Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Yau Yek

On Wednesday 17.apr.2024, went to visit the elderly and then ate brunch at oug.

*** Yau Yek Chapfan ***

11.29 am - his chapfan small portion of rice with a small bowl of burdock root aka gobo soup and my chapfan no rice. Total is MYR 27.50 nett.

11.30 am - the small bowl of gobo soup. My chapfan:
1. Chives omelette which is a bit too salty for me 
2. Yin choy
3. Spinach 
4. A piece of deep fried fish aka kaw yu

They also sell big pieces of deep fried salmon at about MYR 18 per piece so I didn't buy any because I prefer to eat grilled salmon.

12.34 noon - Yau Yek Chapfan shop with a long queue of customers. 

*** Kwong Wah OUG ***

11.58 am - MYR 23.80 nett for:
1. Mini asam laksa 6.8
2. ABC ice without santan without syrup 7
3. Bubur cha cha ice no santan 7.5
4. A piece of marble cake 2.5

*** Ju chai bao pastry shop OUG ***

12.39 noon - I then walked to the pastry and bought one item each from the above menu.

1.03 pm - the wife biscuit has QQ fillings that is similar to mochi texture.

*** Herbal drinks ***

1 pm - he walked to the spectacles shop and then to the herbal drinks shop to buy herbal drinks and 4 tea eggs.

Morning 42.05

*** The End ***

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Belly belly

On Tuesday 16.apr.2024, went to print and laminate two families portrait MYR 4 nett each. Then went to eat brunch at 126 kopitiam coffee shop because golden chopsticks coffee shop is having a rest day.

10.41 am - cham ping MYR 3.30 nett but just a small glass so we ordered another glass of cham ping at the same price.

My chapfan no rice MYR 13 nett:
1. One piece of braised tough belly for him
2. Two braised eggs
3. Broccoli 
4. Okra
5. Spinach 

10.34 am - he bought this plate of nasi lemak chicken rendang for us to share at MYR 9 nett.

10.40 am - I bought one apam again at MYR 5 nett with no sugar bits in the filings but with added corn to the peanuts and bananas fillings.

Morning 41.90 

*** The End ***

Monday, April 15, 2024

Beef Wat Tan Hor

On Monday 15.apr.2024, went to eat brunch at tim won eatery.

11.32 am - shared this beef wat tan Hor MYR 12 nett. Tasty with egg gravy and just enough wok hei.

11.24 am - cham ping drink MYR 4 nett. Roast chicken thigh and siew yuk MYR 8 nett.

He then went to get his MYR 30 nett and then he bought bread and an ice cream. For his early dinner at 2.48 pm, he ate all the remaining vinegar trotter cold from the fridge.

11.48 am - saw this vacant corner shop unit. Asking monthly rental is total 16k for both ground and 1st floor.

*** The End ***

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Best Value Chapfan

On Sunday 14.apr.2024, went to Tuck Tuck Tei Taman Desa for chapfan brunch. Before that, dropped by and sent some perishable items to nearby place and received 20 in red angpow blessings.

10.02 am - total price MYR 17.70 nett:
His: chicken thigh and stir fry egg MYR 6 nett.
Hers: MYR 8.5 nett:
1. Broccoli n cauliflower 
2. Okra
3. Bitter gourd 
4. 1 braised egg
5. Egg tofu
6. Soy knot
7. Steam egg
Most affordable chapfan in this area 👍

Shared: less sweet cham ping drink MYR 3.2 nett. I guess the staff who prepared the drink didn't hear the words - less sweet - so the drink can be considered very sweet, very milky, tea taste stronger than coffee taste and not cold enough but we still drank it all.

For early dinner, he ate all the mushrooms chicken feet and we ate all the pistachios and 6 to 10 walnuts.

*** The End ***

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Peanut Banana Apam

On Saturday 13.apr.2024, discussed where to go for brunch. Below are the contenders:

1. Black market jalan kampung pandan to eat Bincho Iberico Ribs MYR 118 onwards
2. Limapulo jalan doraisamy to eat the highly recommended Pai tee which is described as sour, sweet, salty, spicy, so tasty until one can't stop eating it
3. Walk to nearby eateries 
4. 126 kopitiam Sri petaling and buy takeaway dinner from Ye Wen bkt next door

11.04 am - chose 4 and ended up eating chapfan no rice at golden chopsticks:

MYR 20.90 nett for 2 chapfan no rice and 1 iced coffee o kosong which taste very thick and bitter.
MYR 10 nett for siew yuk and roast chicken thigh.

