

lunch on Thursday 29 October 2020: sweet and sour chicken, tofu, napa cabbage and rice.

Breakfast of instant noodles and meat from the tomahawk pork chop.

For dinner and next day breakfast, we ordered Yi Poh.

Flat thin noodles dry at MYR 11 nett for dinner. Ate with pickled green chilies.
We ordered Lo C Fun but was given thin flat noodles. The mihun is for the next day breakfast.

My portion of noodles for dinner. Ate a few slices bread too.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Nam Yee

Lunch on Wednesday 28 October 2020 d225 from for 1pax at MYR 14.20 nett per day inclusive of delivery fees for a 5 days order. Nam Yee pork belly deep fried with rice; lo hon chai cabbage with glass noodles and muk Yee and tou pok; vege bok choy.
Breakfast of instant noodles, egg, bok choy and the tomahawk pork chop from super ramen last week.

My brunch of instant noodles, some meat from the tomahawk pork chop, some vege and lohonchai from the daily lunch.

Not my dinner of salted chicken leg and a thin layer of rice bought on Saturday (4 days ago) from Lucky Alley coffee shop.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Lazybum dot my Delivery

Lunch - for Tuesday 27 October 2020 d224 is bean curd sheet rolls, rice, bok choy and sweet sour a bit spicy fried fish fillet shared by 2 pax though this is a 1 pax portion meal at MYR 14.20 nett inclusive of delivery fees from 5 days set.

Very flavourful spicy fried rice with chicken chop from insta at MYR 12 normal price but on occasionally special offer it is MYR 25 for 3 boxes. Can order via beepit at

The chicken chop has sage taste and the spicy fried rice has "kick" are the comments I get after sharing the boxes of rice to friends because the rice is too spicy for us two. So for those eaters who love flavourful spicy food, lazybum has more dishes and meals for you to choose, even has some meals that are non spicy.

They call these donuts Bombolinis (Italian donuts with pastry cream). 5 types - almond chocolate, chocolate, red velvet cream cheese, salted caramel cream cheese and pandan gula malacca at MYR 20 a box for 5.

Cakes again - pandan gula malacca, rose bandung and raspberry ripple at MYR 15 nett per slice. The buttercream is to be eaten together with the cake. I didn't eat the butter cream cos I am afraid of putting on weight. I am keeping my weight quota for the super delicious sour cream butter cake so by just eating the cake without the buttercream, the cake is a bit on the dry side. I finished all 3 slices in one sitting during lunch time without eating the buttercream so that is my lunch. Dinner is bread and siew bok choy. The cakes and donuts are from lazybum too.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Home Taste Lunch

Instead of dinner, for this week I ordered lunch for 1 pax from for 5 days at MYR 14.20 nett per day inclusive of delivery fees. For Monday 26 Oct 2020 d223, lunch was marmite chicken, curry vege, stirfry bok choy with rice shared by 2 pax.

From the last 5 dinners by, I have now 21 containers which I will reuse to store non edibles because these containers are not meant to be reused to store food directly after the initial use.

Shared breakfast of pork Yee Mee MYR 7 nett bought from Swee Heng on Saturday, 2 days ago, kept in the fridge since.

Not my dinner of zhar yuk muk Yee rice bought from Lucky Alley on Saturday with added bok choy.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Sour Cream Butter Cake

10 x 10 inches Sour Cream Butter Cake bought from a home baker on insta.

Ate a small corner to test the taste. Good, taste very genuine butter.

Light, moist, a bit sticky, crumbly texture with creamy buttery not too sweet taste. Delicate and delicious!

Cut out a slab to give my friend because good cakes must be shared.

Put that slab of cake into a glass container to give my friend. She likes it too!

 *** Sunday 25 October 2020 d222 ***

Went to Taman Desa to takeaway our favourite Nasi Lemak. Chose the exact ingredients like our previous purchase: 
Long beans, egg, potatoes curry, tiny prawns and chicken slices and the standard peanuts and anchovies. Bought two packs for MYR 18 nett.

