Saturday, October 16, 2021

Ba Hao Dim Sum

Saturday 16.oct.21 is a stay at home day for me while he went over twice, once to deliver and prepare lunch. In the evening, to cook dinner for the elderlies.

11.13 am - try another dim sum delivery on Foodpanda.

11.15 am - 3 glutinous rice dumplings with meat that tastes like siew yuk inside. I like this dumpling because it is very soft and gooey but very oily.

11.17 am - deep fried prawn and mango roll. Tasty prawns but didn't taste any mango inside.
11.19 am - yam dumplings with meat fillings. The yam dumplings are too soft and oily. Taste is quite nice though.

11.21 am - luckily the oyster sauce is very light and didn't make the broccoli salty. The broccoli is soft so I like it.

8.51 am - ordered many dishes so decided to join pandapro to get MYR 15 nett off and free delivery since I use food panda a few times a day. Didn't take photos of 3 items.

8.40 am - ordered lunch for the elderlies to bring over to them.

8.13 am - shared breakfast of two packs of instant noodles put into the tofu gravy from the fridge and all the duck meat from the day before.

Friday 15.oct.21 6 pm - duck meat rice dinner with home cooked vege.

Friday 15.oct.21 3.30 pm - ordered this meal after 3 pm to be able to use the promo code taptapeat to get MYR 8 nett off.


  1. I miss dim sum!! The glutinous rice dumplings looked yummy.s so they are fried??

    I love yam puff do I would enjoy that yam dumplings.

    1. Yes, you are right, the glutinous rice dumplings are deep fried! You have sharp eyes! 👍Ah, that yam dumplings are yam puffs because they are also deep fried but they are way too soft.

  2. Dim sum Looks like mochi, miss mochi.. Bunch of brocolli there looks good. Better and better deal panda had offers.

    1. Ya, the glutinous skin is soft gooeey gooey chewy chewy like mochi. Since I use Foodpanda so frequently, better to join pandapro.

  3. My bro was telling me about pandapro too. But I hardly order food from there, only pandamart.

    I see a lot of food containers. :p

    1. I always order food using Foodpanda so makes sense to subscribe pandapro cos it gave me a MYR 15 voucher immediately which is more than the subscription fees per month. Ya many food containers. Will take them to recycling bins after washing them clean.