Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sugar Bun Delivery

 Today is Thursday 24.jun.21 Day 10 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and ordered Sugar Bun delivery. 

Back in 2016, we visited Sugar Bun at Menara Hapseng for lunch. At that time, they don't have fish burger on their kl menu so I didn't get to try it. Now I see that they have this item so I ordered it for lunch via the smartbite website.

12 noon - I requested for no mayo and no tartar sauce and my request was fulfilled. This is the fish burger without any sauce of any kind.

Cross section of the fish burger - the fish fillet is crispy on the outside with flaky meat on the inside.

Chicken burger ala carte. I requested for no cheese and no sauce of any kind.

Cross section. The texture of the  chicken patty is similar to chicken nuggets.

Broasted chicken set that includes rice, 2 pieces of chicken and pickled cucumber.

3 pieces of broasted chicken at MYR 11.60 only.
Biodegradable bag.

The total bill is MYR 49.10 nett with free delivery for orders MYR 50 and above.

*** Food cleared on Wed 23.jun.21 ***

8 am - his breakfast of Mee hoon in ABC soup.

12 noon - He blanched this plate of siew bok choy for lunch.

1 pm - I ate these 8 whole okras just as they are, without any sauces or dips. I ate them with their tops on.

1.30 pm  - I finished drinking this remaining ABC soup and ate all the ingredients in it. All cleared!

4.30 pm - both of us ate the remaining 10 durian seeds bought on Sunday from the freezer. Taste like durian ice cream. Total seeds are 30 for MYR 55 x 4 so it is about a little above MYR 7 per seed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Mixed Vegetables Curry

Today is Wednesday 23.jun.21 Day 9 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and he cooked mixed vegetables curry.

10.56 am - He used the remaining curry gravy from the Ah Weng Koh Chee Cheong fun bought on Saturday and the sambal from the Ah Weng Koh nasi Lemak to cook this mixed vegetables dish. Just 3 items - brinjals, okras and tomatoes.

11.16 am - I used the microwave to cook this basmathi Brown Rice.

11.23 am - my lunch of mixed vege curry, basmathi Brown Rice, soft tao pok  and 4 slices of shabu shabu beef.

12.30 noon - his lunch of remaining Bak Kut Teh from Sunday and basmathi Brown Rice.

5 pm - I have to clear my remaining Chicago Tangy Coney beef so I ate it with a slice of rainbow sprouted bread. All food from A&W bought on Friday, 4 days ago are cleared now.

6.30 pm - we need to clear the Bak Kut Teh bought from sun Fung Bak Kut Teh eatery on Sunday, 2 days ago so he cooked instant noodles to go with it. Both of us shared this meal for dinner. The Bak Kut Teh broth tastes as if it has balsamic vinegar in it so it is appetising.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Mango Deluxe Snowflake Pickup

 Today is Tuesday 22.jun.21 Day 8 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and he cooked abc soup.

*** Food on Monday 31.may.21 ***

We were on the way home and the weather is so hot that we ordered snowflake ice to be picked up and we ate it at home.

Top view of Mango Deluxe. Very refreshing when eaten on a hot day.  The packaging is good because the shaved ice didn't melt when I reached home.

Also bought a cold best seller. Please note the containers fees. Buy takeaway only if one doesn't mind paying this fee.

Golden potato van - I saw this van parked quite near Snowflake eatery in kuchai lama. They must be selling the  hollow potato ball that is very popular now. I didn't buy any potato balls because there is a queue of customers waiting to buy the balls.

Instant noodles with mini Kailan and braised pork gravy for my lunch. 

*** Food for Monday 21.jun.21 ***

8.30 am - pork bitter gourd soup from ICC Pudu bought on Saturday. He added siew bok choy, Mee hoon and one egg to it for breakfast and kept a small portion for me which I ate at 9.20 am.

12.30 noon - I ate this coney beef sausage bought on Fri for lunch to clear it.

12.40 noon - he boiled abc soup for lunch.

And had the soup with this yam rice bought on Sat from ICC Pudu for lunch. I didn't try any of the yam rice.

6.30 pm - my portion of abc soup with a bit of rice. He ate the same food as dinner too.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Cheong Fan Paradise Sg

Today is Monday 21.jun.21 Day 7 of 14 (2). Another halfway mark reached. Yesterday was our grocery day. Below is the tale of my friend.

