Thursday, August 31, 2017

Vegetarian Fish

Multigrain Vermicelli Fish Soup (vegetarian) - MYR9.90 nett at BMS Organics, Midvalley Mall. My friend says that it is tasty. With the vegetables and onions in the soup, I must say that it should be tasty. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

HK Egg Waffle

After lunch, while walking around the food court in Pavilion, I saw this kiosk. I have wanted to try 雞蛋仔from HK for quite a while now but have never dared to order it when I saw that there were no other customers because I was afraid that the ingredients will not be "fresh" if the turnaround is not good.

For this kiosk, there were many customers waiting for their orders so I placed and paid for my order and waited for my number to be shown on the electronic display.

While waiting, I watched them make the egg waffle that I ordered: A salted egg yolk egg waffle and a purple sweet potato mochi egg waffle. 

Then they will put the egg waffle to cool down on the racks.

Two to go. Must eat them fast or they won't be crispy anymore. Now I understand why this snack is so addictive because it is very easy to eat and tasty too, especially the one with the salted egg yolk.

Salted egg yolk egg waffle - MYR8.80 nett. Purple sweet potato mochi - MYR7.90 nett. Good to share with a few people as dessert after a main meal.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Chir Chir

Honey Butter Chicken (with toppoki and potato wedges) - MYR56.90++ (10% service charge 6% GST = MYR66.35 nett). The portion is enough for 2 persons. The boneless chicken pieces have crispy coatings (not oily at all) with tender juicy meat. The deep fried toppoki (rice cake) is soft and chewy while the creamy honey butter mayo dip with a hint of garlic taste goes well with the fried chicken.

Crispy Fried Chicken - MYR49.90++ with a slightly sweet mustard dip and an appetising cucumber salsa. Customers can change half of the portion of this dish to eithwe Spicy Chicken or Garlicky Chicken by paying an additional MYR7++ so the combination will cost MYR56.90++ (MYR66.35 nett).  As we do not know how spicy it would be, we play safe by changing half a portion to Garlicky Chicken instead of Spicy Chicken.

Garlicky Chicken is coated with a special soy sauce that tastes slightly sweet. As with the Honey Butter Chicken, the crispy batter is not oily at all and the chicken meat is juicy and tender. The only difference is that the chicken pieces are not boneless.

Tongs are provided for customers to pick up the chicken pieces so that their hands will not be dirty. No fingers licking here. We took home many pieces of chicken for dinner as the 4 of us could not finish them for lunch in one sitting.

The fried chicken is supposed to be eaten with beers topped with whipped cream but we are not going to have beer during lunch so we wanted to order green tea and was advised that it is cold canned green tea but it is out of stock. The only hot drink on the menu which is Honey Yuja Tea is not available too.

As I do not want soft drinks (MYR6.90++), the waiter suggest that we order a cup of Mocktail at MYR24.90++ (MYR29 nett). He said that the portion is big enough to serve all 4 of us and he gave us 4 small glasses. The Mocktails are fizzy drinks and there are 4 choices - red (berries), blue (lemonade), green (green grape) and yellow (passion fruit). As I like to eat berries, I selected red.

Luckily the drink is not that sweet and with fresh lemon slices and mint leaves, I tried to bluff myself that this drink is better than soft drinks.

The waiter made the drink fizzy by using the apparatus above so you can say that the fizziness of the drink is freshly made at your table. They also provide a small bucket lined with a plastic bag (as can be seen in the photo above) for customers to throw the chicken bones into. I will be back in a few months time to try the garlicky chicken tenders as I prefer boneless chicken.

Chir Chir is located in Pavilion Elite, same floor as the supermarket in Pavilion. KFC is opposite it diagonally.

Total Bill is MYR161.75 nett for 4 pax (about MYR40 per pax).

Monday, August 28, 2017

Best Cheese Cake

In the past few months, I have been seeing this photo frequently on social media and everyone who has eaten it says that it is the best cheese cake in KL. Since I love to eat cheese and cheese cakes, I went and tried it for myself with my family. 

This baked cheese cake has at least 2 different textures, soft in the middle and firm at the sides. The cheese taste is not overly strong but is very creamy cheesy and when eaten with the cold whipped cream, it tastes so delicious that there is no doubt this is the best cheese cake that everyone in town is talking about. But be warned, if one attempts to eat it all by oneself, it may be cloying. 3 of us shared this slice. At MYR18+ (6% GST making it MYR19.10 nett), the price is reasonable and I may never want to have other cheese cakes anymore after tasting this one.

