Sunday, September 30, 2018

WG Lost it

I happened to be in the area of the A&W in PJ so we dropped by for lunch. As usual I had the set of beef coney bun with curly fries and since I chose to have curly fries it means I get a large glass of  root beer at MYR 14.25+ (6% SST = MYR 15.10 nett). A regular set with regular fries costs MYR 12.80+ (MYR 13.57 nett). I chose to add a single scoop of ice cream to the root beer by topping up MYR 1.35+ (MYR1.43 nett) to get a glass of root beer float so my set costs a total of MYR 16.53 nett.

The curly fries are tasty but I find it too flavourful. There are some chewy bits in the beef sausage that I had to spit out. The root beer drink was not cold enough so this meal was a less satisfying experience than the previous occasion.

Total Bill for 2 pax is MYR 30.15 nett.

The A&W branch in PJ that I am glad to know that it is still around.

Next time, I think I will just have a regular root beer with double scoop of ice cream at MYR 5.65+ (MYR 6 nett) to see if I find it satisfying.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

WG Potato curry

Weekly vegetarian set lunch from Medifoods at MYR 12.74 nett in Aug 2018. This time they served potato curry which I like. Yummy! As usual they serve papaya or jicama as appetisers and soup of the day to accompany this rice set (no photos).

Friday, September 28, 2018

Flavoured Strings

One day I went overboard and bought 100g each of all types of meat floss that are available in Bee Cheng Hiang for my family to eat. There are 6 types in total: Krispee Frostee (Crispy Meat Floss), Chicken Meat Floss, Pork Floss at MYR 152 nett per kg.

Crispy Chicken Floss and Crispy Pork Floss also at MYR152 per kg.

Fish Floss is more expensive at MYR 195 per kg. Prices as at 15 Sep 2018. I find that these meat floss are good for eating with congee rather than as fillings for bread because they tend to drop everywhere when I try to spread them onto bread. Taste wise, they are all flavourful. Texture wise, the crispy ones are better.

MYR 86.5 nett for these 6 packs of floss. Back in July 2018, the price is MYR 13.80 nett for 100g each for 5 types of floss and MYR 17.50 nett for 100g of Fish Floss.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

47BD7 100-second fish

A lunch before 1 Sep 2018.

Putien at Gardens Mall again. A bowl of extra small Ca Fen (a mixture of mee sua and mee hoon with soup and vegetables, seafood and bits of pork intestines) for 1 pax at MYR 13.90+ (10% service charge = MYR 15.29 nett). It is easy to eat because all I need to do is eat it like eating congee.

A small plate of stir fry mee hoon at MYR 20.90+ (MYR 22.99 nett) which we have eaten before. Some may find it a bit on the dry side.

An extra small bowl of lor mee for 1 pax at MYR 13.90+ (MYR 15.29 nett). This portion may be too small for a big eater.

Yellow Croaker fish which is cooked for 100 seconds so it is very tender. It costs MYR 41.90+ (MYR 46.09 nett) and is tasty but we have to be very careful when eating it because of its fine bones.

Steamed fresh prawns with garlic (S) at MYR 29.90+ (MYR 32.89 nett) and one deep fried pig trotters at MYR 14.90+ (MYR 16.39 nett). The prawns are delicious but I find it troublesome to remove the shells so I won't be ordering this dish again.

Bian Rou (wanton) Soup at MYR 8.90+ (MY 9.79 nett). As mentioned before,  the skin wrap is made from pork meat after being pounded and kneaded for a long time.

Total costs for 4 pax: MYR 192.72 nett. An average of about MYR 48 per pax.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

WG HoMinSan

These pan-fried prawn dumplings look so tasty.

Rich Flavoured Soup, Crispy Bottom, Soft Skin, Fresh Fillings = must order.

So the 2 of us ordered 2 pieces of pan fried prawn dumpling at MYR 6.42++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 7.45 nett) so that we can have 1 each. The staff who took our order informed us that the prawns are minced and mixed with pork and asked us whether it is acceptable to us and we said ok with us. I guess there were complaints that the prawn fillings did not look like the picture in the menu. 

This is what it looks like. Soup flowed out when we bite into it so needs to be careful.

The fillings - the prawns are mixed with minced pork.

Please click on the above photo for a larger image. I thought of having the fish fillets but did not because I did not know what fish it was. Later we asked the staff and was told they use red snapper.

In the end I ordered this dry flat noodle with braised pork and mushroom at MYR 10.19++ (MYR 11.82 nett). The gravy is salty and sweet - too heavy for me until I need to drink a lot of water after that.

It does look quite like the picture in the menu.