 My friend in Sg spent a total of 3 hours and  40 minutes to buy HK ccf.  From the time he joined the long queue to the time he placed his order: 2 hours 30 minutes. Then it was another 1 hour 10 mins to wait for the prawn and char siew cheong fun. He ordered 8 portions and gave 5 portions to his friend.

Why the long queue? This is because this dim sum stall Cheong Fan Paradise in Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 is by Kerene Cheng who used to be the Dim Sum Head Chef At Shangri-La Hotel, Sg. The specialty here is HK ccf. Her food can be ordered via grab too.

My friend's 3 portions: chai poh, prawns and char siew hk Chee Cheong Fun.
This is the stall.

This is the super long queue.

*** Durian on a Sunday ***

After seeing durian, durian, durian on insta, I WhatsApp the insta seller and she immediately arranged to send the durian to me on the very same day. I received the 4 tubs of 400 g each durian at 1.34 pm in the drizzle yesterday after making online payment at 11 am. Delivery fee is MYR 15 nett.

I bought one box each at 400 g MYR 55 nett per box except Hor Lor. Didn't buy Hor Lor because I ate it many times before and also the price is higher at MYR 65 nett per 400 g. The price fluctuates so if interested, need to contact this insta seller durianvibe to get the updated latest price.

Xiao Hong - nutty coconut taste. Texture on the watery side.

Green skin - bitter with many different layers of taste. At one spot, we taste a fruity Blackcurrant taste. Higher recommended for durian lovers who like to explore the different taste in durian. Texture is on the side of watery. One seed remaining in the freezer.

Kun Poh - similar taste to Xiao Hong but richer in taste. The texture is sticky.

Lin Feng Jiao - bitter taste and texture is between sticky and watery. We ate all of them.

4 tubs of durian, all with different taste.

Put them in the freezer. One seed green skin and 4 seeds Xiao Hong.

3 seeds Kun poh in the freezer. We counted the seeds we ate. 20 seeds in total ate by two of us from 1.34 pm to 4.10pm. I didn't eat anything else after 4.10 pm.

*** Sunday Food ***

12.40 pm - both of us shared this chapfan MYR 6.5 nett from Tuck Tuck Tei. A bit of rice, egg tofu, soy knot, yin choy and mixed vege of napa cabbage and carrots.

1.30 pm - shabu beef slices cooked from frozen with daikon. I ate one slice of beef and all the daikon. Kept the remaining slices of beef in the fridge.

For father's day, the elderlies were given a cheat day so we bought Bak Kut Teh from sun Fung Bkt eatery in Sri Petaling for them. The boss of the bkt shop delivered the bkt with foc delivery fees at about 12.50 noon. no photos of bkt. They ate all their portion of bkt for lunch during lunch time. So it must be yummy!

Sunday, June 20, 2021

ICC Pudu Food Delivery

 Today is Sunday 20.jun.21 Day 6 of 14 (2). Yesterday we stayed home and ordered ICC Pudu delivery.

I had to continue eating food from A&W from the fridge so he chose his own food from the Grabfood app and ordered them from Pudu ICC in two separate deliveries because the stalls in ICC Pudu are not combined into one app store but are separate app stores.

9.35 am - 3jc dry kway teow only from one of the stall in ICC Pudu Food Court. He ate this for breakfast and dinner. I just ate one tablespoonful to taste it.

12.49 noon - his lunch nasi lemak chicken from Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea shop in ICC Pudu. I didn't eat this dish at all.

3.40 pm - we shared this curry Chee Cheong fun from Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea shop in ICC Pudu during teatime.

Today, Sun 20.jun.21 7.37 am - he ate this pork stomach pepper soup bought from ICC Pudu yesterday as breakfast today. I ate a bit of this to test the taste. The soup is quite hot spicy from the pepper in it but it also is a bit sourish. He says he could taste roasted pork bones taste in the soup so it is yummy to him but he doesn't quite like the slight sourish taste.

7.14 pm - I put kimchi on top of A&W beef coney cheesy fries so that it will be like KGB kimchi fries. Tasty but salty.

10.50 am - I ate this remaining half of fish burger from yesterday.

11 am - I continue to eat the remaining half of Moza burger from yesterday. So now I have cleared the fries and two burgers, I still have two sausages burgers to clear for tomorrow and Tuesday because I can only eat one sausage burger on one day.

Orders from two different stalls in Pudu ICC in one app store.

Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea shop has its own app store so this has to be a separated order.