Thursday, April 30, 2020

Honey Butter Biscuits

*** Thursday 23 April 2020 d37 ***

After buying 24 cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster (Quill City Mall), I now buy 10 honey butter biscuits (MYR 15.40 nett) from Texas Chicken. I like both biscuits. PH would be able to bake these biscuits easily at home.
Cross section - just like bread - doughy which I like.

For comparison - this is a Cheddar Bay Biscuit from Red Lobster which is a bit smaller than the Honey Butter Biscuits from Texas Chicken.

Cross section of a Cheddar Bay Biscuit. Can see the cheese bits inside this biscuit.

Might as well buy more items so 5 original chicken pieces at MYR 25.71 nett (MYR 5.142 nett). For Texas Chicken I prefer the spicy version whereas for KFC, I prefer the original because Texas chicken original do not seem to have any herbs spices taste in its deep fried batter coating but the other day we ate the spicy version and some pieces are too spicy so today we try the original version again to find it lack much herbs and spices taste but the pieces are bigger than KFC pieces and the meat more tender especially the chicken breast meat. They use the same size box for 8 pieces chicken as well. I suspect they also use the same size box for 12 pieces chicken because the box is quite big.

12 pieces tenders for MYR 29 nett (about MYR 2.42 each) because I like the taste of the tenders I bought two days ago on Tuesday 21 April 2020 d35.

Texas Chicken from Ikon Connaught. Unfortunately they miss out the 12 pieces nugget. Oh well, I did not complain because in this stay-at-home time, everyone is adjusting to the new normal so just cut them some slack. I think they are just swamped with too many orders. Hopefully a staff realise it and take home the 12 pieces of nuggets (MYR 14.70 nett) to eat.

Ordered at 12.50 noon and received at 2 pm.

8.30 am. Not-my-breakfast of instant noodles and 5 sui gao dumplings (from frozen).

10 am - my breakfast of milo and 2 slices of sprouted rainbow bread.

1 pm - Not-my-lunch of AMAH deep fried whole chicken leg (Sunday 19 April 2020 d33) with rice from Mama Cooking (Tuesday 21 April 2020 d35). Slowly clearing the fridge. That was a week ago. Delayed post. Now for the current post:

*** Wednesday 29 April 2020 d43 ***

I continue to eat this and that from my fridge.

8.17 am - Not-my-breakfast of butter, toasted white bread and brown kaya.

8.18 am - Not-my-breakfast of butter, toasted white bread and green pandan kaya.

9 am - I start the morning with a bowl of honeydew melon from the fruit box I bought on Friday 24 April 2020 d38. My spouse says the honeydew melon has milk taste which he does not like but I could not taste any milk in this honeydew melon. So bewildering.

10.08 am - clearing fridge task - to finish this small tub of green pandan kaya from the pulut tai tai bought on Sunday 26 April 2020 d40 and the 5th of 5 pieces thick peanut apam bought on Saturday 25 April 2020 d39.

The green pandan kaya is sweet but when spread on top of the peanut apam, the whole apam does not taste that sweet. I think it is due to the apam being so thick. So apam all cleared and one small tub of green pandan kaya cleared.

11.47 am - Contactless delivery of Shared-Lunch and Shared Dinner.

Garlic red chili paste and fresh cut big red chili are included. I really should specify no extra dips please because I don't eat them and it would be a waste to throw them away so I have a few small bags of these dips inside my fridge now.

This chicken soup and rice (MYR 15 nett) is from delivery 6 fb seller that delivered wanton noodles to us on Saturday 25 April 2020 d39. We kept this for dinner.

Braised pork trotter with rice - MYR 10 nett. Tasty! Full of collagen goodness with the thick skin from the same fb seller.

12.14 noon - my portion of rice and two pieces of pork trotter. I also finished off a bit of curry potatoes in one tub (from Saturday 25 April 2020 d39 - 4 days in the fridge).

Just mix the rice to soak up all the curry gravy.

3.48 pm - was feeling hungry so ate 5 of 12 cheddar bay biscuit.

4.02 pm - went to wash my hands and don't know how it happened - one of my finger nail pulled out a piece of my skin on my right index finger. The hole left by the removed skin is quite deep so it is bleeding. ouch! What happened? I also don't know how it happened.

4.04 pm - I finished off the remaining mango coconut jelly (from Saturday 25 April 2020 d39 - 4 days in the fridge) as shown above. So one more tub of jelly in the fridge for tomorrow.

5 pm - mouth still feels like eating so I ate one chunk of banana cake and two chunks of banana cranberry walnut cake.

5.30 pm - ate one segment of raw cucumber to cleanse the mouth.

7.40 pm - my portion of dinner - some chicken meat from the chicken soup and 2 slices of sprouted 7-Grains rainbow bread.

So tomorrow I will continue to keep clearing the fridge by eating this and that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dominos D24 Durian Cheese Lava Cake

My friend knowing that I love to eat durian and cheese sent me the above advert.

D24 Durian Lava Cake. The fillings are real D24 Durian blended with cheese. I wanted to try this cake so much but I have a lot of food in my fridge so I did not order it but force myself to wait though this cake is for a limited time only.

