Monday, February 6, 2023

Hakata Tonsho Ramen

On Monday 6.feb.2023, went to Pavilion Bukit Jalil for our food and also to buy Cardiprin for the elderly.

1st item that was served. Pretty bowl.

Top view.

11.58 am - removed the bowl cover - Buta Don - slices of Pork belly grilled with teriyaki sauce served with leek, egg, wasabi and rice. The rice is soft and tasty. The teriyaki sauce is a bit too sweet for me. Lucky for me that the wasabi helps to cut through the sweetness.

12.18 noon - ate the buta Don with dehydrated garlic slices which still pack a punch!

12.05 noon - ordered ALA carte one egg MYR 3 and one bamboo shoots side dish MYR 3 and he ordered deep fried chicken with grated daikon and ponzu sauce MYR 17.9 but both of us couldn't detect the ponzu sauce. Maybe they put too little ponzu sauce.

12.01 noon - close up view of the ponzu chicken.

This page of menu is from their website. There are 6 types of broth for their ramen soup and he chose the smoked fish tonkotsu ramen broth for his ramen soup. Please click on the above photo for a larger image.

12.10 noon - his kakuni ramen in smoked fish broth with an egg MYR 32.90 and now only I feel that I should have added chashu toppings for him at MYR 4 for one serving of chashu topping. Their chashu is described as slow cooked rolled up pork belly in special flavoured shoyu.

Total price MYR 84.48

12.45 noon - Hakata Tonsho Ramen with the holiday lunch time queue. I wanted to eat ice but all the eateries are full of people due to the holiday so I just went home without eating any ice.

1.30 pm - the CNY decor is still available. I just notice the long ears. Can you see the two pairs of red long ears?

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Aeon German Egg Tarts

On Sunday 5.feb.2023, went to Gardens Mall and Midvalley Mall to buy groceries because he is cooking dinner for the Elderlies. Lunch for the Elderlies is chapfan from PopCorn food court in midvalley mall.

*** Eggy Tarts ***

10.43 am - NuxV wrote that this egg tarts from Aeon food court is tasty so I bought 6 at the promo price of MYR 16.5 to try. Buy one egg tart at MYR 3.3 and buy 3 egg tarts at MYR 8.90 nett.

2.48 pm - the crust is considered thin and crispy. The egg custard is soft and eggy. I ate two tarts and kept 4 tarts for one day each. Buttery crust and just sweet enough.

10.43 am - nice box for 6 German Egg Tarts.

3.04 pm - ate half and kept half for tomorrow. I like this Pandan layer cake MYR 6.30 even though there are nicer ones out there.

Total price MYR 22.80 nett.

*** PopCorn food court midvalley mall ***

10.42 am - his chapfan brunch MYR 11.5 from popcorn food court.

His receipt.

Two packs of chapfan lunch MYR 22 for the Elderlies from popcorn food court midvalley mall.

*** Grocery ***

Bought items from Aeon Supermarket and Jaya Grocer supermarket.

*** Sushi Zanmai Gardens Mall ***

11.21 am - Lou Sang for the 2nd time this CNY on the 15th day of CNY celebration which is also the last day of celebration.

11.35 am - prawn roll.

Total price MYR 64.4 nett.

*** Clear Food ***

2.13 pm - I ate all the remaining McD nuggets from Tue, 5 days ago and the choy sum carrots from yesterday, Saturday.

Happy Chap Goh Mei to everyone who is celebrating it!

Saturday, February 4, 2023


On Saturday 4.feb.2023, went to Leong Wei coffee shop, kuchai lama to buy ytf for the Elderlies and ourselves. Dinner is from Lau Home Cook Home Taste.

11.34 am - ytf from Leong wei coffee shop ytf stall. MYR 2 per piece.

For the Elderlies:
1. 2 brinjals
2. 2 bitter gourds
3. 2 taopoks
4. 2 white fish balls
5. 2 deep fried fish balls
6. 2 okras 

For ourselves:
1. 3 brinjals
2. 1 bitter gourd
3. 1 taopok
4. 1 white tofu
5. 1 deep fried fish ball
6. 2 white fish balls
7. 1 okra
8. 2 red chilies
9. 1 skin
10. 1 beancurd roll
11. 1 beancurd sheet

Total 27 pieces of ytf MYR 54 for 4 pax, about 7 pieces for 1 pax.

