Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Petai Bihun Uncle Soon Kitchen

Tuesday 28.sep.2021 is one early day. Started to carry things from 7.30 am onwards. Started early because at 12 noon, he needs to deliver lunch to the elderlies and to check in on them so we only have half day. 

*** Saturday 4.sep.21 ***

Sat 4.sep.21 1 pm - 

Sat 4.sep.21 12.54 noon - Kai see hor fun. More hor fun than I expected. Taste light which I like.

Ordered both meals from Uncle Soon's Kitchen which I have no idea where it is located.

Sat 4.sep.21 1.16 pm - our soy desserts from Bean Jr Sri Petaling.

These two choices are the ones with the ingredients that we like, mainly the ginkgo and taro.

Sun 5.sep.21 1.36 pm - nasi lemak chicken rendang from Ho Family Kitchen. Taste acceptable.

Bought siew Bao at MYR 1.90 nett each and egg tarts at MYR 2.30 nett each from the same eatery.

Sun 5.sep.21 8.48 am - This is operated by the Chee Cheong Fun stall and it includes the wanton noodles stall and drinks from the coffee shop.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Claypot Porridge Joo Hing

Monday 27.sep.21 is another busy day for us. We continue to carry things and stopped at 5.43 pm resulting in getting stuck in after work traffic which means people have gone back to work from office.

*** Tuesday 14.sep.21 ***

On Sunday 12.sep.21, I ordered steamed crab for dinner but only ate one claw so the steamed crab was stored in the fridge. We didn't want to reheat the crab using stove top because the meat may be overcooked so we look in Foodpanda for congee and found this congee stall serving claypot porridge at Joo Hing coffee shop in OUG. We in turn bought 4 types of congee from that claypot porridge stall.

Tue 14.sep.21 11.17 am - we poured the hot grouper fish fillets congee over the cold crab to warm up the crab for brunch.

Tue 14.sep.21 12.10 noon - my portion.

Tue 14.sep.21 12.22 noon - took me a while to eat all these legs.

Wed 15.sep.21 7.33 am - breakfast of prawn congee. It is slightly orange in colour due to the prawns' roes.

Wed 15.sep.21 8.02 am - my portion. There are 3 whole prawns in the congee so I ate 1.5 prawns.

Wed 15.sep.21 6.19 pm - we ate the pumpkin congee as dinner. There are salted eggs, century eggs in it too. Despite its not delicious look, it is tasty.

Thu 16.sep.21 7.21 am - on day 3, we ate the remaining one pack for breakfast. There are dried oysters in it as well.

Thu 16.sep.21 7.44 am - my portion of the peanut, salted egg congee.

All 4 congee types are tasty despite not being as thick and smooth as Cantonese style congee. It is not like Teo Chew congee which has individual grains of rice in the broth either. It is somewhere in between both of them.

The price for 4 packs of congee.

*** Food on Monday 27.sep.21 ***

10.50 am -. Mcd breakfast again. Bought using drive thru.

Ordered ice cream for my friend.

Wanted to let him try taro but he says taro paste has milk taste after trying so no taro paste for him from imi.

Ordered snacks for tea time.

5.30 pm - wan ton Mee with roasted chicken thigh for his dinner.

This is the snack of sweet chili gravy on deep fried chicken on fries with onion slices. Both of us shared this snack. Very appetising.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Jade Snowskin Mooncake

Sunday 26.sep.21 is more carrying things for the both of us so we were knackered and called it a day at 3.20 pm.

4.18 pm - found takers for more preloved books and received this snow skin mooncake as a token of appreciation.

I don't buy snowskin mooncakes because they need to be in the fridge immediately. This one has been out from the fridge for a few hours so it is very soft. Too soft to be cut nicely.

The fillings taste acceptable - pandan taste but the green colour is a bit frightening. I wonder is the green colour from pandan Leaves. The snowskin is very soft and tastes like papan pulut which I mentioned here.

翡翠 aka fei cui means Jade which explains the green colour. No brand name on the packaging so I guess this moon cake is home made.

9.32 am - at long last, we bought Nasi Lemak from Sepetang coffee shop at taman desa for breakfast. Tastes as good as before but could be less salty.
8.06 am - ordered pick up to avoid the queue.

5.20 pm - my ckt for dinner, he ate his portion for lunch.

8.20 am - The ckt is also ordered from Sepetang coffee shop because we want to order drinks and there are no drinks on the menu in the nasi lemak food Panda store but there are drinks in the ckt food panda store of the same Sepetang coffee shop.

5.57 pm - both of us shared this brinjal minced meat rice bought from TY Tea for dinner. I think this is kam Heong style because I detect a bit of curry powder taste.