As we needed savoury food before we eat the slice of cheese cake, we ordered food from the lunch set menu - the sushi roll platter at MYR38+ (MYR40.30 nett) to share. We also added on MYR3+ (MYR3.20 nett) for a cup of Americano (no photo).

The other item from the lunch set that we ordered to share: Sauteed Salmon at MYR50+ (MYR53 nett). A plate of rice and a bowl of soup are included in this lunch set. Added on MYR3+ (MYR3.20 nett) for a cup of green tea.

This bowl of soup is so delicious that we end up brainstorming about the ingredients to reproduce this soup at home. All I know is that it has eggs and suspect maybe shitake mushrooms too.

This best cheese cake in KL can be found at The Tokyo Restaurant, Isetan, Lot 10. It is located in the same area as Anzu.

Total bill for lunch is MYR118.70 nett for 3 pax so it is around MYR40 nett per person. Not too high because we only ordered 2 main meals to share instead of 3.

I like the cheese cake so much that I went again with my friends who like cheese cake to have dinner here one day after work just to let them try the cake. All 3 of us shared a slice of the cheese cake and two main meals. There is no dinner set menu so we ordered from the ala carte menu.

Tatsuta Age - MYR29+ (MYR30.75 nett) with potato in mayo. From the results of an online search, Tatsuta Age is a Japanese style fried chicken dish that uses potato starch instead of wheat flour. Since it uses potato starch which is gluten-free, this fried chicken dish could be eaten by those who are gluten sensitive.

A cup of latte at MYR12+ (MYR12.70 nett). It is a bit bitter with strong coffee taste (I am not a coffee person).

Sauteed Salmon again at MYR50+ (MYR53 nett). This time because it is not a set, there is no rice and no soup for the same price so for better value, have lunch here instead of dinner or like many others, just eat the cheese cake and do not order any main meals.

The Assam Tea (no photo) is just black tea from Assam, India. I thought it was Assam as in Assam Jawa (Tamarind) so I thought the tea would taste a bit sour but then it turned out to be just black tea. This shows that I am not a tea person because a tea person would know all there is to know about tea. :)

Total bill is MYR126.15 nett for 3 pax. More expensive than lunch because the lunch sets charge only an add-on price of MYR3+ for each drink. Again we ordered 2 main meals to be shared by 3 persons so the average price per person is about MYR42 (not too high).

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Tex Wrap

I ate this Tex Wrap from Texas Chicken a while ago (around MYR8.90 ala carte).

Wrapped in a toasted tortilla.

Original Chicken Tenders wrapped inside the tortilla. Quite nice, but I think there is too much mayo.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


I bought a pack of cherries (900g) at MYR49.90 nett. They are sweet and tasty. There are about 70 cherries in the bag above. Then the next day I say a similar bag of cherries with the same weight under another brand selling at MYR39.90 nett during the weekend promotion for 3 days only. Since I can't eat so many cherries in  a short time, I did not buy it again at the better price.

The normal price is MYR58.90 nett.

Update: After a few weeks, I saw a bag of 1kg cherries from USA selling at a promotional price of MYR38 nett so I quickly grabbed one of the last two bags and bought it. Just love to eat this fruit.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Duck Pasta

My co-workers and I ate at Good Golly Miss Molly, Millenium Square, PJ again and this time I ordered the duck pasta for MYR15 nett. Too al-dente. Softer would be nice for me.

Portion was large so kept half for dinner.

I have no idea why the bill says duck fried rice when it is duck pasta.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nam Heong

Previously we just get takeaways from Nam Heong. This time we dined in after waiting for about 15 minutes for seats.

Saw this new item on the menu - nasi lemak (coconut milk rice) with pork curry so ordered it - MYR15.90 nett. I like the fully cooked crispy-at-the-edge egg. The pork curry is cooked with pork belly so the fats are layered in between lean meat.

Top view - fried egg, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber, luncheon meat, pork curry, squid sambal, long beans with rice. Taste good but then someone chided me for eating nasi lemak since it is not a specialty dish of Nam Heong in Ipoh.

We just enter the orders ourselves through the tablet in the photo above. White coffee (hot) at MYR4.4 nett and just one egg tart at MYR3.20 nett. 

