Sunday, April 18, 2021

Chicken Karaage FamilyMart

With the new family mart branch, it is very convenient for us to just drop by on our way home from anywhere just to buy some snacks. This bowl of oden costs MYR 8.90 nett with 4 items and Tom yum soup. I wanted clear soup but only Tom yum soup is available. I drank all the soup because it wasn't that spicy and surprisingly I wasn't thristy after that. No MSG? I don't believe that.

3 pieces of Chicken Karaage at MYR 3.90 nett. Crispy and juicy. Very tasty. Will buy again. Good price too.

3 Grilled Honey Herbs Drummets at MYR 7.50 nett. The marinate is nice but the meat is quite hard so at this price, it is better to buy chicken Karaage.

We ate the Dark Chocolate Sofuto ice cream in the car parked at the side of the road.

Basic price for Oden is MYR 3 Nett which includes soup and one item. Then we can choose items to add on. Each item is priced differently but the common price is MYR 1.90 nett for each item.

Please press on the above photo for a larger image to read the price of Nestle ice cream items sold in FamilyMart.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

May King

On Tue 30.mar.21, we went to MyTown Cheras for a quick errand around 2.30 pm and on our way home, we stopped by this eatery which has been in Pudu since I was a teenager to buy their popular Lum Mee.

When we got home, the noodles are all clumped together so need to shake them apart.

After shaking them apart. Lum Mee in dark gravy which is very, very salty. Costs about MYR 9 something.

The interior of the eatery.

Storefront. The words on the glass window say: Lum Mee, Curry Chicken Mee, Yummy Hor Fun.

May King has been in this location for more than 30 years. Have you heard of them?

Friday, April 16, 2021

Ah Her BKT n Zesty KFC

 Midvalley Mall weekly grocery shopping yesterday, Thu, 15.apr.21 so it was brunch for him at a new eatery.

11.20 am - a single portion of five flower bone which is the exact literal translation but I wonder which part of the body is this meat from and one bowl of rice.

Total bill is MYR 27.84 nett.

Goh Huey Kut is described as special lean cut. There is quite a lot of meat provided. Placed order at 11.18 am. 

Please click on these 4 pages of menu for a larger image to read the names of the dishes.

Would anyone order a bowl of abalone at that price?

Side dishes.

Drinks which we didn't order any.

This eatery replaced a Thai eatery. At 11.20 am, only two tables were occupied including ours.

It is next to PopCorn Food Court.

It is also near Hotpot Kitchen.

A light tasting bkt broth. Would you order any dish from the menu above?

*** Zesty KFC ***

Zesty crunchy KFC. The taste is spicy, salty, sweet and sourish.

Total bill is MYR 54.45 nett because I bought one set for my friend too.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Roasted Bone Congee

Bought these meals on Tue 13.apr.21 for Wed 14.apr.21 so that we can stay at home the whole day.

Tue 13.apr.21 3.36 pm - rice porridge cooked with bones of roasted pork, peanuts and dried oyster aka ho see sold from a food truck which also sells siew yuk so requested to add siew yuk to the porridge resulting in MYR 7 nett. I bought two tubs so total costs is MYR 14 Nett. Also eaten as breakfast on Wed 14.apr.21 after reheating the congee in a pan.

Food Truck Lam and Sum Enterprise 燒 豬骨粥 Roasted Bone Porridge aka siew ju kuat jok. The location is at:

Also bought these 3 dishes from Loong Kee Food stall which we have purchased from previously. Both of us shared this Ginger duck yee mee for lunch on Wed 14.apr.21 after adding two eggs to it. Surprisingly this yee mee has yin choy in it.

Dinner at 6 pm on the same day Wed is pork chop rice aka pai kuat wong fan from the same stall.

6.20 pm on Tue 13.apr.21 dinner is wat tan hor from the same stall. Very strong wok hei.

They gave a large bag of egg gravy for the hor fun.

Total price is MYR 32.40 nett after a pickup discount of 20%, bought on Tue, 13.apr.21 for Tue to Wed's lunch and dinner.

12.33 noon Wed 14.apr.21 - ate this 120 ml of instant Quaker Oats in water with some almonds before eating the duck yee mee so that this thick oats can absorb the oil from the duck yee mee.

4.55 pm Wed 14.apr.21 - ate the only remaining durian cheese cake received on Sat 27.mar.21 which is 18 days ago in its frozen state. The durian smell is strong and it is tasty.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Bramley Apple Buns

 I saw on insta these M&S buns so I bought one pack to try.

4 buns in one pack.

