Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Luxury Nasi Lemak

On Wednesday 7.jun.2023, we tried out a new eatery called Nine Cafe at Sri Petaling. When we ate at Bamboo Nasi Lemak, we walked past this eatery and saw a long queue of customers.

After our brunch, when we walked back to the car which is parked near old Nanyang Cafe Sri Petaling for 2 hours at MYR 1 per hour paid via tng to dbkl parking, he walked to TK bakery and bought 2 lard eggs tarts, 1 char siew sou pastry and 1 kaya puff. He ate all the pastries for his dinner except for the kaya puff which I shared with him. To our surprise, we found that the sweet pastries are a bit too sweet for us. Guess our tolerance for sweet taste has gone down.

11.19 am - waited quite a while, about 20 to 30 minutes, for this signature nasi lemak MYR 28.90 nett which has one huge whole fried chicken leg which he thinks is marinated with a bit of belacan so it is flavourful and tasty. It also has squid and prawns.

10.46 am - Nine Cafe is a corner shop unit below the bbq cafe in the photo above.

12 noon - total price for two meals and two drinks MYR 67.60 nett.

10.56 am - two iced drinks, very tasty 😋 white coffee MYR 6.90 nett and coffee MYR 5.90 nett.

10.59 am - my signature curry Mee mihun soup MYR 25.90 nett which has two big prawns with head, one piece of curry chicken, brinjal, okra, beancurd puffs and beancurd sheets. There are many dried shrimps in the creamy curry broth so it was very flavourful and delicious.

We will be back one day to try more dishes.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Big Portion Pho Vietz

On Tuesday 6.jun.2023, he accompanied the elderly to consult the favourite GP so on their way back, he stopped by a coffee shop and bought chapfan for the Elderlies. When he was home, he told me that we are going to Midvalley Mall for brunch so will eat at Pho Vietz.

11.42 am - we shared this tiger prawn roll MYR 12.90 nett. The size of the roll is bigger than An Viet which is lower priced. I like to eat this prawn roll because it has a lot of raw vegetables in it so I will always order it when I see it in the menu.

11.44 am - his iced drip Coffee MYR 9.9 nett with the sugar in the green jug so the coffee is totally not sweet which suits us.

11.46 am - my order of 4 beef pho MYR 22.90 nett. Big Portion so I was too full since I ate it all.

11.48 am - his spicy beef noodle MYR 22.90 which is sourish and a bit spicy so the sourish spicy broth reminds us of tomyam soup. The noodle used is similar to thick mixian or Lai fun. Big portion with a lot of beef slices.

11.49 am - size comparison. I ordered this twin bean delight ice dessert MYR 7.9 nett for both of us to share.

11.49 am - tasty but I prefer it to be less sweet.

Total price is MYR 76.50 nett. We ate there from 11.39 am to 12.29 noon.

15.12 pm - on the way back, we stopped by papasan canteen coffee shop kuchai but their kitchen is closed at 3 pm so we went to new lian hin coffee shop and I buy takeaway quarter leg portion steamed chicken MYR 23 nett for his dinner.

Monday, June 5, 2023

Bamboo Seafood Curry

On Monday 5.jun.2023, went to Bamboo Nasi Lemak for brunch because he wanted to try the Bamboo Nasi Lemak Seafood Curry for quite some time.

10.38 am - his seafood curry nasi lemak MYR 17.90 nett. The nasi lemak and seafood curry is stuffed into the bamboo container and the bamboo container is overturned onto the serving tray and the small saucer of sambal is placed on the overturned bamboo before being delivered to the customers.
10.39 am - after placing the saucer of sambal on the table and removing the bamboo container, the nasi lemak seafood curry looks like the above photo. The seafood are prawns and tiny octopuses only but quite sufficient. The curry gravy is sourish so is very appetising. We will definitely eat this seafood curry nasi lemak again. Portion is good for small eaters.

10.39 am - my order of Mee siam beef rendang MYR 15.90 nett. The Mee siam is sourish and not very spicy. The beef rendang has a few cubes of tender beef mixed with a few cubes of tougher beef but the rendang gravy is tasty so we will also order it again.

10.28 am - the process is to place order and pay for the food at the cashier counter before finding a table to sit and wait for the food. We also ordered iced Hainan coffee MYR 4.50 nett which is refreshing. I also ordered chendul but was told the chendul is not ready yet.

