Sunday, October 31, 2021

A Day Trip

Sunday 31.oct.21 is the day we received what we have been waiting for. We went to two nearby eateries and bought char siew & siew yuk rice, phoenix claws wanton noodles, hot pepper stomach Mee hoon soup for the Elderlies and fav kid lunch. For dinner, we arranged food delivery direct to the 3 of them.

5.57 pm - I love the feel of this place so much.

6.25 pm - lots of open space and greeneries.

4.57 pm - we didn't realize that this is the back road. The main entrance road is very grand but we didn't see that.

Bye bye to the two tall guardians - one at each side - back road away too.

5.18 pm - what feeling do you get when you see this photo?

10.40 am - there is another tall guardian here. Can you spot it?

3.44 pm - pre order dinner to be delivered to the elderlies and fav kid at 5.30 pm. Feedback is - the food is very tasty and can be on the regular food list.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Smoothies Bay Pickup

On Saturday 30.oct.21, he covered both meals, lunch and dinner for the Elderlies and fav kid. Went over with a preloved 42 inch flat screen tv and set it up in the elderly's bedroom so that utub videos can be watched on tv.

Sunday 31.oct.21 5.19 pm - view from the master bedroom. What do you all think? Nice view or get that pylon out of there?

Sun 31.oct.21 1.23 pm - I almost forgot that there is cold grilled chicken chop from Brew House Kuchai Lama in the fridge from the day before. Bought it for the Elderlies Sat lunch but they only ate two out of three meals so this meal was untouched. Luckily I remembered and ate it for lunch.

This chicken chop is highly recommended by NuxV in her articles here and here and here and here. One whole boneless chicken leg, marinated thoroughly with full flavours until I didn't even need to use the gravy that was provided. The coleslaw and fries included in the set are very tasty too.

11.30 am - ordered 3 meals for the Elderlies and fav kid but they only ate the salmon teriyaki rice bowl and the marmite roast pork bento - 2 meals shared by the 3 of them so I ate the grilled chicken chop cold direct from the fridge the next day.

Must use pandastars evoucher to get the max of MYR 12.50 nett off for orders above MYR 25 nett. They love the teriyaki sauce and the roast pork so these two meals are in the approved regular list now.

4.30 pm - ordered the above 3 dishes for 4 of them to share for dinner. He joined them for dinner. They cooked own rice at home.

9.09 am - very smooth and silky hor fun noodles from Ipoh Shredded chicken hor fun stall in Thong Kee coffee shop in Sri Petaling.

8.10 am - have to buy above MYR 25 nett to get the MYR 4.86 nett discount. Also used my vouchers from the challenge fulfilled points collected.

8.30 am - more items from the same coffee shop for our lunch and tea on Saturday. Gave the Elderlies and fav kid 2 curry puffs and 2 kaya puffs. Used another MYR 4 voucher.

Earn points by completing challenges. Then purchase scratch card using the points. The MYR amount varies according to your luck but the points used are the same within the same range.

This is how it works. Use the points to get a chance to win up to a certain amount. I think better to use only 350 points to try to get a max of MYR 6 because using 500 points to try to get up to a max MYR 12 may end up with less than MYR 6 so the 200 points are wasted. What do you all think?

11.55 am - bought these 2 drinks by pickup. Usually I don't buy drinks that could be made at home but the challenge is ending on this day so just select a nearby place and do a pickup. Both drinks taste refreshing and delicious!

11 am - there are many healthy drinks on the menu and I just chose two to fulfill the MYR 25 requirement.

This is the challenge.

You can make this drink at home easily with cucumber, green apples, celery and kiwi. The honey is not necessary.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Odd One Out

On Friday 29.oct.21, we went out for a short while to pass a manual to an acquaintance so we ordered food via Foodpanda and picked up the food ourselves. After that, it is stay at home the whole day because Friday is kid 1's day but fav kid asked kid 1 to have a good rest at home because fav kid will take care of the Elderlies' meals for the whole day.

11 am - we picked up nasi lemak rendang rice and Ipoh white coffee from Ho Family Kitchen eatery in Sri Petaling for lunch. They have opened for dine in and we noticed some tables are occupied.

The photo shows Chee Cheong fun but we have not tried their Chee Cheong fun yet. Maybe one day we will try the ccf. For dinner we ate the salmon teriyaki rice that we bought on Wednesday, 2 days ago from Brew House, Kuchai branch without heating it. Still taste good but the rice is not as soft as just delivered.

Have a good weekend!

*** Saturday 30.oct.21 ***

10.39 am - bought these snacks using Foodpanda because the panda challenge is ending. Hahaha 😂🤣 fall into the panda challenge trap. 

Can you tell - what is the theme of these snacks with one that is different?

One order from a shop.

The challenge is to perform two orders.

So place order 2 from a shop with free delivery. Challenge completed and 150 points in the pocket.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

New Lucky Coffee Shop

 On Thursday 28.oct.21, he is the driver for kid 1 and the elderly to where the two rivers meet to check on the content of the box. Sat in the idling car and wait by roadside from 10.30 am to 11.30 am because need to wait for them to download the app and make the appointment on the spot. Ordered lunch direct delivered to the fav kid at home so all of them ate lunch together when back. I stay home and ate one big fridge meal the whole day.

6.29 pm - his dinner with his favourite watercress vege ribs soup from New Lucky Coffee Shop in Sri Petaling. He doesn't boil this soup at home because the watercress vege needs to be cleaned carefully which takes time. This set meal is approved by him to be in the list of food for the elderlies.

4.26 pm - soup, meat and rice set for dinner but got remaining meat for the next day.