The normal price for this cake is MYR 13.90 but you can use this online coupon to save MYR 1 nett so that the price is MYR 12.90 nett. Anyone interested to try it?

Yesterday (Tuesday 28 April 2020 d42) I did not eat any main meals. I just ate this and that from my fridge.

7.30 am My breakfast is the fried egg at the bottom of the bun. The Not-My-Bun has fried egg and luncheon meat sandwiched inside it which I did not eat. I just took a bite off the kaya butter toasted white bread sandwich next to the bun.

10.30 am I ate this 3 of 3 sweet corn after putting it in the microwave for 2 minutes on high power so I have cleared the fridge of all 3 sweet corns. Before eating this sweet corn, I ate a 4 cm long segment of a raw cucumber.

11.30 am It took me one hour to get the corn on the cob to this state. Job done.

11.45 am Ate 4 tablespoonfuls of Rum and Raisin Forty Licks Ice cream. Hhhmmmm, very strong liquor taste, I like.

12.30 noon - Not-My-Lunch of Pork Trotter Vinegar from Mama Cooking eatery, Kuchai Lama bought on  Tuesday 21 April 2020 d35 (7 days in the fridge) eaten with rice from delivery 6 on Saturday 25 April 2020 d39.

12.47 noon - I just use a slice of white bread to wipe the vinegar gravy off the pan and ate the bread.

2.30 pm - I finished off these 4 pieces of sweet Apam bought on Saturday 25 April 2020 d39 (3 days in the fridge).

2.40 pm - continue eating 2 slabs of this thick apam with peanuts filling so left one more slab in the fridge for tomorrow. A lot of carb by eating so many apam at one go.

4.30 pm - I finished this much of soya longan jelly so there are still two containers of jelly in the fridge.

6.30 pm - cut the honey melon and while cutting, ate a few pieces.
7.30 pm - ate one piece of banana cake.

So for yesterday, I just ate this and that to clear the food from the fridge, no main meals at all. Maybe I should just buy the durian lava cake today.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

TeoChew Png Kueh Delivery

I have not eaten this savoury TeoChew Png Kueh before so when I saw that a lady is organising a group buy for this kueh on fb, I quickly ordered 2 sets of 6 kueh at MYR 13.80 each so each kueh is MYR 2.30 nett. The minimum order is 2 kueh at MYR 5 nett and the delivery fee is MYR 10 nett. I received them yesterday (Monday 27 April 2020 d41).

It seems that the lady contacted an old lady who will only make this kueh if there are orders for 100 pieces so that is why a group buy is necessary. So I won't know where to buy this kueh from.

I did not expect it to be this big - it is as big as my palm.

It is soft and tasty. The fillings are glutinous rice, peanuts, celery leaf, dried shrimp and I detected mushrooms inside.

On the right is that piece of mushroom. Those who loves to eat soft glutinous rice would love to eat this kueh.

I also bought 10 bak chang at MYR 6.80 nett each. The glutinous rice is darker when compared to the ones I bought from Kim Wah so it is more salty. I prefer Kim Wah bak chang to this one because it is less salty.

12 kuehs and 10 bakchangs.

Contactless delivery as before. Payment is via transfer.

Shared this breakfast on Monday 27 April 2020 d41. This curry chicken wanton noodles are from Saturday 25 April 2020 d39. We added the fried eggs.

My portion which I added pineapple.

*** Sunday 26 April 2020 d40 ***

Pulut Tai Tai and Kaya was delivered on Sunday 26 April 2020 d40. 12 pieces Pulut Tai Tai at MYR 10 nett and 2 bottles of Kaya at MYR 15 nett with MYR 5 delivery charges so the total is MYR 30 nett. We gave one set away.

The glutinous rice is soft and lemak and the kaya is eggy and sweet with full pandan and coconut fragrance.

Lunch was from the same fb seller on Saturday Delivery 6. Nasi Lemak deep fried chicken thigh at MYR 10 nett. Deep fried wanton at MYR 7 nett. Curry chicken rice at MYR 9 nett.

My portion.

This is from Delivery 8 fb seller. 3 boxes of jelly at MYR 15 nett each. The delivery man miss out the 4 mini sausage puffs but I did not want a refund of MYR 5 nett so I requested for them to be included in my next order since I will be ordering jelly again.

1. Pandan, Coconut, Gula Melaka Jelly. 2. Mango and Coconut Jelly. 3. Longan and Soy milk Jelly. I was asked if I am still a kid to want to eat jelly when they can be easily made at home. lolx! Tastes good! I felt like eating jelly when I saw Nancy's delicious agar-agar / jelly. I am just too lazy to cook the jelly on the stove and make them. Just buy them to support the economy a bit.

Now to frighten all of you with the sight of my messy fridge since TM showed his and hers very neat and tidy fridges and asked what's in your fridge. My fridge says volume is 418L so it is quite small. The freezer portion is at the bottom. Did you all get a heart attack just looking at my fridge? Shocking! lolx!