Total bill for 2 pax is MYR 42 nett because my friend top up MYR 1 to change her soup to tomato soup and add on fish balls to her bowl of fish fillet soup noodles.

HoMinSan at Midvalley Mall replaced Dave Deli. The layout and structure of the eatery is still the same as they only redecorated it and moved the payment counter.

The order chit clearly shows that this is a sister eatery of Dragon-i.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

WG Organic Express

I call this the vegetarian wat tan hor because the hor fun or kway teow has the sought-after wok-hei. I wanted to order the basil mee hoon stir fry but the elderly waiter recommend this bittergourd kway teow to me at MYR 14.90+ (5% service charge = MYR 15.65 nett).

Although there is a lot of black bean gravy which makes this dish very flavourful, it was not very salty so I could still enjoy eating it. I guess the flavourful black bean gravy is to please the general public who thinks that vegetarian food is not flavourful. As usual I kept half for dinner.

Cash payment only. MYR 39.70 nett for 2 pax. My friend ordered the vegetarian bak kut teh at MYR 17.90+ (MYR 18.80 nett).

We intended to eat at Medifoods but there were no vacant car park lots in front of the eatery so my friend kept on driving and then parked in front of this Organic Express eatery which is located on the same row of shops so we decided to just eat here as this is also a vegetarian organic eatery.

Monks eat here too at SS2, PJ.

Interior lightings.

The words on the mirror: "Life is precious to all beings. Do not justify killing them just to fulfill your appetite only. Try to be a vegetarian. Love is not what you say. Love is what you do. The meaning of life is to give life meaning."

Please click on the above photo for a larger image to read the words. One part of one sentence is ".. why do you choose to consume meat.."

Noodle menu. I was interested in the Basil Fried Bee Hoon.

I wonder what the "chee keot" will be represented by. Will eat the Petai Sambal one day.

Original Pesto sounds good but at MYR 19.90+.. hhmmmm..

Various dishes

in small or large portion

Bought this Tau Sah Pheah from Penang from this eatery at MYR 4.90 nett. Their fb page is penangbiscuitbean.

5 pheah inside. I break one up to show the inside. Nothing to complain about but nothing to shout about also. Fine for light snacking.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Four yolks

Lotus with Four yolks moon cake from Oversea Restaurant at MYR 22 nett each but there are various promotions to get 10% to 15% off.

I cut the mooncake into 4 equal quarters and as expected, there is a salted egg yolk in each quarter.

These are the 4 boxes with mooncakes that I bought before 1 Sep 2018 and gave away after eating the moon cakes at MYR 125.80 nett after 15% discounts so it is MYR 31.45 nett per mooncake and box. They did not sell the mooncakes separately without the boxes initially but now after all the boxes are out of stock, they are selling each mooncake for MYR 26.50 nett inclusive of  6% SST (MYR 25 before SST so that means each box costs MYR 6.45 nett).

4pc Mooncake Giftbox @ MYR 148 nett per set
Set A – Japanese Red Bean, White Pure Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus Double Yolk & Pandan Pure Lotus Paste
Set B – Pure Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus Single Yolk, Assorted Fruit Nuts & Green Tea Pure Lotus Single Yolk
I selected Set B because I wanted the Assorted Fruit Nuts mooncake though I wanted the double yolk too.

Decoration at Shoppes at Four Seasons Place. 

Happy Mooncake festival to you all who are celebrating this festival!

Sunday, September 23, 2018

WG Kerabu Mee

The Imbi Wet Market has moved to Pudu a few years ago and it is only now I managed to go there for its food court during lunch.

Cham Ping (Iced Coffee mixed with Tea) at MYR 2.50 nett and a plate of kerabu instant noodles (MYR 6 nett) which I requested to be not spicy. There is a lot of raw shallots, onions and tomatoes as it is supposed to be a sweet and sour salad with noodles.

Sisters crispy popiah at MYR 3 nett for a roll compared to MYR 4.70 for a roll at Sisters crispy popiah kiosk in shopping malls.

Self service means you pay and wait for your order to be ready to carry your own plate to your seat.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

After SST

Hailam Kopitiam Bukit Jalil is one of our regular lunch place. After 1 Sep 2018, a bowl of cendol costs MYR 5.19++ (10% service charge and 6% SST = MYR 6.01 nett) and a cup of hot coffee costs MYR 3.68++ (MYR 4.26 nett).

Our favourite plate of mee siam costs MYR 10.85++ (MYR 12.58 nett) which is a little bit lower than the price with GST which is MYR 12.70 nett back in Nov 2015. The mee siam still tastes good with the taste of soybean paste (dou ban jiang / 豆瓣酱) and the texture of the mee hoon is soft but not mushy.

Total bill for 2 pax is MYR 22.85 nett.