6.46 pm - bought an assorted of pastry to make the order over MYR 30 to get MYR 7 off.
9.28 am - ordered before 11 am so cannot use the MYR 10 promo code makan33. Use the Grea7deals promo code instead to get MYR 7 off.

5.41 pm - ate the one remaining mini cheese mochi layer mooncake. To be honest, I have a high requirement for cheese so I cannot detect any cheese taste in this mini mooncake but the texture is slightly qq chewy so I like it. Yay, ate all the mochi layer mini mooncake.

This is one of the pastry. It is a curry puff in the round shape of a bao. The fillings are very tasty.

Saturday, September 25, 2021

The Ice Cream Bar

Saturday 25.sep.21 is a busy day for both of us as he went twice to the elderlies to deliver lunch and then to cook ABC soup for their dinner and I carry more things.

*** Saturday 11.sep.21 ***

Ice cream from my friend:
Rum and raisin - Taste eggy with lots of sultanas and raisins. Strong rum taste in raisins and sultanas.
Durian - it feels like eating thick cold durian paste, not very very sweet.
Chocolate - seems like there are pieces of frozen chocolate cake inside because some parts of the texture are crumbly. Very chocolaty, not very sweet.

The 3 flavours.

Buy 2 tubs to get a free cooler bag.

*** Saturday 25.sep.21 ***

12.12 noon - took a rest from carrying things to have my lunch: taro milk purple rice drink and yogurt purple rice drink. I drank both for lunch as the cover says to consume within 30 minutes. I like the taste of both equally but prefer yogurt than milk because yogurt is sourish 

Taro purple rice milk turns out to be taro paste and purple rice pieces in milk. I like the taste of the taro paste. I recommend this drink for people who likes to eat taro. I prefer eating it with a spoon rather than drinking it with a straw.

Have to buy two drinks to reach MYR 30 in order to use the makan33 e-voucher to get MYR 10 nett for.

12.31 noon - his lunch. The broth looks oily to me.

11.10 am - ordered lunch for him and the elderlies. The elderlies love the taste of the egg tarts. Use makan33 as well.

Dinner at 7 pm shared by the two of us - 80% him, 20% me. Pick up from the eatery.

6.40 pm - Picked up this duck meehoon too from the eatery next door for the next day's breakfast. I wanted to buy the rice wine chicken meehoon but it was sold out. Guess many people like to eat it.

8.20 am - after Stacy asked about remaining mooncakes, I realized that I still have about 13 mooncakes where 11 of them are mini Shanghai style mooncakes so now I am eating one mini mooncake a day to clear them before the end of next month. Not going to keep them for a long time like last year. 😅 This is a mini mooncake with a salted egg yolk center, red bean layer, mochi layer and then the pastry crust.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Patin Fish slice noodle soup

Friday 24.sep.21 is another busy day for us. Tiring as well as we need to carry things.

*** Dinner ***

6.04 pm - shared this patin fish slices meehoon from a new eatery Noodle Time that just opened in May 2021 from the info found online. The rice wine in the broth makes it a tiny bit bitter and the chili padi pieces in the broth makes it a bit spicy. Both these tastes make it flavourful. The patin fish slices have a slight muddy taste and two sharp thin bones. Don't think will order this again because prefer grouper fish slices.

Saturday 25.sep.21 - 7.40 am - bittergourd egg drop meat Mee hoon in soup from the same order of the same shop, Noodle Time. The broth taste similar to the fish broth.

Order placed at 5.56 pm so can only use gr8deals to get MYR 8 nett off.

*** Lunch ***

12.45 noon - char siew onsen rice bowl. Was surprised to find three pieces of lor Bak aka ngor Hiang inside. There are also yellow daikon pickles, red pickles and ham choy. He says it is tasty due to the onsen eggs.

12.48 noon - salmon teriyaki rice bowl again. This is so much better than the same dish by the outlet in kuchai lama because it has fish miso soup and also a piece of tamago and red pickles. The kuchai lama branch just gave rice, yellow daikon pickles and salmon. The wasabi is very strong until it brought tears to my eyes and made me cough. Need to be careful when eating the wasabi.

Two layers container. Kuchai lama branch uses one layer container so didn't provide any soup. I wonder what the branch in Sri Petaling uses because I have not ordered takeaways from there before.

Wait till 12.30 noon, then only this branch at Aurora place appears in food panda for me to place my order. Got MYR 10 off using makan33 promo code.

This photo is taken at 5.52 pm so it is not full as we have consumed it. Both of us prefer the strawberry peach to grapefruit pineapple. I forgot to type less sweet so got normal sweet when I prefer less sweet. He identified the fragrant tea to be similar to those polka fragrant tea that he used to drink.

MYR 10 off again from 11 am to 2 pm using makan33 promo code.

Pick up these earlier in the morning in case we got hungry after carrying things. Ordered at 8.05 am.