Monday, October 19, 2020

Two Beef Eateries

7.48 am - 3jc Mee Hoon from the previous day takeaway at Choy Kee. Added 2 hard boiled eggs. Shared by 2 pax.

8.30 am - my portion. Quite salty so I ate one berangan banana after eating it.

12.53 noon - fried chicken with Nasi kukus (steamed rice) from warisan Nasi kukus at MYR 8.90 nett. I asked for no sambal and no curry. The acar is hidden underneath the rice.

1.30 noon - my portion. The chicken is fresh. The acar cucumber and onion is sourish sweet so they are appetising. The anchovies and peanuts are caramelised versions so they are on the sweet side.

Finally, I found the stomach space to eat this BK cheese burger from the king box bought on the previous Sunday so it has been sitting in the fridge for one whole week.

As expected, it was kind of dry.

1.40 pm - cross section - dry but still tasty.

Bought this bottle of herbal tea at MYR 5 nett from Fah Lian herbs shop in OUG.

4.58 pm - dry Lai fun beef noodle with gravy, tripe, tendon, beef slices at MYR 9.50 nett and 3 beef balls, 3 tendon balls bought from Niu Niu beef eatery in OUG. Add-on balls  at MYR 1 each. Two to share. Also bought a pack of pork Mee Hoon at MYR 7 nett for the next day's meals.

7 pm - my portion. The Lai fun is soft so I like it and the peanuts and the bit of salted vege.

I also bought takeaway from Yang kee beef eatery for the next day's meals. Radish beef stew at MYR 11 nett and beef balls noodles at MYR 9 nett. Sunday 18 Oct 2020 d215 meals are completed.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Early Rice

8.30 am - breakfast for two pax. Lotus root soup and rice are bought on the previous day. Home cooked fish with ginger and kailan. 

Tasty but the fish is a bit too salty. I suspect the fish was stored in brine immediately after being caught to keep them fresh. The fish meat is tender in large flakes.

3 x 150g of cod fish bought from Jake's Family Farm in Penang. I contacted them back in April because I didn't know that they are not in KL. Just recently they informed me that they are delivering some goods to kl and asked me whether I would like to order anything so I ordered these fish in packs with the intention to give two away and some vege.

Cooked all of them for one meal because we are afraid that they may have gotten hot during the journey and wouldn't last long and we didn't want to put them into the freezer. We also don't dare to give them away without knowing whether or not they taste ok.

Le Venue Block Menue sells them online.

1.30 pm - Bought snacks from two different nearby shop and stall. Deep fried ham chim orange, red bean pastry, kap chung, ma keok, and yam puff in two sets. Red bean and mung bean tong sui. Takeaway at about MYR 23. Gave one set away.

At another stall, two deep fried nian gao, one deep fried banana and one cekodok pisang at a total of MYR 6. We shared them. I really enjoyed eating them although they are unhealthy snacks.

6.30 pm - shared the seafood Mee hoon from Choy Kee at MYR 8 bought the previous day for dinner.

Weather is hot and I have not eaten any shaved ice since 18 March so I put the ming bean tong sui into the freezer and ate icy mung bean tong sui at 8.30 pm. Was supposed to eat half only but ended up finishing it because ice is so easy and refreshing to eat.

A bunch of 17 bananas cost MYR 13. Ate two bananas throughout the day to get potassium to counter the salt that we have eaten on this day Saturday 17 October 2020 d214. This day shall be remembered for the most high priced home cooked single dish was eaten on this day very early in the morning.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Salt Overdose

Yesterday Friday 16 October 2020 d213, we went out to takeaway food and I did it again. I bought too much food because I felt sad seeing the stalls having not much orders.

The above seafood noodles are our favourite seafood Mee Hoon from Choy Kee coffee shop. I bought two packs at MYR 8 nett each. Shared one for breakfast and kept one for the next day. Now they include one piece of fish paste (yu wat) which has too much pepper in the yu wat.

I also bought a pack of hot hainan tea which is actually coffee mix with tea for MYR 2.60 nett. That pack is enough for two cups.

I noticed a new ccf stall so I bought ccf too. One piece of ccf MYR 1, 3 ytf - okra, bitter gourd, brinjal at MYR 1.50 each and one piece of ytf bentong tofu puff which is supposed to be very popular so the price is higher at MYR 2 making it a total of MYR 8.50 nett. I asked for the brown sauce and curry sauce to be put together because I am eating them immediately upon reaching home. Shared this ccf too.

My portion of seafood Mee hoon. Ate this Mee Hoon slowly after I ate ccf. The broth is very salty to me but I drank it all. Oh dear, should I have poured it away?