The many thin layers of pastry crust is very crispy and as we ate it while it is still hot/warm, the pastry crust tastes like cream crackers which we like. The egg custard-like-filling is soft, warm and melt in our mouths. Worth to eat this.

Prawn siew mai (dumpings) at MYR6.50 nett. I am not sure whether there are 3 or 4 pieces since we may have eaten one piece leaving 3 pieces behind. I suspect the prawn fillings are mixed with pork meat to firm it up. Taste is acceptable.

Bill for 2 is MYR30 nett since we did not order much as we plan to eat at other places.

Modern decorations

Nam Heong Ipoh at the Starling mall.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Too much

A few days before I visited Pu Tien at Gardens with my friends, I ate lunch there with my spouse on a weekend. I over ordered and had to take the whole portion of fried rice home for dinner.

Default appetisers that cost MYR3++ (10% service charge 6% GST - MYR3.50 nett) each. Pickled jicama that tastes like the jicama slices have been marinated in orange cordial. Some kind of beans (could be Ping Zebra Lima Bean - Phaseolus lunatus) that have been braised. Surprisingly when I was there on a weekday with my friends, we were not served these appetisers.

The chili sauce that is popular there.

Cabbage fried rice - MYR19.90++ (MYR23.20 nett). Knowing that we would not be able to finish all the dishes that we ordered, I took this whole portion home for dinner.

Oyster Omelette - MYR23.90++ (MYR27.85 nett). Very crispy and not too oily with many oysters though I don't know where the eggs are because they are all deep fried until so crispy. I took about 20% of this dish home for dinner.

Fish Soup - MYR46.90++ (MYR54.70 nett). We ordered this soup before at the One Utama outlet but in extra small portion. This time there is no extra small portion on the menu so this regular portion was quite a lot for the two of us. Must be very careful when eating the fish because of its bones. As I have mentioned previously, the soup is white due to the fish and not milk.

We also redeemed a foc pig's trotters (2 pieces) worth MYR27.80++ (MYR32.40 nett) using a promotional opening day voucher (expiry date is 20 Aug 2017).

Sweet potato with pumpkin sauce dessert - MYR8.90++ (MYR10.40 nett). Somehow there is a coconut taste in the pumpkin sauce but still nice. Very small portion in a big plate.

Side view. I ate the mint leaves too.

Over ordered so the bill is MYR123.15 nett for 2 pax.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pu Tien at Gardens

I have eaten at Pu Tien Restaurant, One Utama so now that Pu Tien is in Gardens Mall, I went there for lunch with 4 of my friends who are also my co workers. All the dishes below that we ordered are for sharing.

From wiki: Putian (Chinese: 莆田) is a city in Fujian, China. So this restaurant serves Putian food.

Heng Hwa (Putien people are known as Heng Hwa) Mee Hoon (small) - MYR19.90++ (10% service charge and 6% GST) which is MYR23.20 nett. The mee hoon is very, very fine (thin).

Lor Mee (small portion) at MYR19.90++ (MYR23.20 nett).

Mee Suah (small portion) at MYR19.90++ (MYR23.20 nett).

Bian Rou (wanton) Soup - MYR8.90++ (MYR10.40 nett). According to the information stated on the menu, the skin wrap is made from pork meat after being pounded and kneaded for a long time. I wouldn't have known if I did not read this fact.

Pork meat slices with buns (1 bun is MYR6.90++ and minimum order is 2 buns - MYR13.80++ which is MYR16.10 nett). We did not order this but it was served to us so we told them that we did not order this and they took it away only to return with it and informed us that their captain is giving this dish to us foc. 

Salt and Pepper Pig's Trotters  (MYR13.90++ per piece and minimum order must be 2 pieces - MYR27.80++ which is MYR32.40 nett). Normally I don't eat this dish but I gave it a try this time and found it to be quite nice - practically no meat at all, only skins and gelatinous tendons, very soft chewy. I could not even feel and taste the fatty bits so it was tasty. I would recommend this dish to those who likes to eat pig's trotters and those who are sitting on the fence.

As we have a promotional opening day voucher expiring on 20 Aug 2017 we used it to redeem this dish so it is foc as well.

Total price for 5 pax is only MYR80 nett which means on average MYR16 nett per pax due to the 2 dishes being foc.