Saturday, July 20, 2024

Long Chen Toast House Sri Petaling

On Saturday 20.jul.2024, don't know where to eat so I suggested a place where he mentioned before, Long Chen at Sri Petaling.

*** Long Chen Cafe ***

11.40 am - he chose seafood noodles soup and chose glass noodles MYR 20.90+ 
We didn't expect it to be put inside aluminium foil.

11.37 am - sign in as member and got a foc iced Hainam coffee worth MYR 3.90+
He ordered iced Hainam cham MYR 4.90+
Hainam butter Kaya MYR 3.20+
The coffee tastes richer than the cham.

11.41 am - I ordered toasts with curry chicken MYR 10.90+ 
There were two slices of toast and one drumstick cut into two pieces with potatoes in the curry. A bit spicy. Taste good.

11.56 am - my portion of his glass noodles. The prawns are firm so are quite fresh.

12.26 noon - interior 

12.30 noon - green signboard is Long Chen Toast House cafe Sri Petaling.

12.31 noon - total bill is MYR 43.10 nett.

*** Food at home ***

4.04 pm - when home I ate one hard boiled egg, some pistachios and the remaining half of his breakfast jam butter toast.

*** His dinner ***

4.49 pm - he fried an egg over a piece of oloiya bakwa and ate it with two slices of toast.

Morning 43.95 

*** The End ***

Friday, July 19, 2024

New Eatery Sri Petaling

On Friday 19.jul.2024, went to try out a new eatery in Sri Petaling that just opened about one week I think. It was his idea.

*** Ah Muk Cha Chaan Teng ***

10.34 am - tobiko prawn cheesy baked rice MYR 17.90+ which is very rich and creamy. The salt level is just right 👍 Had to wait for it to cool down before eating it as it was served very piping hot. I was feeling full after eating one quarter as it was very rich and creamy as mentioned above.

10.13 am - both of us selected main meals from these two pages of popular items in this eatery.

10.16 am - 3 pastries MYR 10.90+ which is lard char siew pastry, egg tart and polo bun char siew. All taste ok.

10.23 am - his hot coffee non sweet MYR 4.90+ and his mixian pork chop in tomato soup MYR 18.90+

10.25 am - my chilled ying Yong aka cham drink MYR 7.50+ and my prawn cheesy baked rice MYR 18.90+ 

10.31 am - the egg tart is very creamy and easy to eat.

10.38 am - my portion of his mixian. I like the tomato soup because it is sourish. The pork chop is tender. I ate this mixian after eating one quarter of my cheese baked rice so I was full after this but continued to stuff all the cheese baked rice into my tummy so I was super duper full and thus, my Omad is completed for this day.

11.09 am - total bill is MYR 66.10 nett. We parked the car at the store open Aired car park for 2 hours MYR 4 nett.

10.01 am - this new eatery has the yellow signboard. The branch at Taman Desa is going to open soon so we will go there on Sundays.

10.15 am - nice interior 

10.15 am - the entrance 

Morning 43.75

*** The End ***

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Small Good Portion

On Thursday 18.jul.2024, went to midvalley mall for an errand, ate lunch at Mak's Chee eatery and then went to the hospital to collect meds for the elderly.

*** Mak's Chee Midvalley Mall ***

We always order these 3 food items and no drinks at this eatery and go for coffee at ACL.

11.26 am - I ordered this small bowl of broad wanton noodles in soup with beef tendon and brisket and ate it with pickled green chillies. Tasty 😋 👍 MYR 15.90++

11.28 am - his lard rice luncheon meat egg dish MYR 16.90++ which I ate half of his lard rice. We also shared a bowl of 3 wantons 2 dumplings suigao in soup MYR 15.90++ I like the smooth slippery flour skin wrappings for the wantons and suigao and also the whole prawns fillings. 👍 Good quality and tasty. 😋 

A good brunch for 2 pax because the portion is small since we ordered small portions for all 3 food items and the food is tasty 😋 that we won't feel too full after eating but still feel satisfied.

I bought a packet each of cut fruits at MYR 2.50 nett each: mango, watermelon, pineapple and he requested for guava so total is MYR 10 nett. Ate them all there and then and finished the guava and pineapple immediately when reached home.

A Cham drink at ACL MYR 6.25 nett. After taking a sip of this drink, my Omad is completed for this day.

Morning 43.95
Next morning 43.75

So these 3 items are good for Omad because the numbers went down a bit.

11.05 am - saw this at another eatery.

Bought avocado 🥑, westgold salted butter and eggs at jg before going home.