Bought a loaf of the new Australian oat wholemeal sunshine brand bread MYR 4 from Giant supermarket for the Elderlies to try.

11.30 am - bought siew yuk rice MYR 9.5 from the roast meat stall. The plain white rice is given to the elderly to be eaten with ytf. He ate the siew yuk while I ate one piece of the siew yuk. The layer of fat is very thin so I ate it too. Tastes good.

4.54 pm - choy sum vege with carrots, egg tofu, chicken breast meat with bitter gourd and rice for 1 pax. He cooked a purple malabar spinach century egg soup and steamed liver Sausages for the elderlies so they didn't eat much of the chicken breast meat which he ate to clear all the food.

Friday, February 3, 2023

Caramel Popcorn Sofuto

On Friday 3.feb.2023, went to do a bit of grocery shopping and pass some food to my friend.

12.12 noon - on the way home, he wanted to eat the dark chocolate Sofuto from family mart so I tried the new caramel popcorn Sofuto too. Smooth rich buttery caramel taste, just like toffee, nice.

The dark chocolate Sofuto in a cup costs around MYR 4.9 and this caramel popcorn Sofuto costs around MYR 3.9 I think.

12.41 noon - he bought one whole chicken aka ayam berempah from Giant Supermarket and ate half for lunch. It smells like ayam percik to me. I didn't eat it.

12.42 noon - he kept half the chicken for dinner.

I bought burgers from A&W instead using Foodpanda delivery.

There is a new brand of bread available now. sunshine bread so we bought a loaf of Australian oats sunshine bread MYR 4 to try.

One burger for today and one burger for tomorrow. Inclusive of delivery fees, rider tips and promo codes discount, the burger costs MYR 14.2 nett each.

CNY decor at Plaza Salak Park.

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Nasi Lemak Kwong Wah

On Thursday 2.feb.2023, went to 126 Kopitiam chapfan stall to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies.

*** 30.jan.2023 ***

12.04 noon - nasi lemak ayam berempah from Kwong Wah Ais Kacang pavilion Bukit Jalil. Shared by two pax. Tastes good.

11.55 am - of course must buy ice cendol and abc ice. The drink is hot lohongo because they don't sell coffee or tea drinks. If I could, I would eat a bowl of abc ice everyday.

Total price for two pax is MYR 39.60 nett.

*** Thu 2.feb.2023 ***

12.03 noon - his chapfan no rice MYR 7 and my yin choy braised egg MYR 6 from 126 Kopitiam mix rice stall.

1.35 pm - He is going to cook this packet of tempeh for dinner.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

McD Butter Cake

On Wednesday 1.feb.2023, we stayed home and ate one meal at 4.10 pm after our previous meal which was 24 hours ago.

*** Tue 31.jan.2023 ***

2.42 pm - Butter cake and chocolate marble cake. Rich buttery taste and not very sweet. McD gets their cakes from Secret Recipe.

I replaced fries with corns and upgraded the soft drink to my favourite McD iced latte.

Buy MYR 88 worth to get MYR 15 off using huat15 promo code on Foodpanda.

3.49 pm - blanched siew bok choy for 2 pax.

*** Wed 1.feb.2023 ***

4.02 pm - mackerel from can.

4.02 pm - he fried rice from Sat for his omad.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kit Kat Pink Ice Cream

On Tuesday 31.jan.2023, went to Golden Chopstick coffee shop to buy chapfan lunch for the Elderlies and himself.

10.46 am - saw this new kit Kat Pink Ice cream at the petrol station so bought one at MYR 4.90 to try.

10.47 am - ate it immediately in the car. Very nice with sourish dried strawberries in the coating so it doesn't feel that sweet.

The packaging says ice cream with cheesecake and strawberry flavoured coating, wafer and dried strawberry. I like the taste so I will buy it again.

11.35 am - he bought 3 packs of chapfan lunch MYR 23.50 from Golden Chopstick coffee shop.

12.43 noon - bought mcd for today and tomorrow. Need to buy MYR 88 worth to get MYR 15 off. The apple pies and nuggets are on promo.