Bought one roll of Tau Sa Peah MYR 4 with 5 pieces and 2 egg tarts at MYR 2.10 nett each.

Packaging - the 5 Tau sar peah are kept inside a clear bag before being wrapped in the outer printed paper. Made by Gaya Biscuit in Penang. Ingredients are wheat flour, salt, sugar, mung bean, vegetable oil and onion.

MYR 0.80 each. The mung bean fillings taste acceptable but this Tau sar peah has a rose fragrance which sometimes can be detected in cakes that used rose essence flavours. I am ok with it but he doesn't like that extra taste.

Ate one egg tart each during tea time. Tasty, I like egg tarts better than siew baos.

Bought 1 pack of rice with lotus root, peanut with a bit of meat soup and 1 pack of rice with one whole slightly salted chicken leg at Lucky Alley coffee shop for about MYR 20. Just ate the chicken leg, keeping the rice to cook fried rice. The salty gravy is kept to cook instant noodles on another day. No slot to eat the lotus root soup so into the fridge it goes with its accompanying rice.

Back to choy kee, bought two packs of 3jc  soup version at MYR 7 each. We shared the pack with hor fun for early dinner and kept the pack with Mee hoon for another day.

My portion. He gave me some chicken meat. There were some broth remaining after I finished eating this hor fun but it was very salty so I didn't drink it because I have already consumed too much salt on this day as I drank all the remaining seafood meehoon broth which was very salty to me.

So now we have stock of 2 packs of Mee Hoon, 2 packs of rice, 1 pack of lotus root soup, 1 bowl of chicken gravy in the fridge to be cleared on other days. My BK cheese burger is in the fridge for 6 days so I must eat it very soon.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Green Tea

Bought these packs of green tea that I have not tried before last month.

Oops, not individually packed. Started with the pack on the left. One green tea drink each day.

Prices are not that high.

This is the individually packed green tea bags that we like best.

We have been to Uji and their green tea is famous.

We also tried this OSK green tea but the taste is too light so not preferred.

*** Thursday 15 October 2020 d212 ***

Not my breakfast of instant noodles in bkt soup bought on Sunday. Yay! Bkt is cleared!

Not my lunch of pork trotter bought two Sundays ago with noodles and one hard boiled egg.

My lunch of one hard boiled egg with noodles in the salted vege green mustard gravy kept since Monday so all the food items bought from Kam Heong braised duck two Sundays ago, are cleared now.  Yummy! Very flavourful. Wiped the gravy clean with a slice of bread.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Kiwi or Orange

Do you prefer to eat kiwi or orange?

Everyday I eat one orange but sometimes I replace the orange with kiwi.

Do you scoop the flesh from kiwi after cutting it into half? Vertical or horizontal cut?

*** Wednesday 14 Oct 2020 d211 ***

Finished the chocolate cake from Sunday and the one only remaining tambun pastry my friend gave me for breakfast.

Lunch - share the pork yimi bought yesterday from swee Heng at MYR 7 nett.

My share.

Finished up the McD fries from Saturday and BK fries from Sunday. Just ate them cold direct from the fridge.

Ate two Lavender raisin scones. Yum yummy! 

Not my dinner of instant noodles, frozen jiao zi and siew Bak choy in remaining pork yimi soup from morning.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Bought these two types of chocolate a few months ago. Usually when standing in line to pay, the eyes will spot some promos and the hands will grab some items not in the to-buy list to put inside the cart which is exactly what they intended when putting promo items near the cashier check-out counters.

Cadbury 5 star - made in India. Milk chocolate with caramel and rice puffs embedded in soft chocolaty centre. I tried one and gave the remaining ones in the bag away.

Look at the Total sugars value.

Also bought this Durian rice puffs chocolate. The durian smell is strong to the nose but when eating it, the taste is not that strong to the tongue. Gave half away. Made locally.

The two segments with the white dot are the 5 star chocolate. The others are durian chocolate.

*** Tuesday 13 October 2020 d210 ***

Went to Swee Heng to buy takeaways and saw so many people dining in at this coffee shop. This is fish head Mee Hoon without milk in the broth at MYR 13 nett.

My portion.

Wanton noodles for lunch shared. The char siew and Wantons are buried underneath the noodles. MYR 6.50 nett.

One roll of ccf, one okra ytf and one beancurd sheet ytf at MYR 4 nett for lunch shared.

Finished the remaining mcd pie bought on Saturday. Now still need to clear the fries in the fridge the next day.

Not my dinner of instant noodles in remaining pork broth from Saturday and frozen jiaozi with siew bok choy. Too bad I brushed my teeth for the day else I would have eaten some of the instant noodles.