*** The End ***

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Roast SeaBass Red Kettle

On Wednesday 17.jul.2024, went to midvalley mall to do an errand and ate lunch at Red Kettle.

*** Red Kettle Gardens Mall ***

11.18 am - I chose this roast seabass dish MYR 37.90++ and it tastes good with quinoa, tomatoes, brinjal, pumpkin, zucchini and sourish yoghurt dribbled slightly over the fish and drawn around the plate as decor.

11.17 am - really big breakfast MYR 49.90++ to share between the two of us. Absolutely delicious with real crispy bacon 😋 and I like the rich creamy taste of the thick toasts.

11.18 am - another view of the scrumptious seabass dish.

11.01 am - his flat white MYR 13.90++ which he asked me to scoop and eat all the milk foam on top because he doesn't drink milk, only a tiny bit. My iced long black coffee MYR 13.90++ which is very refreshing.

Total price is MYR 134.10 nett. My Omad is completed after this brunch.

Morning 44.05
Next morning 43.95

*** The End ***

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Green Walk Kar Hiong SS18

On Tuesday 16.jul.2024, went to makan & rayau rayau.

10.08 am - grab to SS18 16 toll 3.3
10.59 am to 12.15 noon - Kar Hiong SS18 eat lunch 145.65
12.46 noon - drink coffee all day polo bun SS18 15.8
12.49 noon - 1.17 pm - walk to lrt station ss18 750 m
1.46 pm - change train at putra heights lrt station
2.16 pm - lrt Bukit Jalil 5.6 x 2
2.23 pm - 2.35 pm - walk from lrt station Bukit Jalil to lrt station Sri petaling walk through Bukit komanwel park 850 m 12 min
2.49 pm - in grab 9
2.59 pm - back

*** Bukit komanwel park ***

2.27 pm - so green, can see the train track

2.26 pm - cross the road to the opposite side from lrt station Bukit Jalil and walk up the stairs along the lrt train track and you will reach this walking path.

2.27 pm - very green and isolated so can only walk in groups for safety.

2.29 pm - turn left then will see the lake and turn right at the lake. Nice green walk 👍 😊 

2.30 pm - turn right again to go to lrt station Sri Petaling.

2.31 pm - turn left to the car park.

2.34 pm - walk straight, the lrt station Sri Petaling is on the right.

2.35 pm - lrt station Sri Petaling with feeder bus T582 to Sri Petaling and T563 serdang Raya utara. Gave up on feeder buses so grab back 9.

*** Lrt station ss18 ***

1.05 pm - big station with escalators.

1.13 pm - heading to putra heights. High up and windy.

1.16 pm - heading to kl

*** Sweet Home Studio SS18 ***
12.56 noon - saw this nice place with studio rooms for rent

12.56 noon - contacts

*** Eateries ***

12.48 noon - Kar Hiong red sign eatery is 3 shop units away from all day polo bun eatery yellow sign so we went to both.

12.49 noon - all day polo bun eatery - good value for 💰 lunch sets from 12 noon to 3 pm. I like the ambiance and food of this eatery. Too bad that they closed the Taman Desa branch.

*** Kar Hiong SS18 ***

Ordered 4 main dishes small portions and 2 big bowls of rice. PH eats lunch at this eatery frequently so based on her reviews, it is a must try eatery 🤤 😋 

11.21 am - I like to eat this home made tofu so ordered one with soft petola MYR 10+. 😋 

11.22 am - Asam pedas steamed fish MYR 68+. We select serangin ma yao cai fish because we don't want many fine bones in carp fish. Quite spicy and sweet. 😋 

11.23 am - must eat honey pepper mushrooms MYR 12+. Soft chewy gooey and sweet. I couldn't taste any pepper though, more like marmite gravy without the distinct marmite taste. Nice 👍 🙂 

Big bowls of rice x 2 x MYR 2.20+ took some home.

11.26 am - must order signature ribs MYR 43+ tender, fat melting in mouth sweet gooey meat 🤤 

11.37 am - took back home half the ribs for his dinner.

12.13 noon - I cleaned up the fish till only bones are remaining.

12.28 noon - total price MYR 145.65 nett. A satisfying meal 😀 😋 thanks to pH recommendations 👍 😊 

12.46 noon - all day polo bun eatery - his hot pro max coffee MYR 7.9 nett and my iced cham MYR 7.9 nett. Both drinks are tasty.

Morning 43.55 

***  His breakfast ***

8.26 am - his DIY breakfast at home. I ate half his toast which he filled with olive oil spread, cinnamon powder and lakanto substitute sugar crystals because he doesn't want to eat the whole toast.

*** The End ***