11.17 am - at about 11 am, I noticed another table having chendul so I went to the cashier counter and ordered one chendul MYR 7.90 nett for us two to share. Good thing is the syrup is in a separate small jug.

11.17 am - he poured the syrup on the ice. This ice chendul portion is big so I struggled to finish eating it but I persevered and ate it all.

11.48 am - nasi lemak bamboo eatery at Sri Petaling. The car is parked opposite the Store so we took a walk back to the car. Will definitely be back.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Nice Drive in Rain

On Sunday 4.jun.2023, it was raining quite heavily in the early morning which is very good to cool down the hot weather. On Saturday 3.jun.2023, I took a nap around 9 pm and woke up a few hours after that and didn't go back to sleep so I was awake when it started raining just before 6 am. Then he woke up and asked me what is the food plan for this day so I replied that he could drive to have breakfast at Pudu ICC since it was early and raining so perhaps there wouldn't be so many people there.

It was a nice drive to Pudu ICC in the rain although he has to be very careful. Some parts of the road have a lot of water on it. Later we read on the news that there are flash floods in some area due to this morning rain.

I felt like being on my vacation in Tokyo or Taipei with the cool morning rainy weather and the misty wet surroundings when we went past a few small hotels. When I looked through the small hotels' glass doors into their front desks, all the memories of staying in hotels during my vacations before the pandemic rushed into my mind. So nostalgic.

When we reached Pudu ICC, the car park was almost full and we need to park the car further away from the entrance to the staircase. Contrary to what I think, people do not sleep in on a cold rainy morning but go to Pudu ICC for breakfast and buy vegetables or raw meat to cook at home as there is a wet market at the basement of Pudu ICC.

When we are at Pudu ICC, we always eat our favourite food. His favourite food is pepper stomach soup mihun and 3jc mihun horfun soup. My favourite food is popiah. Our previous visit was on Wednesday 17.may.2023 which we buy food from these two stalls too.

From Pudu ICC, he bought 3jc mihun soup, siew Mai, har gao and ccf ytf for the Elderlies' lunch and drop the food off for their lunch on our way home at about 9 am. Later during lunch time the elderly called and told us kid 1 has sent them dim sum lunch via food delivery.

As kid 1 is going on a vacation this month, some Sundays were swapped with him. He did check their Wasap conversation to see who is on duty for this Sunday. Apparently kid 1 wrote that this Sunday is his duty but swapped and he misunderstood the text and thought it is still his duty so due to his misunderstanding of kid 1 text, the Elderlies ended up with double lunch meals so they kept one set of meals for their dinner.

Later at 3 pm, he found an eatery that he wanted to try called Ramen Mob in Taman Desa so we went there for his early dinner. The truffle ramen is very tasty. Will talk about it in a separate post. He also bought a loaf of bread and dropped it off at the Elderlies' place on our way home from early dinner. The elderly walked out to the nearby makeshift market in the morning at around 9 am after the rain to buy bread but due to the rain, the bread stall wasn't open. That is why he has to buy bread for them.

*** Wednesday 17.may.2023 ***

On wed 17.may.2023, we went to Pavilion KL but parked at BT Square. Before that, we stopped by Pudu ICC for our breakfast.

9.50 am - I ordered this mix popiah meal with one roll of the usual popiah and one roll of chicken floss salad popiah MYR 10 nett for these two rolls of popiah from Auntie Mei's Crispy Popiah stall in Pudu ICC.

9.54 am - cross section view of the popiah. I like the raw vegetables in the chicken floss popiah but find the chicken floss on top of the popiah to be quite unnecessary. Only for those customers who wish to eat chicken floss.

10.18 am - this is the popiah stall.

9.46 am - way behind the popiah stall is his favourite stomach pepper soup mihun stall which is the stall in the middle in the photo above.

*** Sunday 4.jun.2023 ***

7.38 am - his favourite stomach pepper soup mihun MYR 11 nett.

7.41 am - two rolls of the usual Auntie Mei's Crispy popiah MYR 8 nett. I bought the mihun MYR 8 nett because I wanted to eat the potatoes cubes. Fried mihun, peanuts, anchovies, cucumbers, half a hard boiled egg, potatoes cubes, prawns sambal which is very spicy hot 🔥🥵 until my whole mouth still throbbing from the spicy heat 10 minutes after eating the prawn sambal. His hot hainan char drink costs MYR 2.50 nett.