Friday 29.oct.21 8.07 am - he used the remaining rice and meat trotter with gravy to cook with vit instant noodles for both our breakfast. Taste good with dong quai herb aka Angelica sinensis.

10.32 am - lunch for all of them from Jazz eatery cos there is Cashback. Feedback: The mango salad is too spicy. The ginger onion fish paste rice has too thick starchy gravy.
Marmite chicken rice and sweet sour pork rice taste fine.

2.50 pm - my only meal of the day on Thursday. All the remaining food from Wednesday direct from the fridge. Mix and match! Full until the next day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


On Wednesday 27.oct.21, both of us stay at home and when he couldn't decide on what to order, we order fast food, A&W. I am so sad to see that A&W Coney Cheese Fries Beef has been removed from the menu. Why!? My favourite meal is no more. 😢

12.52 noon - my lunch of his rejected spicy wanton noodles from Jazz eatery which I find to be really spicy and full of fried garlic bits. After that I ate A&W fries which is fatter than McD fries and A&W mashed potatoes with coney beef gravy toppings which I don't quite like due to the sticky texture of the mashed potatoes so I must remember not to order mashed potatoes from A&W again.

3.57 pm - ordered food from Good Taste eatery in Bukit Jalil using shopeefood because got rebates and by using shopee coins, the total price inclusive of delivery fees is much lower than Foodpanda since I have used up all 12 Foodpanda pro free delivery e-vouchers.

Thursday 28.oct.21 7.30 am - stomach pepper soup Mee hoon from Good Taste eatery eaten as shared breakfast the next day.

11.01 am - 30% off A&W list price for Foodpanda pro. I just ate the sticky mashed potatoes with coney beef gravy and half the portion of fries and I am full already so my coney beef sausage is still in the fridge at this moment of writing.

3.07 pm - saw got pandastars e-voucher so order this salmon rice just to use it but the delivery fee is high and ended up saving about MYR 4 only. Salmon rice is still in the fridge. So on Thursday I have a lot of food to eat from the fridge so no need to buy food for myself.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Frozen Smoked Duck Breast

On Tuesday 26.oct.21, he and kid 1 accompany the elderly to have a blood test at the regular gov hospital which is required prior to the cardio regular checkup in mid Nov. Then it was stay at home and food delivery.

*** Fri 24.sep.21 ***

Steamed frozen smoked duck breast. Very tasty because I like the smoky and slightly salty taste but I didn't eat the skin and fats underneath the skin at all. I have read about this frozen duck breast meat on chingchailah and kuchingnite articles and now I finally get to try it. Nice! 👍😋

The whole frozen piece before steaming.

In the packaging.

I bought it from this shop early this year so I forgot how much it costs but I know it is below MYR 10.

Found this price on shopee selling one for MYR 8.90 and the packaging looks the same.

*** Tue 26.oct.21 ***

5.58 pm - his dinner of dried squid meat patty with rice bought from Jazz eatery in Sri Petaling. I ate 30% of it to finish it because he says it is spicy due to fresh chili in it so not going to order this meal again. I also drank all the gravy from the steaming which is not that salty with spring onions and julienned gingers in it.

11.17 am - no more free pandapro delivery because all 12 free pandapro deliveries have been used up. 

Wed 27.oct.21 9.01 am - he ate this wanton Mee for breakfast the next morning but found it to be spicy so he left it for me to finish it. So not going to order this again unless we can write in the order to request for a non spicy version.

Monday, October 25, 2021

Wat Tan Ying Yong

Monday 25.oct.21 is clear food day for us. We stay at home the whole day and ordered two food deliveries. Kid 1 and fav kid take care of the elderlies and provide pampers training. Cannot let go everything because will leak which happened during training 1. Have to let go just enough until don't feel the urge. Training for the occasion when go visit doctors and not enough time to reach a wash room.

12.21 noon - both of us clear the half steamed chicken bought on Friday by cooking it with goji berries and eating them with vit instant noodles. I must remember not to buy more than 1 pax meat per day because half a chicken took us 3 days to finish. Too slow because we don't eat much meat per day.

12.26 noon - I ate my only one remaining pizza from Friday.

12.37 noon - I microwaved the remaining long beans bought on Sun 10.oct.21, 15 days ago to clear it and ate them with my portion of instant noodles and chicken breast meat.

5.32 pm - both of us shared this wat tan ying yong bought from Tastylicious Dim Sum which don't serve pork. Wat means silky smooth. Tan means egg. Ying yong means Mandarin duck which means well matched. In this case is mix kway teow and Mee hoon which is a good combination because they taste good together so call them ying yong. Wat tan ying yong is in Cantonese which means kway teow and Mee hoon stir fried in silky smooth egg drops gravy.

5.40 pm - the previous two times I didn't get to eat this lo Mai Kai from Tastylicious Dim Sum eatery so this time I buy it again to taste it. I prefer it to be less salty. I ate half and kept half in the fridge for another day.

5.53 pm - bought some ytf - vegetables stuffed with fish paste from Fatty Mok eatery.

Tue 26.oct.21 6.26 am - the meat balls Mee hoon soup bought in the evening from fatty mok eatery is for his breakfast the next morning because he likes to eat hot soupy food early in the morning.

4.54 pm - used up the final 12 of 12 pandapro free delivery for this month subscription and used the refund voucher for delivering different bread to buy food as dinner from Tastylicious Dim Sum eatery.

5.10 pm - bought this Mee hoon for his breakfast the next day so might as well buy a few fish paste stuffed vegetables. Eatery is within walking distance so the delivery fees is a little only.