It is made in UK so the price is MYR 12.90 nett which means each bun costs MYR 3.225 nett.

There are pieces of apples inside this bun and raisins too.

Please click on the above photo for a larger image to read the text to know the ingredients.

Here is a list of all the M&S buns in UK. I don't think all types are available here:

The buns are:
1. 4 Extremely Chocolatey Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
2. 4 Cheese Hot Cross Buns & Marmite, £1.65
3. 4 Plant Kitchen Luxury Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
4. 4 Chilli Cheese Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
5. 4 Salted Caramel & Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
6. 4 Blueberry Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
7. 4 Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
8. 4 Luxury Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
9. 9 Luxury Mini Hot Cross Buns, £1.65
10. 4 Made Without Wheat Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns, £2
11. Hot Cross Yumnut, £1.50 or £4 for pack of 3
12. Hot Cross Bun Pudding, £8

All the buns sound so delicious!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Dark Bean Curry Mee

We just stayed home the whole day yesterday, Mon 12.apr.21 and ate the food in our fridge.

1.11 pm - His lunch is the curry Mee we bought on Sun 11.apr.21 from Tasty Noodle House. The curry gravy doesn't use santan aka coconut milk at all so it is light tasting. It uses dark soy bean made into liquid as replacement for santan. The dark soy bean didn't affect the taste of the mild curry. Since this curry is not spicy, a spicy sambal is provided with this noodle.

The toppings for this curry noodle are slices of pork meat, strips of omelette, fish cakes, bean curd sheets and bean curd puffs. It also has a bit of beansprouts. Suitable for those who doesn't like heavy curry gravy.

8.49 am - our breakfast of pork Mee hoon from Tasty Noodle House bought on Sun 11.apr.21 with two added deep fried eggs and choy sum.

10.51 am - my portion of the pork Mee hoon breakfast with the deep fried egg and a slice of fish stick.

11.50 am - A&W chicken coney mashed potatoes from Sat 10.apr.21 that is part of the Hula Hula combo.

Ate half on top of a slice of bread and kept the remaining half in the fridge for Tues. This mashed potatoes is not watery like KFC mashed potatoes. It is compacted and firmer. The chicken coney toppings taste exactly like those used for the Chicken sausage so they are tasty. Then I ate the remaining half of the rose donut with a slice of bread.

6 pm - my portion of the soy curry Mee for dinner.

6.30 pm - wrapped up my dinner with a slice of bread and half an avocado from Aeon Supermarket at MYR 3.90 nett.

Tue, 13.apr.21, 11.09 am, used the remaining curry gravy to cook instant noodles with choy sum and remaining fish sticks. Yums!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Tasty Noodle House

 He found a new eatery nearby that serves pork noodles so we bought takeaway food from them to try on wed 7.apr.21.

Brunch - pork yee Mee with kidney, liver, slices of meat and meat balls.

12.30 noon - My portion of the pork yee Mee without soup.

6 pm - fish paste Mee hoon. There is no milk in this soup so we are not sure what makes it white.

6.16 pm - my portion of the fish paste Mee hoon. Although the soup is white in colour but it tastes refreshingly light and not heavy.

Taro rice with many small pieces deep fried lard in it.

The next day's breakfast at 8.23 am - dry pork Jin 筋 noodle with a bowl of soup. The name on the menu is pork shank noodle but the word jin 筋means tendon. There is no tendon in the packet of noodle but pieces of long sinewy pork meat.

8.50 pm - my portion of noodles with the long strips of sinewy meat which I suspect is just pork neck meat.

Total bill is MYR 36.20 nett.

Tasty restaurant - storefront. It is next to the chee Cheong fun eatery, Decades Cafe.

Yesterday, Sun 11.apr.21, we went to buy takeaway from them again and found that the eatery is full house with vacant seats marked with X for physical distancing.

One piece each of Fish Stick and Hokkien Meat Roll.

Hokkien Meat Roll. 

Fish Sticks. I prefer Fish Sticks because of the porky taste of the meat roll.

Please click on the menu below for a larger image to read the words.

I tried 801, 803 and 804.

Will try the cheese curry one day.

Ordered taro rice, fish sticks and meat roll.

Didn't order any drinks yet.

Total bill for takeaway 2 is MYR 31.10 nett.

I bought this bag of pineapple jam sandwich biscuits from a grocery store located on the same row as Sepetang coffee shop in Taman Desa. It costs MYR 6.70 nett and is said to be about 270g. The sticker on the Hup Seng big biscuit tin says MYR 25 per kg. The pineapple jam is sweet and not sour at all. Would prefer it to be sourish.