From Pudu ICC, he bought 3jc mihun soup MYR 9 nett,  siew Mai, har gao and ccf ytf for the Elderlies' lunch. The total price for 3 siew Mai and 3 har gao is MYR 17 nett. The ytf items from the ccf stall costs MYR 12.50 nett. He also bought two Bun Choon lard egg tarts at MYR 2.90 for himself because I prefer butter egg tarts so I didn't eat his egg tarts.

I believe we will always eat our favourite food everytime we visit Pudu ICC.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Chasen Lot 10

On Saturday 3.jun.2023, it is our duty day as all Saturdays are our duty day to provide lunch and dinner to the Elderlies.

For the elderlies:
Lunch: swee hing
Ju yuk noodles soup MYR 9 nett
Roast chicken and siew yuk MYR 15 nett
Dinner: fatty mixed rice Sri Petaling
Two chapfan, one with rice, one no rice.
With his chapfan no rice, 3 packs cost MYR 24 nett.

*** Wednesday 17.may.2023 ***

1.18 pm - I have been wanting to eat matcha parfait for a long long time. This chasen o-matcha costs MYR 18.90 nett.

1.33 pm - I wonder why the cup has Tsujiri word on it.

1.34 pm - bought more items when he joined me.

1.36 pm - o-matcha roll cake MYR 10 nett and one medium cup of yuzu iced drink MYR 12.90 nett.

1.09 pm - it is difficult for me to choose which items to eat from this menu.

1.10 pm - the chasen counter at j's gate dining at lot 10.

1.16 pm - view from the left.

My matcha order is no. 42 from the above menu board. After making iced matcha drink at home, I feel that the two matcha items that I ate on this day do not have a strong enough matcha taste for me.

*** Saturday 3.jun.2023 ***

*** Swee Hing coffee shop ***

10.41 am - his ju yuk noodles soup MYR 9 nett. He bought one packet for the Elderlies.

10.41 am - my ccf ytf MYR 12.7 nett - two brinjal ytf, 2 bittergourd ytf, 1 okra ytf, 1 piece ccf. He doesn't want to eat the ytf so I kept one brinjal and one bitter gourd ytf for dinner.

*** Fatty Mixed Rice Sri Petaling ***

5.02 pm - our shared chap fan no rice for dinner. I requested him to buy broccoli for me.

5.02 pm - he cooked the romaine lettuce that the Elderlies bought in miso sachet soup and poured the hot soup over the portion of multigrain rice that we brought home from yesterday's lunch at tonkatsu ma Maison.

5.13 pm - my dinner inclusive of the brinjal ytf and bittergourd ytf.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Beef Daikon Noodles

On Friday 2.jun.2023, went to Pavilion Bukit Jalil for brunch at tonkatsu ma Maison. On the way home, stopped by Old Nanyang Cafe at Taman Esplanade for our early dinner.

4.15 pm - red dragon fruit rice MYR 17.90+ which we shared. Tastes good. Cold cham MYR 5.90+ and Pandan gula melaka iced coffee MYR 6.9+ which tastes like chendul. He wanted bottled coffee in iced bucket but it was sold out so he ordered the Pandan gula melaka iced coffee which he drank and he doesn't like it so he swapped drinks with me. We took both coffee home as we couldn't finish them.

4.19 pm - I chose air dried instant noodles as the noodles for the beef noodles MYR 26.9+ because I like to eat instant Mee. There are many pieces of beef in the bowl. The soup is light and tastes of soy sauce with a tinge of sweetness.

Total price is MYR 63.35 at Old Nanyang Cafe Taman Esplanade.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Jumbo Avocado

On Thursday 1.jun.2023, I stayed home all day while he went to millennium coffee shop nearby to buy pepper soup mihun and ccf ytf for the Elderlies' lunch.

8.02 am - he ate half a Jumbo avocado for his breakfast and kept half for me. This Jumbo avocado is selling at a promotional price of MYR 8.90 nett for one avocado at Jaya Grocer on Wednesday. Normal price for one Jumbo avocado is about MYR 18 so this offer price is a good price.

3.09 pm - I ate half avocado with bread for my omad. Creamy and tasty! 😋

4 pm - I also ate a quarter of the duck egg long bean wood fungus omelette he cooked in the morning for the Elderlies' lunch.