Saturday, October 23, 2021

Crispy yet Fluffy

On Saturday 23.oct.21, we pre ordered pumpkin porridge lunch delivery for the trio the day before and then at nearly 4 pm, he went over to cook and drink ABC ribs soup and have a mini family gathering after his self administered saliva test is -ve. Did the test because we received a sms message saying the following which we agree with it:

"Sayangi keluarga. Ambil ujian kendiri sebelum berangkat menziarahi keluarga. Jangan bawa jangkitan kepada insan yang tersayang."

As for me, I am still not taking off the double masks outside my house and car due to being super cautious so no dining out with anyone. The elderlies are so very euphoric with fav kid living with them now that I dread to think of how they would feel when it is time for fav kid to fly off. The feeling of void would be deeper and darker than all abysses that ever exist.

*** Friday 22.oct.21 ***

On Friday 22.oct.21 12.26 noon, I bought this regular pizza hut new hand crafted crust light and airy hawaiian supreme because I like to eat pineapple though chicken meat is my backup meat type and can only managed to eat one slice.

On Saturday 23.oct.21 around 4 pm, I ate another 4 slices direct from the fridge and they were so tasty that eating them was so satisfying. Kept one slice for the next day. I could eat pizza everyday. 😋😀

Pizza always have this default discount amount. I wonder why.

I ordered this pizza because I am curious about the new hand crafted crust which is said to be light and airy.

Crisps outside and airy soft inside - this is the description that tempted me to try it.

*** Saturday 23.oct.21 ***

3.20 pm - He did this saliva test before going over to cook and drink soup with the elderlies and fav kid. This saliva test kit costs MYR 13.80 nett.

On Friday 22.oct.21 night, we pre ordered this pumpkin porridge to be sent to the elderlies on Saturday 23.oct.21 at 11.45 am. This proves that the scheduling system works in Foodpanda.

1 pm - picked up this for lunch when I went to the pharmacy to buy the saliva test kits.

1 pm - also ordered this yee Mee for sunday's breakfast and the king chou bing that literally means super great ice which tastes like very thick Milo. I couldn't taste the coffee. 😂

Sunday 24.oct.21 7.22 am - the yee Mee with belly slices and fish paste aka Yu wat for breakfast shared by two pax. Decent enough with yee Mee that is a very flavourful noodle even on its own.


  1. Good tht ur spouse did a test before goin over to his parents house. Nowadays it is so convenient to get a test kit, so just do self test as own safety measure.

    1. Ya like you also did a self test before going to cherating. 👍

  2. You would love living at my apartment... coz there is a Pizza Hut downstairs hahaha.

    Hmm guess must focus on the present. Being happy now is a good thing and the older you get, the more the moments of happiness count.

    1. Yes, I definitely would love living in your apartment because not only there is pizza hut, you also mention got convenient store and other tasty eateries too. 👍good buy.

      Yes good advice to focus on present but once the fav kid flies away again, the present time for them will be quite unbearable. they will miss fav kid a lot.

  3. Glad the elderlies are happy. The pizza look soft like homemade. Self tests are good before and after gatherings.

    1. Happy now but later I don't dare to think. Perhaps you may be interested to try this new pizza crust from pizza hut. Ya self test frequently if meet many people and go out often.