After this meal, he walked to Ye Wen bkt and bought takeaway: a small portion of rice, mushrooms chicken feet, and trotter vinegar for about MYR 31.50 which he will eat for dinner for about 3 days I estimate.

I walked to 99 and bought blue ice soap MYR 9.95 4 in 1 pack and a pack of 100g pistachios kangaroo packed locally MYR 8.30 nett. The ingredients are pistachios in shells with salt so they are salty. I prefer pistachios without salt.

12 noon - when I walked past this golden crispy apam stall located in 126 kopitiam, I ordered a peanut Banana crispy Apam at MYR 5 nett and requested it to have no sugar sprinkled on top of the peanut fillings because banana is sweet enough and the apam dough is also sweet. I bought it because I have said that I will buy apam from this stall whenever I walk past the stall. Easy to eat, now you see it, now you don't.

After that, on the treadmill and walked for about 4 km, 2k steps, 30 mins, 3.5 avg.

Morning 42.55
Next morning 42.5

Friday, April 12, 2024

Iberico Bak Kut Teh

On Friday 12.apr.2024, went to nearly million ocean coffee shop for brunch.

*** Thursday 11.apr.2024 ***

11.45 am - iberico ribs bak kut teh set MYR 33 nett. The bkt soup is thick and flavourful. The ribs are very tasty. I like the taste of the shallot oil rice. 

This set lunch includes a plastic takeaway cup of iced lemon tea drink which I took home and it is still in the fridge at this time of writing. This stall inside isetan supermarket meat and wine section is operated by Black Market eatery that has their HQ at Jalan kampung pandan, same location as Caffeinees jalan kampung pandan which I have been to, thanks to my friend who took me there for work lunch before the pandemic.

11.43 am - instead of the kakuni set, we ordered the mini kakuni rice MYR 13 nett. I like this mini set because the taste is superb with melt in the mouth kakuni and the small portion is suitable for me as my stomach cannot take in a lot of food.

11.30 am - the stall opens at 11.30 am on this public holiday. Total price is MYR 46 nett. We wanted to order satay but satay is not available on this day.

11.23 am - the stall inside isetan supermarket meat and wine section.

11.22 am - another view of the stall.

11.22 am - we didn't order this affordable combo as we don't want to eat so much carb.

11.23 am - only two main set meals. For more dishes, can go to their HQ.

*** Friday 12.apr.2024 ***

11.18 am - brunch at million ocean coffee shop. We shared all the food and drinks:
Curry noodles MYR 9.50 nett
Iced coffee O Kosong MYR 2.4 nett
Iced cham MYR 3 nett.
3 braised hard boiled eggs MYR 6 nett
Siew yuk 1pax portion MYR 10 nett.

4.08 pm - his early dinner of the remaining baked beans in the fridge. Added in eggs. Ate with bread.

*** The End ***

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Suria klcc

On Thursday 11.apr.2024, went to Isetan klcc because he wanted to eat iberico bak kut teh for brunch at isetan supermarket meat and wine section. Reached there at 10 am. Since it is a public holiday, the isetan supermarket only opens at 11 am so we walked around while waiting.

10.07 am - decor at suria klcc.

10.05 am - saw this long queue. Search online to know the reason. Apparently tourists like to buy the pineapple tarts from Finest Bake pastry stall.

10.19 am - sat at the middle food court with a hot coffee and a lamb samosa. MYR 5 nett each so a total of MYR 10 nett. I took the samosa home and ate the lamb samosa at home. It was spicy with a bit of lamb taste. Passable.

10.40 am - the hot coffee and lamb masala samosa are bought from Ahh-Yum stall Kampung Kravers.

11.24 am - the roast meat 🍖 🥓 counter inside isetan supermarket. It sells siew yuk, sausage wrapped by bacons, bacon crisps at reasonable prices.

11.23 am - only two types of set lunch. Will post the photos of our brunch in the next post. Food is tasty.

1.31 pm - when I reached home, I ate the 4 pieces of deep fried fish from the fridge and the remaining mihun from the freezer to clear them. They are from win soon eatery.

The deep fried fish head is still very crispy so I ate some of the very crispy bones.

Parking 10 am to 12.40 noon MYR 5 nett
Morning 42.35
Next morning 42.7