Lunch: two of us shared this chicken rice and add gizzards and livers. Bought from a shop near to Sepetang coffee shop in Taman Desa at MYR 8.50 nett. Dinner is wanton noodles (dry) at MYR 6.50 nett.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Weekend Takeaways

After staying at home for 5 days, it felt kind of weird when going out on Saturday 24 October 2020 d221 to buy takeaways. Went to Sweet Heng and Lucky Alley.

Fish head Mee Hoon in a no milk soup MYR 13 nett from Swee Heng for breakfast.

My portion of fish head meehoon and a packet of cucumber, beansprouts, beancurd, vege fritters, coconut fritters, one hard boiled egg in peanut gravy from Swee Heng at MYR 7 nett.

Not my lunch of charsiew and siew yoke rice at MYR 7 nett bought from Sweet Heng. I was still very full from breakfast so I didn't eat this rice at all.

Also bought hakka zhar yuk rice and salted steamed chicken rice from Lucky Alley at a total of MYR 17 nett for Monday. 

Final dinner set (5 of 5) for 1 pax from home because I didn't renew the order due to I prefer eating dishes like these for lunch than dinner. Steamed herbal chicken drumstick, one ytf tofu and stirfry spinach with brown rice. Two pax shared this dinner.


Saturday, October 24, 2020

Haru Cafe


Lunch on Friday 23 Oct 2020 d220 - grab delivery Nasi Lemak special where we selected fried chicken and fried nam Yee pork belly as the two protein at MYR 21.90 from Haru Cafe. I also bought stir fry indomie mee with fried egg, luncheon meat and 2 sausages at MYR 10.90 which was a bit too salty for me but I finished eating it at dinner time.

Tea time -  ate the one and only remaining kuih - rose sago kuih. Look at how compact this kuih is until the texture is firm. So kuih is cleared in 3 days.

Dinner set for 1 pax from contains deep fried fish slices; cauliflower and carrot stirfry; and 2 rolls of napa cabbages with meat fillings. The brown rice is not in the photo.  We also finished up the potatoes in tomato gravy; and omelette from the previous day's set dinner. I like that the dishes are not salty.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Hometaste 5 days


Since we are staying at home for weekdays, I bought a 5 days dinner set package for 1 pax for about MYR 109 after a discount of MYR 4 with free delivery. I chose the 5 days to be from Tuesday to Saturday. Sunday is a rest day for this food service.

The above dinner is half eaten: brown rice, minced pork patty with corn, potato in tomato gravy, sweet potatoes leaves stirfry. Both of us shared this dinner. The unopened box is omelette which we kept for the next day. The website to place the order is

Once a week, they will provide free soup. Wednesday free soup is black bean soup.

This is Wednesday dinner which we kept in the fridge to be eaten for lunch on Thursday. My portion: brown rice, mushroom chicken, omelette, stirfry beancurd sheets with Napa cabbage and the black bean soup.

These are all the dishes with rice on a plate with the mushroom chicken in a bowl. Both of us shared this portion for lunch the next day which is Thursday 22 October 2020 d219.

For Tuesday dinner, the dishes are taucu pork belly, stirfry napa cabbage with garlic and 3 deep fried suigao. My brown rice was left out so they replace it with another dish the next day.

Breakfast: soup and pork meat from Super Ramen leftovers. Added one egg, noodles, napa cabbage and baby tomatoes.

My portion of breakfast.

This is the noodle we put in the leftover ramen soup. Price around MYR 9+ a pack with 5 bricks of noodles in it.

Made in Taiwan.

Red bean mochi - eaten direct from the fridge. Taste nice because I like red bean fillings. Today the household ate 1 corn kuih, 1 bingka ubi, 1 ubi lapis, 1 rose sago, 1 yellow angku, 2 red bean mochi. So one remaining kuih is rose sago for the next day.